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9 Businesses Run by Badass Multitasking Super-Moms

But finally, after much debate, the translator seems to have found a way to explain what I mean, and Burgos answers. Burgos learned how to be a mom by watching — and helping — her own mom, her aunts and her neighbors raise many children. Throughout her childhood, she was training to be a mom. Here in the U.

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Instead, we often learn about burping, potty training and tantrum control through parenting books, Google searches and YouTube videos. For starters, parenting advice can give the impression that the recommendations are based on science. But a deep look at some studies reveals that the science is more like smoke and mirrors. The method claims that if babies are left to cry themselves to sleep, eventually they will learn to fall asleep on their own without crying, and sleep through the night.

But what the study actually tests is a gentler regime, in which babies were left to cry for only a short amount of time before being comforted. The babies who made progress also did not retain the ability to put themselves to sleep and stay asleep over the long term. And sometimes the data supporting the recommendation are so flimsy that another study in a few years will come along and not only overturn the first study but completely flip the advice degrees.

This is exactly what happened last year with peanuts. Back in , the American Academy of Pediatrics advised parents not to give babies peanut butter because one study suggested early exposure would increase the risk of developing an allergy. To answer that, we have to go back in time. In the early s, the British writer Christina Hardyment began reviewing more than parenting books and manuals, dating all the way back to the mids when advice publications started appearing in hospitals. The result is an illuminating book, called Dream Babies, which traces the history of parenting advice from 17th-century English physician and philosopher John Locke to the modern-day medical couple Bill and Martha Sears.

Take, for instance, the idea that babies need to feed on a particular schedule. Sleep schedules for babies start coming into fashion in the early s. And sleep training? That idea was proposed by a British surgeon-turned-sports writer in Even the heated debate about breastfeeding has been simmering, and flaring up, for at least years, Hardyment shows. And boy, is there a large hole. These sources ignore most of the world and come almost entirely from the experience of Western culture.

But when it comes to understanding what a baby needs, how kids work and what to do when your toddler is lying on the sidewalk just asking for a friend , Western society might not be the best place to focus. In , three scientists at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, rocked the psychology world. First, the team noted that the vast majority of studies in psychology, cognitive science and economics — about 96 percent — have been performed on people with European backgrounds. Westerners stick out as outliers on the spectrum of behavior, while people from indigenous cultures tend to clump together, more in the middle.

Even in experiments that appear to test basic brain function, like visual perception, Westerners can act strangely. Take one of the most famous optical illusions — the Muller-Lyer illusion, from Americans often believe the second line is about 20 percent longer than the first, even though the two lines are exactly the same length. But when scientists gave the test to 14 indigenous cultures, none of them were tricked to the same degree as Westerners. The researchers even came up with a catchy acronym to describe the phenomenon.

With that paper, the ethnocentric view of psychology cracked. It was more that he was dancing around in Western garb pretending to represent all humanity. A few years later, an anthropologist from Utah State University, David Lancy, performed a similar analysis on parenting. The conclusion was just as clear-cut: When you look around the world and throughout human history, the Western style of parenting is WEIRD. We are outliers. Perhaps most striking is how Western society segregates children from adults. We have created two worlds: the kid world and the adult world.

And we go through great pains to keep them apart. Kids have their own special foods, their own times to go to sleep, their own activities on the weekends. Kids go to school. Parents go to work. But in many indigenous cultures, children are immersed in the adult world early on, and they acquire great skills from the experience. Western culture is also a relative newcomer to parenting. Hunter-gatherers and other indigenous cultures have had tens of thousands of years to hone their strategies, not to mention that the parent-child relationship actually evolved in these contexts.

But widening the parenting lens, even just a smidgen, has a practical purpose: It gives parents options. So how are they doing it? Easy: moms are made to be entrepreneurs — the skillsets required for each are remarkably similar. The same is true for parenthood. Many never feel like they do. My own mother Hi, Mom! We were incredibly lucky to have had our mom there all the time.

Our experiences may be different, but the children of mom entrepreneurs can have upbringings just a rich as my own. One Saturday during a playdate, I overheard my daughter talking to her friend, suggesting that they try playing a new game. It was my working mom moment of revelation: my daughter was not only unaffected by my being a working woman, but she was encouraging her friends to join her on her own imaginary work day.

I chatted with some of these badass, multitasking super-moms. Founder of Pretty Presets , Photographer, Mom. Pretty Presets is an online shop selling pre-made alterations for Lightroom that save her customers tons of photo-editing time. I was at the end of my rope and had nothing to lose.

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I started my current business on a generic blogger website almost overnight. The inspiration? My kids.

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My husband was away for work often and I had two toddlers at home. We had just moved to a new town and I didn't know anyone there. It felt as if everything was stacked against me. What I learned through the process was priceless. Do what is healthy for you and your kids.

You have to remind the moms to do what's best for them, too. We are often so worried about everyone else, that we forget to take care of ourselves. Also, don't forget when you become successful, that it's not always about you. It's about the platform you've been given to encourage and help others. Patricia drew from her experience as a beauty vlogger to create Y-HAIR — a line of extensions aimed at simplifying the daunting purchasing process usually associated with the product. Knowing I was going to have a baby was both exhilarating and scary at the same time but I knew it was only going to fuel my aspirations and not stifle them.

Find a balance, cut off when you have to, plan ahead and do as much as you can when you have downtime. One of my all time favourite channels is by female entrepreneur, author and philanthropist Marie Forleo. She shares lots of practical tips on living life to the fullest, and turning dreams into a profitable reality. In their first year of business, they shipped over packages from their homes, and three years later, Hawthorne Collection now operates out of two retail locations.

Being moms first, and business owners second, their priorities drive how they run their businesses:. We often hold babies or entertain small children so moms can shop. What does balance look like for you? One particular snow day, we also had a lot online orders to pack up and ship out. Thinking it would be a great idea to go in when the store was closed and get the orders packed, we loaded up all 5 kids and headed into the store. It would have been fine except one of us forgot to lock the door behind us. Within minutes the store was full of customers, and the backroom was full of 5 very energetic and loud children.

We quickly realized it was maybe not the best idea. Help each other out!

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In our early stages there were a few key local women business owners that helped us out and encouraged us. Now that our store is larger, we have had the opportunity to help out other women-owned businesses launch and grow. Data is key in determining what our best sellers are, what we need to restock, and what trends are hot. Founder of Mommy Sauce , Mom, Grandma. Mommy Sauce was born out of a love of cooking and family.

How did you guys tell your mom about your period? How did she react?

Encouraged by her son, a renowned chef, she built a business of her own, selling her secret recipes to the world. We were always eating! I then moved to America, met my husband, and his food tastes and family background were completely different from mine. I learned to make food that meshed the two different styles of Korean cooking and after I had my two kids, my cooking evolved even further to incorporate new flavors and tastes as we started eating more American food.

My husband and I worked very hard 7 days a week doing every job that came our way so that we could support our family, but every night, we looked forward to our family meals at home. Food is a big part of our lives and that is why I think my son became such a famous chef! Our friends and family felt comfortable in our house and were over all the time, and I was always feeding everyone!

It was inspiring to see everyone enjoying my food, and that gave me the energy to work harder to develop my special sauces!

My Happy Planner Classic Super Mom Setup 2019! The Cutest Planner Ever!

It doesn't matter how old you are, you're never too old to start something new! President of Detox Market Canada , Mom. Detox Market was created to cut through the greenwashing, and offer products with clean, transparent ingredients. After 3 days at daycare he started biting us — we knew this wasn't going to work. So he started coming to work with me! It was a temporary solution, but it opened my eyes. Being a mother and an entrepreneur didn't have to be compartmentalized into separate things.

It was at that point that I started to feel all parts of myself integrating.

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It made me appreciate being a mother even more. Have a priority list, don't lose sight on what's most important your kids!

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This will ground you and renew your passion. Once you have that list, pace yourself.