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He had the distinction of holding the office of c onsul twice, as well as reviving the dictatorship.

Federalist No. 10 Annotated

There, removed from Rome and the intrigues of his opponents in the Senate, Caesar commanded an area that extended from the Alps to the Pyrenees and north almost to Lake Geneva, as well as the provincial legions that would give him the wealth and fame that came of conquest, and the military support upon which his political survival depended. The i idiom " Crossing the Rubicon " means to pass a p oint of no return , and refers to J ulius Caesar's army's c rossing of the R ubicon river in the north of Italy in 49 BC, which was considered an act of i nsurrection and t reason.

Julius Caesar uttered the famous phrase —the die is cast—as his army marched through the shallow river.

The Second Triumvirate is the name historians have given to the official political alliance of Gaius Octavius Octavian, Caesar Au gustus , Marcus Antonius , and Marcus Aemilius lepidus , formed on 27 November 43 BC with the enactment of the Lexia Titia , the adoption of which is viewed as marking the end of the Roman Republic. The Battle of Acti u m was the decisive confrontation of the f i nal war of the Roman Republic, a naval engagement between O ctavian and the combined forces of M ark Anthony a and Cl eopatra on 2 September 31 BC, on the l ionian sea near the promontory of A ctium , in the Roman province of Epuirus Vetus in G reece.

Octavian's fleet was commanded by M arcus Vipsanius Agrippa , while Antony's fleet was supported by the power of Queen Cleopatra of Ptolemaic.

Republic Book IV part one

The Founding of Rome is very much embroiled in myth. Traces found by archaeologists of early settlements of the Palatine Hill date back to ca BC. The Jane Austen Society of North America A nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Jane Austen and her writing. AustenBlog A compendium of news about Jane Austen in popular culture, including newspaper articles, books and magazines, film adaptations, continuations of the novels or modern retellings, and Austen-related events. The Republic of Pemberley An exhaustive collection of Jane Austen information, communities, discussion boards, and supporting sites run by a volunteer committee.


Join Our Mailing List. And yet I was interested; the book taught me how to be curious about such things. It is part of the philosophic dullness of our time that there are millions of rational monsters walking about on their hind legs, observing the world through pairs of flexible little lenses, periodically supplying themselves with energy by pushing organic substances through holes in their faces, who see nothing fabulous whatever about themselves.

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Occasionally the noses of these creatures are shaken by momentary paroxysms. Gardner probably would have liked the idea of Genius.

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A daisy-chain is an easy-to-make fashion accessory that consists of a string of daisies tied together by their stems: [Insert picture of little girl with daisy chain in her hair here. Moreover, EwokABDevito has missed the dramatic point of the sentence completely: This is the introduction of the White Rabbit, a pivotal character in the story whose appearance would seem to deserve some kind of comment.

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The usual knock against Genius is that its annotations are incorrect, irrelevant, or offensive, and this is often true. These are the Ike Eisenhowers of exegesis, the takes a majority can get behind. But even tangents require a judgment call. The site has already begun to build exegetical communities around undervalued parts of our culture.

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