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As Talbot points out, Op. The collection—and especially the fifth concerto—spawned many arrangements for keyboard instruments. As Vivaldi scholars agree, some of the earliest and most significant transcriptions—those made in Weimar in the s by Johann Sebastian Bach as part of a series of arrangements for keyboard and organ of Italian and Italianate concertos—indirectly played a decisive role in restoring Vivaldi's reputation during the so-called "Vivaldi revival" in the twentieth century.

The Ryom-Verzeichnis , explained in detail in the two volumes Ryom and Ryom , contains a summary of the known surviving publications, handwritten manuscript copies and arrangements of the concertos. Of these six were arranged by Bach: three of those for solo violin were arranged for harpsichord; two double violin concertos for organ two keyboards and pedal ; and one of the concertos for four violins was arranged for four harpsichords and orchestra.

Beethoven - String Trio No. 1 in E-flat major, Op. 3

The concerto transcriptions by Bach were probably made in Weimar where he was employed as court organist and later concertmaster in the period — Bach made harpsichord arrangements of three of the concertos for solo violin:. There is a much later arrangement of one of the concertos for four violins as a concerto for four harpsichords and strings. It has been dated to Bach's period in Leipzig, probably in the late s or early s. Bach's transcriptions were not widely disseminated.

They were only published in the s and s by C. Peters in the editions prepared by Friedrich Griepenkerl—part of the nineteenth century "Bach revival". At that stage all of Bach's concerto transcriptions were described as "after Vivaldi", regardless of authorship. Problems with attribution were raised again by the new edition of the concerto transcriptions published by the Bach-Gesellschaft in the s.

The controversy that ensued in the s in assessing their authorship and that of the original concertos sparked the Vivaldi revival, which involved a reevaluation of Vivaldi and the eventual rediscovery of his numerous "lost" works. Anne Dawson's Book, part of a bequest of baroque musical manuscripts now held in the Henry Watson Music Library in Manchester , contains arrangements for single-manual instrument of the following concertos:.

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Allegro — Adagio e spiccato — Allegro. Largo e spiccato. Antonio Vivaldi. Twelve Trio Sonatas, Op. Vivaldi crater Vivaldi Glacier. Category:Compositions by Antonio Vivaldi. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Allegro 2. Violin Part Piano Trio No. Complete Score Piano Trio No. Score Piano Trio No. Piano Score only Piano Trio No. Arrangement for Guitar, Violin and Viola. Arrangement for piano four-hands String Trio No. Transcription for solo piano String Trio No. Complete score of all movements String Trio No. Score String Trio No. Score Symphony No. Allegro vivace. Trio Symphony No. Trio No. Piano score Berge, Sigurd Horntrio Score and Parts monochrome version Bizet, Georges Carmen Piano Score Romance, Op.

Oboe Part Romance, Op. Score Romance, Op. Violoncello Part 6 Piano Trios, Op.

Violin Part 6 Piano Trios, Op. Violin part Piano Trio Violoncello part Piano Trio Complete score Piano Trio No. Complete Score Sextet for Strings No. Arrangement for Piano Trio, complete score I. Allegro ma non troppo Sextet No. Poco Allegro Sextet No. Poco Adagio Sextet No. Scherzo Sextet No.

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Allegro non troppo Sextet No. Allegro agitato 8 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Allegro vivace, ma non troppo 8 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Allegro con moto 8 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Andante 8 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Moderato 8 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Andante con moto Piano Trio, Op.

Arrangement for piano 4 hands - colour scan Piano Trio, Op. Arrangement for piano 4 hands - monochrome version Bruckner, Anton Phantastische Book II: Trios Nos. Book I: Trios Nos. Violin part Piano Trio in F minor, Op. Allegro com moto - piano score Piano Trio in F minor, Op. Cello part Piano Trio in F minor, Op. Allegretto fantastico - piano score Piano Trio in F minor, Op. All complete Parts Cellitti, Venanzio Sigla n. Piano Score Piano Trio Op. Violin Part Piano Trio Op. Cello Part Piano Trio Op. Score of all twelve sonatas Trio Sonatas Op. Complete score of sonata no. Score Trio Sonatas Op.


Violin Piano Trio No. Violoncello Piano Trio No. Trio: Parts Piano Trio No. Score and Parts Piano Trio No. Baritone saxophone part Squaring the Circle Saxophones version - full score Squaring the Circle Alto saxophone part Trio for strings Double bass part Trio for strings Viola part Trio for strings Violin part Trio for strings Complete set of 3 parts Drigo, Riccardo Meditazione Piano Trio No. Parts Piano Trio, Op. Parts Piano Trios, Op. Parts Sonatas for Pianoforte and Violin, Op.

Violin 2 Edgerton, Michael Edward Kut Score and Parts - complete Piano Trio No. Score of Arrangement for Piano and voice Piano Trio All complete parts Gade, Niels Novelletten Op. Score and Parts Piano Trio, Op. Score and Parts Giannotti, Alessandro Beta test Complete Score Canon a Piano score Piano Trio No.

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Violoncello part Piano Trio No. Particcela Guitarra 2 RAM Particcela Guitarra 1 RAM Italian musicians toured more, were more sought after by foreign courts, and earned more than their colleagues in the same orchestras. Italy was also a leading exporter of instruments, manuscripts, and prints. With "Italians Abroad," Repast pays homage to the Italian musicians who traveled abroad to make their imprint on the international scene.


The canons and variations can be heard this way with different timbers, bringing out the vocal quality of the lines and allowing the listener to follow each individual voice distinctly. Queen Christina of Sweden was a fascinating personality, on the one hand celebrated for her intellectual brilliance, and on the other vilified for her scandalous behavior. Educated like a prince rather than a princess, she excelled in philosophy, classical literature, math, religion, and languages.

On reaching maturity, she made a series of radical decisions: first refusing to marry, then abdicating her throne, converting to Catholicism, and relinquishing her kingdom in Sweden for a life in Rome. A great lover of music, she supported musicians throughout her life. Repast performs music from her travels through Europe as well as from her Roman salons, including works by Corelli, Allessandro Scarlatti, Carlo Lonati, and Carolus Hacquart, with guest violinist Beth Wenstrom. Music from Paris in the Raging s.