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Soda stream fizz, pina colada and snowballs provide liquid refreshment and board games are on offer for entertainment.

s Fashion and Style Icons - 70s Fashion Trends and Outfit Ideas

Elsewhere fringed lampshades, shag pile rugs and brown chunky crockery are de rigeur in cafes stuffed with young professionals tapping away at their Macbooks. While Spam — famously the only thing on the menu in that Monty Python cafe sketch — now turned into crispy fries or even a spamarita cocktail Spam-infused Tequila and lime juice served in a Spam container is finding a new generation of fans.

100. Funkadelic – ‘One Nation Under a Groove’

Can the return of that ultimate s dinner party device, the hostess trolley, be far off? Wayne Edwards, director of food trends agency, The Food People, which works with retailers and caterers to identify culinary fashions, agrees that the s is an important modern influence. The 70s is nostalgic and iconic for my generation, but also new and exciting for millennials the under 30 generation so we see it bubbling up through Instagram, Pinterest and food pop ups as well.

The key to looking back in culinary terms, he says, is to update as well. There is a degree of irony and nostalgia. Sign up to our newsletters for the latest creative news, projects and more delivered straight to your inbox.

A Look Back at the Greatest 1970s Fashion Moments

With an aim to break down the traditional structure of a magazine, the latest issue of Tunica is replete with experimental and interchangeable design. Readers of The Quest for Cheesy Chips must keep their wits about them as they select which scenario to pursue, ushering them towards culinary ecstasy or tummy-rumbling peril. Will you have all your money stolen by a seagull or get knocked out by a barm cake swung by former shot-put champion Doris, or will you gorge yourself on the fried food of the gods?

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  4. Petit livre de - Apéro maison (LE PETIT LIVRE) (French Edition).

Planning your next weekend away but feeling a bit bored of Barcelona, nonplussed by Paris, or unsatisfied by Seville? Why not think about spending a few days in the charming Belgian city of Antwerp. Fridtjof Nansen was a Norwegian explorer and humanitarian whose life-long project involved orchestrating relief for refugees after the First World War.

Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)

For example, he created what became known as the Nansen Passport, a document that allowed stateless refugees safe passage into other countries. Nansen was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in for such philanthropic endeavours. Almost a century on, and his name has been taken up by Nansen magazine, a publication about migrants and their shared experiences like learning a new language or trying to build up a network. Now in its second issue, Partners Magazine delivers a series of interviews that delve into interpersonal relationships and connections — whether they be romantic, platonic, familial or professional.

“Haven’t You Heard”

My girlfriend was living in Berlin, I was living in Tokyo. Keeping in touch was easy: we could FaceTime, chat on messaging apps, talk on the phone or on Skype.

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  3. The Toys Every '70s Child Knows and Loves;

However, as soon as we hung up, I would feel really lonely. The distance was suddenly real. This is the principal idea behind Partners : modern relationships and bonds between people. Photographer Josh Wilkes first got his hands on a camera about four years ago as a Christmas present from his friend, renowned makeup artist Isamaya French. Anna Ridler is an artist whose work uses technology, in particular machine learning. When Berlin-based illustrator Paul Waak graced our screens back in , his fantastically weird series Vertex Maximus gave us nothing but entertainment.

70s Pants & Jeans

Ana Popescu , an artist and illustrator based in Vienna, Austria, first caught our eye with her imaginary mid-century modernist villas in April But who are these seductive characters and who is she basing them off? Playful, exuberant and immensely fantastical, his work eludes the representational and instead focuses heavily on cartoon-like silhouettes, psychedelic backdrops and an otherworldly mix of digital and analogue mediums — something that could quite frankly be derived from a dream.

Known for his ridiculously well-rendered digital art, Washington D. Instead, he and cowriter Alain Winsniak introduced an unprecedented strain of dystopian disco dread. As the track grows more sinister, mutant monsters take their revenge until humanity reverts to a primitive state where it must once again earn its place. The future new wave icon Lene Lovich wrote these uncredited ecological lyrics.

Together, on opposite sides of the country—Kashif in New York, Sylvers in Los Angeles—the two charted a path post-disco, incorporating new electronic elements and playing with grooves. When Thelma Houston recorded the song for Motown a year later, her arrangement reached for the sky; the version accelerates steadily, a gentle melancholy lifting off into the denser and more pressurized atmosphere of disco.

Throughout, Rhodes piano shimmers like light filtering through clouds. In his simultaneous solo career, he stayed one step ahead of the trends he solidified with other artists, veering between soft-rock rebellion, prog fantasias, and experiments in song suites and remakes.

50 Essential Science Fiction Books

Recorded at the ad-hoc Secret Sound studio Rundgren built in a New York City loft, the song balances between his audiophile obsessions and pop instincts. Can I interfere in your crisis? When it appears on a classic rock radio playlist, the lyric becomes abruptly instructional. Skip to content Search query All Results. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Open share drawer. Island Elektra RCA Victor Nessa Philips Upsetter