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Analyses must be based upon a model that accurately represents site subsurface conditions, ground behavior, and applied loads. Judgments regarding acceptable risk or safety factors must be made to assess the results of analyses. The authors have recognized a need for consistent understanding and application of slope stability analyses for construction and remediation projects across the United States and abroad.

These analyses are generally carried out at the beginning, and sometimes throughout the life, of projects during planning, design, construction, improvement, rehabilitation, and maintenance. Planners, engineers, geologists, contractors, technicians, and maintenance workers become involved in this process. This book provides the general background information required for slope stability analyses, suitable methods of analysis with and without the use of computers, and examples of common stability problems and stabilization methods for cuts and fills. This body of information encompasses general slope stability concepts, engineering geology principles, groundwater conditions, geologic site explorations, soil and rock testing and interpretation, slope stability concepts, stabilization methods, instrumentation and monitoring, design documents, and construction inspection.

This book is intended for individualswhodeal with slope stability problems, including most geotechnical engineers and geologists who have an understanding of geotechnical engineering principles and practice. Abstract : UAV unmanned Aerial Vehicle platforms represent a challenging opportunity for the deployment of a number of remote sensors. These vehicles are a cost-effective option in front of manned aerial vehicles planes and helicopters , are easy to deploy due to the short runways needed, and they allow users to meet the critical requirements of the spatial and temporal resolutions imposed by the instruments.

L-band radiometers are an interesting option for obtaining soil moisture maps over local areas with relatively high spatial resolution for precision agriculture, coastal monitoring, estimation of the risk of fires, flood prevention, etc. This paper presents the design of a light-weight, airborne L-band radiometer for deployment in a small UAV, including the hardware and specific software developed for calibration, geo-referencing, and soil moisture retrieval.

First results and soil moisture retrievals from different field experiments are presented. Abstract : Gravel sizes measured from photographs of river beds are biased estimates of size when compared to standard sieve analysis. Mean apparent short axis size for gravel coarser than 8 mm from photographs may be converted to sieve-equivalent mean size by subtracting 0. Percentile of the distribution also differ by the same factors. Measures of grain size standard deviation from photographs are approximately equivalent to sieve values.

For sizes in phi units the photograph and sieve size frequency distribution curves have similar shape, but are offset by the same bias as the mean size. Abstract : Undrained monotonic torque-controlled tests were conducted on fine-grained silica sand to study the shear-deformation process in granular materials by using a ring-shear apparatus. Shear-zone structures at various stages in the undrained shear tests were observed during a series of tests in which the experiments were terminated at different shear displacement.

For "undisturbed" samples, the shear zone was only developed during the post-failure stage and its thickness increased with progressed shearing. First the shear surfaces had undulating and asymmetric structures; later they gradually became smooth and parallel to the shearing direction. During this process, pore water pressure was generated, and the effective friction angle decreased correspondingly. Generally, the shear zone could be divided into three parts: the compacted core, the adjacent zone above the core, and the adjacent zone below the core.

Grain-size analysis on the sample from the shear zone revealed that grain crushing occurred during each stage and the extent of grain crushing differed for different shear stages. An interesting phenomenon occurred during the steady-state deformation where the coarse and fine particles within the shear zone segregated during motions and a parallel orientation structure developed.

These results are helpful for understanding the mechanism of progressive failure in granular material as well as the rapid landslide with long runout study. Abstract : An artificial rainfall event was applied to a forested slope in Ruedlingen, northern Switzerland. The experiment triggered a landslide which resulted in mobilising about m3 of debris.

The event was monitored by a photogrammetric network of four cameras, operating at 5 to 8 frames per second, in order to quantify spatial and temporal changes by tracking tennis balls pegged into the ground. Image measurements were performed using automated image matching methods, implemented through a software package developed in-house. Abstract : This study presents a data-driven and semiautomatic classification system carried out by object-based image analysis and fuzzy logic in a selected landslide-prone area in the Western Black Sea region of Turkey.

The model was established on image objects obtained by the segmentation process. Membership functions were used to classify the study area by five fuzzy operators such as "and", "or", "mean arithmetic", "mean geometric", and "algebraic product". In order to assess the performances of the so-produced maps, image objects, which were not used in the model, were taken into consideration.

Based on the results, the map produced by "fuzzy and" operator performed better than those classified by the other fuzzy operators. The proposed methodology applied in this study may be useful for decision makers, local administrations, and scientists interested in landslides. It may also be useful in landslide-prone areas for planning, management, and regional development purposes.

C Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Aleotti P , "A warning system for rainfall-induced shallow failures" , Engineering Geology. European Geophys Soc. Abstract : It is widely recognised that soil slips and debris flows are triggered by short intense storms. Owing its geologic, geomorphologic and climatic settings, the Piedmont Region NW Italy is highly prone to the occurrence of this kind of landslides. In the last two centuries, in fact, a total of severe meteoric events which triggered shallow failures occurred and, of these, 18 events took place from to A fair number of rainfall thresholds have been proposed in the literature, defined both on empirical or on physical bases.

Empirical thresholds are defined collecting rainfall data for landslide meteoric events and for events without landslides, while physical thresholds are based on numerical models that consider the relation between rainfall, pore pressure and slope stability. The main objective of this paper is the identification of the empirical triggering thresholds for the Piedmont Region. Four meteoric events were selected and analysed November , ; July , ; April , ; October , because they supply a wide range of variation for both rainfall parameters duration, intensity, cumulative rainfalls and the number of induced landslides.

In the article the different meaning of these thresholds is discussed. The application of the triggering thresholds as a fundamental element in a warning system dedicated to the safeguarding of population in landslide-prone areas is discussed. In detail an operating procedure which is presently being verified and tested in the studied area is described. C Elsevier B. Garmisch-Partenkirchen Vol. Abstract : A study of the November rainstorn triggered phenomena was carried out in a test area of the Tanaro basin Piedmont, NW Italy , in particular with regard to the shallow slope failures.

The slope and river dynamics interaction has been examined and the influence of man-made structures bridges on solid transport process has been analyzed. Considerations on hazard and risk assessement, together with a susceptibility map, are also presented. Aleotti P and Chowdhury R , "Landslide hazard assessment: summary review and new perspectives" , Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment. Abstract : This paper deals with several aspects of the assessment of hazard and risk of landsliding.

In recent years the interest in this topic has increased greatly and there are many technical papers dealing with this subject in the literature. This article presents a summary review and a classification of the main approaches that have been developed world-wide.

The first step is the subdivision between qualitative and quantitative methods. The approaches of the second group are formally more rigorous. It is possible to distinguish between statistical analyses bivariate or multivariate and deterministic methods that involve the analysis of specific sites or slopes based on geo-engineering models. Such analyses can be deterministic or probabilistic. Among the quantitative methods discussed is the Neural Networks approach which has only recently been applied to engineering geology problems. Finally several considerations concerning the concept of acceptable risk and risk management are presented.

Elsevier Science Bv. Abstract : Suitable methods to describe and predict soil degradation in mountain areas with low accessibility, steep topography and extreme climate are urgently needed for suitable planning processes in Alpine regions under global change regime. Aerial photograph mapping has been proven to be a valuable tool in surveying landslide development over time. Abstract : The objective of this paper is to study the effect of different slip surface search techniques on the factors of safety obtained using the limit equilibrium LE slope stability methods.

This objective is accomplished by comparing results from the finite element method, the linear grid method, the rectangular grid method, and the Monte-Carlo searching techniques using different commercially available programs. The results showed that the LE methods are very efficient methods when coupled with a robust searching technique namely the Monte-Carlo method. In addition, the selected slip surface search technique highly influenced the location of the critical slip surfaces as well as the value of the calculated factors of safety.

Abstract : Soil compaction is an important indicator of soil quality, yet few practical methods are available to quantitatively measure this variable. We tested a small, lightweight pocket penetrometer that measures soil compression strength as a simple, quantitative measure of the degree of compaction of mineral soils under forested conditions. Soil compression strengths were significantly higher in compacted trails and areas than in adjacent undisturbed locations.

In contrast, no significant difference in soil compression strength was found between rutted trails and adjacent undisturbed areas. A protocol is suggested for further pilot testing of this device as part of the soil indicator assessment. The main disadvantage of this device is that many of the compacted soils had compression strengths higher than the maximum measurable value of 4.

Despite this limitation, this device can rapidly and easily distinguish between compacted and uncompacted areas in the field. Time previously spent by field crews trying to identify qualitative evidences of compaction can instead be used to provide a quantitative measure of the degree of compaction, which would strengthen the analysis and interpretation of the soil quality indicator.

Abstract : Remote sensing is now in a strong position to provide meaningful spatial data for use in soil science investigations. In the last 10 years, advancements in remote sensing techniques and technologies have given rise to a wealth of exciting new research findings in soil-related disciplines.

This paper provides a critical insight into the role played by remote sensing in this field, with a specific focus on soil surface monitoring. Two key soil properties are considered in this review, soil surface roughness and moisture, because these two variables have benefited most from recent cutting-edge advances in remote sensing.

Of note is the fact that the major recent advancements in spatial assessment of soil structure have emerged from optical remote sensing, while the soil moisture community has benefited from advancements in microwave systems, justifying the focus of this paper in these specific directions. The paper considers the newest techniques within active, passive, optical and microwave remote sensing and concludes by considering future challenges, multisensor approaches and the issue of scale - which is a key cross-disciplinary research question of relevance to soil scientists and remote sensing scientists alike.

Abstract : Stability analyses have been used to interpret the angles of straight slope segments defined as threshold slopes, even where visible evidence of mass movement is lacking. Two problems are identified in interpreting the results of these analyses. First, in the absence of surface expression of mass movement, identification of the threshold slopes is problematical since the systematic variation of slope angle in the drainage basin results in non-threshold slopes being included in a random sample, with occasional fortuitous accord between observed and predicted modal angles.

Secondly, there is a wide range of assumptions concerning shear plane morphology, lateral extent of slide, and pore water pressure patterns which can be employed in the calibration of the models. Thus accordance between observed and predicted angles can arise from different model assumptions.

These problems are assessed using data on slope form and soil mechanics of some Norfolk dry valleys, and on pore pressures in a motorway embankment subjected to a shallow slide. It is suggested that detailed interpretation of slope evolution using stability analysis and soil mechanical data is limited by the discordance in the levels of sophistication of the theoretical models and the data available for their calibration. Auswertungen dieser digital erfassten Daten sind ein Schwerpunkt der vorliegenden Arbeit.

Rio de Janeiro, June 28 to July 2, The slope is built up by marbles some m thick lying on a phyllite base some m thick. The cracks of the main scarp, which are some 10m wide, are monitored by wire extensometers and are opening with a precipitation dependent velocity of 30 cm per year.

Monitoring by an automatic servo-theodolit revealed that the lowest base area is not yet moving. Numerical analyses showed that an overall volume of up to 10,, m3 might bury the road in the valley and dam up the Rantenbach river causing a debris flow. Measures reducing the amount of precipitation seeping into the ground seem to be most promising due to the high degree of rock fracturing and the dependence of displacements on precipitaion.

Apip, Takara K, Yamashiki Y, Sassa K, Ibrahim AB and Fukuoka H , "A distributed hydrological-geotechnical model using satellite-derived rainfall estimates for shallow landslide prediction system at a catchment scale" , Landslides. Abstract : This paper describes the potential applicability of a hydrological-geotechnical modeling system using satellite-based rainfall estimates for a shallow landslide prediction system.

The physically based distributed model has been developed by integrating a grid-based distributed kinematic wave rainfall-runoff model with an infinite slope stability approach. The method combines the following two model outputs necessary for identifying where and when shallow landslides may potentially occur in the catchment: 1 the time-invariant spatial distribution of areas susceptible to slope instability map, for which the river catchment is divided into stability classes according to the critical relative soil saturation; this output is designed to portray the effect of quasi-static land surface variables and soil strength properties on slope instability and 2 a produced map linked with spatiotemporally varying hydrologic properties to provide a time-varying estimate of susceptibility to slope movement in response to rainfall.

The proposed hydrological model predicts the dynamic of soil saturation in each grid element. The stored water in each grid element is then used for updating the relative soil saturation and analyzing the slope stability. A grid of slope is defined to be unstable when the relative soil saturation becomes higher than the critical level and is the basis for issuing a shallow landslide warning. The method was applied to past landslides in the upper Citarum River catchment 2, km 2 , Indonesia; the resulting time-invariant landslide susceptibility map shows good agreement with the spatial patterns of documented historical landslides Application of the model to two recent shallow landslides shows that the model can successfully predict the effect of rainfall movement and intensity on the spatiotemporal dynamic of hydrological variables that trigger shallow landslides.

Several hours before the landslides, the model predicted unstable conditions in some grids over and near the grids at which the actual shallow landslides occurred. Overall, the results demonstrate the potential applicability of the modeling system for shallow landslide disaster predictions and warnings. Amer Water Resources Assoc. Abstract : A conceptual, continuous time model called SWAT Soil and Water Assessment Tool was developed to assist water resource managers in assessing the impact of management on water supplies and nonpoint source pollution in watersheds and large river basins.

The model is currently being utilized in several large area projects by EPA, NOAA, NRCS and others to estimate the off-site impacts of climate and management on water use, nonpoint source loadings, and pesticide contamination. Model development, operation, limitations, and assumptions are discussed and components of the model are described. Abstract : Landslides are a serious threat to life and property throughout the world. The causes of landslides are various since multiple dynamic processes are involved in driving slope failures.

One of these causes is prolonged rainfall, which affects slope stability in different ways. Water infiltrating in a hillslope may cause a rise of the piezometric surface, which, in turn, involves an increase of the pore water pressure and a decrease of the soil shear resistance. For this reason, knowledge of spatio-temporal dynamics of soil water content, infiltration processes and groundwater dynamics, is of considerable importance in the understanding and prediction of landslides dynamics. In this paper a spatially distributed and physically based approach is presented, which embeds a slope failure method in a hydrological model.

The hydrological model here used is the tRIBS model Triangulated Irregular Network Real-Time Integrated Basin Simulator that allows simulation of most of spatial-temporal hydrologic processes infiltration, evapotranspiration, groundwater dynamics and soil moisture conditions that can influence landsliding. Slope stability is assessed by implementing the infinite slope model in tRIBS.

The model, based on geotechnical and geomorphological characteristics, classifies each computational cell as unconditionally stable or conditionally stable. Soil moisture conditions resulting from precipitation can trigger landslides at conditionally stable locations. When a landslide occurs, the model also computes the amount of detached soil and its possible path downslope. Model performance has been initially tested on a small catchment with very steep slopes, located in the northern part of Sicily Italy , after a sensitivity analysis concerning some model parameters.

Abstract : Slope movements e. It is not yet possible to assess in all cases conditions for failure, reactivation and rapid surges and successfully simulate their transient and multi-dimensional behaviour and development, although considerable progress has been made in isolating many of the key variables and elementary mechanisms and to include them in physically-based models for landslide hazard assessments.

Therefore, the objective of this paper is to review the state-of-the-art in the understanding of landslide processes and to identify some pressing challenges for the development of our modelling capabilities in the forthcoming years for hazard assessment. This paper focuses on the special nature of slope movements and the difficulties related to simulating their complex time-dependent behaviour in mathematical, physically-based models.

It analyses successively the research frontiers in the recognition of first-time failures pre-failure and failure stages , reactivation and the catastrophic transition to rapid gravitational processes post-failure stage. Subsequently, the paper discusses avenues to transfer local knowledge on landslide activity to landslide hazard forecasts on regional scales and ends with an outline how geomorphological investigations and supporting monitoring techniques could be applied to improve the theoretical concepts and the modelling performance of physically-based landslide models at different spatial and temporal scales.

Abstract : A method is presented in order to georectify high-oblique terrestrial images of high mountainous terrain taken by means of small-format camera. Using the distinct topographic situation of the study area located in a small alpine valley, an automatic camera has been mounted on the opposing hill slope providing daily photographs of the area of interest.

To use the data in a geographic information system GIS a specific georectification method JUKE method was developed employing a digital elevation model DEM , several reference and ground control points GCPs , and the focal length of the lens, The method was useful for single-stage image rectification but was also applied successfully on pre-analyzed time-series images "summary" images. Hence, the procedure enables the analysis of detailed, dynamic landscape ecological processes. Accuracy was mainly a measure of the quality of the GCPs, which were difficult to define in this remote area.

The relatively economic data capturing and transforming procedure makes the method interesting for various applied disciplines in order to gain detailed spatio-temporal data. This method might be of considerable benefit, particularly in mountainous terrain where it is often difficult to capture continuous spatio-temporal information. Abstract : In this paper a semi-automated method is presented to recognize and spatially delineate geomorphological units in mountainous forested ecosystems, using statistical information extracted from a 1-m resolution laser digital elevation dataset.

The method was applied to a mountainous area in Austria. First, slope angle and elevation characteristics were determined for each key geomorphological unit occurring in the study area. Second, a map of slope classes, derived from the laser DTM was used in an expert-driven multilevel object-oriented approach. The resulting classes represent units corresponding to landforms and processes commonly recognized in mountain areas: Fluvial terrace, Alluvial Fan, Slope with mass movement, Talus slope, Rock cliff, Glacial landform, Shallow incised channel and Deep incised channel.

The classification result was compared with a validation dataset of geomorphological units derived from an analogue geomorphological map. It is concluded that high-resolution topographical data derived from laser DTMs are useful for the extraction of geomorphological units in mountain areas. Abstract : The objective of this study was to estimate the potential effects of changes in climate and land use on the mobilization of fine sediment and the net transport of wash load from the upstream basin to the lower Rhine delta.

For this purpose, a suite of geographical information system-embedded models was developed that simulates the production, and transport of wash load through the drainage network and deposition on floodplains along the lower river reaches. The model results indicate that if climate changes in accordance with the UKHI climate-change scenario, in combination with land use changes, erosion rates will increase in the Alps and decrease in the German part of the basin. However, due to inefficient sediment delivery, increasing erosion in the Alps will have little effect on the sediment load further downstream.

When changes in river discharge are accounted for, it appears that, although very high discharges are expected to occur more frequently, sedimentation on floodplains tends to decrease. This is caused mainly by reduced sediment loads at discharges during which the floodplains are just inundated and trapping efficiencies are high. Abstract : This paper presents a simple methodology for determination of in situ shear strength parameters by recently developed lightweight dynamic cone penetrometer.

A series of laboratory calibration lightweight dynamic cone penetration tests, and direct shear tests with pore water pressure measurements were conducted at different void ratios and degrees of saturation. Based on the laboratory calibration test results, a method of determining void ratio, e from the data of cone resistance, qd was established for different degrees of saturation.

A method of determining shear strength parameters from the data of qd was proposed based on the correlations developed between void ratios with qd and shear parameters. The longest temperature and air pressure series extend back to , precipitation to , cloudiness to the s and sunshine to the s. A systematic QC procedure has been applied to the series and a high number of inhomogeneities more than and outliers more than have been detected and removed. The HISTALP series are kept in different data modes: original and homogenised, gap-filled and outlier corrected station mode series, grid-1 series anomaly fields at 1 degrees x 1 degrees, lat x long and Coarse Resolution Subregional CRS mean series according to an EOF-based regionalisation.

The leading climate variability features within the GAR are discussed through selected examples and a concluding linear trend analysis for , 50 and year subperiods for the four horizontal and two altitudinal CRSs. Centennial and decadal scale temperature trends were identical for all subregions. Air pressure, sunshine and cloudiness show significant differences between low versus high elevations. A long-term increase of the high-elevation series relative to the low-elevation series is given for sunshine and air pressure.

Of special interest is the exceptional high correlation near 0. This, further developed via some atmospheric statics and thermodynamics, allows the creation of 'barometric temperature series' without use of the measures of temperature. They support the measured temperature trends in the region. Precipitation shows the most significant regional and seasonal differences with, e. Other long- and short-term features are discussed and indicate the promising potential of the new database for further analyses and applications.

Copyright c Royal Meteorological Society. Avanzi GD, Giannecchini R and Puccinelli A , "The influence of the geological and geomorphological settings on shallow landslides. An example in a temperate climate environment: the June 19, event in northwestern Tuscany Italy " , Engineering Geology. Abstract : On June 19, , an extremely heavy rainstorm hit a restricted area in the Apuan Alps northwestern Tuscany, Italy.

The storm caused floods and hundreds of landslides and debris flows, which produced huge damage hundreds of millions of Euros , partially destroyed villages and killed 14 people. This paper reports the results obtained from a detailed field survey and aerial view interpretation. In the most severely involved area, main landslides were investigated, mapped and related to the geologic, geomorphic and vegetational factors of the source areas.

This was in order to define the influence of these factors and contribute to an evaluation of the landslide hazard in the study area. An assessment was also made of the total area and volume of material mobilised by landsliding. The study area, about 46 km 2 wide, includes three typically mountainous basins, characterised by narrow, deep cut valleys and steep slopes, where many rock types outcrop.

Most of the landslides were shallow and linear, referable to complex, earth and debris translational slide, which quickly developed into flow soil slip-debris flow. Usually, they involved colluvium and started in hollows underlain by metamorphic rock metasandstone and phyllite , often dipping downslope. Therefore, bedrock lithology and impermeability appeared to be important factors in the localisation of the landslide phenomena. The investigation of the geomorphic and land use features in the source areas also frequently highlighted a rectilinear profile of the slope, a high slope gradient degrees and dense chestnut wood cover.

In the area, about , m 2 2. The landslides removed about trees. The volume of mobilised material was about 1,, m 3 ; about , m 3 remained on the slopes, while the rest poured into the streams. In addition, about , m 3 was mobilised by the torrential erosion in the riverbeds. Abstract : Although earthquakes are thought to be one of the factors responsible for the occurrence of landslides in Hokkaido, there exist no enough records which can allow correlating many of the old slope failures in the island with earthquakes. In the absence of these records, an attempt was done in this study to use the abundance, frequency, magnitude, depth, and distribution of historical earthquakes to deduce that many of the slope failures in the region were triggered by strong and continuous seismicity.

The determination of the zones of influences of selected earthquakes using an existing empirical function has also supported this conclusion. The result indicates a high probability of occurrences of landslides in the hilly regions of the southeastern part of Hokkaido due to expected strong seismicity and earthquake intensities in these areas. On the other hand, the low level of intensity in the north has given rise to low probability of landslide hazard. There are also places in the center of the island and high intensity regions in the east where the probability of landslide hazard was influenced by the contribution of the geological and slope maps.

Banda Aceh, Indonesia, November, Abstract : Landslide is type of natural disaster which may cause huge losses of live and properties. Many landslides triggering factors found in Kaligesing make this zone as landslide prone area in Indonesia. Zoning hazard area was a solution to assess landslide disaster since there is still a great danger of further landslides in the region and also it is strongly linked with spatial issues.

Factors, such as landform, land utilization, slope steepness, soil texture and lithology are considered for use in AHP through pair-wise matrix. The output of calculation was validated with present landslide location. A consistency ratio CR was computed to verify that the consistency of matrix.

CR value of 0. Abstract : For spatially explicit hydrological modelling an algorithm was required that works as a cellular automata on irregular meshes. From literature it was found that the usual algorithms applied for this purpose do not route the water flow correctly between adjacent cells. In this study the hydraulic linking between mesh cells is done by calculating the flow cross section between the mesh cells. The flow cross sections are positioned in the centre of the mesh edges and are perpendicular to the local gradient of the digital elevation model.

The presented algorithm is simple in its implementation and efficient in computation. It is shown that the proposed algorithm works correctly for different synthesised hill slope shapes. Baeza C and Corominas J , "Assessment of shallow landslide susceptibility by means of multivariate statistical techniques" , Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. Abstract : Several multivariate statistical analyses have been performed to identify the most influential geological and Geomorphological parameters on shallow landsliding and to quantify their relative contribution.

A data set was first prepared including more than 30 attributes of failed and unfailed slopes. The performance of principal component analysis, t-test and one-way test, allowed a preliminary selection of the most significant variables, which were used as input variables for the discriminant analysis.

The function obtained has classified successfully Slope gradient, watershed area and land-use appeared as the most powerful discriminant factors. A landslide susceptibility map, based on the scores of the discriminant function, has been prepared for Ensija range in the Eastern Pyrenees.

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An index of relative landslide density shows that the results of the map are consistent. Abstract : In this study, two separate landslide susceptibility maps using multi-temporal landslide and Wenchuan earthquake triggered landslide datasets were carried out based on GIS and logistic regression model at Zhouqu segment in the Bailongjiang Basin in North-western China. This region has already been strongly affected by landslides for a long time, and numerous additional slope failures were triggered by the Wenchuan earthquake. The data used for this study consists of two landslide inventories, of which the first lists historical landslides and the latter contains only slope failures attributed to the earthquake.

Additional data sources include landslide causative factor such as a digital elevation model DEM with a 30x30 m 2 resolution, orthophotos, geological and land-use maps, precipitation records and information on peak ground acceleration data from the earthquake. Finally, both susceptibility maps were combined to describe the maximum likelihood of landslide occurrences. The overall high prediction rates of the calculated susceptibility maps make them an ideal basis for the use within regional spatial planning as well as for the organization of emergency actions by local authorities.

Abstract : This paper proposes a brief spatial analysis of landslides in Romania, completed by a landslide susceptibility model. The landslide susceptibility assessment at national level was accomplished using a Landslide Susceptibility Index LSI computed in GIS, which considers and weights the main factors that control landslide activity: lithology, slope gradient, maximum rainfall in 24 h, land use, seismicity and local relief. Each factor was classified into classes which were rated from 1 to 10 by means of expert judgement. A formula was devised to compute the landslide Susceptibility Index over each m x m pixel and the resulting values were ranked into 5 landslide susceptibility classes.

This synthetic method of landslide susceptibility assessment, applied to the whole country, is a useful tool to evaluate the distribution of landslide-prone areas, as well as to validate and to enhance some results obtained in previous studies based on field research and map interpretation. The most landslide-prone areas correspond to the Subcarpathians an outer fringe of hilly terrain accompanying the Carpathians , as well as to the Moldavian Plateau in the east.

The semi-quantitative approach has been validated with satisfactory results in a particular sector using independent cartographic landslide inventories. C Elsevier By. Mountain Forum. Barnard PL, Rubin DM, Harney J and Mustain N , "Field test comparison of an autocorrelation technique for determining grain size using a digital 'beachball' camera versus traditional methods" , Sedimentary Geology.

Abstract : This extensive field test of an autocorrelation technique for determining grain size from digital images was conducted using a digital bed-sediment camera, or 'beachball' camera. A simple autocorrelation algorithm for determining grain size from digital images of sediment. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 74 l : To test the accuracy of the digital-image grain size algorithm, we compared results with manual point counts of an extensive image data set in the Santa Barbara littoral cell.

Because the algorithm works well compared with point counts of the same image, the poorer correlation with grab samples must be a result of actual spatial and vertical variability of sediment in the field; closer agreement between grain size in the images and grain size of grab samples can be achieved by increasing the sampling volume of the images taking more images, distributed over a volume comparable to that of a grab sample. Published by Elsevier B. Abstract : The potential for reducing the occurrence of shallow landslides through targeted reforestation of critical parts of a river basin is explored through mathematical modelling.

Through the systematic investigation of land management options, modelling allows the optimum strategies to be selected ahead of any real intervention in the basin. Physically based models, for which the parameters can be evaluated using physical reasoning offer particular advantages for predicting the effects of possible future changes in land use and climate. Typically a physically based landslide model consists of a coupled hydrological model for soil moisture and a geotechnical slope stability model, along with an impact model, such as basin sediment yield.

Thus, for the modelled scenario, increasing root cohesion from to Pa causes a two-thirds reduction in the number of landslides. Useful information can be obtained even on the basis of imperfect data availability but model output should be interpreted carefully in the light of parameter uncertainty. Abstract : The SHETRAN model for determining the sediment yield arising from shallow landsliding at the scale of a river catchment was applied to the km2 Valsassina basin in the Italian Southern Alps, with the aim of demonstrating that the model can simulate long term patterns of landsliding and the associated sediment yields and that it can be used to explore the sensitivity of the landslide sediment supply system to changes in catchment characteristics.

The model was found to reproduce the observed spatial distribution of landslides from a year record very well but probably with an overestimate of the annual rate of landsliding. Simulated sediment yields were within the range observed in a wider region of northern Italy. However, the results suggest that the supply of shallow landslide material to the channel network contributes relatively little to the overall long term sediment yield compared with other sources.

The model was applied for scenarios of possible future climate drier and warmer and land use fully forested hillslopes. For both scenarios, there is a modest reduction in shallow landslide occurrence and the overall sediment yield. This suggests that any current schemes for mitigating sediment yield impact in Valsassina remain valid. The application highlights the need for further research in eliminating the large number of unconditionally unsafe landslide sites typically predicted by the model and in avoiding large overestimates of landslide occurrence.

Shallow earth slides triggered by heavy rainfall are the most common type of landslide in the area; many transform into debris flows and cause significant property damage or disrupt transportation. Large rotational and translational slides, though less common, also cause serious property damage. The hundreds of landslides that occurred during the winters of and stimulated renewed interest by Puget Sound communities in identifying landslide-prone areas and taking actions to reduce future landslide losses. Informal partnerships between the U. Geological Survey USGS , the City of Seattle, and private consultants are focusing on the problem of identifying and mapping areas of landslide hazard as well as characterizing temporal aspects of the hazard.

We have developed GIS-based methods to map the probability of landslide occurrence as well as empirical rainfall thresholds and physically based methods to forecast times of landslide occurrence. Our methods for mapping landslide hazard zones began with field studies and physically based models to assess relative slope stability, including the effects of material properties, seasonal groundwater levels, and rainfall infiltration.

We have analyzed the correlation between historic landslide occurrence and relative slope stability to map the degree of landslide hazard. The City of Seattle is using results of the USGS studies in storm preparedness planning for emergency access and response, planning for development or redevelopment of hillsides, and municipal facility planning and prioritization.

Methods we have developed could be applied elsewhere to suit local needs and available data. Abstract : The state of knowledge and resources available to issue alerts of precipitation-induced landslides vary across the USA. Federal and state agencies currently issue warnings of the potential for shallow, rapidly moving landslides and debris flows in a few areas along the Pacific coast and for areas affected by Atlantic hurricanes.

However, these agencies generally lack resources needed to provide continuous support or to expand services to other areas. Precipitation thresholds that form the basis of landslide warning systems now exist for a few areas of the USA, but the threshold rainfall amounts and durations vary over three orders of magnitude nationwide and over an order of magnitude across small geographic areas such as a county. Antecedent moisture conditions also have a significant effect, particularly in areas that have distinct wet and dry seasons. Early warnings of shallow landslides that include specific information about affected areas, probability of landslide occurrence, and expected timing are technically feasible as illustrated by a case study from the Seattle, WA area.

The four-level warning scheme Null, Outlook, Watch, Warning defined for Seattle is based on observed or predicted exceedance of a cumulative precipitation threshold and a rainfall intensity-duration threshold combined with real-time monitoring of soil moisture. Based on analysis of historical data, threshold performance varies according to precipitation characteristics, and threshold exceedance corresponds to a given probability of landslide occurrence.

Experience in Seattle during December and January illustrates some of the challenges of providing landslide early warning on the USA West Coast. Abstract : Shallow rainfall-induced landslides commonly occur under conditions of transient infiltration into initially unsaturated soils. In an effort to predict the timing and location of such landslides, we developed a model of the infiltration process using a two-layer system that consists of an unsaturated zone above a saturated zone and implemented this model in a geographic information system GIS framework.

The model links analytical solutions for transient, unsaturated, vertical infiltration above the water table to pressure-diffusion solutions for pressure changes below the water table. The solutions are coupled through a transient water table that rises as water accumulates at the base of the unsaturated zone. This scheme, though limited to simplified soil-water characteristics and moist initial conditions, greatly improves computational efficiency over numerical models in spatially distributed modeling applications.

Pore pressures computed by these coupled models are subsequently used in one-dimensional slope-stability computations to estimate the timing and locations of slope failures. Applied over a digital landscape near Seattle, Washington, for an hourly rainfall history known to trigger shallow landslides, the model computes a factor of safety for each grid cell at any time during a rainstorm. The unsaturated layer attenuates and delays the rainfall-induced pore-pressure response of the model at depth, consistent with observations at an instrumented hillside near Edmonds, Washington.

This attenuation results in realistic estimates of timing for the onset of slope instability 7 h earlier than observed landslides, on average. By considering the spatial distribution of physical properties, the model predicts the primary source areas of landslides. We have extended Iverson's method by implementing the solution for complex storms, a solution for additional basal boundary conditions, and a simple runoff-routing scheme. The program operates on a gridded elevation model of a map area and accepts input from a series of ASCII text files.

Infiltration, hydraulic properties, and slope stability input parameters are allowed to vary over the grid area thus making it possible to analyze complex storm sequences over geologically complex terrain. The optional routing scheme achieves mass balance between rainfall input, infiltration, and runoff over the entire grid by allowing excess water to flow to downslope cells that are receiving less direct precipitation than they are able to absorb. The program saves output to a series of text files that can be imported to GIS software for display or further analysis.

Analyses using TRIGRS are applicable to areas that are prone to shallow precipitation-induced landslides and that satisfy other model assumptions reasonably well. These assumptions include nearly saturated soil, a well-documented flow field and relatively isotropic, homogeneous hydrologic properties. The saturated soil assumption is approximately satisfied during the winter rainy season in parts of the U.

Pacific coast region Baum and others, Significant hydraulic heterogeneity may cause errors at boundaries between materials of differing hydraulic properties because TRIGRS uses infiltration models for a homogeneous, isotropic medium. However, we have not evaluated the magnitude of such possible errors. Model results are very sensitive to the initial conditions, particularly the steady component of the flow field and initial depth of the water table. Consequently, the model may produce questionable results where the initial water table depth is poorly constrained.

The user controls an analysis by means of an initialization file that contains the names of all other input and output files as well as other parameters needed to run the program. The following discussion will briefly describe system requirements for running the program, installation, features and limitations of the program, and provide a detailed description of the initialization file.

A tutorial helps familiarize the user with program features and operation. Abstract : With reference to the Kesselbach valley in the Northern Limestone Alps as an example, the relationship between slope erosion and sediment load yield of the catchnmm area is prevented.

Slope erosion is predominated by gravitational processes debris flows, avalanches. Fluvial erosion prevails only where these processes are not active forested areas, gentle slopes. Comparing slope erosion with the sediment load yield of the catchment area of the Kesselbach shows a clear predominance of the latter.

The solids are eroded in the cuts of the V-shaped valleys. Thus, there is present-day intensive further formation of these valleys, which dominate the scenery. Abstract : In den letzten 10 Jahren hat sich die terrestrische Mikrowelleninterferometrie zu einem wichtigen Instrument bei der Beobachtung von Massenbewegungen und Bauwerken entwickelt. Dieser Vortrag stellt die technischen und physikalischen Grundlagen des Mess- und Auswerteverfahrens dar und zeigt drei Anwendungsbeispiele.

Begueria S , "Changes in land cover and shallow landslide activity: A case study in the Spanish Pyrenees" , Geomorphology. Abstract : The Pyrenees, like many other mountain areas in Europe, have experienced depopulation and land abandonment during the 20th century. This has encouraged vegetation recovery in formerly occupied areas, including reforestation to promote woodland.

The objective of this study is to analyse the effects of these changes on shallow landsliding, a process responsible for erosion and land degradation in many mountain areas. A sequence of aerial images reveals a slight decrease in the landslide occurrence rate in the last half of the 20th century and a parallel increase in the landslide extinction rate, i. A logistic regression routine was used to assess the influence of land use and vegetation recovery in the occurrence of shallow landslides. The result shows that the former arable fields on the valley slopes still facilitate landsliding, even after land abandonment and revegetation by shrubs or trees.

A shift in the topographic location of landslides was also detected, pointing to an increased importance of water redistribution in the slopes after prolonged rainfall periods. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Abstract : We present a new digital terrain analysis framework for digital soil mapping, referred to as contextual elevation mapping ConMap. In contrast to common regression approaches based on features from digital terrain analysis, ConMap is not based on standard terrain attributes, but on elevation differences from the centre pixel to each pixel in circular neighbourhoods only.

These differences are used as features in random forest regressions. We applied and validated the framework by predicting topsoil silt content in a loess region of km2 in Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, Germany. Three hundred and forty-two samples and a m resolution digital elevation model were used for this illustration and validation. We compared ConMap with standard and multi-scale terrain analysis approaches as well as with ordinary kriging interpolations.

Cross-validation root mean square error RMSE decreased from The results show that the geomorphic settings in the study area must have induced the spatial trend, which can be accounted for by ConMap over different scales. We conclude that ConMap shows great potential for digital soil mapping studies. Thesis at: University of Bonn, Institute of Geography.

Abstract : Landslides occur worldwide and contribute significantly to sediment budgets as well as to landform evolution. Furthermore, they pose hazards and risks to people and their goods. To assess the role of landslides, information on their age or persistence i. In this study, the potential of airborne laser scanning digital terrain models ALS DTMs is analysed for estimating landslide age, landslide persistence and human impact. It is tested whether the modification of the geomorphological features of landslides can be used to assess landslide age.

In the Swabian Alb older landslides might show fresher features than younger ones because of different degrees of human impact, natural erosion and different histories of landslide reactivation. Estimated persistence times range between 27 and years but are minimum values only. In Lower Austria four landslides show estimated minimum persistence times between 4 and 28 years. In Lower Austria 27 landslides disappeared in less than 7 years after occurrence mainly because of planation by farmers. The results show no clear trend in landslide persistence, neither regarding landslide magnitude, nor regarding land use.

However, it is evident that human impact plays a major role in landslide persistence. April stellvertretende Vorsitzende des Petitionsausschusses und Mitglied im Ausschuss fur Wissenschaft April in Toronto, Ontario ist eine kanadische Schriftstellerin.

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International bekannt ist die BrA? Die KA? Dabei erreichte sie mit I miei pensieri dt. Meine Gedankena?? Tee Corinne Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Tee Corine a?? Corinne was born and grew up in Florida. Her mother introduced her to principles and techniques for making visual art. According to Corinne, "I have seldom succeeded in keeping a diary, but I have almost always carried a drawing pad, and since my eighth year, I have also had a camera.

The Scottish Gael Spouse of the Prime Minister of Australia Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The spouse of the Prime Minister of Australia is a position that until 24 June was occupied exclusively by women, thus the spouse was often known as the Prime Minister's wife. She is the only Australian Prime Minister who has never married.

John McEwen was a widower at the time of becoming Prime Minister, and he remarried after leaving the office. Spouse of the Governor-General of Australia Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The Spouse of the Governor-General of Australia generally assists the office-holder in welcoming ambassadors and their spouses, and in performing their other official duties. The Governor-General's spouse traditionally participates in celebratory occasions, attends functions and, as a patron of various voluntary associations, works to promote the activities of those associations.

None of the activities have any official status. Except for the current Governor-General, Ms Quentin Bryce, all Australian Governors-General have been male, and all but the current spouse have been females. The current spouse is Professor Michael Bryce. Split Labor Market Theory Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

Sexy Pussy Girls Not only is the female gaze open, so too are the legs of these young and pretty women, who offer the view invitingly, objectively, as if to say, "go ahead, look at me, this is how I am, all of me, I've got nothing to hide. I even show you my hidden flower, the portal to my inner beauty and desire.

It's so natural, so simple. It holds so much lust, arousal, promise and joy. And such power. Texts in English, German, French. Rollout Photography Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Rollout photography, a type of peripheral photography, is a process used to create a two dimensional photographic image of a three dimensional object.

This process is the photographic equivalent of a cylindrical map projection in cartography. It is used predominantly for the projection of images of cylindrical objects such as vases or ceramic vessels. The objective of this process is to present to the observer a planar representation of the object's characteristics, most notably the illustrations or artwork extant on the outside surfaces of such vessels. This planar representation is captured using photographic imaging techniques. Oktober in MA? Nach dem Abitur am Wilhelmsgymnasium MA? Nach der Emeritierung Kurz bevor die Val-da??

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Sie startet national und international in der Wettkampfklasse Grade II. Mit sechs Jahren saA? Angelika Trabert das erste Mal auf einem Pferd. Nach dem Abitur studierte sie Medizin in Marburg und Frankfurt. Die PrA? Ihr erstes Imaginationen der inneren Welt German Edition -. Anlageberatung German Edition -. American Tradition In Painting -. Kollektive Autorschaft in der Kunst German Edition -.

I Can Do It! Camera N1 for Dummies -. Identidad y diferencia. La opcion negada. Spanish Edition -. Advocaciones marianas en el arte funerario: Notas aproximativas a un imaginario escatologico Spanish Edition -. Volume 2, Issue Latin Edition This is a reproduction of a book published before Don Giovanni Acoustic Guitar Chords teaches you the must-know chords that will get you strumming quickly. You won't get bogged down with tons of details. Rather you'll be armed with many chord shape. Drum Building Secrets!

In "Drum Building Secrets" you'll discover what kind of drum shells to c. This unique new series features transcriptions of all the horn parts included on the original recordings wi. The Art Of Wara?? This book was written for the individual looking to make the most of every gear. A reader This book is a comprehensive guide.

It describes the fundamental concepts which a modern drummer should be familiar with. All elementary issues of drumming are analyzed systematically. The book demonstrates approaches from scratch for reaching top resu. Alex Ross, author of The Rest is. The Evolution of Organ Music in the 17th Century: A Study of European Styles The 17th century was the century of the organ in much the same way the 19th century was the century of the piano.

Almost without exception, the major composers of the century wrote for the instrument, and most of them were practicing organists themselves. Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego, California Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Practical Method for Beginners, Op. Czerny's piano exercises have been revered since they were created. Repairing and Restoration of Violins A book about repairing and restoring violins.

Please Note: This is a reprint of an unabridged version. Although we make every practical attempt to correct all errors, a few may exist. We hope you enjoy reading this work for its literary content and aff. Lancasters favorite sheet music solos. Many of the solos are among the most requested by piano teachers and students alike. Several of the pieces contain optional duet accompaniments.

This book. Several of the pieces are based on patterns for easy learning. This b. They are pianistically well written for the hand and truly enjoyable to play and listen to. The lessons start at the very beginning, and you will be playing music right away, even if you know nothing about music.

Musical selections include: Plasir Da?? Amour, Walkina? Musical selections include: Amazing Grace, America, Ch. There are three audio versions of every song on the included CDs: an instrumental sound-alike recording, a version without drums but with a constant click track, and a version without drums and. There are two audio versions of every song on the included CDs: an instrumental sound-alike recording and a version without bass so you can play along. Plus, the TNT software included on th.

First Book of Favorites: 40 Arrangements for Beginning Pianists This first book of solos includes favorite folk songs, classical arrangements, hymns, Christmas carols and patriotic songs. Written on the grand staff, melodies for the pieces are divided between the hands. All pieces include an optional duet part for par. Arranged for late-elementary students, key signatures contain no more than one flat.

Arranged for early-intermediate students, 16th notes are avoided, key si. Students and teachers can enjoy and explore the motivating world of popular music together while reinforcing concepts lear. Here, Igud. Clarinet Manual: How to Buy, Maintain and Set Up your Clarinet, Alto Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Featuring step-by-step instructions and extensive color photography, explains how the instrument works, how its mechanism functions and what can be done to maintain it and improve its performance by using professional set-up techniques with few or no spec.

Ivideosongs - Blues Guitar Concepts: DVD iVideosongs is a low-cost, cutting-edge alternative to expensive private lessons and the inaccurate TAB, unreliable tips, and fragmented lessons scattered throughout the Internet. The lessons are taught accurately in an easy-to-understand manner, just as.

This book is chock full of exciting drum grooves sticking patterns, fills, polyrhythmic adaptations, odd meters, and fantastic so. Violin For Dummies, 2nd Edition The bestselling guide to teaching yourself the violin just got betterDespite being one of the most popular musical instruments for budding musicians, the violin has a reputation as being amongst the most difficult to learn. But no longer. Violin for Dummi. Woodwind Instruments and Their History Dover Books on Music This superior study by a leading authority is considered the definitive work on woodwinds.

The two-part survey combines a discussion of design and construction with a detailed history of the evolution of instruments from earliest times to the present. From Madrigal to Opera: Monteverdi's Staging of the Self This pathbreaking study links two traditionally separate genres as their stars crossed to explore the emergence of multiple selves in early modern Italian culture and society. Mauro Calcagno focuses on the works of Claudio Monteverdi, a master of both gen.

Boom and Crash Musician: A Percussive Memoir This is a story about the son of poor immigrants who grew up in Chicago during the "Great Depression of the 's", recounting how he eventually became a world-renowned musician in the crown jewel of America's symphony orchestras, the Chicago Symphony Or. Music In The Church Catalan Edition This is a reproduction of a book published before The Textile Reader The Textile Reader is the first anthology to address textiles as a distinctive area of cultural practice and a developing field of scholarly research.

Revealing the full diversity of approaches to the study of textiles, the Reader introduces students to t. Weaving a Chronicle Original ideas for tapestries in the techniques of double weave, inlay, and pattern weave are detailed in engaging text and illustrated by over 90 beautiful color photos displaying the completed tapestries. This captivating book also details stories of th.

Sketching Domestic and Wild Cats: Pen and Pencil Techniques Dover Art Instruction An expert instructor demonstrates the geometric structure of feline bodies with a simple series of boxes and lines. Suitable for artists at all levels, this guide examines the unique features of domestic cats, lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and other. Hedi Slimane: Anthology of a Decade, USA Two surfers carrying their boards through a canyon in San Onofre, California; artist Banks Violette's extensive network of chest and arm tattoos; the phrase "the dance floor" written across a clear blue desert sky; Gore Vidal's typewriter; a Python re.

Apocalypse Mega Square The final book of the Bible, called both Revelation and Apocalypse, prophesises what ill happen at the end of time. During the Middle Ages, in a society which deeply believed in God and was mainly ruled by religious authorities, this theme has often bee. The Christmas Prophecies Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, over two thousand years ago.

This event is so important that the world calculates the time of all other events based on it. But centuries before Jesus was born, the prophets of t. We come out of the theater not just entertained or amused, but inspired. Everybody agrees: Pixar makes fun, clean, terrific movies. But what makes these movies so appealing is not merely amazing CGI animation, cl. From the battles of Achilles and the advent. The Painter's Studio Handbook: Tools and Materials Packed with need-to-know information, this comprehensive handbook should be every painter's companion in the studio.

Chapters focus on essentials: colours required for a basic palette; preparing a support; which are the most vibrant and permanent pigments. Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner Master the tools and techniques of this exciting, contemporary medium How can you create stunning artwork that combines the traditions of conventional media with the marvelous opportunities of digital painting programs? With Digital Painting for the Compl. Sibiu, Romania is published in conjunction with her solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel, which opened in September Designed to look like a facsimile, the artist's book is divided into four.

Modern Painters: Vol. Re-arranged In Two Volumes, Volume Mas Caras con Mascaras Volume 1 Spanish Edition Mas caras con mascaras es un manual que muestra como crear 22 diferentes mascaras y sus variaciones en forma precisa y meticulosa. Con paginas e ilustraciones este manual es un recurso invaluable para educadores, profesionales de teatro y quien qu. They have encouraged and brought solace to author Anthony Montes and his stubble to become an actor.

They helped him continue with his struggle for a life in the arts. Teatro Ulises Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

The Teatro Ulises literally Odysseus theater was an experimental theater, located in the calle de Mesones 42 of Mexico City. Shakespeare's Opposites: The Admiral's Company The Admiral's Men is the acting company that staged Christopher Marlowe's plays while its companion company was giving the first performances of Shakespeare.

The first detailed history of the Admiral's Men, this study includes a complete list of the p. With it are the ever increasing gap between the developed and the developing economies of the world. In as much as globalisation has made accessibility to global information most easy. Semiotics of the Kitchen Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Semiotics of the Kitchen is a feminist parody video and performance piece released in by Martha Rosler.

The video, which r. The Art of Clowning: More Paths to Your Inner Clown The Art of Clowning is the first book on clowning technique and offers a step-by-step process for actors and other theatrical enthusiasts to discover their "inner clown. Reading Modern Drama Exploring the relationship between dramatic language and its theatrical aspects, Reading Modern Drama provides an accessible entry point for general readers and academics into the world of contemporary theatre scholarship. This collection promotes the use.


Otis Skinner Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Otis Skinner June 28, , Cambridge, Massachusetts a?? January 4, , New York City was an American actor. He was the son.

Stages of Reality: Theatricality in Cinema A groundbreaking collection of original essays, Stages of Reality establishes a new paradigm for understanding the relationship between stage and screen media. This comprehensive volume explores the significance of theatricality within critical discours. El artificio magico de Eduardo De Filippo: El teatro segun Eduardo De Filippo Spanish Edition El libro que tiene usted en sus manos ha sido escrito con la intencion de dar a conocer, un poco mejor, a una persona clave en el ambito teatral europeo del siglo XX, como es Eduardo De Filippo, y a revisar los codigos de su interpretacion actoral, y sus.

Es wurde von Er. Both draw on advertising for their materials--Stampfli to isolate and. This volume explores this surrealistic interzone in which shoes sprout hair and people become sculptures, in works by artists and designers such as Louise Bourgeois. Blind Cut Spanning several generations, from Dada to the present,Blind Cuts explores notions surrounding the themes of fiction and deception, and taps into the tradition of art as trickery. Questions regarding identity, authorship, originality and reality are posed.

Belvedere: Why Is Landscape Beautiful? Dyeing Elegance: Asian Modernism and the Art of Kuboku and Hisako Takaku Textile artist Takaku Kuboku is a paragon among modern artists of Japan, fusing rural and urban, traditional and innovative, and Asian and European influences in his life and work. This volume introduces his aesthetic ideas and artistic practi. The authors were themselves artists and maintain long friendships with other artists, as well as photo archives of the time, on display in this one-of-a-kind book. Early 70s New York saw the gro.

Packed with photographs and advice, it also examines the drum setups of various professional musicians. In , Modern Drummer magazine named the book one of the top 25 books of all-time. In the words of the author, it is the ideal book for improving: control, speed, flexibility, touch, rhythm.

A revised edition of the classic drawing book that has sold more than 1. Translated into more than seventeen languages, Drawing on th. Figure Design-From Drawing to Composition There are two different directions that the artist can take in creating figurative art. The first is Figure Drawing from the model, usually in black and white, using charcoal or graphite on paper. The second is Figure Painting, generally using oils or a. If you're an artist or author, usually the answer is a resounding "Yes!

That's where Social Media comes in. Social Media can be the greatest, and yet. This fascinating book explains the market for art--and art's value for all of us. In straightforward prose that doesn't mystify art or deny its special allure, prominen. To create a vibrant and sustainable art enterprise you need to have a basic understanding of how business works.

You dona?? Identification and Controller Implementation for Hybrid Tank Process: A step ahead to Industrial Control This book provides a compressive overview of the fundamental skills underlying in system identification process. A detailed work on Hybrid tank system with flow and level pro. Using a combination of soloing source materials, including melody, scales, patterns and common licks, this work shows how. Symphony No. Possessing neither a "program" nor folk-song theme, it is a purely instrumental composition, both hopeful and romantic in mood, with a harmonic and stylistic structure.

Apuntes Flamencos, Vol. Useful to every guitarist who need a varied repertory or improve it in this complica. Apuntes Flamencos -. Rigoletto: Melodramma In Tre Atti Italian Edition This is a reproduction of a book published before Ritual Meanings in the Fifteenth-Century Motet The first full-length study of how motets were used and performed in the fifteenth century, this book dispels the mystery surrounding these outstanding works of vocal polyphony.

  1. 3640363515 - Abhandlung Über Die Zwei-faktoren-theorie Von Herzberg German Edition by Timo Sperber.
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  8. It covers four areas of intense compositional activity: England, the Veneto. The book contains useful material on vocal and choral music and style; instrumentation; performance practice. Rock Guitar Chords teaches you the must-know chords that will get you rockin' and rollin' quickly. Rather you'll be armed with tons of chord sh. Iberia: Images Pour Orchestre, Issue Landscape Painting This Book contains the female form in Nude and Implied images. These models come from all around the world and from many cultures and beliefs.

    The Photographer takes his or her shot and try to use the. Art Nouveau Display Alphabets: Complete Fonts Dover Pictorial Archives complete fonts from Solo-type Typographers Catalog: upper and lower cases, alternate forms, swash forms, numerals, secondaries. Whiplash, organic, cursive, Orientalized, other styles. Beautiful, wide range of type fluidities suggest elegance, original. Fears of Your Life "I write down my fears, my scariness and my frightfulness. This is an understanding process. It helps me real good. Michael Bernard LogginsEverybody has fears in common, and in this unique handwritten book, the author an adult with developmental disabil.

    Tokyo Tattoo The work of a traditional Japanese tattoo master in In , photographer Martha Cooper came to Tokyo and immediately focused on documenting traditional Japanese tattooist Horibun I. Tokyo Tattoo is a book about the traditional art of tattooing. Enhanced with raised embossing and gloss highlights. Smart weekly planner format also provides space for notes and addresses.

    Covers 16 months September —December , including the ac. Cute Graffiti -. Okanagan Print Triennial Publication richly documenting a juried show that brings together a wide range of original, contemporary work in printmaking. Dedicated to showcasing the creative forays made in printmaking in Canada and around the world, a call for submissions went out t. Simultaneously and independently, parallel movements wer.

    Art and Social Movements: Cultural Politics in Mexico and Aztlan Art and Social Movements offers a comparative, cross-border analysis of the role of visual artists in three social movements from the late s through the early s: the student movement and related activist art collectives in Mexico City, a Zapo.

    Fueled by unprecedented advances in technology, boundless imaginations, and an insatiable addiction to fantas. How is it different from fine art or design? In A Theory of Craft, Howard Risatti examines these issues by comparing handmade ceramics, glass, metalwork, weaving, and furniture to painting, sculpture, photography, and machinemade design fro. Author, Actor, Stuntman, Father and Grandfather. Born in the small village of Roccacasale, Italy in , Felix grew up during a most turbulent time in history, experiencing the German occupation of his town and witnessing the allied inv.

    Big Picture: Places, Projections Big Picture presents 12 film and video installations that relate the film screen or monitor to the space around it. Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton: Landscapes of Contemporary Creation Since its inauguration in January , the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton has presented the work of some visual artists, architects, designers, photographers and stage designers in a bid to promote contemporary art among a broad public.

    Over the last. The Knot: An Experiment on Collaborative Art in Public Urban Space This volume is a chronology-cum-travelogue of the Knot project, a curator's collective that initiated temporary platforms for art in public spaces in Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest, operating in each city for a few weeks throughout Composed of drawing. Its collection has since expanded considerably. This volume examines its holdings, includi. Sculptural Acts Countering the Becher School's emphasis on crisp execution, German photographer Stefan Heyne born embraces more fugitive effects of shadow play and hazy light.

    This volume looks at his most recent works, which press this tendency even further, forg. Painting Between the Lines Writing and painting have been intertwined throughout history, but literature has of late become a diminished subject in the medium of painting, which has looked more to history, society and politics for inspiration. With Painting Between the Lines, the C. Le Surrealisme c'est moi!

    Dali packaged himself as a mass-media experience that impressed even Andy Warhol, wh. Over works are featured in this catalogue and its accompanying exhibition at Kunsthaus Zurich, including pieces by Dali, Degas, Ernst, Kan. Transformed Objects The radical metamorphosis of everyday objects has emerged as an increasingly prominent theme in contemporary art, demonstrating that the legacy of the Surrealist object has only gained in significance.

    This volume looks at "transformed objects" by John Bo. Things are Queer Kerber Art Things are Queer showcases the diverse and century-spanning UniCredit collection-one of the largest corporate collections in Europe. Spanning the Renaissance to Neo Rauch, this colorful collection is astounding in its wide selection of artists primarily. Neo Rauch und der Surrealismus German Edition -. Houses in Impossible Places -. Eco Remodeling Green Architecture -. Inventing the Modern Yiddish Stage: Essays in Drama, Performance, and Show Business Non-Series While Yiddish theater is best known as popular entertainment, it has been shaped by its creators responses to changing social and political conditions.

    Experimental Irish Theatre: After W. Yeats This book examines experimental Irish theatre that ran counter to the naturalistic 'peasant' drama that became synonymous with Irish playwriting. Focusing on four marginalised playwrights who premiered works after the death of W. Yeats, it charts an alt. This ground-breaking collection of essays focuses on how theatre, dance, and other forms of performance are helping to transform our ecological values.

    Leading scholars and practitioners explore the ways that familiar and new works of theatre and dance ca. Plunka argues that drama is the ideal art form to revitalize the collective memory of Holocaust resistance. Drama of and about the Holocaust can be staged worldwide, thereby introducing the Shoah to diverse audiences. Moreover, theatre affects aud. We meet a family of poor but honest gypsy women who run a car wrecking yard. Now You Tell Me! That same advice and insider knowledge, delivered with the same sense of hone.

    The volume also includes editions of fragments from an e. Has this modern day changed Love's very chemistry? Equality of the sexes, Social Engineering- you know that Metro-sexual stuff, and the development of our "criteria box" Elizabeth a?? Mai in Jackson, Mississippi ist eine US-amerikanisch.

    Comptes rendus du Congrès International de Géographie, Amsterdam 1938, 18-28 juillet

    Drama at the Heart of the Secondary School: Projects to Promote Authentic Learning Drama at the Heart of the Secondary School provides a rationale for the curricular centrality of drama together with rich and detailed examples of cross-phase thematic projects which are drama-led, but which promote learning across a wide range of curricu. Leading theatre artists and provocat. The Piscator Notebook "Piscator is the greatest theatre man of our time. What few realise is that she originally studied under one of the giants of twentieth century. A collection of 10 One Act plays for 2 players.

    A combination of 2 male, 2 female, and 1 male 1 female plays. Theatre of Empowerment: Prison, Performance, and Possibility Innovative Ethnographies One of the most revolutionary approaches to prisoner education is theatre. Arts programming in general, and theatre more specifically, provides prisoners with extraordinary opportunities for learning and exploration, self-expression, collaboration, the ex. The most unique of these is traditional Chinese opera, but, since the early twentieth century, drama without music has also become popular in China.

    This illustrated introduction explores. Why is a boy's relationship to his mother a crucial factor in shaping his masculinity? What and how do boys learn about what it means to be a man? Holmberg demonstrates. Ada Ada who is she? She was taken as a baby. The King and Queen are not what they seem, From a baby, to a toddler, to a youth, to a teen. Although mistreated, neglected and ignored, She has all the riches in the world and much much more.

    Still it seems this i. So, this is Paradise! A soul wanders Heaven while defending his per-admittance through the Gate of Ephraim. He is not only greeted by some of his loved-ones but he encounters a hostile member of his family who doesn't thi. Studies In The Wagnerian Drama Modern Painters The Kovenant Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The band originally formed as Covenant in , but in were. Loits Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

    Loits is a black metal band from Estonia. They started out with rather straightforward pagan black metal, but have changed into. Lord Kaos Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Lord Kaos was an Australian black metal band that formed in Sydney in For several years the group was the most prominent. Look hard and such a haven may yield more than one may first expect.

    Every garden is unique in character and has something to offer: lawns, greenhouses, pots, hedges, pets, flowers and more. Of Mountain Beauty This is a reproduction of a book published before And the Story Is Happening Sabrina Ward Harrison, beloved artist behind the cult classic The True and the Questions, invites her dedicated fans on an all-new voyage of self-expression.

    This vibrantly illustrated journal showcases Sabrina's deeply personal mixed-media artwork and ha. Mind and Matter: Comparative Approaches towards Complexity The terms "mind" and "matter" appear to signify two irreplaceable and permanent concepts in nature. The increasing challenges and modes of reflection of digital life and cultural creation have contributed to a productive doubting of said dichotomy.

    Reference List | C3S-ISLS Blog

    Mixed Messages: The Versatility of Collage This is the first book about collage to combine an extensive survey of the medium -- from Picasso and Braque to a wide range of contemporary artists working today -- with a practical, how-to-do-it section. An extremely accessible art form, collage require. Knitters of Needham Images of America In the 19th century, knitters from the Midlands of England, made poor by the increasing flow of work into factories, brought their craft to America.

    Many of them settled in Highlandville, a village ofNeedham. Working out of their homes, they knitted socks. The use of tartan and tweed within contemporary fashion: Can contemporary fashion designers who use tartan and tweed create a new twist to a traditional fabric? The aim of this piece of writing is to investigate contemporary fashion designers use of tartan and tweed and how these fabrics portray ideas of Scottish heritage and identity.

    Can designers who use these fabrics meet the challenge to create a new and exc. Stringing chapter covers crimping, clasps, seed beads, rubber tubing, multi strand, illusion jewelry, stretchy bracelets, memory wire, reference for common lengths, needles explained. Hedi Slimane: Anthology of a Decade, Europa The French fashion designer Hedi Slimane born began taking photographs long before he started making clothes, as his recent four-volume Anthology of a Decade box set revealed: "I've always taken pictures," he told former Interview magazine editor I.

    Drawing in the Digital Age: An Observational Method for Artists and Animators A solid foundation for improving your drawing skillsTeaching a new observational method based on math and computer graphics principles, this book offers an innovative approach that shows you how to use both sides of your brain to make drawing easier and m.

    How to Draw Your Dragon Drawing dragons requires an entirely different set of skills than any other form of figure drawing; part lizard, part bird, part pure ferocity, this book shows you how to break this mythical beast down to its most basic components line, gesture, color. How to Draw Sci-Fi Pocket Manga Do you dream of building a new future on the farthest-spanning reaches of your imagination, but feel like your art skills are somewhere in a black hole?

    Accept this page mission to the final frontier of sci-fi art! Our intrepid captains of comicdom gu. Drawing Mentor Drawing Materials, Lines and Shapes, Perspective and 3D Shapes The Drawing Mentor series of books is intended to help beginning to intermediate drawers learn and improve their drawing skills.

    With multiple books, each focusing on different aspects of drawing it gives the reader the ability to pick and choose the les. Object Lessons: Topics in Drawing from Life: Proportion Volume 1 The books in the Object Lessons series by Marilyn Rabetz are designed in a lively, informative manner which makes seeing and understanding the drawing concepts quick and easy. Exercises are included and recommended for those truly seeking to improve their. Object Lessons Vol. Exercises are included and recommended for those truly seeking to improve thei.

    Exercises are included and recommended for those truly seeking to improve their dr. Anyone Can Draw: Create Sensational Artworks in Easy Steps In this enjoyable drawing guide, Barrington Barber takes as his starting point the belief that anyone - whatever their experience - can learn to draw well. Beginning with the basics of mark-making, he shows how line, tone, proportion, and careful observat.

    Mathilde Rosier - Ceremonially Infused English and German Edition French artist Mathilde Rosier creates atmospheric environments which draw on her interest in the occult, Freudian analysis and ancient rites and rituals. This full-color exhibition catalog, Rosier's first monograph, brings together the artist's exquisite. The Peripatetic School: Itinerant Drawing from Latin America An exciting and original approach to the art of Latin America, this exhibition catalog looks at the work of nine artists who have adopted forms of travel or nomadism to explore contemporary life.

    Selected by curator Tanya Barson, the artists include Brigi. Reflects work done for the month of April. The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Drawing Cartoons, Manga and Anime: Expert techniques and projects, shown in more than illustrations With over inspiring drawings and step-by-step exercises and projects, this practical book is an easy-to-use guide, which will show you how to produce your own amazing cartoons. The Pleasures of Sketching Outdoors Dover Art Instruction Specially designed for the amateur artist, this guide presents the fundamentals of sketching in clear, easy-to-follow terms.

    Topics include materials, procedures, subject matter, techniques, composition, and perspective, plus detailed instructions on how. You''ve been through your first match of combat comic artistry, but now it''s time for the fancy moves if you wanna get your name on that scoreboard! Step up to the console, grasshoppah, and learn at the side of the high-score champs! From a multitude of places. Their imagination, nature, a situation, their mind's eye when looking at something abstract, a customer's comment, a client's product, an animal, a tree, a bush or a bug and ev.

    Women and Things at Rest Women and things at restare not always restful. Women at rest may beAngry Things at rest may beAskew No indication here of loud complaints. Utter silence pervades each scene. Without voice. Sandro Botticelli German Edition This is a reproduction of a book published before Die Stufe 3 baut unmittelbar auf der Stufe 2 auf.

    Elementarstoff: - Erweitertes Arbeiten mit Synko. For Classical Guitar and Soprano Recorder. The Illustrated Catalog of Guitars Illustrated Catalog of series This book introduces the reader to guitars of all types from the early acoustic archtop designs of the Gibson L-5 in the last s, through the National resonators of the s, the hollow body electric Gibsons of the s, the solid body Fenders of.

    In doing so, they began a decades-long reinvention of traditi. The book explores how to: organize practice time; map music before p. Messianic Songs and Music Book for Praise and Worship Volume 1 The sole purpose of this book is to have lead sheets, chords sheets for string instruments and a melody page that can be used for power point presentations and over head projectors, allowing the congregation to sing along with the musicians, all in one so. Health care seeking behavior in rural Soconusco of Chiapas, Mexico: Dealing with health and illness in impoverished rural areas This thesis examines the types of health care choices rural people in Chiapas Soconusco region make within their cultural belief system and available resources.

    The utilization of health care services depends on many variables: personal beliefs, cultura. Ethnographic data were collected using. Whether the gig is at a jazz club, a bar, or a bar mitzvah, the performance never begins with a note, but with a question. The trumpet player might turn to the bass. Patrick's Cathedral Since its inception more than years ago, the St.

    Patrick's Cathedral Choir has been considered the gold standard of liturgical music-an example of artistic excellence that has garnered worldwide renown. Yet behind this stately fai?? Filmmusik - Analyse ihrer Funktionen German Edition Im vorliegenden Buch betrachtet der Autor ausgehend von der Einordnung der Filmmusik im Kontext filmasthetischer Mittel alle wissenschaftlich erfassten Modelle seit der sogenannten Stummfilmzeit bis zur Gegenwart.

    Modelle z. Grosse Fugue Grosse Fugue interweaves the sublime and the depraved to create a searing tale of tragedy and reconciliation. This gripping epic charts the journey of a virtuoso violinist from child prodigy, through conscription into the trenches of the First World Wa. Sober Living For The Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics Examining the multigenerational impact of punk rock music, this international survey of the political-punk straight edge movement - which has persisted as a drug-free, hardcore subculture for more than 25 years - traces its history from s Washington.

    Interviewing scholars around the world as they attempt to decipher underwater music, Rothenberg tel. EasyRead books are available in 11pt and 13pt. EasyRead Large books are available in 16pt, 16pt Bold. How do filmmakers play with sound? And how does that affect the way we watch their movies? Whether pop or classical, sweeping or sparse, music plays a crucial. With companion CD featuring pia. Teenage Whore Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The song was released as th. Teenager of the Year Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

    Released in , Teenager of the Year was Frank Blacka?? Long considered a. Teenagers Song Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. It is. August in Palermo war ein italienischer Violinis.

    Januar ebenda war ein italienischer Komponist. The 28 lessons include basic technique and reading skills, scales in the keys of A. Intelligence Agencies and Investigators -. Staging the Court of Burgundy -. Tears X Japan Song Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

    Rodney Sharman Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Rodney Sharman born May 24, is a Canadian composer and flutist based in Vancouver. His music has been performed in over. Analisis al diseno de pavimento rigido del proyecto Potosi-Tarija: Analisis del desarrollo de un pavimento en la etapa de diseno Spanish Edition El presente trabajo de investigacion aborda la problematica del deterioro prematuro del pavimento rigido del proyecto carretero Potosi-Tarija desde el punto de vista del diseno.

    Involucra al periodo de diseno de un pavimento, como la etapa en la que se pu. Elementos de Armonia Moderna Nivel 2 Volume 2 El primer libro nos introducia en los aspectos iniciales de la armonia funcional. Este segundo nivel nos lleva por planteamientos mas elaborados: modulacion, cadencias, simetria, poliacordes, etc. The Farthest Place is the first critical look at the work of the composer whom the. This monograph provides the first full account of Gariboldi's life, from his early days under art director Gio P. Corporate Art Leasing Providing an affordable solution to enhancing the corporate environment.

    Songs For The Sanctuary Opera Cambridge Introductions to Music Designed for music students and opera-goers, this book enables a thorough understanding of what opera is and how it works, with an emphasis on its dramatic experience. Organised chronologically, the book shows how the many different kinds of opera have de. Peking Opera Introductions to Chinese Culture In this illustrated introduction, Xu Chengbei explains the make up, costumes, characters, staging, stories and music associated with Peking opera, and discusses the origins and development of this unique performance art.

    Peking Opera is an essential start. Liver Pizza. The characters and idea of the strip were refined over a twenty-year period, with Van Buskirk never quite satisfied with the results until he found a story solution during. An 11 stave, 8. Both left and right pages are lined. Also a great gift for cellists and musicians with a sense of humor. Als der Rapper Bushido im November den Bambi erhielt, ging ein kleines Raunen durch die deutsche. The Interpretation Of Piano Music Job satisfaction amongst public health professionals of Pakistan: In public health sector Job satisfaction largely determines the productivity and efficiency of human resource for health.

    It literally depicts the extent to which professionals like or dislike their jobs. Job satisfaction is said to be linked with the employeea?? Special Student Of Structural Composition Master Of German Music Glad Hand The main character in Van Buskirk's newest post-conceptual graphic novel is a body part; a human hand. The alphabet is communicated from a mysterious person, but particular mistakes are repeated all through the story, again and again in the same frequency.

    Featuring skillfully drawn concepts and renderings, Blast follows t. In particular, the internet music forum "Hoffman Forum" named after famed mastering engineer Steve Ho. Heart Break As some may already know, heart breaks are nearly only one sided in a love it or leave it type of relationship. It is unique from all others as it speaks in two languages: painting and poetry.

    Pat Paxsona?? Piano Sonata No. Little Paper Planes: 20 Artists Reinvent the Childhood Classic Contemporary art takes flight in this lighthearted book that will delight both adults and children. Twenty different artists used the concept of paper airplanes as a launch pad to let their imaginations soar. Each artist is profiled, along with a printed. Wortwechsel: neue Texte zu bekannten Gesangbuchliedern German Edition Oft erschopft sich das Gesangbuch bei der Suche nach passenden Liedern fur einen Themen- oder Familiengottesdienst.

    Doch gerade hier konnen Menschen angesprochen werden, die der kirchlichen Tradition weniger nah sind. Viele Liedtexte des Gesangbuches sind. Chinese Music Cambridge Library Collection - Music First published in by the Statistical Department of the Inspectorate General of Customs in Shanghai, this work is probably best known as a source of musical material for Puccini's opera Turandot. It was reprinted several times and remained the primar. An area endemic for all the infections and epidemiology of co-infections remain unknown.

    From this monograph. Meena Kapoor Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Meena Kapoor was a playback singer in Hindi cinema, who sang mainly during the s and s, singing hits such as "Rasiya Re.

    Semi-On Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Semi-On is a funk, folk-rock band, formed in August in Nagoya, Japan. Its members hail from England, Australia, Canada, an. A crowd of fans gather around a camp fire in the woods and talk about their favorite film, "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. I had the chance of following the series from the pilot to the final episode in a span of three weeks.

    Leo's Dead There is a man who has died. His name is Leo. This is all we know for the moment. Todd Van Buskirka?? A keen memory from Todd Van Buskirka?? What you will get: Fun!