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After Olifanz's death, rumors surface about the existence of an evil group referring to themselves as the Cultus Maximus, a cult that reportedly stages deadly public displays of violence to honor this wrongfully treated film icon. Lack of definitive proof and ambivalence from law enforcement relegates them to urban legend status for the next six decades. But in they are recognized as a threat to national security. Understanding the work of this cult, Paul Essan agrees to cooperate with the American government in the interest of national security.

As part of this agreement, he adds Grace Auzaray, a new young American operative, to his covert team. The group's recent violent episodes indicate a significant event is being planned in either San Francisco or Los Angeles, so Paul and Grace must stop this group's diabolical actions before they put thousands of lives in danger. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published August 4th by iUniverse. More Details Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Cultus Maximus , please sign up.

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Review From The Author: Is taking an artistic risk or any kind of risk for that matter always a good thing? Gustav Olifanz embraces artistic destruction with both arms and takes a big, ego-driven risk with his film Cultus Maximus and it leads to one calamity after another, quite possibly making it the greatest disaster film of all time. There is a lot more to Cultus Maximus than meets the eye—or maybe I should say the Eye of Horus in this particular case.

A massive amount of research was involved. The history of film; film references; the history of San Francisco and its horrible earthquake; Egyptology; cars from the s; and native plants…it all has to be right and work together. Egyptology was popular in the s and the fictional director Gustav Olifanz was keen on this subject so accordingly references to Ancient Egypt and its gods are to be found in the fabric of this book. » Blog Archive » Saint Maximus of Naples

I just went for it…brick-by-brick, pillar-by-pillar and all the way through to the sconces on the walls and the tiles on the ceiling. This theater does not exist, but I would love to take some friends to go see a movie there. I liked this theater so much when I finished building it that it actually impacted the storyline.

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What I can say without spoiling is to pay very close attention to the life of Gustav Olifanz from beginning to end. His background and the accompanying correspondence is almost like a separate novella.

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Conversations between the characters that may seem frivolous are quite the opposite. Their discussions illustrate that Paul Essan and the assembled team are fanatical in their own right. They all seem to have their own personal obsession. The dialogue also serves to point out what an information-soaked culture we have today. Every morning my web browser presents to me all sorts of horribleness across this country and the globe as well as what so-and-so wore on the red carpet at some hoity-toity event. Gustav Olifanz literally found himself adrift at the end as well… Thank you again for your support, reviews, and feedback.

It is all greatly appreciated. Feb 24, Linda rated it liked it. Fine when it was discussing movies or just throwing wisecracks. Ending too rushed and too weak. Al Piercey rated it really liked it May 24, Kate Fitzgerald rated it really liked it Mar 09, Pontifices , along with the other members of the Collegium Pontificum oversee most of sacra publica conducted on behalf of Nova Roma and its People. The title pontifex comes from the Latin for "bridge builder", a possible allusion to a very early role in placating the Gods and spirits associated with the Tiber river, and in building a spiritual bridge between men and the Gods.

They are responsible for advising magistrates and private citizens on the performance of public and private rites. The flamines are thirteen high priests who serve specific deities - though they are allowed to worship other deities as well. The sources tell us that a flamen was a sacerdos proper, and who was dedicated to the service of a particular deity. A number of sources fix the number of flamines at fifteen three maiores and twelve minores , however the names of only thirteen of these are known with certainty.

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The flamines hold public rites on the days sacred to their deity, and oversee the general worship of that deity. The flamines are present in the Collegium Pontificum. Position not open at this time. The Flamen Dialis serves the cult of Jupiter , and participates in the Vinalia festivals and at conferratio marriage ceremonies. This priesthood is subject to a large number of complex taboos which have not yet been resolved for reconstruction. The wife of the Flamen Dialis was known as the Flaminica Dialis, and assisted in the rites and was subject to the same taboos.

The Flamen Quirinalis oversees the cult of Quirinus , a god related to the peaceful aspect of Mars, who presides over organized Roman social life. The Flamen Quirinalis leads public rites on the days sacred to Quirinus. The Flamen Carmentalis leads public rites on the days sacred to Carmenta.

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The Flamen Cerealis leads public rites on the days sacred to Ceres. The Flamen Falacer oversees the cult of the God Falacer. The Flamen Florealis oversees the cult of Flora , the Goddess of flowers, and Spring and therefore new beginnings. The Flamen Florealis leads public rites on the days sacred to Flora. The Flamen Furrinalis oversees the cult of Furrina , a Goddess of Springs who had a sacred grove associated with water possibly connected with health and healing.

The Flamen Furrinalis leads public rites on the days sacred to Furrina. The Flamen Palatualis oversees the cult of Palatua , the guardian of the Palatine Hill the oldest settled part of Rome, therefore making Palatua possibly a goddess of Rome's beginnings. The Flamen Palatualis leads public rites on the days sacred to Palatua. The Flamen Pomonalis oversees the cult of Pomona , Goddess of fruit.

The Flamen Pomonalis leads public rites on days sacred to Pomona there was no major single festival day. The Flamen Portunalis leads public rites sacred to Portunus. The Flamen Volcanalis leads public rites sacred to Volcanus. The Flamen Volturnalis oversees the cult of Volturnus , a River God sometimes also associated with the Southeast wind.

Both these aspects may be related to travel and trade. The Flamen Volturnalis leads public rites sacred to Volturnus. A priesthood of six women who guard the Sacred Hearth of Rome. The duties of the Vestals included maintaining the fire in the Sacred Hearth of Rome, and making Mola salsa sacred cakes made from spelt flour used in public rites.

The Vestals also guarded some sacred objects, including the Palladium an ancient image of Pallas Athene said to have been rescued from Troy. In ancient Rome the Vestals were virgins — in Nova Roma this has been replaced by a voluntary vow of chastity for the duration of office. The Vestals receive great public respect for their work, and are entitled to be proceeded by Lictors.

Nine augures are high priests assisting magistrates in taking the auspices and advising the Senate and the magistrates on various aspects of divination, not the least of which is the proper handling of prodigies and portents. They create templa , or sacred spaces. The Collegium Augurum is the second highest ranking of the four major priestly colleges in Nova Roma , too; the president of the augural college is the magister collegii.

The duties of the augures include taking auspices before military and political actions, before the holding of the comitia centuriata or the comitia populi tributa , consecrating the sites of temples and shrines, overseeing the laws of augury Ius augurium — the discipline or art of augury itself and advising the Senate. The decimviri sacris faciundis are the third of the four major sacerdotal colleges. Ten sacerdotes are in charge of the Sibylline Books and their restoration and responsible for the cultus that were traditionally introduced by their college. V Non. Curiatio M. Iulio cos.

The last of the major sacerdotal colleges, the septemviri epulones are seven sacerdotes who oversee the organization of public religious feasts. The Epulones also oversee other public banquets at festivals and games held on other dates. The Epulones are one of the four major sacerdotal colleges, and have sacred as well as organizational duties.

Twenty priests who represent Rome in foreign diplomacy and the making of treaties and declarations of war. In Nova Roma the Fetiales act as diplomats with other nations and organizations, and are therefore expected to be well versed in Nova Roma laws and policy.