Dead Man Rising: From a Watery Grave to an Incredible Life

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In order for all the righteous dead to go to live in his bosom, he would have to be quite large. And the flames of hell are said to be so weak that those in hell can carry on normal conversation and expect only a drop of water to soothe them! That is hardly a picture of torment. In light of all this, it seems clear that the story cannot be literal and must be a parable.


Why would Jesus not plainly state that the story is a parable? According to verse 14, Christ is speaking to the Pharisees. The Pharisees believed and taught many things that were not according to the Scriptures. This version of the belief in an immortal soul had its roots in the kingdom of Babylon, not in the Scriptures, and was not universally accepted by the Jewish people. The Sadducees, another leading religious group, disbelieved in any resurrection at all. Therefore, because Christ was speaking specifically to the Pharisees, He used their own language to emphasize His point. Thus, when Christ told the story about the rich man going to hell while the beggar found comfort in heaven, He was directly attacking this idea.

Therefore, we should look at the abundance of Scriptural evidence that supports the sleep of death while awaiting the resurrection to draw our conclusions about death, rather than a single story that is illogical unless understood as a parable. Additionally, Christ Himself taught that the dead sleep in their graves until they hear His voice John It is clear, then, that the parable of the rich man and Lazarus does not support the idea of immediate life in heaven or hell after death. Used by permission.

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Dead Man Rising: From a Watery Grave to an Incredible Life is hard to neatly categorize: it can best be described as a Christian memoir of survival and revelation and documents how an afternoon of birthday spearfishing in California turns into the author's fight for life after he's run over by a fishing boat and nearly cut in half. Dead Man Rising. About the Dead Man and the Submarine Earlier, the dead man fired the mortar and bazooka, lobbed the grenade and swept the barrel of the automatic. Dead man found in trunk of his own car in Zahle.

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