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Read his story here: Picky Eater Tips. She started out with no preconceived notions about any of her food, yet is now experiencing a slight picky phase and is mostly too busy to be bothered with meal time. Thanks to some sort of cruel and ironic twist of fate or more than likely, my need to learn patience , meal time and feeding kids has been quite a stressful experience for this food loving mom.

Pin It. Check out this list of fruits and vegetables by color. It takes me about 30 seconds extra to cut lunch meat, cheese, fruits, or vegetables into fun shapes using cookie cutters. Mandolines are also great tools for cutting foods differently. Though it might seem silly to the child-less adults out there, calling food by crazy names can instantly change the attitude about a new food for someone under the age of 8. I most definitely teach my children the proper names of fruits and vegetables, but we have fun calling food by fun or silly names.

5 Fun Food For Kids

Mini pizzas on English muffins, bite sized sandwiches, or mini muffins are sure to catch some attention. Serve casseroles in individual serving sized dishes. When fresh fruit options seem dull in the winter, prepare smoothies using frozen fruits. In the spring and summer, fresh fruit posicles are fun different options. I even shared my My Grocery Shopping Confessional last year. But I know taking young kids grocery shopping and involving them in the food preparation process are both important ways to teach them about good food choices and make food more fun.

Personally I can only handle bringing one child at a time on a trip, but when I do, I like to keep them involved in the process. With older children you can talk to them about why a certain fruit or vegetable is good for you in a non-threatening way. And putting muffin liners in the tins is always a popular job as is helping grind fresh whole grain flour. Involving them in food selection and preparation gives my children an opportunity to see the process of making food and spend time with me, and that definitely makes things fun although often messy too.

Behavior Goal

This post is part of the Eat Well, Spend Less Series where, along with a few of my friends, I bring you suggestions for how you can eat delicious, tasty meals without wrecking your grocery budget. This post may contain affiliate links. Did you make one of these recipes? These are all excellent tips…my favorite is Focus On Color! We all eat with our eyes and we are drawn to color which is why all the junk food that is marketed to kids is so colorful! We also have Bobby Flay's smoker instructions for the seasoned grill master. For this flame-fired dish, shrimp and ripe peaches plus the carmelized juices are seasoned with a smoky cumin-and-chile rub.

70 Quick Health Facts: Food, Fitness, Hydration, Random (Fun!)

Save some napkins and serve this party-friendly sammy in place of sticky wings. And the accompanying Blue Cheese-Apple Slaw will put a standard dipping sauce to shame. Adding sweet potatoes to your pie adds texture and pairs with tomato sauce perfectly. Throw it on the grill for a fast and easy 4th of July feast.

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It wouldn't be 4th of July without the beans. They may take an hour to bake, but consider that hands-off time the perfect opportunity to actually enjoy your BBQ. We lightened up this 4th of July recipe with Greek yogurt instead of mayo, so feel free to double scoop. Using panko Japanese bread crumbs gives these slices that perfect crunchy outside you're craving. A dash of paprika and cayenne will up the flavor of boiled ears, but you can just as easily try adding fresh herbs instead. Cabbage can be sliced the day before, and the dressing can be made up to three days ahead.

Which means more time for you to party. This cupcake version travels better than a traditional flag cake, and guests get to pick between the three types of red-white-and-blue toppings. You might not know how to weave a pie lattice, but everyone can use a cookie cutter. As you can see from our barks of holidays past , chocolate bark is quick, easy and totally versatile. The psychedelic blue and red swirls of this Independence Day version make it particularly mesmerizing. Type keyword s to search.

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Mini Shrimp Rolls. Emily Kate Roemer. Slow-Cooker Teriyaki Ribs. Deviled Burger. Grilled Chicken with Herbed Corn Salsa. Make eating new, unusual, or typically kid-scorned foods a privilege. You might wait until your child asks for a bite of what the adults are eating. You might even imply that the dish is something the child is more likely to enjoy when older. That puts the emphasis on the pleasure found in unfamiliar foods.

Look forward to cooking. Watch food shows together. Develop an archive of cooking videos that inspire you, and consider filming your own cooking videos.

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Ramp up the entertainment value with friends. If your kids are small, offer a simple cooking class for your children and their friends in your own kitchen. If your kids are older, let them sign up together for a class at a cooking school to learn pastry techniques or the secrets of French cuisine.

Food Fun for Young Kids

Encourage kids of any age to start a regular cooking club. Let them build on their interests. They may want to devote one session to making foods mentioned in a favorite movie and the next session to making bento-box lunches. Your enthusiasm can spark the same in your child Make eating new, unusual, or typically kid-scorned foods a privilege.

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