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Reacting against the corruption present in the Faith's organized leadership, they force the sitting High Septon to perform a walk of atonement through King's Landing after finding him insulting the Gods at a brothel. Queen Mother Cersei Lannister , who had seized power after her father's death, saw opportunity in the newly-formed sect to move against her rivals in House Tyrell, whose influence had increased with Margaery Tyrell 's marriage to King Tommen.

Forming an alliance with the High Sparrow , leader of the sect, Cersei engineered his election as the new High Septon and allowed the Faith Militant , the armed branch of the Faith which had once been charged with defending the faithful, to rearm. She also restored the Faith's power to meet out justice for crimes against the Gods, a right that the Targaryens had taken from them hundreds of years prior, after the uprisings.

Putting this new power to use, the High Sparrow sent his armed followers to destroy what he perceived as the vices of King's Landing. Alcohol distributors and idolatry were banned, and Littlefinger 's infamous brothels were ransacked. Men found in the act of homosexuality, a grave sin in the eyes of the Seven, were castrated.

This also led to the arrest of Ser Loras Tyrell , the heir to Highgarden and the Queen Mother's bethrothed, who was himself a homosexual.

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This flagrant move against one of the Great Houses was the first sign of a reaction against the abuses comitted by the nobility against the common folk. Though the High Sparrow arrests Loras Tyrell on charges of homosexuality and Margaery Tyrell on charges of lying to the Faith on oath, he also has Cersei imprisoned on the charges of incest and murdering King Robert I , crimes which are confessed by Lancel Lannister , Cersei's cousin who has joined the Sparrows and who conspired with Cersei in these crimes.

After undergoing a humiliating walk of atonement , Cersei returns to the Red Keep , where her uncle Kevan Lannister now serves as Hand of the King and Protector of the Realm. Kevan works with the small council and Olenna Tyrell , the mother of Lord Mace Tyrell , the current head of House Tyrell and a member of the small council himself, to deny any influence to Cersei and her brother, Jaime Lannister , who continues to serve as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.

Meanwhile, the High Sparrow digs his claws deep into King Tommen, and influences him into forming a new "holy alliance" between the Crown and the Faith. For her role in the forgery of this alliance, Margaery is forgiven for her crimes, though Loras and Cersei must still stand trial. Margaery feigns manipulation by the Sparrows, though she reassures her grandmother Olenna that she is faking it and is simply playing the game to bump the High Sparrow out of power. She advises Olenna to return to Highgarden , which she does.

Cersei is confident that she will be able to use Gregor Clegane in a trial by combat ; however, still under the High Sparrow's influence, King Tommen instead bans trial by combat across the realm. During the same royal announcement, he informs the court that Loras' and Cersei's trials will be held on the first day of the Festival of the Mother. Qyburn then approaches Cersei, informing the Queen Mother that his " little birds " have confirmed a rumor she told him.

The Great Sept of Baelor explodes from wildfire, killing all those inside and around it. At the Great Sept of Baelor , Loras confesses to his crimes to the seven judging septons , one of which includes the High Sparrow himself, and the gathered court, which includes Kevan Lannister, Mace Tyrell, and Queen Margaery. Loras is inducted into the Faith Militant as Brother Loras, much to his father's anger and disgust, though Margaery tries to reassure him that it is the only way. The little bird later stabs Lancel in his spine, paralyzing him.

The injured Lancel drags himself to the end of the tunnel, where he is shocked to find cracked barrels of wildfire and three lit candles. By the time Lancel raches the candles, it is too late; the wildfire explodes, destroying the Great Sept of Baelor and killing all of those inside and around it. A large portion of the capital is destroyed as Cersei watches on in joy, wiping out hundreds of lords, ladies, and commoners, of which include most of Cersei's enemies, while King Tommen watches in horror and shock.

After being informed of the confirmation of the death of his wife Queen Margaery, Tommen takes off his crown and jumps out of the window, killing himself. Later, Qyburn shows Cersei her son's corpse, and the empty Cersei has the body burnt and the ashes spread where the Great Sept once stood. The court watches on in shock and silence while her brother, Jaime, who has returned from the Second Siege of Riverrun , watches on grimly, knowing what Cersei has done to achieve her power.

Sansa is believed to be one of the perpetrators, as is her former husband Tyrion Lannister , though it was truly done by Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger himself. With the help of Theon Greyjoy , however, Sansa escapes from Winterfell and is taken to Castle Black , accompanied by Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne , where her bastard half-brother Jon Snow had recently been resurrected by the will of Ser Davos Seaworth and Melisandre , a red priestess , after facing a mutiny for allowing the Free Folk to cross the Wall.

Both Davos and Melisandre were former advisors to the late King Stannis. There, Sansa and Jon plot to retake Winterfell from the Boltons. Jon is initially reluctant, but after learning that the Boltons have taken Rickon Stark , their youngest brother, hostage, and is convinced by Sansa that they won't be safe as long as the Boltons rule, he is convinced. Tormund helps convince the Free Folk to fight for Jon and Sansa's army.

They are able to gain the support of House Mormont , House Hornwood , and House Mazin , though collectively their army does not have enough troops to take back Winterfell. Still, Jon insists that they must attack with what they have, so Sansa sends a raven to an unknown party requesting for assistance. Meanwhile, at Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton seizes power when he murders his father Roose, his stepmother Walda , and his newborn half-brother. After an uneventful parley, the Stark-Wildling and Bolton armies clash just outside of Winterfell at the Battle of the Bastards.

Rickon is killed shortly before the battle after he is pierced by one of Ramsay's arrows, which causes the Stark army to march forward and fall into a Bolton phalanx. Though the Stark and Free Folk forces are on the verge of complete annihilation, they are relieved when a strong cavalry force of House Arryn , the rulers of the Vale , arrives and smashes the Bolton army. The army is led by none other than Littlefinger and Sansa at the behest of Robin Arryn.

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Ramsay and his officers retreat to Winterfell, though it is liberated by the Stark army when Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun , a giant , smashes through the gates. The survivors of the Bolton garrison are either killed or surrender to the Starks and wildlings. In the aftermath of the battle, Ramsay is devoured by his own hounds as a form of execution by Sansa Stark, resulting in the extinction of House Bolton. Sansa becomes the new Lady of Winterfell.

Doran refuses to hurt his ward and Cersei Lannister's daughter, Myrcella Baratheon , who is betrothed to his son, Prince Trystane Martell. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes plot to assassinate Myrcella in retaliation for Elia and Oberyn's deaths.

Army of the Dead

The four send a threatening message to Cersei: Myrcella's stolen necklace in the clutches of a viper. Pressured by his sister and lover Cersei, Jaime Lannister recruits Bronn and the two secretly enter Dorne to rescue Myrcella, who, like Joffrey and Tommen, is also born of incest between Cersei and Jaime. Jaime and Bronn, disguised as Martell guards, eventually infiltrate the Water Gardens , where they duel against Obara, Tyene, and Nymeria for Myrcella.

However, before Nymeria can escape with the captive princess, they are stopped and imprisoned by Areo Hotah , the Captain of the Guards for Prince Doran. Jaime is eventually brought before Prince Doran, who dines with his son Trystane, Myrcella, and Ellaria. Knowing that King Tommen insists on Myrcella's return to King's Landing , Doran agrees as long as his son Trystane can sit on the small council as Oberyn was meant to and as long as Trystane and Myrcella's marriage can continue.

Raising the Dead right puzzle

Ellaria kisses Myrcella on her lips as she prepares to leave for the capital with Trystane, Jaime and Bronn. On the ship, Jaime attempts to explain the truth to Myrcella, but she admits to already knowing that Jaime is his father, and expresses her happiness that he is. Suddenly, blood begins to pour from her nose: she has been poisoned by Ellaria. The Riverlands are among the regions that are left devastated from the War of the Five Kings.

The War of the Five Kings severely weakened the Iron Throne ; specifically, the Baratheon dynasty , which had, after Robert's death, essentially become a Lannister puppet. It was the largest civil war since the Dance of the Dragons , resembling the endless internal conflicts that the Seven Kingdoms used to face before the Targaryen conquest unified the Seven Kingdoms into one realm under the rule of the Targaryen dynasty which had been overthrown less than two decades before the War of the Five Kings in Robert's Rebellion.

The war devastated the countryside of Westeros , leaving villages and towns burnt to the ground. Tens of thousands of smallfolk were killed in the conflict, and the bloody acts of war created great rift between the nobility and the commoners. Furthermore, for the first time since the Targaryen conquest of Westeros, the lineup of the Great Houses was dramatically shaken and altered.

Tensions continued to remain between the great and noble families even after the war came to a formal close. Ultimately, these continued tensions would go on to impact Daenerys Targaryen's war for Westeros , which commenced only a couple years after the War of the Five Kings ended, as well as the Great War between the living and the army of the dead , controlled by the White Walkers , an ancient and long forgotten enemy to all that lives in the world.

Joffrey Baratheon is said to be the eldest son of King Robert I. Ned reworded Robert's will, however, changing "eldest son" to "heir," as he, like the previous Hand of the King , Lord Jon Arryn , discovered a shocking truth that not even Robert knew: Joffrey, as well as his siblings Myrcella and Tommen , were in fact bastards born of incest between Cersei and her twin brother, Jaime Lannister. In order to protect them, Cersei raised them as Robert's sons.

Shortly before he was executed on the orders of the new king Joffrey, Ned Stark sent a letter to Stannis Baratheon informing him of his discoveries, and reminding Stannis that this would make him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. After the Battle of the Blackwater , he is also supported by House Tyrell.

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Later assassinated during the Purple Wedding in AC, becoming the third of the five kings to die in the war. During his tenure as Hand of the King , Lord Eddard Stark discovered that Robert's three "children" were in fact bastards born of incest between Robert's wife, Cersei Lannister , and her twin brother, Jaime Lannister.

Lord Jon Arryn had also discovered this; however, before he could tell anyone, he mysteriously died, allegedly from a fever, though in reality he had been poisoned by his wife Lysa Arryn on Petyr Baelish's orders. Prior to his execution on the orders of Robert's "eldest son" Joffrey I , Ned Stark sent a letter to Dragonstone , informing Stannis of the truth. Stannis, being the middle child between Robert and their younger brother Renly , declared himself the rightful King of the Andals and the First Men. Though he technically is the rightful heir, Stannis finds himself with little support due to his more blunt nature versus Renly's charisma.

He does, however, have the support of a red priestess named Melisandre , who believes Stannis to be The Prince That Was Promised , as well as the vassals sworn directly to Dragonstone. Later killed in the Battle of Winterfell in AC, becoming the fourth of the five kings to die in the war. Renly Baratheon lays claim to the Iron Throne just as his elder brother, Stannis , does, as well as his alleged nephew, Joffrey Baratheon.

Renly is the youngest brother of Stannis and King Robert I , the previous king. Though he is the youngest brother, Renly states that he would be a better king than Stannis, noting how the line of succession did not matter when Robert usurped the Iron Throne from Aerys II Targaryen , the Mad King, during Robert's Rebellion - at the time, the dynasty of House Targaryen ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros , a realm which was in fact also unified by the Targaryens.

Renly also has the backing of the vassals of the Stormlands plus the wealthy House Tyrell and its vassals in the Reach. Assassinated on the orders of Stannis I in AC, becoming the first of the five kings to die in the war. Robb Stark does not lay claim to the Iron Throne ; instead, he has been declared the King in the North by his bannermen, and has declared independence for the North and the Riverlands , which make up a revived Kingdom of the North.

Earlier, while the royal family was staying in Winterfell , the seat of House Stark , young Bran Stark caught the Queen Consort Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jaime Lannister committing incest; as a result, Jaime pushed the 10 year old boy out of a window, with the intent of killing him. Though Bran survived, he could not remember the events of that day. Tensions between the two families only worsened when Catelyn Stark's sister Lysa Arryn sent a raven to Catelyn that said that Lysa's husband, the late Jon Arryn , was poisoned by the Lannisters.

Though he was able to tell Robert's brother, Stannis , of this revelation, he was ultimately sentenced to death by Joffrey I , who succeeded his "father. Though he was released after his champion, Bronn , won the subsequent trial by combat , Tyrion's father, Lord Tywin Lannister , declared war on House Tully of Riverrun , the rulers of the Riverlands and Catelyn and Lysa's family. After learning of his father's imprisonment, the Starks sent aid to the Tullys, and intended to eventually march onto King's Landing to demand Ned Stark's release. Later betrayed and killed in the Red Wedding in AC, becoming the second of the five kings to die in the war.

Balon Greyjoy does not lay claim to the Iron Throne , but instead has re-declared independence for the Iron Islands and has claimed himself the King of the Iron Islands. The islands have come together to form the resurgent Kingdom of the Iron Islands. Historically, the Iron Islands have the most distinctive culture from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms : the Ironborn. They are a "sea people" who believe in "paying the iron price ," and they hold their own deity, the Drowned God. Some years after Robert's Rebellion but before the eruption of the War of the Five Kings, the Iron Islands rebelled against the Iron Throne for independence, but were quickly put down.

They have never quite fit in with the rest of Westeros , which is dominated by the Andals , the First Men , and the Dornishmen , and have always been fiercely autonomous. Therefore, House Greyjoy , the Lords of the Iron Islands , seeks to take advantage of the chaos of the War of the Five Kings by fighting for independence once more. However, rather than focus their war on the Lannisters, they instead invade the North , seeing it "ripe for the taking.

Nonetheless the name has stuck, and it does still refer to the fact that five kings were involved. For the TV series, however, it might be somewhat accurate, depending on when Balon Greyjoy's secession of the Iron Islands "officially" began. Renly was killed at the beginning of the fifth episode of Season 2.

Balon explains to Theon that he intends to make himself a king by force in the second episode of Season 2, but this isn't followed by a polite declaration: the ironborn make a surprise attack against the North at the beginning of the sixth episode of Season 2, taking Torrhen's Square and Winterfell. Thus Balon briefly claimed the title of King while Renly was still alive, but the first the other factions knew about this was when ironborn raiders were at their doorsteps, after Renly died.

It is generally a four-sided war, between the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons, and Greyjoys.

The work is far from over. (Dead Kings #5 Serial Five: New Vows Comic Review)

Renly's brief time as a claimant, controlling most of the armies of the Stormlands and the Reach, did affect the strategic position of the Lannisters, but he didn't set out to engage them on the battlefield. Instead the Tyrells had cut off the Roseroad, effectively blockading resources and foodstuff from reaching the capital, and Renly was content to sit back and let the Lannisters exhaust themselves against the Starks while he built up his own strength to overwhelming levels, at which point he intended to march directly on King's Landing.

Also while there are four "sides", this does not include political machinations and large territories changing sides, i. Due to simple geography, of course, any one faction isn't actively fighting three others all the time. Simply due to the fact that they are located on opposite coasts of the continent the Greyjoys off the west coast and Stannis Baratheon off the east coast aren't actively fighting each other while he's on Dragonstone. Stannis does nominally consider the North to be in rebellion against him, but in practice doesn't actively fight the North, because he's more concerned with retaking the capital city from the Lannisters.

As seen in the TV series, the Starks do send peace overtures to the Baratheons, but Stannis refuses to allow the North to secede and take away vast territories which he feels are rightfully his. Sign in to open a support case. Clear All Filters. There was an error processing your request.

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This will give you the clue "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit," which seems like it may be a reference to the sign of the cross. Either way, think of the first brazier as the bottom. Next up, light the top opposite side of the room , then left and finally right. There is a more religious way to convey the solution, but for our purposes simple directions will do. In fact, there should be a leader roaming around who would make an excellent target. When you finally do make your way into the room it'll be the same old routine - interacting with the ghost-ish looking deal to complete your objective.

This is even easier than the last one. From where you entered the room there will be four plates on the ground.

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Start with the one on the left, stepping on it once to raise a pillar to match the height of a clue on the wall. Continue moving clockwise around the room, stepping on the second plate twice. This will also match that pillar to symbol. Step on the third plate three times and the fourth plate four times, matching all pillars with the symbols on the wall. That will solve the puzzle, although your objective will not be complete until you parkour your way back to the top.

AC Unity Raising the Dead Memory 13-4 walkthrough

This could prove a little finicky, but rest assured you'll get there The final objective of the memory is an easy one, only requiring you to approach the door to find the correct keyhole. That was a lot of puzzle solving Read Dom Poirier's Notes in the Basilica Your first objective is to travel to a marker on your screen. Investigate the Tower of the Sword This objective is only a few feet away, just back out of the room and down the stairs you used to reach your current location.

Suger's Relics Found You should now see two waypoints on your screen in the form of exclamation marks that have little scrolls next to them. Challenges Don't get into conflict Air assassinations Investigate the Crypt This part is simple enough, just make your way to the marker on your screen, which also happens to be the same ladder that you passed down in Sequence Memory 1 - Buried Words. Sneak into the Rooms Aside from needing to sneak into the rooms, there is a secondary objective that wants you to avoid conflict, something that is fairly easy in this situation.

Once you drop down into the room you'll be in an investigation zone, and interacting with the ghostly statue on the left side will complete your primary objective Solve the Puzzle It's never that easy, is it? Sneak into the Other Room When you exit the room you're in you're going to want to parkour your way to the left, not to the right and back the way you entered from. Solve the Puzzle This one is pretty easy.

Sneak Inside the Final Map Room if you're trying to complete the side objectives you'll need to perform an air assassination during this part of the memory, something that shouldn't be too hard given the various high points around the main area. Solve the Final Puzzle This is even easier than the last one. Find the Correct Keyhole The final objective of the memory is an easy one, only requiring you to approach the door to find the correct keyhole. Get yours now!