Mom, Why Did You Have To Die?

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How was I expected to sip cocktails and discuss The Bachelor like nothing was wrong? How was I supposed to go on living when his life was being cut short prematurely?

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Having a dying parent means you have to push through the guilt of feeling joy and happiness because you know that your parent expects nothing less. And while your friends do their best to sympathize with you, no one understands the sheer desperation that always threatens to bubble over in the middle of the cereal aisle at the grocery store.

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A dying parent means facing your own mortality with new eyes. I worried that the fear and terror I felt in those months would be their journey someday when their father and I will face our own health issues.

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I wondered if I could be strong for them, like my father was for me, and I prayed that I could face death with the grace my father showed near the end. I would get physically ill as I listened to my father detail the side effects from chemotherapy, his exhaustion and nausea, and his daily litany of health issues from the cancer that was slowly eating away at his insides.

When your parent is dying, you die inside right alongside them. A dying parent is exhausting. I forced myself to try to focus on the rigors of raising kids and running a household while trying to keep track of what doctors my father was seeing that day and remembering to call my mother for the rundown of the latest tests and blood work.

5 Things You Must Tell Your Parents Before They Die

A dying parent means never knowing what the day will bring. A dying parent makes you realize that you are selfish. Having a dying parent means you have to forgive yourself for feeling selfish. I was a mother myself by the time Valerie Harper's character met her death on a family sitcom called Valerie. Bewitched might have subbed out Darren, but TV mothers had always been on thin ice.

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Many never even got to lace up their skates. Maybe it was the matter-of-fact way Thom Sherman, the network's senior executive vice president for programming, answered a reporter's question Tuesday about how the previously announced departure of Erinn Hayes from Kevin Can Wait would be handled. It goes that way sometimes during Television Critics Association meetings, a semiannual marathon of news conferences, set visits, working really cocktail parties, and countless opportunities for face time with people whom it otherwise might take days or weeks to get on the phone.

We may think we know what the stories might be going in — issues like diversity, the changing way people consume and pay for TV, shows with buzz — but there are always the headlines we didn't see coming.

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Like the one that tens of thousands of Philly. Because I'd probably have made fictional Kevin stay married to Donna, the mother of his three children, even after seeing what Kahl called the "undeniable spark" between James and his former TV wife when Remini guest-starred at the end of the first season as Kevin's ex-partner on the job. Once it was announced, though, that Remini was joining the show and Hayes was leaving, what else could Kevin Can Wait have done?

Told the kids their mom had gone to live on a farm where she'd have plenty of room to run around? So Donna had to die. Yet things may have changed since the days when TV's maternal mortality rate raised few eyebrows. Remember how not thrilled many fans were to learn that the "Mother" — played so charmingly by Cherry Hill's Cristin Milioti — was dead by the time the narrator, Philadelphia's Bob Saget, started talking about her?

Kahl, to be fair, isn't expecting producers to make Donna's death funny.

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This isn't The Simpsons where even Maude Flanders' exit wasn't without pathos.