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Teams rarely serve alcohol after home games anymore — a sensible policy, as players usually have to drive home — and the rise of iPads and cellphones also tends to inhibit the closeness of old.

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Olson, who said he had compiled enough stories for another volume, hopes to welcome readers into a PG version of his boys-will-be-boys era. Those were painful years for baseball — with a devastating strike and a mutated record book — but Olson hopes to highlight the fun times. But it really is a great game, we had a blast playing it, and there are guys who played that you might not know.

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This kind of gives you a glimpse. Getting Tyler Glasnow and Austin Meadows for Chris Archer is the latest classic example, and has much to do with their success. International signings are another key, though occasionally expensive and often unpredictable, element in assembling their talent pool.

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Specifically, position players who can make an impact, especially with their bat. The Rays have done pretty well with pitchers. But going back to the late launch of the Sternberg regime, the list of homegrown impact position players is pretty much Evan Longoria, Kevin Kiermaier and, maybe, Desmond Jennings. And those are some of the more productive ones.

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But the players say there seems to be more of a willingness to promote from within, and to be more aggressive in moving them through the system. Both Lowe and Lowe advanced three levels last season, which is definitely an exception to what had been the norm. Being taken in the 13th round in by an organization known for being conservative with promotions, Nate Lowe said being able to hit his way to the majors in less than three years was a pleasant surprise. Our player development staff has done a tremendous job with developing them.

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And sometimes the pace of that changes dependent on each individual player. Getting drafted players to the majors can have multiple benefits. Getting a drafted and developed player is a cause for congratulations, and some celebration, throughout the organization given how many staffers touch a player along the way, and had a hand in it.

Tales From the Clubhouse (2007 Artists Compilation)

Nate Lowe is the first to the big leagues for Rob Metzler since he took over as scouting director after the draft. Brandon Lowe, a draftee, said there is a kinship that develops among the homegrown players as well. We can trust what we have.

Who could be next? Catcher Nick Ciuffo has been up a couple times and will be back. After that, two in 48, with a doubleheader along the way. Buckle up.