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Apply filters. Haus der Statistik. Party, Professionals. We Halle Ostkreuz. In Public Space, Suitable for english audience. Allmende Kontor. Performance, Suitable for english audience. Performance, Dance, Suitable for english audience. Galli Theater Berlin. Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte. Dance, Introducing, Suitable for english audience.

Performance, Introducing, Suitable for english audience. Spoken Word Theater. Berliner Ringtheater. Zitadelle - Bastion Kronprinz. Theater unterm Dach. Dance, Suitable for english audience. The Limelight Collective. Acker Stadt Palast. Botanischer Volkspark. Schalterk, T. Kleinschmidt, M. Th Circus Schatzinsel. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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A new dilemma in hosting a German president

Nov 16, Anorielt rated it really liked it. Dracula als Protoganisten, auch wenn Vlad es gar nicht mag an sein Alter Ego erinnert zu werden. Packend, fesselnd und genauso gut wie alle Geschichte um Cat und Bones. Alles nicht so einfach, angesichts der Menschenmassen die zum Mardi Gras im French Quartier herumgeistern und schon gar nicht nachdem es scheinbar jemand auf ihn selbst abegesehen hat.

Diese Geschichte bietet einem einen noch besseren Einblick in seinen Charakter und sein Wesen. Wieder einmal zeigt sich das Bones nicht grausam ist, oder die Menschen gar nur als Futter ansieht, doch er tut dennoch was getan werden muss. In dieser kleinen Geschichte spielen weder Cat, noch Bones die Hauptrollen. Mehrmals hat Blake versucht sich umzubringen, und bei seinem neuesten Versuch wird er unfreiwillig von Elise gerettet. Dennoch fand ich es interessant mal mit zu erleben wie Mencheres so zu seinen Clanmitgliedern ist.

Schon allein wegen des Blicks in Bones Vergangenheit und der wirklich fantastischen ersten Geschichte. Der Rest des Buches konnte da leider nicht mithalten.

Read PDF Im Bann des Feuers: Die Drachen-Tempel-Saga 2 - Roman (German Edition)

May 22, July rated it liked it Shelves: actually-liked-the-heroine , book-boyfriend , fantasy , hot , laughed-out-loud , my-ship-is-sailing-or-the-otp-shelf , not-so-silently-screaming , dark-and-twisted , cringey-as-fuck , cheesy-romance. Let's try this. Home For The Holidays Rating: 4. Why do they always leave 3. I enjoyed 'Home For The Holidays' so much that I would actually list it as one of my favorite Cat and Bones stories in general - and this is including all of the books from the main series and its spin-offs.

This is of course mainly because of the character dynamics, although the plot is pretty interesting as well. The storyline of suddenly having your closest friends and lover turned against you, is sooo interesting and of course Frost handled it just perfectly. My favorite thing about this is probably that this time, it's not Cat and Bones against the rest of the world - while I enjoy them as a couple, we had enough of that in all the other books.

Im Bann des Feuers

Instead, Frost throws Ian, Denise, Fabian and Cat together as the rescuing party and it's not just interesting to see them interact in that way - it's also damn entertaining. Downright hilarious doesn't even cover it.

I might be biased, because Ian is easily one of my favorite characters, but still. With the exception of Bones, the other characters are unfortunately mere extras, interchangeable for most of the story - although this is understandable, considering this is just about a hundred pages. The main focus is clearly on Cat, Bones and Ian and since they are basically my favorite characters minus Vlad , I didn't mind in the least. Reckoning Rating: 3.

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I mean, a Bones prequel is nice and all, but considering his history with women and the fact that there is not even the slightest mention of Cat, I wasn't exactly thrilled to dive into this one. Thankfully, this turned out to be a better than I thought. First off all, I love New Orleans and its atmosphere, whenever I read a book or watch something set there, I immediately fall in love with the city again and someday I'll be visiting the French Quarter. Frost is able to capture part of the city's flair within her writing and I like the way she portrays Marie Laveau, who also plays a minor role in this.

The main focus however is of course on Bones and one of his jobs - hunt down a murderous couple in the French Quarter. For people fascinated by murder, ghosts or the history of New Orleans, the couple in question won't be completely unfamiliar. Plus, this could easily be ignored, considering how fast-paced and exciting the story was.

Seeing Bones in action before he met Cat was interesting and lets one miss the old days, when they were still hunting Hennessey. Reading from his perspective was definitely something I enjoyed the most about this story. Devil To Pay Rating: 2 stars Shelves: cringey-as-fuck, cheesy-romance, insta-lust-called-love, mediocre Oh boy, here we go. This was my least favorite story of the collection, but before I get into any details, I want to state that the translation is in part to blame for this.

For all three short stories, the German publishers used a different translator than usual - and you could tell.

THOR 2: The Dark World First Look Deutsch German - 2013 Official Marvel [HD]

In 'Reckoning' I didn't even realize it probably because the translator is a man , while in 'Home For The Holidays' were a few moments in which I was wishing for the old translator she makes Cat sound very distinct in comparision to other female PNR characters. The absolute worst of it though was in this story. Some of the thoughts and in particular the wording in the sex scene made me cringe so hard and I didn't even need to look it up to know that a man wrote this.

Some of it sounded flatulent as hell and granted, the characters were older than the usual main protagonists, but still. Other than that, the story was pretty straight-forward. We had customary introduction chapters for the two points of view, then they met, fell in love and saved each other in the end. The cameos from Bones and Cat weren't exciting Frost did it better in Vlad's books and since I'm not huge on Mencheres, that didn't improve my opinion either.

I could neither connect to Elise, nor Blake, their love story felt rushed although there were a few scenes I liked reading and in the end I was just left with an overwhelming feeling of "eeeh". May 07, Nadjab rated it liked it Shelves: books , fantasy , romance. Zum Buch: Dieses Buch beinhaltet drei Kurzgeschichten. Nur noch Ian, Denise und sie scheinen sie selbst zu sein. Meine Meinung: Es war erfrischend mal Bones wieder in Aktion zu sehen, bevor er Cat kennengelernt hatte. Die Geschichte war spannend, ein wenig emotional und die Handlungen der Charaktere nachvollziehbar.

Gesamtfazit: Eine gelungene Kurzgeschichte, die vor den anderen Romanen spielt mit altbekannten Gesichtern. Sie will ihm helfen, sein Leben zu beenden, aber trotzdem will sie versuchen ihm irgendwie zu helfen und sucht die Hilfe ihres Meisters Mencheres. Meine Meinung: Es war erfrischend mal ein paar neue Charaktere in der Welt von Cat und Bones kennenzulernen und zu sehen, wie sie miteinander agieren.

Sie war spannend und emotional.