Facing The Truth: A Biblical Look At Todays Social Media

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But if pluralism means ideational relativism and the destruction of the law of noncontradiction, it is absolutely unlivable and unthinkable. It seems some of these different views lack the same degree of logical consistency found in Christianity. Zacharias: Right. In fact, even some of the great sages of these other worldviews agree. Mahatma Gandhi, in one of his writings, stated that he wished some aspects of his own belief system could be permanently erased because so much of it was nonsense. Even Gandhian sages will tell you that.

Much of what is in one of the early sacred Hindu writings, Veda, is irrational and unacceptable. We would consider some of the behaviors and practices of Mohammad in his own personal life reprehensible if someone practiced them within our culture today. Then compare the whole idea of God in His self-existence and in the very notion of moral rightness. The denial of desire is the foundation of Buddhism, which is the only way that leads to the lack of suffering. Yet, the principal reason people give the Dalai Lama prominence is for the freedom of Tibet. I am for that. I agree that he needs to acquire political freedom, but why does he even desire political freedom if he is the quintessential representation of the ultimate Buddha?

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At times, there may be surface, polarized views neither of which are absolutes nor can be coalesced in some way. But when there is a systemic contradiction, the system destructs. Another example is karma. You cannot have an infinite series of rebirths or you would not be in this birth. Starting from now, go backwards. This is what led to the conversion of one of my closest Hindu friends.

He said it simply did not make sense. He had to have a first birth. What was he paying for in his first birth? What sort of system is this where I have no clue about what I owe and how many births it will take for me to pay it back? A secular mindset seems to have invaded the church. What has been the result of this for the church? Zacharias: A secular mindset is manifested in some forms — not all forms — of the emergent church.

This is a dangerous phenomenon, and some of its protagonists undervalue its end results. When you think that every generation tends to move away from the previous one, some forms of the emergent church today are flirting with the extinction of the gospel, at the heart of which is the cross of Jesus Christ. Two things have happened in the secular mindset. First, secular-minded people do not take the church seriously because the church is not answering their questions. Second, those within the church are timid and unable to sustain the supernatural side of their beliefs in a highly naturalistic world.

What remains, then, in this kind of religious belief system is a spirituality that does not need to defend itself because it is purely a private thing that does not moralize or pontificate for anyone else. It becomes a feel-good, be-quiet, and get-a-better-state-of-mind-at-the-end-of-the-day religion. Moral absolutes? One revelation from God who has moral boundaries for us? No, that becomes untenable. So the church, when it did not respond to the secular mindset and did not prepare its own people, became secularized. In the end, it became spirituality without truth, and experience without objective reference.

The average church member today is unprepared and ill-equipped to face the attacks that are coming at us full-force. We are leaving our young men and women who are attending universities as lambs led to the slaughter. We have fought symptoms, like the issues of the Second World War. We were shooting at rubber dummies while the real attack was taking place elsewhere. How can pastors better prepare themselves and their people to respond to the attacks on Christianity and the critical issues facing Christians today?

Zacharias: One of the most difficult positions to hold in the Western world today is that of a pastor. My heart goes out to them. I do not know how they keep up. The competition for the attention of their people is immense: The attack on the visual, the constant distraction of many voices, the challenges of those with huge budgets to keep people in their pews over those who do not have recourse to huge budgets, the incremental growth of knowledge, the incredible vitriolic nature of these attacks, the youth in their challenges and struggles with their finances, and other experiences.

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It is difficult to keep up with these challenges that are unparalleled and unprecedented in history. My sympathy for pastors is intense. When I visit churches, I feel for them. I pray for them. As itinerants, ministry is a little easier because we can become specialists in what we do.

Pastors are still expected to be generalists. How does a pastor cope with these attitudes regarding Christianity and the church? Pastors need to do their best to study and understand the issues before them and their people. They need to work within their comfort zones of response and not be afraid to admit when they are outside of their reach. They have access to books, CDs, debates, seminars, and tapes in which specialists ably deal with apologetic material.

One of the biggest failings of people such as Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris is the fact they are not biblical scholars, even though they have taken on the Scriptures in some areas. This shows how little he knows about the Hebrew text and what the word possibilities are. Rather than admitting his lack of knowledge, he took it on.

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I do not understand all the implications of genetic engineering, but I know Christians who do. Here are their books. This is why our ministry began in People hardly knew the word apologetics. We had to explain it. Today, our staff is about globally, based in nine countries. We cannot keep up with the invitations. We have to turn down more than 90 percent of them. Our goal is to expand more for the sake of the gospel and to come alongside the church.

This is what we want to do. I hope more ministries will spring up that will assist churches and strengthen our young people and our leadership. Zacharias: I desperately wish it were that simple. If pastors want their young people to do the work of evangelism — to reach their friends — that line will not get them anywhere. Even the Bible that Christ gave us is sustained by the miracle of the Resurrection.

The Resurrection gave the Early Church the argument that Christ is risen: We saw, we witnessed, we felt, and we touched. The apostle Paul defended this gospel. He went to Athens and planted a church there. In Ephesus he defended the faith in the school of Tyrannus. We also need to become all things to all people. It is a solipsistic method of arguing. The Bible is a book of history, a book of geography, not just a book of spiritual assertions. The fact is the resurrection from the dead was the ultimate proof that in history — and in empirically verifiable means — the Word of God was made certain.

Otherwise, the experience on the Mount of Transfiguration would have been good enough. We all know the end of that story. This argument may be good enough for those who are convinced the Bible is authority. The Bible, however, is not authoritative in culture or in a world of counter-perspectives. This is a legitimate question. Last week, I was in India.

Facing the Truth: A Biblical Look at Today's Social Media

I met with the president of India, and then I had meetings with some key men and women who hold the highest places in society. My driver was a Muslim man.

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Every time he introduced himself, he would give his name and say that he was a Muslim. I am a Christian. On the last day, I sat down with him with a Bible in Hindi, and we talked.

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Before that hour was over, he bowed his head and received Christ. He had numerous questions on how God could have a Son. People had told him that the Bible was corrupted. He was honest. He needed to know why the Bible is authoritative and can be trusted. He gave his life to Jesus Christ. What a wonderful way to end a three-week journey, with my chauffeur — a man in his twenties — who bowed his head, wiped away his tears, and prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

Zacharias: I commend you for doing an issue on truth. Readers need to know that we cannot place Christianity beside scorching naturalism. Naturalists are not holding back. Their antithetical guns are blazing. For the sake of the truth, for the sake of the gospel, and for our calling in this time in history, it is imperative that we love the Lord our God with all our hearts and all our minds and equip our people to do so. This fierce and vast battle does not need to intimidate us. Not everybody can argue at a level to reach a Bertrand Russell, but God does put people into our paths who are at our level.

We need to know that the gospel is simple enough to reach a little child and sophisticated enough to reach the finest minds, such as those of Augustine and Paul and others throughout history. This interview appeared in the Fall issue. Your podcast has started playing below. Feel free to continue browsing the site without interrupting your podcast! We believe that the world makes more sense when we have a right view of God and the world. Learn about RZIM. Defending Christianity in a Secular Culture. What is the basis of this calculated attack?

Why is the deity of Christ under attack? Why is religious pluralism not philosophically possible? One simple Word of God at the right time is priceless! The problem is inherent, hidden sins: greed, anger, pride, and envy to name a few.

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Jesus, our forerunner, was victorious in every temptation when faced with temptation. The result is a happy life, free from the burdens of sin and free to be good! Used by permission. All rights reserved. However, he goes on to describe in-depth that the grace that is in Christ Jesus means so much more than forgiveness. It also means truth and help. It teaches us not to sin, so that we can be completely free to live a life of victory that leads to perfection.

Are our genes or our circumstances to blame for the people we are today? Or can we take responsibility for our own lives? E-books Check out our selection of free e-books! How is the Bible relevant today, in such a complex society? Written by Martha Evangelisti. Examples of faith There are many pertinent stories and examples in the Bible that I learn from.

Examples of boldness When I sense that I am bound to people and what they think of me, I read how Jesus was full of zeal and love for God. Download free E-book. Written by Sigurd Bratlie. Read more Go to e-book library. Did you know that these common sayings and ideas are not found in the Bible? Written by ActiveChristianity.

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