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I would recommend this to anyone who likes Historical romance stories. I am a fan of Bertrice Small. This is not her best but by far not the worst. Great but upsetting From Amazon What happens to Catriona in this book is very upsetting. So be prepared. This is a great book about the strength of women. It will also show that love cannot heal all wounds. Keep the tissue at hand and also remember that a true romance always has a happy ending Good, but a little disturbing From Amazon I really liked this book and thought it was a great story, but I found all the rape to be just a little bit disturbing.

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It wasn't one of my favorites of hers, and I love Bertrice Small's books - I'm devouring them at an alarming pace. But it was still good. Our hulled seed means no weeds! This is our top seller because it is a non-sprouting blend. Finches and Jays love the sunflower, ground feeders love the millet, and nuthatches love the peanuts!

Contains: Shelled Sunflower seeds, Peanut pieces and shelled Millet. Our non-sprouting other best-seller and favorite among Goldfinches and House Finches, Jays, Doves and even squirrels.

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Our non-sprouting Goldfinch favorite! But left and right she rejects men, no matter their rank, wealth or how they look. Back on a long overdue visit after the death of his uncle, he was in search of an English born bride since no other girl caught his eye. Then he meets a firebrand who he's constantly intrigued by. On the outskirts, however, there is danger; but will they recognize it in time? Lady Celia Phantomhive is an heiress in her own right, apart from her brother the viscount of Phantomhive; as such, along with her beauty, she's a sought after catch among the families of the upper nobility.

She is headstrong and a vixen, and insults fall from her lips quicker than petals from a rose. Duke Sebastian Michaelis is an English born man that was given the crown of his maternal uncle's duchy at a young age, and moved away from his cold homeland to learn everything he could at the hands of a man he considered more of a father than the man who was married to his mother.

When together, it's like fire fighting fire; but when they fall in love, its the scandal of high society when they elope.

Who said all's fair in love and war" and where?"

Well, this is a slight break from my current fanfic, Recovery. I was a little burned out and I started writing this She was blunt, was firm in her character and never simpered. She was a woman that many would call a bluestocking; educated, a good shot, outspoken. The exact opposite of an English rose.

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The Earl of Sefton ended up being pushed from a boat when he tried to force the issue. The Viscount of Molyneux had a red mark on his face for days.

Her father hid his amusment around others but her and her brother,her mother showed despair; her twin brother, however… She had snubbed the Duke of Yorkshire and his son, considering the Yorkshire heir was looking down her gown, and tried to corner her for a disgusting kiss. Pretty sure Aunt Angelina is willing to train you to become a doctor if you want!

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She was soaked from that bumbling idiot spilling champagne all over her light pink silk gown. The watered silk was completely ruined,and it ended up soaking her jewelry as well. Her personality did not fit her small stature, since she was rather short at barely two inches over five feet with a delicate frame. But, her presence was much larger.

Ciel followed his sister, scooping her up in his arms to whisk her off down to her rooms.

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He laughed at her words, carrying his twin bridal style. He pulled a warmed towel from the rack as Celia took her hair out of a braided chignon. She refused to wear the pigtails or short bobs that had come into fashion. Her hair reached to her waist, and reminded one of silk. She showed affection for her sister in law, her brother, and her parents; but beyond that she was like a maiden of ice.

For you to catch a fever or somehow develop an auge…. She kissed his cheek. I think after that commotion I'm allowed to play the invalid. You know, I really would enjoy seeing you fall in love and experience the same emotion I do with Lizzie. All I want is for you to be happy. Those words echoed in her ears a few hours later when darkness fell over the townhome. She was resting in bed, fresh from the bath she insisted on taking a second one - champagne smell still lingered to her and wrapped in a silken nightgown. Celia waved her off. I'll survive the night on my own, Mey.

Wake me up at seven. Celia curled her body up under the cotton covers, sighing. They all wanted her to marry. It was a silly business in her mind; a woman was too controlled in marriage. Why couldn't she be free to pursue her own interests? Why couldn't she explore business opportunities without a beastly husband at her side? At times, Celia felt like she was born into the wrong era; she knew of a time deep in England's past when women were not required to have a husband.

They could marry but if the man displeased the woman, she had every right to divorce.

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Or maybe she was meant to be born sometime in the future, when women had those rights again. She sighed before falling deep into slumber. The next morning dawned bright and cheerful, Celia's twin at her door insisting on a ride through the countryside surrounding London.

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