Ma vie... De 1939 à 2012 (French Edition)

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Looking for new talent, he came across a singing family of two sisters and their cousins. He produced a couple of albums for them before his death, and the ladies went on to sing for some of the major stars in European music. He worked non-stop, touring across Europe, Africa and at major venues in Quebec in Canada. However, in , his workload caught up with him when he collapsed on stage from exhaustion.

After a brief period off, he returned to the recording studios, releasing several best-selling hits throughout the early s. He expanded from owning his own record company to acquiring a celebrity magazine and a modelling agency. Although driven to achieve financial success, in he organised a concert to raise funds for a charity for handicapped children, and the following year he participated in a Paris concert to raise funds for medical research. In March he was finally divorced from Janet Woollacott, who had left him in This failed marriage was one of the three big traumas that affected his whole life.

The relationship with France Gall ended in July Their relationship lasted from to and produced two sons, Claude Jr. He hid the existence of his second son for five years because he thought that being a father of two would destroy his boyish image as "a free man and seducer". By he was single again, dating several well-known European stars. Jones-Mann —78 were his most important relationships of this period.

He also had an affair with his dresser Sylvie Mathurin from — He continued to perform while overseeing his numerous business interests. In , while in London, he narrowly escaped death when an IRA bomb exploded in the lobby of the Hilton hotel and two years later a fan tried to shoot him while he drove his car. In , more than 15 years after his first hit record, he was still topping the musical charts with multi-million sales from hits such as "Alexandrie Alexandra" which was released on the day of his burial and performing to large audiences.

On 16 January , he performed, for the first time for a French singer, a gala at the Royal Albert Hall in London to an audience of While taking a shower, he noticed that the light fixture was not straight on the wall; he tried to straighten it and was electrocuted. A biographical film called Cloclo My Way internationally was released in March to coincide with the anniversary of his death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section relies largely or entirely on a single source. Binoche has stated that this perceived parental abandonment had a profound effect on her. She was not particularly academic and in her teenage years she began acting at school in amateur stage productions.

In the early s, she found an agent through a friend and joined a theater troupe with which she toured France, Belgium and Switzerland under the pseudonym Juliette Adrienne. Around this time she began lessons with acting coach Vera Gregh. Her role required just two days on set, but was enough to inspire Binoche to pursue a career in film. Godard requested a meeting with Binoche having seen a photo of her taken by her boyfriend of the time. She has said that she spent six months on the set of the film in Geneva, although her role in the final cut is contained to only a few scenes.

However, she has stated that the experience was not particularly memorable or influential. This film was to set the tone of her early career.

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She was cast at short notice when Sandrine Bonnaire, who had been originally cast, had to abandon the film due to a scheduling conflict. The film was a sensation and Binoche became the darling of the festival. Rendez-vous is the story of a provincial actress, Nina Binoche , who arrives in Paris and embarks on a series of dysfunctional liaisons with several men, including the moody, suicidal Quentin Lambert Wilson.

However it is her collaboration with theatre director Scrutzler, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, which comes to define Nina. Following Rendez-vous , she was unsure of what role to take next. This film was a critical and commercial failure. Mauvais sang is an avant-garde thriller in which she plays Anna the vastly younger lover of Marc Piccoli who falls in love with Alex Denis Lavant , a young thief.

Binoche has stated that at the time her English was very limited and that she relied on a French translation to fully grasp her role while learning her lines phonetically. After this success, Binoche decided to return to France rather than pursue an international career. She has stated that her attraction to this film was that it gave her the opportunity to work with close friends and family. Pradinas is the husband of her sister Marion Stalens who was set photographer on the film and appeared in a cameo role.

The film was beset by problems and took three years to complete, requiring investment from three producers and funds from the French government. When finally released in , Les Amants du Pont-Neuf was a critical success. In the film Binoche portrays an artist who lives rough on the famous Parisian bridge where she meets another young vagrant played by Denis Lavant. This iconic part of the city becomes the backdrop for a wildly passionate love story and some of the most visually arresting images of the city ever created.

She also designed the French poster for the film that features an ink drawing of the eponymous lovers locked in embrace. The film became somewhat contentious when, according to Mike Figgis, HBO altered it once he had completed it. At this point, Binoche seemed to be at a crossroads in her career. She was recognised as one of the most significant French actresses of her generation. Now Binoche chose to pursue an international career outside France. The s saw Binoche cast in a series of international films that were critical and commercial successes, winning her praise and awards.

The 100 best French movies

This period saw her persona develop from that of a young gamine to a more melancholic, tragic presence. Critics suggested that many of her roles were notable for her almost passive intensity in the face of tragedy and despair. The film had its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Both Binoche and director Peter Kosminsky distanced themselves from the film, with Binoche refusing to do any promotion for the film or to re-dub it into French.

Based on the novel by Josephine Hart and directed by veteran French director Louis Malle, Damage seemed to be the ideal international vehicle for Binoche. However the production was wrought with difficulties and dogged by rumours of serious conflict. Damage opened in the UK late in and debuted early in on US screens.

Reviews were somewhat mixed.

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Though devastated she learns to cope by rejecting her previous life in favour of conscious "nothing"; rejecting all people, belongings and emotions. Binoche has said her inspirations for the role were her friend and coach Vernice Klier who suffered a similar tragedy, and the book The Black Veil by Anny Duperey which deals with the author's grief at losing her parents at a young age. She turned down both parts. The film was particularly significant in France as it was, at the time, the most expensive film in the history of French cinema. This role, as a romantic heroine, was to color the direction of many of her subsequent roles in the late s.

This screw-ball comedy tells the story of a New York psychiatrist who swaps homes with a Parisian dancer. The film was a critical and commercial failure. Her next role, in The English Patient , reinforced her position as an international movie star. The film, based on the novel by Michael Ondaatje and directed by Anthony Minghella, was a worldwide hit.

Binoche was fired from the film six weeks into the shoot due to differences with Berri regarding the authenticity of his script. The film failed to find a significant audience in France, although it was critically acclaimed in the UK and the US. The production, directed by Jonathan Kent, was very favourably received. This lavish costume drama was filmed on location in Paris and Venice and featured couture costumes by the renowned fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Late in Binoche took a break from acting when she welcomed a daughter Hana. The following year saw Binoche return in four contrasting roles, each of which enhanced her reputation.

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This critically acclaimed role was a welcome change from playing the romantic heroine in a series of costume dramas. Chocolat is the story of a mysterious stranger who opens a chocolaterie in a conservative French village in The film was a worldwide hit. By the end of this period and following roles in a number of prestige productions, critics were wondering if Binoche was typecast as the tragic, despairing muse. Following the success of Chocolat , the early s saw Binoche internationally recognized as an A-list movie star.

However, her persona seemed to be somewhat fixed following a series of period roles where she played the always-stoic heroine facing tragedy and desolation. Initially the pair despises each other, but, over the course of one night, they find common ground and maybe even love. This playful spirit continued when Binoche featured in a Italian television commercial for the chocolates Ferrero Rocher. The advertisement played upon her Chocolat persona featuring Binoche handing out the chocolates to people on the streets of Paris. Although the film premiered at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival, it received much criticism for the inclusion of a fictional romantic liaison and for its depiction of black South Africans in only supporting roles.

Despite the negative reception, Binoche was extremely enthusiastic about the film and her connection with Boorman. Her sister, Marion Stalens, also travelled to South Africa to shoot a documentary, La reconciliation? The film was an immediate success, winning best director for Haneke at the Cannes Film Festival, while Binoche was nominated for a European Film Award for Best Actress for her role.

The film tells the story of a bourgeois Parisian couple, played by Binoche and Daniel Auteuil, who begin to receive anonymous videotapes containing footage shot over long periods, surveying the outside of their home.

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Bee Season depicts the emotional disintegration of a family just as their daughter begins to win national spelling bees. Despite these accolades and favourable reviews, particularly from the cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles , Mary failed to secure a distributor in key markets such as the US and the UK. The segment also features Willem Dafoe and Hippolyte Girardot. Quelques Jours en Septembre is a thriller set between 5 and 11 September , in which Binoche plays a French secret service agent, who may, or may not have information relating to impending attacks on the US. The film was the recipient of harsh criticism from the press for its perceived trivialization of the events of 11 September