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Daily Word Search. Mah Jong Quest. References in classic literature? Tom's excitement enabled him to keep awake until a pretty late hour, and he had good hopes of hearing Huck's "maow," and of having his treasure to astonish Becky and the picnickers with, next day; but he was dis- appointed. View in context. Innumerable parties of picnickers coming home at sunset cried, "Was there ever such a day as this?

The sudden view of the sea from the messy, pine-covered height directly above it where we picnic; the wonderful stretch of lonely shore with the forest to the water's edge; the coloured sails in the blue distance; the freshness, the brightness, the vastness--all is lost upon the picnickers , and made worse than indifferent to them, by the perpetual necessity they are under of fighting these horrid creatures. He wandered about the boat, talking little with the returning picnickers.

Rain revives the tent market. Each picnicker brings a set of 12 items such as cookies, rice pudding cakes, sticks of gum, or slices of watermelon. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Spencer Bickerton, Collection Menu.

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