The Skulls Beneath Eternity Wharf (Quigg Book 4)

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Yeah, it's about murder! Yeah, the characters are fantastic! On his travels, he meets a pair of obese twins who run a cafe - and I had in mind Tweedledee and Tweedledum when I was writing their interactions with Inigo. There's strange places as well, like the London Necropolis Company who had their own railway line to transport the London dead to Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey! You'll be glad to know that they don't do that anymore! Well, not legally anyway, but I understand there's been a few bodies dumped there with missing organs!

Hey, maybe there's a story there somewhere! The story is set in Little Haven in Pembrokeshire see picture below on the Welsh coast. No, you can't dowload the anthology yet because the other people who are writing their little stories aren't as task-centred as me! They're dragging their arses around wondering when, where, who, why?

And generally shilly-shallying like writers do. Not me, I just do it, eh Toady? You and me against the world! So, what's he going to do next, I hear you holler? The Graves Beneath Eternity Wharf is my considered answer.

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Well, after I've finished this bloggy thing, of course. Promises is promises, ain't they, Toady? The trouble is, as I was telling some body parts earlier, that when you write a number of different series, it takes a couple of days to swap heads. I mean, I've been a year-old grumpy Inigo Morgan for two weeks. I can't remember how old he is until I re-familiarise myself with the storylines again.

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What I do know is that, regardless of age, they all have different personalities. All I can say, is that it's a good job my own personality can accommodate multiple personalities. And you know what they say - one personality can do something the other personalities don't know about! Which personality are you writing this bloggy thing in, I hear you ask? And well you might! The thing is, I could be anybody, couldn't I? I've put a picture up there on the right, so you know I'm 59 - or do you? I've created a complete personality on this website, but I might very well be someone else.

I could be an 18 year-old Ukranian drummer girl for all you know. I'm not, but that picture doesn't do me justice. I'm often mistaken for a young Clint Eastwood - you know, the one in Dirty Harry - "Make my day, punk! But that's it see, you have to give your characters a personality, one that people will remember forever.

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Make 'em speak differently, give 'em a catchphrase, make it so that they seep into people's heads, so that they feel as though your characters are real, that they want to meet them when they're not so busy being characters. Yeah, it's not just writers who are crazy people, you know - readers are as well! Right, that's it! Ta ta for now, crazy people.

Literary fiction, popular fiction, and penny dreadfuls! Some reviewers, in their reviews of my books, have said that they're not literary fiction! Excuse me! That's like buying a fridge and then complaining because you can't get the television channels on it! Other clues, for the forensically-minded, would be the categories of 'police procedural' and 'thriller', and the blurbs might also suggest that my books are aimed at people who like a good murder mystery, with fabulous characters, and twists and turns like a roller coaster ride to a thrilling conclusion.

And, so that there's no doubt, none of my books are literary fiction. That's not to say I couldn't write some literary fiction if I wanted to, but I don't want to. Fear Of Money. Peter Kirby. Big City Jacks.

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