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Chiang Khan use to be a french colony, hence some of the houses here still have some french influence. And other than 2 hotels, everything else in this little town is only at maximum of 2 storeys high. No high rise 5 star hotels or malls spotted here. Wooden Houses and Architecture of Chiang Khan. In some sense, the main walking street from Soi 1 — 25 to be exact even feels like a movie set, with neat little wooden houses parallel to the beautiful Mekong River flowing by the side.

The stunning river that hold the record of being the 10th or 12th longest river in the world. I will share more later. Stunning Mekong River separating Thailand and Laos.

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Wefie shot of all of us all comfy in the long tail boat along the mekong river. Night Market and Streets bustling with activity, food stands and shops. The night market in Chiang Khan is really beautiful and hipster.

MWD Thai National Working Group Met in Chiang Khan

Not your usual ridiculously crowded shopping districts of Bangkok and Phuket with schools of sweaty tourists, this cooling river side night walking street is comfortably busy, with lovely street food stalls selling a range of food quite different from what you can get from the usual touristy parts of Thailand.

There are hippie and vintage shops, souvenir t-shirts, tons of street food stalls with such interesting variety, live music and more. One of the popular sweet snacks of Thailand — Glutionous rice with coconut. My favourite was the Miang Kum Sweet Thai Snack made up of a myriad of flavours from sweet to savoury to spicy.

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Some of the ingredients include peanut, ginger, onion, coconut, brown sugar wrapped in a leaf. Utterly yums. Please log in to continue.

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Chiang Khan Garden

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$17 Billion Project Proposes Changing Course of Asia's Mekong River | Voice of America - English

Related Stories. East Asia Pacific. Japan's foreign minister has announced a multi-billion dollar initiative to promote development in the Mekong region, which encompasses parts of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand through which the river flows. As China opened one of its six dams on the upper Mekong River last month to help parched Southeast Asian countries down river cope with a record drought, it was hailed as benevolent water diplomacy.


But to critics of hydroelectric dams built on the Mekong over the concerns of governments and activists, it was the self-serving act of a country that, along with hydropower-exporting Laos, has helped worsen the region's water and environmental problems. Much of…. More than delegates from over 50 countries attended the International Water Resources conference in Vientiane, Laos last week focusing on water resources and hydropower development across Asia. The conference centered on the development and engineering of regional hydropower with China, India, Russia, Malaysia and Pakistan boasting some of the largest dams and power plants globally.

But environmentalists fear the impact of increasing numbers of proposed dams on the…. By Ron Corben. Written By Neou Vannarin.