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Maxwell; J. Eric T. Taylor; Jay Pratt; Penelope Lockwood. Yannik T. Schelske; Tandra Ghose; Thomas M. Microsaccades scan highly informative image areas Free. The characteristics of microsaccadic eye movements varied with the change of strategy in a match-to-sample task. Perrinet; Guillaume S. Characteristics of square-wave jerks in the macaque monkey Free. Hypobaric hypoxia increases intersaccadic drift velocity Free.

Leandro L. Lopez; Carolina Saez; Stephen L. Macknik; Susana Martinez-Conde. Fixation strategies revealed by the retinal imaging Free. Non-Foveating Saccades and Fixations Free. Investigating task-dependent and stimulus-driven mechanisms of fixational saccades when detecting or discriminating a stimulus Free. Increasing extent of category selectivity with increasing power.

Representations of individual faces in the right anterior temporal lobe are invariant across different partial views of faces. Exploring the functional organization of the superior temporal sulcus with a broad set of naturalistic stimuli Free. A single mechanism of temporal integration unites neural adaptation and norm-based coding Free.

Face configuration processing in monkey cortex Free. Expectations of faces and words differentially activate the primary visual cortex Free. Lily M. Solomon-Harris; Jennifer K. What is a face? Face animacy does not impact the N inversion effect Free. Influence of autistic-like and empathetic traits on early ERPs to emotional faces Free. Frequency coding of facial parts Free. The N is driven by the presence of horizontal facial structure Free. Ali Hashemi; Matthew V. Pachai; Patrick J. Bennett; Allison B. Effects of inversion and contrast-reversal on objective face detection thresholds revealed by sweep steady-state visual evoked potentials Free.

Integrative processing of age, gender and ethnicity of faces: an ERP study Free. The time-course of face-selective ERP activation during ultra-rapid saccades Free. Miscalibration of depth cues in the developing visual system Free. Shape aftereffects reflect shape constancy operations: Appearance matters Free. Correct blur and accommodation information is a reliable cue to depth ordering.

Marina Zannoli; Rachel A. O'Brien; Martin Banks. Are blur and disparity complementary cues to depth? Modulation of distance estimation of visual object by stimulation of vergence and accommodation Free. Judgments of egocentric distance within indoor and outdoor environments: Context matters with restricted and unrestricted fields of view. Daniel A. Wallin; John W. Both own and other object shadows compress perceived distance Free.

Large systematic biases in pointing to real and virtual unseen targets. Jenny Vuong; Lyndsey C. Pickup; Andrew Glennerster. Direct manipulation of perceived angular declination affects perceived size and distance: A replication and extension of Wallach and O'Leary Electrophysiological correlates of size constancy Free. Depth detection thresholds for disparate subjective occluders decrease with inducer entropy.

What is stable in visual stability? Which way is up in the horizontal-vertical illusion? Short-term visual memory for stereoscopically-defined depth Free. Does gaze declination contribute to shape constancy on level ground? A comparison of perceived shapes on outdoor hills and fields Free.

Angular expansion theory turned on its side Free. Guidance of object-based attention from neural signatures of memory Free. Benjamin Hutchinson; Nicholas B. Bayesian adaptive estimation of the sensory memory decay function: the quick Partial Report method Free. The uninformativeness of summary statistics for comparing working memory models Free. Models of color working memory with color perception as a variable Free.

When common-fate fails: The limited reach of Gestalt grouping cues in online object binding in visual working memory Free. The effect of biased competition within sequential displays on visual short-term memory Free. Claire E. Miller; Niklas Ihssen; David E. Linden; Kimron L. Fine-grained representation of visual object information retrieved from long-term memory Free. Sharp emergence of working memories along the primate dorsal visual pathway Free. Right-hemisphere dominance in visual working memory for color-shape binding Free.

Ilja G. Sligte; Andries R. Shapiro; H. Steven Scholte. Using EEG to assess the relationship between load-dependent changes in alpha-band power and visual cortex excitability Free. Individual differences in visual lexical decision are highly correlated with orientation tuning Free.

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An optimal viewing position for object processing Free. Learning to read upside-down: a study of perceptual expertise and acquisition Free. Hills; Hashim M. Hanif; Jason J. Processing of words and text in prosopagnosia Free. Symbolic object representation in visual cortex Free. Representation of word identity and font in visual cortex Free.

Orthographic and lexical sensitivity to words in the ventral occipitotemporal cortex Free. Neural correlates of font sensitivity effects in the perception of simplified and traditional Chinese characters Free. Writing reduces holistic processing but does not facilitate reading: The case in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia. Exploring the representational geometry of object representation in the ventral stream using brain-behavior correlations Free. Michael A. Emergence of orientation invariant representations within the visual cortex Free.

Differential rate of temporal processing across category-selective regions in human high-level visual cortex Free. Anthony Stigliani; Kevin S. Weiner; Kalanit Grill-Spector. Real-world size improves object recognition in visual form agnosia Free. The clash of visual categories Free. Contextual modulation of competing interpretations in early object recognition Free. Rule-Based Category Learning Free. P variability during target detection in natural images: Implications for single-trial classification Free. Natural vision effects on contrast sensitivity and their correlation with macaque V1 activity Free.

Representing space in time during ocular drift Free. High-precision control of binocular gaze Free. Eye-movements and the neural basis of context effects on temporal sensitivity Free. Dissociating temporal inhibition of return and saccadic momentum across multiple eye-movement tasks Free. Steven G.

Luke; Tim J. Smith; Joseph Schmidt; John M. The pupillary light response reflects eye-movement preparation Free. Perceptual integration of kinematic components for the recognition of emotional facial expressions Free. Configural and featural facial information: integrality in normal face processing, separability in prosopagnosia Free. Retinotopic priors for eyes and mouth in face perception and face sensitive cortex Free. Benjamin de Haas; D. Data driven identification of functional organization Free. Making eye contact without awareness Free.

Valence and arousal underlie evaluation of emotional and conversational facial expressions across cultures Free. Crowding, grouping, timing Free. Effects of grouping on crowding with informative flankers Free. Saccades alter crowding in the parafovea Free. Peripheral object recognition with informative natural context Free. Highly abnormal visual context processing in older adults Free.

Michael-Paul Schallmo; Stefan R. Brancel; Andrea N. Grant; Cheryl A. Reinforcement modifies visual search in a structured background Free. The dominance of color in guiding visual search: Evidence from mismatch effects Free. Finding people in scenes: neural decoding target presence during search of dynamic scenes Free. The influence of salience-driven processes in overt visual selection Free. The low-prevalence effect is due to failures of attention, not premature search termination or motor errors: Evidence from passive search and eye-movements.

Roberts; Vivian Manh. Infants visual fixations to novel objects after individual-level training Free. An analysis of optic flow observed by infants during natural activities Free. Angela Voyles; Anthony M. Norcia; Lynne Kiorpes. Age-related differences in visuo-haptic integration Free. Without social cues it's male: Children perceive amorphous drawing of adults as male, but less so in social contexts Free.

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Visual search performance and IQ in 2-year-olds Free. Development of audiovisual integration in central and peripheral vision Free. Yi-Chuan Chen; Terri L. Lewis; David I. Shore; Daphne Maurer. Julian K. Ghloum; Laura C. Enns; Janet F. Werker; Daphne Maurer. Neural correlates of own- and other-race face recognition in preschoolers: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy fNIRS study Free.

A Horse of a different color: Early visual environments in an Indian community Free. Aging and the effect of size information on the control of braking Free. Colour discriminability and flicker sensitivity measures improve detection rates of early Age-related Macular Degeneration.

Impaired perception of rigidity induced by the amodal completion of 3D structures in active and passive vision Free. Configural superiority reduces efficiency Free. Seeing and liking from the outside in: Consistent inward biases in visual perception and aesthetic preferences Free. Shape distortion illusion of circles without prolonged viewing Free. Can infants 5. Elizabeth Salvagio; Rebecca L. Gomez; Mary A.

Closure and global shape contributions to contour grouping Free. Invariants of center-surround interactions Free. Mechanisms of motion-based object segregation Free. What do human observers see in dynamic image deformation? Perception at isoluminance: Role of spatial resolution and background colour. A paradox: Apparent onset locations for moving stimuli are more extrapolated following illusory reductions in speed. Competing motion signals compromise to discrete perception Free.

Revisiting the on-time effect: shorter exposure to static stimuli increases perceived velocity in apparent motion Free.

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Rotating Snakes Illusion — Quantitative analysis reveals islands in luminance space with opposite illusory rotation Free. Illusory rotation and motion capture in Pinna illusion depend upon grouping of the superimposed elements. The effect of noise on motion binding is similar in younger and older adults Free. Jessica N. Cali; Patrick J. Systematic biases in 3D motion perception as a function of sensory uncertainty Free. Jacqueline M. Fulvio; Monica L. Rosen; Bas Rokers. Examining the role of eye movements in the size-speed illusion. Illusory perception of alternating vertical apparent motion in sequential random texture displays Free.

Sensitivity to Newtonian mechanical regularities in causal perception: Evidence from attention Free. Differentiating between object-dependent and transient-dependent motion percepts through crowding Free. Tilt-rate perception in vehicle simulation: the role of motion, vision and attention Free. Automatic selection during simultaneous motion processing Free. Facial feature changes are hard to track in the color wagon-wheel illusion Free. Deterioration of visual motion perception in mesopic vision Free.

Interpolated visual features during apparent motion are represented in primary visual cortex Free. Dynamic neural encoding of component directions of transparently moving stimuli in cortical area MT Free. Battenberg summation reveals larger psychophysical receptive fields for motion signals Free. Thomas McDougall; J. Edwin Dickinson; David R. Interaction of color-defined and luminance-defined motion signals in human visual cortex Free.

Detection of phi and reverse-phi direction-specific responses using the steady-state VEP Free. A direct measure of the role of attention in apparent motion Free. Behavioral consequences of perceptual decision-making in oculomotor brain structures Free. FMRI correlates of visual motion processing in hearing and deaf adults Free. Sensorimotor and cognitve changes following exercise with and without subconcussive head trauma Free. Rhythmic oscillations of visual contrast sensitivity triggered by voluntary action Free. Towle; James X. Tao; Satoru Suzuki. Neural substrates for allocentric-to-egocentric conversion of target representation for memory-guided reach Free.

The event related potential technique and microstate analysis of memory guided and visually guided movements. Correct action affordance among unattended objects reduces their competition for representation in V4 Free. Erica Wager; Glyn W. Humphreys; Paige E. Neural bases of planning and execution of functional grasps: an fMRI study Free. Tool use and representations of reachable space in the superior parietal lobe Free. Hand-dependent and hand-independent cerebral asymmetries in the praxis representation network during planning of functional grasps Free.

Visual information shapes the dynamics of cortico-basal ganglia pathways during perceptual response selection and inhibition Free. Sara Jahfari; Lourens J. Waldorp; K. Richard Ridderinkhof; H. Revisiting touch observation in anterior parietal cortex: vicarious activation in somatosensory cortex? Are You Gonna Eat That? Your brain says "yes," but your body says "maybe. Effects of implicit learning and explicit knowledge on the spatial suppression of irrelevant distractors Free.

Yoolim Hong; Rachael E. Gwinn; Andrew B. Task-irrelevant attentional capture by salient expanding motion Free. Biasing attention with a surprise non-singleton feature Free. Targets previously associated with a unique response attract attention Free. Categorical capture of attention Free. Task-irrelevant faces capture attention regardless of perceptual load Free.

The role of biological form in reflexive orienting Free. Alvin X. Li; Maria Florendo; Luke E. Miller; Ayse P. Attentional capture by signals of threat Free. Jan Theeuwes; Lisette J. Schmidt; Artem V. Becker; Susan M. Ravizza; Chad Peltier. Correction of distractor-bound saccades depends on available evidence of error. Dual processes of oculomotor capture by abrupt onset: Rapid involuntary capture and sluggish voluntary prioritization Free.

Spatial attention in the visual field: a unitary system? Balancing internal and external attention: mind-wandering variability predicts error awareness Free. The relationship between contrast detection and saccadic reaction times with attention. The onset of background dynamic noise degrades preview benefit in inefficient visual search Free. Speed and accuracy of decoding cue meaning are not related to the extent of a cueing effect: A comparison among predictive arrow, color and number cues Free. Bettina Olk; A. Raisa Petca; Adalbert F. Attention improves precision while short-term memory load increases guessing Free.

Anthony W. Sali; Brian A. Anderson; Steven Yantis. Alpha-pulse sampling in attention revealed in saccade latency behavior Free. The locus coeruleus-noradrenaline system facilitates attentional processing of action-triggered visual stimuli Free. Unattended feature interference during a dynamic sequence task Free. Sarah C.

Volume 14 Issue 10 | JOV | ARVO Journals

Tyler; Charles Chubb; Emily D. Reconstructing temporal organization of visual attention reduces attentional blink Free. Rhythmic motion regulates spontaneous perceptual alternation Free. Onset target escapes the background perceptual grouping Free. A temporal benefit of covert spatial orienting across visual hemifields.

Perceptual delay in metacontrast Free. Tracking Illusory Contour Figures Free. How long can you keep tracking? How do we update mental simulations at the right speed? Virtual object tracking: The inference and tracking of invisible objects through effects on their surroundings Free. Dividing attention reduces both speed and temporal frequency limits on object tracking Free.

Exploration of the Halt-Move effect for occluded objects in Multiple Object Tracking: Tests of masking, cuing and item displacement Free. Studying the effect of eye-movements and interruptions in Multiple Object Tracking Free.

WWE's Light from the Shadows: Why "Peeps" Should Sit Back and Relax!

Justin M. Ericson; Rebecca R. Goldstein; Melissa R. The effect of feedback on 3D multiple object tracking performance and its transferability to other attentional tasks Free.


Replacing the spotlight with a Kalman filter: A prediction error model of multiple object tracking Free. Ashley M. Yago Vicente; Gregory J. The capacity of mental rotation Free. Prediction of perceived fog density and defogging of natural foggy images Free. Does RMS contrast normalization impair coarse-to-fine processing of natural scenes? Through the Looking-Glass: Are objects in mirrors really objects?

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  6. Preeti Sareen; Krista A. Ehinger; Jeremy M. Towards a model for mid-level feature representation of scenes Free. Place recognition and heading retrieval are dissociable in mice and possibly men Free. Joshua B. Using spatial statistics to investigate allocation of attention within single trials Free. Why the "Rule of Thirds" is Wrong Free. Inhibition of attention to irrelevant areas of a scene: Investigating mechanisms of attention during visual search Free. Short term and baseline effect in the estimation of probabilistic visual event sequences Free.

    Visual features that repeat across cuts guide attention in movies Free. Coloring Time! Do hemifield representations co-opt ocular dominance column structure in achiasma? Cheryl A. Olman; Pinglei Bao; Stephen A. Engel; Andrea N. Transient monocular deprivation affects binocular rivalry and GABA concentrations in adult human visual cortex.

    Not all probes are created equal: Suppressed probes presented during binocular rivalry draw attention to the suppressed image Free. Brian A. Metzger; Kyle E. Mathewson; Evelina Tapia; Kathy A. Low; Ed L. Sensory memory of multi-stable displays: memory mechanisms are used to resolve ambiguity, not to stabilize perception Free. Interocular competition at higher levels of motion processing Free. Vivian Holten; Sjoerd M. Stuit; Maarten J. Donker; Frans A. Deriving configuration effects in spatial working memory from rational correspondence Free.

    Environment sensitivity in hierarchical representations Free. Shared visual memory resources for individuation and ensemble representation Free. In competition for the attentional template: Only a single item in visual working memory can guide attention Free. The more you try to remember, the faster you forget: load-dependent forgetting and mnemonic overreaching Free.

    A classification-image-like method reveals strategies in 2afc tasks Free. A kindler, gentler adaptive psychophysical procedure Free. Symmetry: Less than meets the eye Free. Non-orthogonal channels for relative numerosity and contrast detection Free. Encoding space in time: a model of human contrast sensitivity in the presence of fixational eye movements Free. Layer-specific fMRI signals in the human LGN — An investigation of magnocellular and parvocellular pathways in normal subjects and glaucoma patients Free.

    Statistical regularities shape object perception Free. The neural changes associated particularly with perceptual learning trained with reward are not essential to perceptual learning in general Free. Biases in multistable displays as dynamic state variables Free. Four days of visual contrast adaptation: effects on perceived contrast grow monotonically while effects on orientation rise then fall.

    Adaptation to patch-wise complementary video reduces perceptual ocular dominance Free. A unifying mechanism underlying adaptation and perceptual learning Free. Informed perception: Catching ability changes perceived size of ball Free. The "Verge-Weight" Illusion Free. Online control of grasping for shapes defined by second-order contours Free.

    Reach-to-grasp actions affect the perceptual scaling of disparity-defined depth. Distinct patterns of size-contrast illusion effects in reaching and grasping movements Free. Hand position influences perceptual grouping Free. Noura Alomawi; Joost C. Dessing; Xiaogang Yan; J. The role of egocentric and allocentric feedback in calibrating goal-oriented actions Free.

    The role of reference frames for reaching in a naturalistic environment Free. Visually judging the fate of ones own and others basketball shots Free. Limb-target regulation processes: Further evidence for a sweet spot. Coupling of reaction and movement times in reaching Free. Invariant and variable relations emerge with degrees of difficulty within habitual and surprise touch-pointing motions Free. Another look at binocular vision: Contribution to online control processes.

    Does binocular vision drive the lower visual field advantage for grasping? Visually guided grasping in depth is systematically inaccurate Free. Kate E. Merritt; Robert L. Michael K. McBeath; Richard N. Hinrichs; Jeremy R. Biases in number representation as a by-product of optimising visuomotor responses: evidence from a number line reaching task Free.

    Auditory-induced bouncing is a visual rather than a cognitive phenomenon: Evidence from illusory crescents Free. Differential effect of visual and auditory spatial cues on visual numerosity judgment Free. Audiovisual processing differences in autism spectrum disorder revealed by a model-based analysis of simultaneity and temporal order judgments Free. Reduced audiovisual recalibration in the elderly Free. What you hear is what you see: Non-spatial visual information can hinder auditory detectability early in development Free. Lets play it by ear: Auditory gating during goal-directed action?

    Multisensory classification images reveal the role of cross-correlation in audiovisual temporal processing. Auditory and tactile signals combine to influence vision during binocular rivalry Free. Angry faces reduce sensitivity for auditory-visual temporal asynchrony Free. Visual Texture, Music, and Emotion Free.

    Subjective crossmodal correspondence and audiovisual integration Free. Implicit detection of asynchronous audiovisual speech by eye movements Free. Tim J. Smith; Jonathan Batten; Rachael Bedford. Influences of response delay on unconscious imitation of visual speech Free. James W. Dias; Theresa C. Cook; Josh J. Dorsi; Dominique C. Simmons; Lawrence D. Reading rotated clocks: the role of egocentric and environmental orientation Free. Visual motion energy signal usage in gesture and speech integration: The role of semantic categorization and task demands Free.

    The texture of musical sounds: Cross-modal associations between visual textures and musical timbres and intervals Free. Clarifying the crossmodal Stroop effect in an auditory-visual colour naming task with words and non-words stimuli. Bidirectional cross-modal synesthetic priming Free.

    Sounds Into Words

    Like Hoover. Turns out it was the head of the New York field office. Not even the people who cut his check knew how to find him. Phyllis rolls right over his objections without batting an eye. There are only two who are called out specifically. One of them, Remote, was linked with him romantically. The last time there was a report of contact between Curveball and Remote, she was in Farraday City. CB disappeared two days later.

    Jason returns his attention to the big screen. Phyllis types into her computer, and the route expands until it shows all the official stops, then zooms in on Farraday City. A line travels west from the city to a small dot representing the town of Silverlane. We were able to confirm that someone has been cashing the same check at that bank every month for the last six years. The Board wants him taken care of immediately. The Board has someone specific in mind for him. Your email address will not be published. Story: C. Skip to content Log In Register.

    Missed them in New Jersey. Missed them in Mississippi. Curveball and Jenny Forrest are officially in the wind. The pizza is cold. The Pepsi is warm. His grin widens. Jason looks from one to the other. Jason frowns. Phyllis and Will beam at him. Continue: Part Four: Last Friday.