Der unheimliche Mönch (German Edition)

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I guess they thought the subtle Goethe reference would go over the audience's heads. Furthermore, the pattern itself only fits the German versions of Wallace's titles.

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And finally, the picture of the villain in question is actually that of a conservative German politician, Roland Koch. Koch ran unsuccessfully for re-election on an off-puttingly xenophobic platform a few years after Der Wixxer came out. For American viewers, a roughly comparable example might be Rick Santorum Hey-ho, and welcome to the The movie redeems itself a little by having Longer mistake Fuchsberger for the hero of a krimi he didn't star in.

Based on a Wallace novel called "Kate Plus 10" Covered very well by Right Said Fred That may be true. Nevertheless, there's a lot of humor in Der Wixxer that doesn't depend on language, or cultural knowledge, or anything specifically German; and judging by the exceedingly juvenile nature of most of that humor, I'm going to bet I'm not missing all that much.

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And I do appreciate juvenile humor. I understand that certain things can be missed completely if you don't understand the intricacies of the language. I know I've mentioned this before, but in this case it bears repeating: I remember seeing Monty Python and the Holy Grail dubbed into Hungarian, which is a non-Indo-European language and completely unlike English.

This is impressively demonstated by this sampler.

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CST Raumpatrouille in a "modernised" version. CD1 contains 21 and CD2 contains 22 tracks.

Edgar Wallace - Die Katze von Kensington

There were 18 short subtitle as to know, what the music was all about, but they couldn't be played as own tracks. Now, we have and in Germany eyeryone speaks Denglish.

Döhring, Karl 1879-1941

Some avid people from the label "Jazz Club" thought it to be time enough for a re-release of the music on CD of course. Looking to the international market, where Peter Thomas still is known to many a fan even George Clooney knows him As an enhancement to the old LP, we now can select each of the now 29 tracks individually and even buy them at some internet-sellers as MP3. Will try to see this repaired