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Feel free to contact your local store to let them know about it! Barry: Can you e-mail me at stonemaiergames gmail. Awesome stuff! Happy to get some fresh cards and look forward to mixing them in! Hello, i am from Chile. I would love to have this expansion since i love agricola and love viticulture. What are my possibilities? I noticed on BGG you said that the cards will be shipped out next week after arriving this week to St. Louis — does that mean the retailers could make it available prior to April 8? Whenever retailers receive their games which could be a few days before April 8 , they will ship them to the people who pre-ordered from them.

Do you need your copy by a certain date? No — I have a number of items in my order its a big order with several games and the order will not be shipped until Moor arrives. I was hoping to get the whole order sooner than April 8. Just contacted a local store and was told the initial pre-order was already filled up. For as wonderfully as things are normally done by Stonemaier games this is a rare fail imo. Unless there as a miscommunication and they meant the preorder window was closed… but they mentioned they had already ordered the maximum amount they could.

There was no maximum for any of the pre-orders. Just like any other product you would order from a local store, they will soon be able to order copies from distributors to serve you. Your response is a bit harsh considering I said things are normally wonderfully handled by you and your company. And I did specify that it could have been a miscommunication. And I was merely commenting on information presented to me.

No dates were mentioned in my communication with the store or on the email I was going off of. It makes sense that there was a cutoff.

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That being said if it hits normal distribution which I did not know one way or the other if it would I can get if from my normal FLGS. Considering this is the first time you have used a model like this? The only blanket statements I made were positive ones. To my knowledge for new games and expansions and even 2nd editions previous to this have all used Kickstarter. It was about this model used for this thing. And that was only being said given the strange information given to me by one of my FLGS limited quantity of pre-order, implied but uncertain second wave of items, not flat out told i missed the window which upon re-reading the email I do see a date range now.

That was my fault. It seems that there are many problems with the Moor Visitors Expansion. My shop Board Game Extras told me, that they could not send me my prepaid copy, because you are not able to send them the games. March is already nearly over now. Is there a possibility to get this cards in the next few weeks. They are currently at customs in France. Your retailer will have them in about a week.

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The dates on this page indicate that delivery will happen in April. But then the freight shipment was delayed by 10 days, and then I learned that the warehouse receiving our games would not be able to send the games to retailers in a timely manner. So we had those games sent to fulfillment centers to then be sent to retailers, a process that added some time. In this case the games were already on the ocean on the way to St. I had no indication at the time that there were going to be any delays.

So I still love the best game of the world as before. Thank You very much. I just received my copy of Moor Visitors. One thing that I find strange: the replacement promoter has the same image as the original, but no sponsor name. This was a vanity pledge.

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A Kickstarter backer paid to have their name and likeness on the card. And the name is not there on the latest version. Klaus: The vanity pledge was for the first edition of Viticulture. This is the Moor Visitors expansion, a completely different thing. Any news on the return of the Australian shipment? It was sent to Australia but rejected by customs due to a typo. It arrived at Good Games early last week, and then should send it to retailers tomorrow.

Hi Jamey, I just got my copy of the expansion, and had a question about 2 of the summer visitor cards, Grand Sponsor and Hotelier.

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  5. Or do you hold onto it after playing it? Buffy: Thanks for your question.

    Moor Visitors Expansion – Stonemaier Games

    Hello, I had received the Moor Visitor cards a while ago too late for my birthday but close enough , and I just want one clarification. I only have the Viticulture Essential and pre-ordered the Tuscany Essential. Lillian: Indeed, that card replaces the Harvest Machine card in the original Tuscany. We fixed it in Tuscany Essential. I believe you answered my questions but I wanted to confirm.

    I have Viticulture Essential Edition and pre-ordered Tuscany Essential version as well very excited to receive it!! I also purchased the Moor Visitors Expansion too. Is this correct or do I simply now have two possible Producers and Harvest Machine cards in my Essential editions? Thanks for your help! Jamey: Thanks for the quick reply and confirmation! I will remove those two MV expansion cards since they are already correct in my editions.

    Viticulture is one of my wife and my favorite games, so thank you for all your hard work! So the cards from Moor Visitors are replaced with the cards from Essential Editions? Or the cards from Moor Visitors coud be add to the game without any problem? I know the second wave for that has gone out, so perhaps the third wave for it. Cheers Morgan. Morgan: Thanks for your note—I think those stores are a little confused, as they were informed of the reprint over a month ago.

    They can restock at any time, as we have them in our warehouse in St. Louis right now. You did the right thing—you told those stores you wanted it. If you tell me the stores you contacted, I can reach out to them. OMG Yes! I reached out to a few stores, but the one I want to purchase from is Vault Games in Brisbane, as they were really helpful over the holidays. Thanks so much.


    And Happy New Year. Morgan, did you end up getting a copy from Vault Games. I have placed a backorder with them for Moor Visitors but they claim it to be unavailable from the supplier. Thanks in advance! Daniel: Thanks for letting me know. We do still have Moor Visitors in stock—stores should be able to order it. Great, thanks for the quick response as usual Jamey! You set the bar so high for customer service, its truly incredible and a big reason that there is so much love for you out there!

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