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Facebook allows you quite a bit of creativity and flexibility in creating your ad. For uploaded photos, the photo specifications are: minimum x pixels, recommended x You can ignore this for now as you will replace the image. Depending on what your real estate expertise is, you can choose a headline that suits your offering. If you can find a way to translate that into your photo and copy, it will go far in separating you from your competitors.

For the purposes of this ad, if you cannot think of a headline that is more tailored to the solutions you can offer, select from one of these:. Generally speaking, for any types of advertisements involved with housing or financial situations you need to be very careful in how you approach prospective sellers or buyers, or risk getting your ad rejected by Facebook.

For more information on prohibited content that is related to personal attributes, you can go straight to the source:. Most ads have a Call-to-Action button that helps the viewer take action. In the case of a Facebook ad, the CTA is the button that you want the viewer to click on that will get them to your website. There are a number of CTA texts available to choose from. Targeting can be both geographic, as well as based on other Detailed Targeting criteria like demographics, interests, or behaviors. Although the name of your audience is the first field that you will see, I recommend waiting to name your Audience until after you have finished entering in all of the targeting criteria.

This is because you will be using those criteria in the name to distinguish different audiences from each other. At the bottom of the audience builder is a very important dial to take note of as you edit your targeting criteria. The Potential Reach provided gives a general idea of how many people your ad can potentially be shown to, depending on the size of the geographic area or how specific is the targeting that you choose. Before we can specifically target a particular audience, we have to explain the three categories of targeting: Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors.

Interests are those words that a viewer has included in their Facebook profile, or that are included in pages they like or other areas. Facebook can provide Audiences that display a certain type of behavior.

Option 1: Working with the County

For example, you could include people who fit into certain multi-cultural affinities: African-Americans, Asian-Americans, or Hispanics. Note: do not advertise housing opportunities if you are advertising a property for sale, for example that are specifically aimed at populations of a certain multi-cultural affinity; this is against federal law. You will first want to select which demographics, interests, or behaviors to target in your ad by either searching for them, or browsing through the different categories. Trick of the trade: Think of and search for an interest or demographic or behavior that you believe the people in your target audience exhibit.

This seems to be the sweet spot in the areas I do business any longer and the tax balances are usually too high. Or there will be an incomplete address listed, providing only a street name without the street number. Do you just omit these results from the master list? And what does it mean when there is no physical address? I tried to cross reference a few that had incomplete addresses with the info on the county website using the APN numbers, but I get the same information. They list property boundary descriptions, but this is of little help regarding a direct mail campaign. It seems to really only be the case with vacant land.

Hi Jon, I understand the frustration. Hi Seth! Thank you for such a great blog! I really enjoy reading it! In my experience, you are correct. Seth, I have been pulling lists by contacting the counties directly and comparing to agent pro. Confidence on agent pro is low for me so will keep going to counties as painful as it is. Every county is different but I have seen a few counties that offer the list of tax certificate properties.

Finding Motivated Sellers

These seem to be the delinquent tax roll on steroids. Some counties seem to have delinq list even before the tax is past due so if they are billed nov 1 they are on delinq list but there is no real consequence until April the next year when a cert is sold. Have you ever targeted the tax cert list? I am looking at land. Many of these balances can be so high that it will squelch the deal — which can be pretty disappointing in the end.

Thanks so much for providing all this value and for answering my questions on your other page. I just got AgentPro used your code and I have a question about pulling lists. I think you possibly referred to doing this since those entities are unlikely to do business with you. Do you feel that is true? Especially with LLCs, which tend to be sole proprietorships, and thus smaller businesses? The reason I ask is because when I exclude these entities, the list gets greatly reduced. I want to be sure what I am doing makes sense. Hi Josh! Yes, in almost all instances I would agree with this approach.

Seth you da man! I got this list from the county but it only comes on CD-ROM and its all jumbled together, could you take a look at it and help me figure out how to separate who exactly to mail to? Would you just mail ALL the residential to the address listed? Perhaps I am over thinking it. Any directions and expertise would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Unfortunately, it takes much longer and requires a significantly more tedious process. One way around this would be to hire a contractor on Fiverr.

Yep thought it was gonna be a pain, but no pain no gain? Maybe… I may just hire someone in the future. Did you ever get around to making a video on separating the data? I love your videos! I just signed up for an agentpro account. I exported a list of tax- delinquent vacant land from one county. How often can I download the same list from this same county?

I believe you can download it as often as you want, up until you hit your monthly limit. I finally got the courage to try this about a month ago. I got a list from AgentPro and sent out 70 letters. I think about a third of them came back because the owner no longer lived at the address that was on the list.

I probably had 6 or 7 people contact me and I finally closed on one deal. My plan is to sell the property with owner financing. I think next time I will get my list directly from the county if possible so that I can get the amount of taxes owed because some of the people had back taxes that amounted to what the property was worth and was a waste of time marketing to them. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the information you make available on your blog. I really appreciate it. Started reading your blog recently, and it looks like some good stuff!

I am thinking about trying to buy land, the way you do, to build some capital for buying rental properties. I am having trouble generating a good size list or prospects. I picked a county on agent pro, selected the category of vacant land, and tax delinquent…. Tried a different County, 0. Another County, 3 results. How do you search for vacant land using agent pro to get a decent list size? Try pulling your list from a different county b. Try getting your list directly from the county. Honestly — option b is probably going to be your best bet in the end though it usually takes a bit more work to do it this way.

What is your success rate using Agent Pro vs pulling the lists directly from the county? I ask because it seems like the county option is better for delivering results. Great blog. Hey Cameron — this is a great question. In the video, how do you know you are searching just land and not houses too? Is it based on the type of subscription or list you buy from AgentPro? You simply check all of the items that resemble land and keep everything else unchecked.

The list comes in a very wierd format and with missing data critical for mailing the owners. Do you use and pay a company to convert into usable data after paying the county to give tou the list? Hi Luis, there are people on sites like Fiverr who can do this kind of work for you — yes. As for the missing data, did you tell the county upfront what needed to be included on the list? That being said… some counties do have some pretty bizarre list formats.

How To Find Motivated Sellers - 5 Effective Lead Gen. Strategies!

They can almost always be salvaged, but some take much more work than others. Hi Seth, Would you recommend mailing a post card or letter to delinquent tax owners? How would you word it? Thank you so much. Hi Christine — personally, I use postcards. You can see some examples of what mine say in this blog post. Hi seth. Is is true that you can wholesale a property without using your own money.

Hi William — it is!

How to Generate Real Estate Seller Leads with Facebook Ads in 2 weeks

I actually have a very detailed blog post that explains the whole process. Hi Seth, First, thanks for putting this information together for us. I tried to using agentpro and there is literally no data for me to utilize in my counties which are very large suburban counties. No additional filtering other than my state and counties. Do you know of another source with similarly reliable information? Hi Anthony, sorry to hear about that. I saw your video on using AgentPro a few years back. I used the service. I got some good results. The only problem was the delinquents were a year behind.

I mailed them anyway and kinda liked it. Thanks for sharing. Thanks David! Newbie here, taking tons of notes on your blog posts. Looks like they got rid of it. Do you have any advice for someone who thought the bronze membership seemed like a perfect fit, like me? I really appreciate the quick response! I was wondering if you could either answer my question here or point me towards a post where you may have covered this:. I have been reading and taking notes on your Guide to Wholesaling sorry I forget the actual title , reading every post, and following all of the blue underlined links to read further on the topics.

If you talk to them on the phone or email and they express their interest, what comes next? Are you setting up a meeting where you then explain to them what it is you will be doing? Or is what your Wholesaling Process posts entail, that you are skipping the face to face meet and conversation and replacing it with an email or letter that jumps right into an offer? I finally got my list. I had it cleaned up so I could sort it.

I have it narrowed down to land parcels only. However, the levy due can be kind of confusing. Is that normal or did I get the wrong list? I guess my question has more to do with how do I understand how much taxes are due and are they worth pursuing? Hi Gus — sorry for the trouble.

I just checked and verified that you are indeed on the list. Thanks for subscribing! Thank you! Thank you in advance! Hi Seth, Hopefully you get this!

The profile package shows 20 profiles per month but says nothing about being able to pull lead lists…is this a hidden feature? Or would I have to purchase both packages to accommodate this? Hi Andrew — yeah, AP made a pretty major change to their pricing a few months ago. Hey whats up seth, had a quick question. I just finished reading a book by sean terry and he talks alot about targeting sellers with little to no equity, but that process seems more complicated. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Hi Seth I just got my county tax delinquent list yesterday.

It has nearly 2, addresses. I deleted some that are now owned by the county, business, land fills yes there were a few. Do you have a yellow letter template or something I could follow for some motivating language??? Hi Dave, totally! Check out this blog post or this blog post for some examples on what you can say in your mailers. Good luck! Thanks a lot. So using the higher amounts leads me to believe they are at least two years. Thanks for the help again. I definitely want to hire a VA after reading all this haha. That definitely is a ton of work, but I think it could be worth it in the end.

I also have a solid website that I use to increase leads with SEO and all of that. It really does work. Does that make sense? Thanks for all the great content.

Wholesale Properties Guide 101 — How to Start Wholesaling Real Estate

I had a question on AgentPro Can you confirm? Yeah, AP jacked up their prices quite a bit earlier this year. Hi Zach — I actually still have my AP account too. Since AP raised their prices over a year ago, DataTree is actually a bit less expensive now that is… if you click through our affiliate link and get the discounted pricing. The market moves fast. Stay ahead with the latest tips in low-risk, high-return real estate investing for your business. Please add REtipster. Thank you for supporting. We promise you will find ample value from our website. Step 1: Getting The List.

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