Chinese Dragon Cross Stitch Pattern

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All the DMC color codes for my patterns.

Cross Stitch (Flosstube) #9 - China Kit First Impressions

The double cross-stitch , also known as a Leviathan stitch or Smyrna cross stitch , combines a cross-stitch with an upright cross-stitch. Berlin wool work and similar petit point stitchery resembles the heavily shaded, opulent styles of cross-stitch, and sometimes also used charted patterns on paper. Cross-stitch is often used together with other stitches.

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It is sometimes used in crewel embroidery, especially in its more modern derivatives. It is also often used in needlepoint.

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The most difficult task is choosing the proper shades of floss to embroider a certain project. Usually the dealer from whom you purchase your embroidery floss will advise you, but when one lives in one of the smaller towns, no store will be found which carries a good stock of embroidery materials, from which to make a selection. In this case the best thing to do is; google for embroidery floss for on-line stores.

Choose a simple design to begin with, such as a Violet, a Buttercup, or a Daisy, and get a small size stamped linen, not over nine inches square.

Mythical Dragon Cross Stitch Patterns |

Cross-stitch can be worked from a chart or directly onto printed fabrics such as table cloths. Cross-stitch is most commonly worked in embroidery floss. The threads used for stitching may be wool, silk, cotton or combinations, such as wool-silk blend. Variety fibers may also be used, such as metallic cord, metallic braid, ribbon, or raffia.

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Cross-stitch is often combined with other popular forms of embroidery, such as Hardanger or Blackwork embroidery. Tips; Some people find it easier to control the tension of their thread with a hoop. Remove it, when you are not working. According to the corresponding color coded clamp the corresponding the resin inlaid diamonds 5.

Cross Stitch Myth & Magic: Wizards, Angels, Dragons, Mermaids, Cherubs, Unicorns, Fairies

Suggested that one type of the resin diamond one set completed faster 6. In order to create a perfect diamond painting, drawings put together in one place every row symbols do not have to stay stuck diamonds 7. To cut a good figure on the drawings hold sorted array mounted to the plane of the material above 8. Splices need flat against the neat, do not have cracks 9. To complete a good diamond drawing, put it in your selection of a suitable framework the restaurant does not provide a framework DIY Diamond painting Precautions: 1.

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Reference before the operation steps 2. If you do not know what color to use, please refer to the color table 3.

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  • Central European cross-stitching tends to show geometric patterns in one or two colors, and it is also not uncommon to see cross-stitch scenes that incorporate trees, birds, wildlife, flowers and other natural elements. As cross-stitching has become more popular in China, Chinese-style cross-stitch patterns have been developed.

    Chinese Dragon cross stitch pattern

    These patterns include elements of Chinese culture that include many themes you might find in a traditional Chinese painting, such as Chinese characters and calligraphy, Chinese sayings, dragons, mythical scenes and gods, fans and elements of the Chinese zodiac, including traditional Chinese zodiac animals. Other common cross-stitch patterns may incorporate scenes of China, such as views of the Great Wall or other famous spots. Very often, Chinese cross-stitch patterns include a theme of luck or a blessing or good wish, as cross-stitches are likely to be hung in the home or given as gifts.

    Chinese cross-stitch kits generally come with everything you need to get started cross-stitching, including an aida cloth, thread, needle and easy-to-read instructions.

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    • Cross-stitching is a wonderful and inexpensive way to create a handmade gift or decorative item for the home. Your email address will not be published.