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So once we knew we were killing Michael, and we wanted Joan to take the fall, Hannah was really the only and best option for us. The other thing that we loved about Hannah as the killer is that it put Gregson in such a terrible spot. It was interesting to take someone who is never anything but an ally and friend and champion, and make him part of the problem. To put him and Sherlock up against each other, we thought, was a big and interesting thing to do in a finale.

How much time are you going to be spending in England next season? We had to commit. We chose to move Sherlock and Joan to London at the end of the season because we felt it was canonically appropriate, for lack of a better term. We really liked the idea of taking our Holmes and our Watson, and putting them where, really, a Holmes and a Watson belong — bring them home, so to speak — and let everyone imagine that there are additional adventures and mysteries ahead of them in a place where they really belong.

Their work is really cut out for them, as we move into a seventh season. Their relationship with Captain Gregson is in a bad place. I had to assume this was the end for the series. So I thought it was time for Sherlock to stop beating around the bushes and let the subtext be the text for once. When you look at any of our seasons, what you see or feel between them is love. It very much read as a platonic love. Was that what you intended?

Oh yeah, absolutely. If I thought it was the last time I was going to see someone I cared about, I think I would say that with great ease. Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick! Click here to subscribe. How Do Handmaids Eat? And More…. Post to Cancel.