Home Sweeter Home: Creating A Haven Of Simplicity And Spirit (Engravers Cut Series)

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My Account Sign in Register. Out of Print. Pre-release title. On Special. Firm Sale. Internationally Sourced. In your basket. Large Print. We follow the map as it guides us through sourcing, ordering, purchasing, and managing of the project. The process is heavily peppered with site visits, correspondence with the contractors, and eventually installation. Red, denim, hot dogs, and freedom. Our personal aesthetic goes beyond the interior of the homes we design; good design, afterall, is a lifestyle.

The best part, all these gorg goods can be found locally. This 4th, why not invite your accessories to make a statement. Nothing says summer like bold sunnies and notable hoops. Get down and boho chic at the family bbq with your best worn-in jeans and a kitten heel. Whether you decide to picnic or parade, celebrate your signature style this Independence Day…or rip a page out of our book. And yes, have another slice of that American flag cool whip cake. It does, however, take some research to find the perfect designer to carry out your overall vision and setting reasonable expectations, especially when it comes to cost.

Here are our best tips when considering an interior designer. Be ready to be decisive and try to define your style as much as possible. It helps to get a recommendation from someone you trust who has had a positive experience. Trust is essential. Interior designers have access to the universe of all that is low-end, mid range and the high-end.

Designers are highly skilled and can get creative with your budget, mixing high-end with low-end. You can also consider an all in budget, budgets for each individual space, or a flexible budget that has allowances for all the moving parts. Like with any relationship , communication is pivotal to success. Be upfront about money, style and expectations in the very beginning and maintain those conversations throughout the process. Interior designers are not mind readers.

If you need more information, tell them. If you want to be more involved, tell them. Good communication or the lack thereof can make or break a project. Our tips will help you narrow down your options and get you to swipe right on the top-notch match for you. Happy hiring! The eye of the storm is that peaceful calm in the center of chaos. Dads are special like that. Our pops is no exception. He has inspired us in so many ways and we carry his life lessons in everything we do.

That desire to strive for authenticity and to be true to who we are is what drives our designs. So how do we honor dad this year? Only with local goods of course! Available at Design 4 Corners. Shop the collection at BingSurfboards.

Shop this book and many more coffee table books in our shop at Design 4 Corners. Yassss Queen! Your personal aesthetic is a true form of self-expression.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! As San Diego natives with a Mexican background, us sisters, are obligated to know how to make a good margarita and taco. That being said we wanted to spread the wealth, or should we say tacos, by sharing some easy to make recipes for the holiday! The less milk the creamier the dip. When cooked put to the side. Margarita Mix.

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Shop our teak bowls here! The centerpiece to any great kitchen is simply the people who fill it. Using accents of black made this design dramatic without taking away from this clean and timeless look. Our client is a high-powered attorney with two small kids who was looking for a sacred space, a solace for her family to gather.

We removed her multi-angled, multi-height island and swapped it for a long, wide quartz counter island so she could keep her eye on her kids while she was cooking and completely transformed her outdated kitchen to a full-functioning space ready for entertaining. We converted a window to a door and added an additional door, providing sunlight and access to the yard. Black framed and mullion doors, often called factory doors and totally trending right now , complimented the white space. Structurally, making these doors work was a challenge, but provided the design impact for that one-two punch, knockout kitchen.

If you look closely you will notice some architectural detail work in the cabinetry. As designers, sometimes we delight in keeping it simple. Peppering this stark white kitchen with black accents made a big impact. White kitchen. Black Accents. Vibrant people. The swarm that is motherhood is notably discerned by the bundles of moments that are forever etched in heart and mind. Like the first time I made eye contact.

Or the terror in giving them their first bath. And it changes so fast. Blink speed. Like the time I woke up to find Hudson in the kitchen sitting on the kitchen counter throwing flour and pouring oil all over the floors. The way they run to you so excited and so happy to see you. Or the endless car rides when they screamed the whole ride because they hated their car seat. Or, my personal favorite, the amazing snuggles in the morning when they first wake up.

Like I said, blink speed. Being a mother is like riding a roller coaster that never docks. The love is so massive it can feel terrifying. And so you get through the sleepless nights, the thankless cooking, the throwing of food, the tantrums in the middle of a store, the projectile vomiting on the person sitting next to you on the plane, the utter fear the first time you lose sight of them in a busy place, their first cut, fall or bruise.

They keep you on your toes and they bring you to your knees. A wonderful, scary and incredibly exhausting, majestic thing. And I love it. They are my everything. I have a newfound respect for my own mother and all the mothers out there. Whether you have a human baby or a furry baby, we are all devoted.

Home Sweeter Home: Creating A Haven Of Simplicity And Spirit

And that devotion makes the world go around. So, here is a little round up of some of the things that I would get myself as a treat. Perhaps, a reminder to take care of yourself. You deserve it. This is our go-to-spot for any and all relaxation needs!

Eleksmaker EleksLaser A3 Pro Laser Engraver Build, Test & Review - 2018

All you mamas need to know about this place! Shop the collection at one our fav shops in San Diego, Sea and Wander. Yes please! I just treated myself to a pair of these guys! It matched the necklace above perfectly! This gorgeous necklace was hand made by our dear friend and local artist, Kim Egel.

Green thumb magic is not required, just a little love. Terrariums are the perfect way to bring a little bit of the outdoor life inside. So grab your girlfriends and bring some life into your home! Some cute succulent or cacti plants of your choice. A syringe. Colored sand optional. This adds a little extra something to your terrarium or potted plant. You can also use small decorative rocks or moss. Add your base layer. This can be rocks, sand or gravel. This layer is for drainage. Depending on how big or small your container is you will want at least a half an inch to an inch of this material.

Add your soil. We like to use the spoon for this step. You can play around with the amount of soil here, however you want to make sure that the roots are all surrounded by soil. That is very important! Add your succulents. This is the fun part! We like to make little holes in the soil before placing them. Add your plants as desired, packing the soil around them tightly. Use the gloves with cacti in this step!

Add your sand. This is an optional step, of course, but we like to add a little color to our terrariums. We use the spoon for this step and cover the soil with the sand. Water your plant. Using the syringe, We like to take a small amount of water again depending on your pot size and water the base of the plant. Succulents and cacti LOVE the sun!

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We like to keep ours on our desks in the office next to a window! Introducing the stylist herself, Jackie Percy. Her acute fashion sense brings us to our knees and she does classic and edgy like no one else. She is the jack of all aesthetic trades- photographer, graphic designer, jewelry designer, and stylist.

Her creativity will inspire you…seriously. Studying art I was always analyzing forms and colors and textures. Naturally, I grew to apply a similar curatorial eye to my style and the way I put myself together. What tips can you offer on defining or discovering your true self or sense of style? Listen to yourself. Pay attention to what you find yourself drawn to, what you admire, and ask yourself why you like these things. Then assess how you could apply those styles, trends or pieces to yourself. What is a must for you to have in your home?

  1. Welcome to our blog.
  2. The Collection — Glessner House.
  3. Youthbuild.

What are your favorite design mags or blogs? A must for me would be bringing touches of nature into the space. Plenty of natural light and some nice greenery in clean, neutral planters or simple glass vases goes a long way. Gather Journal and Above Sea Level are my absolute favorite magazines right now.

While their subject matter is more food and beverage oriented, the creative direction especially Gather Journal is ridiculously good. I was really pushed to learn how to communicate ideas through a variety of mediums with consideration of how people experience artwork. It was a really interesting time of exploration for me. Over the years I have taken additional courses in jewelry design and fabrication, learning mold making and lost wax casting. I have been working in digital marketing for the last two and half years. I spend my time in graphic and web design, art direction, email marketing, and content creation.

In my mid-twenties I guess. I was doing more jewelry design within this period and spending a lot of time researching and exploring designers of all different mediums. It really broadened my perspective on fashion and design and helped evolve my personal style. I guess cooking. Purchasing food directly from farmers and producers helps me feel a bit more grounded and connected. We dig this blunt bob goddess.

Like really dig her. This gated house with private pool, will allow you to relax all summer long. Let us warn you, you must appreciate the seashell. This house inside and out resembles one big shell. By far our best interior design award goes to, this lil A-frame vacation rental.

Do you die? We are completely crushing on the royal and dark blue hues that are popping up all over Pinterest. This gold trimmed fixture with the blue is the perfect blend of whimsical and grown up! The gallery wall was such a hit, then replaced with oversized framed images and now coming back, but with a twist! Total drool worthy and got us re-thinking our kitchen back splash!

Where do we even begin with this one?

Also, we have a new board on pinterest!!! Plant inspiration is the game! Follow along here. They add instant visual interest, which is great for a quick and easy change or WOW piece. Options are endless. We love seeing these patterns in bathrooms and kitchens! The most relaxing combo out there! We love to have large, key pieces in neutral colors and add color with accessories!! It also helps that Benjamin Moore chose Simply White as their color of the year. The most fun trend this year! Think plants, plants, and more plants! Miss-matched pattern and colors, then top that with more plants!

The beauty of this trend is that there are no rules!! Brass came back, and last year copper came back into the spotlight and this year Rose gold will be taking center stage! Metallics are always hot and we are happy to see rose gold come in to play in On the topic of rose gold, or the color rose or as we like to call it, Blush, is making a huge appearance this year. And we love it. Mixed with neutrals these two colors are sure to keep you inspired and feeling fresh. Using pops of these colors in your home or wardrobe will keep you up to trend with this years colors.

We painted all of the interior and exterior walls a warm white to freshen it up and replaced the roofs with wood shingles that go grey over a few months adding a nice neutral look. From there we decided to infuse each of the 5 bedrooms with a different color scheme. The master bedroom became a black and white venture mixed with outer Indonesian island textiles, black and white photography and primitive decor.

The other rooms were a mix of modern and Bali ethnic using blues, greens and reds. I am inspired by life around me and constant change in my environment. Whether I am spending my afternoon in Venice Beach or taking a trip somewhere, I am always gathering inspiration.

My style is primarily classic with a little bit of edge and sometimes a dash of something bohemian. I am generally very relaxed but I also really love a chic and tailored look. Good design is something that is well-made, has a unique feel yet timeless. My passion for jewelry evolved over 20 years ago as a student in Nepal. I studied abroad there doing an internship with a local silversmith where I made my first pair of lapis earrings. I am inspired by all of the amazing women that become connected to the brand and the stories they share with me.

Isabel Marant, my favorite French designer. I admire her style and her story. Her designs are very chic, eclectic and edgy but still maintain a relaxed and free spirit energy. City girl meets a free spirited traveler. Normally I begin with min of meditation then I will spend some time journaling while I indulge in a coffee and snuggles with my dog, Lucy.

I love the diversity of cultures and that every neighborhood has a very distinct feel. You can experience so many different things in just one place. I have so many favorites but I would say Bali, Indonesia because it still feels like home after living there for 5 years. Not to quit my day job and test the market out. I learned the industry by getting into it wholesale sales and learning about different markets. By not quitting my day job I was able to expand my knowledge about the industry until I was ready to launch my business and fully do my own thing.

Find your signature look that others will recognize. Create a brand that is distinctly you and easily decipherable. I would have to say the women that buy and collect Anna Beck. I love that they buy and invest in themselves. They provide free healthcare for expectant mothers in Bali and other places in Southeast Asia.

I am creating a new necklace for Bumi Sehat where all of the profits will go to help expectant mothers in Nepal that have been affected by the recent earthquakes. Creating capsule collections that expand into lifestyle and branching into other product categories. It was obvious to us to paint the walls a softer, taupe grey and add the timeless wainscoting, which you can never go wrong with! When selecting furniture, again we wanted a classic and timeless look without being too pretentious.

We sourced this unique, one of a kind trunk imported from Bali to add a bit of juxtaposition to the room. If you ask us, it works perfectly! We grounded the room with a large shag rug which tied everything together! She applies her knowledge of design, materials, surface and shape to her jewelry. Her designs are fun and feminine. I love keeping an eye on her to see what she continues to create.

I encourage you to do the same. When in doubt paint your walls white. Use dome white furnishings and accents. There is nothing more fresh than an all white space I know we just told you to go dark… So depending on your space and style, you can choose the best option for you. Follow us on Instagram. Follow us on Pinterest. Thank you coffee table. For always being there. Love, Susanna. It screams life and most definitely has a story… While I was living in Bali, managing our Bali projects, I would constantly be sourcing for our various villa projects over the course of a decade.

Love, The Sisters. VAN DE VORT When we first conceptualized this project, we knew we wanted to create a space with old world vibes, antique accents and finishes that looked as though they had been there for years. Go bold with paint colors by accenting a wall in your living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Play with paint colors on the trim of your doors, windows or stairs. Add some clay pendant lights or rattan furniture to bring some natural elements into your space. Accent pillows are a great way to add a pop of color to any space. Dark wood accents add a richness to the space. Happy Cinco de Mayo! What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

If you had to describe your childhood in one word what would you say? Happy Are you named after anyone or is there a reason your parents gave you the names they did? Where did you grow up? Where was your first childhood home? What was the first country you ever visited and when? When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in design? What would you say is your best quality and what is your biggest flaw? What or who inspires you? How would others describe you?

What does design mean to you? I still spazz out… Did you play any sports growing up? My parents were taking me to Mexico City from the time I was a baby. Definitely my friends and my family. They inspire me all of the time! Does living in San Diego influence your work? At times yes. Love, Elaina. Town of Clifden A coastal town full of painted brick buildings and delicious food. Restaurants Guys Bar - located right on Main Street.

Sites The Old Library - also known as the most beautiful library in the world. Create a Road Map Sit down and map out your vision. Commit To The Plan This is very important for you as the client and for us as the designers. Phase Things Out If you try to do everything all at once you may get overwhelmed. Walk The Site This is very important! How often do you workout?

Do your kids workout with you? How do you keep a balanced lifestyle and daily routine? What motivates you? How do you challenge yourself and those around you? For example, at the studio, we are going to do a 28 day challenge: No animal products. No chips or fries. No soda. No cakes or donuts. No white bread. No ice cream. No candy. No alcohol. No fast food. No cookies. No fried food. People love a little competition — so why not make it healthy.

What is your astrological sign? Any New Years Resolutions? My New Years resolutions for this year are: Hydration! More Yoga and stretching. More mediation. What do you want to be known for? How did you get into construction? Have a clear understanding of goals.

Prioritize a list of must haves and a wish list if budget permits. Set a budget. Any tips on staying on schedule? Spending the time on details will also help reduce the chances for costly Change Orders. Tips on staying on budget? Tips on how the client can relay their ideas to you? Who typically buys the materials when building? Describe the value of having an interior designer on board as part of the team? No more dated cabinets, hardware or countertops… Love, The Sisters. Shop at Shop Good Are you like us, always searching for the perfect red lipstick? Sold at Shop Good Raise your hand if your obsessed with podcasts.

December 27, Wine B. Hot Toddy C. What is your spirit animal? A cactus B. A stag-horn fern C. The classic palm tree D. White Oak B. Maple C. Teak D. A tropical beach B. A cool new city C. The jungle or rainforest D. Flats B. Sneakers C. Flip Flops D. Spend time at the beach B. Cook and create new recipes in the kitchen. Go on a hike and explore. Sit down and read a book. The ocean B. Freshly baked cookies C. Burning incense D. Happy New Year! Get Your Greens Make sure your getting the right nutrition for your body. Practice Self Love This is something we truly believe in, no matter how stressed we are, no matter how long the to do list is.

Let us know how if any of these worked for you! Happy Holidays! Happy Shopping! California Cool California Cool December 04, Real Wood vs. Porcelain Wood Tile Real Wood vs. Porcelain Wood Tile November 29, Harder to walk on Tile can be colder on your feet and this may be uncomfortable in colder climate areas Once you have a good idea of what option will work best for you, now you need to figure out where to get your flooring.

Love, Jess. Process is everything. Sometimes you have to mix it up. Because YOLO. Happy 4th of July! What you will need: A terrarium or pot of your choice. Planting material such as rocks and soil. A spoon. We just used a spoon from our kitchen to place the plants in place.

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