How to be a Sports Agent

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Therefore, to be a successful sports agent, you will need to possess a certain skillset, including:. The working hours of an agent can be very long and unpredictable. As a result, there is a lot of travel involved, and due to the nature of the industry, you will be expected to field and make calls 24 hours a day, particularly during busy periods such as transfer windows and drafts.

There is no definitive guide to the kind of money you can make as a sports agent; it depends entirely upon your own success and, more importantly, the success of your clients. Take Dutch-Italian soccer agent Mino Raiola, for example, who spotted something he liked in an unknown Manchester United reserve-team player named Paul Pogba.

Of course, the reality is that most agents are preoccupied with simply landing their first client. If you are employed by a sports management agency, you may receive a base salary depending on their prestige and reputation.

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If you can get your foot in the door, however, then there is the potential for plenty of money to be made. That said, it can help your career prospects greatly if you possess an undergraduate degree in a relevant field such as business, law or finance, as well as a postgraduate sports management degree that offers internship opportunities. Some of the best courses are offered by:.

How to Become a Sports Agent

You will also need to be licensed by the relevant authority. These regulations are so stringent in some US states namely Texas that there have been incidents where football agents have even been sent to prison. Therefore, depending on your chosen sport, you should find out what procedures you need to follow in order to stay within the rules.

Gaining employment as a sports agent will depend a lot on your background and your network. For instance, many ex-players and athletes become agents because they already have an existing wealth of contacts and have first-hand experience of the machinations of the industry.

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As Raiola shows, being multilingual is a huge benefit , too. The super-agent can speak seven languages, which allows him to negotiate and communicate directly with players and clubs all across Europe. If you are something of a polyglot, then make sure you advertise this on your application.

The only problem with this career path is that the blueprint of how to start a career in sports agency is not set in stone. Sports agents often come from multiple different backgrounds. They will also typically handle contract negotiations when their client is being considered for an endorsement deal by a particular company. Their other day-to-day tasks include recruiting new talent, marketing and promotion.

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Steinberg went on to mention how important it is to not take the spotlight away from the player. Some of the best agents do most of their work behind the scenes. While these degrees offer certain advantages, there is no right or wrong degree path for becoming a sports agent. The key for determining which degree path is right for you to pursue a career as a sports agent is to know your strength and use your degree to strengthen your weaknesses.

Staying up to date on league salary caps, salary minimums and maximums, and knowing the rules behind transactions is crucial to the success of your client. Another large part of being an agent is scouting and recruiting athletes as potential clients. This means that prospective agents should have a high level knowledge of the intricacies of the sport that their potential clients compete in.

Becoming a Sports Agent

This knowledge will allow an agent to relate to and connect with their clients. A sports agent must be certified with the league in which the client that they are representing is competing in. There is no universal sports agent license, but most states require some sort of certification. Many states also require that agents obtain professional liability insurance. Most of the major professional sports leagues have their own certifications required to represent players in their leagues.

The first stepping stone in becoming a sports agent is usually participating in some sort of internship or job shadowing program with a sports agency. This will then give you the necessary experience required for an entry level position.