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See you there. George Sully and the Skinny. Tina Callcutt and the Scotsman. Sarah Adair and Families Edinburgh. Shona McCarthy and all at the Fringe Society. Chris Perkin for Eventotron. Tom Dearden. Sue Cunningham at Premier Childcare Services. Peter Mathieson Principal of Edinburgh University. Jim Aitken and all at the Centre for Sports and Exercise. All at the Royal Medical Society. All at the University of Edinburgh Chaplain Centre. Festivals Edinburgh. Royal Bank of Scotland. Theatre Futures.

Lee Filters. Black Light. Orbital Sound. Ramsay Cooper. Jarvie Plant. Arena Seating. Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Sara Bendit and all at the Beachhouse. Sally Cowling. SR Datacomms. United House. And to our brilliant volunteers and staff, for keeping it going today. And, of course, the Cow returns to her pasture at George Square. Our official charity partner is once again The Brain Tumour Charity which works tirelessly to defeat brain tumours - the biggest cancer killer for children and adults under Special thanks to Judith Doherty.

All at Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. All at Edinburgh Central Library. Alastair Unite and Dhwani Thakrar at Diageo. Brian Cleary and all at Sygma Safety. Paul Roughton and all at Stage Electrics. Ivo Mulder. Scott Dodds and all at Blue Pipe. Scott Gilmour and all at IGT. Chris Perkin. Candida Alderson. Jel Holmes at Dusted Design. John and all at Events Armoury. Hugh, Lewis and all at Texaport.

Malcolm Kennedy. Chris Fleming. Ed Lawlor. Rebecca Austin. Fergus Linehan and all at the Edinburgh International Festival. Christopher Richardson. Susan Provan. Jack and Amy Elles.

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Ally Hill at Bongo Club. Fraser Smith. Karen and Katy Koren and all at Gilded Balloon. If there was one girl in the world who could tell you exactly what Neverland was like, it would be Wendy Darling. Some moons have passed since her and her brothers John and Michael last visited the magical island. Returning for , Kids Do Forth on the Fringe features a morning of the very best in family variety entertainment.

Let Forth 1 look after your kids for the morning! An acrobatic, slapstick-tastic Clown comedy for the whole family! Join the three delightful Clowns who make waiting for a bus a tragically complicated affair. Of all the children's shows [ Caring for Kids with a curious craze for Karaoke?

Then look no further than The Big Balloon Singalong! Georgia-Lee loves singing, dancing and scaring people at the Edinburgh Dungeon. Liam toured with the National Choir of Scotland and taught Drama at high school - so he just loves to sing, dance and entertain! Fun for all the family every morning at the National Museum of Scotland, come along, singalong, and let your voices soar. Every singer gets a free Balloon! Based on the best selling series of books by Laura Numeroff, this fast-paced, comedic adaptation embraces all the "joys" of parenting - told through the eyes of a child and a hyper, hungry mouse politely asking for a cookie.

Plenty of audience participation, giggles galore and sighs of relief from parents not responsible for the clean-up. MamaBabaMe is a beautiful dance, physical theatre and live music experience created especially for babies and young children aged and their grown-ups. Our audience sits within the set around a mini arena with soft boundary edges from which to enjoy the performance. With the soothing sounds of live cello and intimate lighting, MamaBabaMe explores the profound connection between parent and child and how this eternal bond evolves and grows. Join the morning chorus of clappy, clippy, cloppy, floppy, flappy sing song and poem pong.

All ship shape. Join the crew and dig deep into a wealth of stories and japes, with plenty of healthy vocab for young and older. One of the ten best kids shows at the Edinburgh Festival. From the moment his tall, red and white striped hat appears around the door, Sally and her brother know that The Cat in the Hat is the funniest, most mischievous cat they have ever met. With the trickiest of tricks and craziest of ideas, he turns a rainy afternoon into an amazing adventure.

But what will mum find when she gets home? Originally produced by the National Theatre of Great Britain. Back for a triumphant third year, this is a show for all the family not to be missed. I simply cannot fault this show for providing a fantastic time for families and any lovers of the rhyming world created in Seuss's books. From the word go, you know this is certainly going to be no ordinary rainy day. It's short and sweet, and will have your kids bursting with laughter and excitement! Every single child in the audience came out talking about it and how brilliant it was.

But watch out, that dastardly duck Calando's about!!! Sophie reads about a Penguinpig on the Internet. Filled with delight and intrigue she sets off alone on an adventure to find the adorable creature, leading her to the Zoo. But what will she find inside? A fun-filled cautionary tale told through puppetry, that is both educational and highly entertaining.

Twitter: BarmpotTheatre.

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Two explorers discover the world and the secret of what is important in life. Actors, puppets and masks, tell an uplifting fable about friendship. A touching tale cherished by everyone. Why toddle when you can dance?! Expect to do some high-energy smiling to pop favourites, retro classics and funky nursery rhymes.

Tune after tune perfectly chosen for the youngsters The cast of five, including guitar-playing husband Malcolm, bring Julia's stories to life with songs, puppetry and plenty of help from the audience. Reviews for Gruffalos, Ladybirds and Other Beasts: A potent mix of home-spun comfort and slick theatricality that works for all ages. Science's greatest and most volatile live show arrives with a vengeance. The West End and international touring favourite celebrates its 10th anniversary year with its first appearance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. More mischievous than ever before Brainiac Live!

Watch from the safety of your seat as the Brainiacs delve fearlessly into the mysteries of science and do all of those things on stage that you're too scared to do at home! Designed to get children combusting with excitement about scientific experiments Expect exploding dustbins, messy audience participation and zany chat. The musical adventure where kids are in charge! Harry Potter on the moon?

Peppa Pig and Dora meet the Gruffalo inside a dolls' house? No worries! Musical shows tailor-made to their own imaginations. Greta's brother, Kay, has been acting strange. He's mean and moody and won't play games. The Snow Queen must have snatched him, and left an imposter in his place. Funny, magic and full of surprises, it is a perfect family adventure. Join Paddington Bear on his adventures as he leaves home, meets his new family and enjoys his first concert - not without causing his fair share of mayhem, of course! The charming tales of everyone's favourite bear come to life with storytelling, narration and a live orchestra.

From the same team that brought you Peter Rabbit in ' Kika, a little French mouse, celebrates her birthday. Her family has planned a surprise. But what about that Bright Orange Cat watching them closely? Malcolm doesn't like animals, which is a problem because his family loves them. Their house is full of pets. After a bizarre school trip unlike any other, Malcolm begins to understand animals more deeply than anyone. But will he end up the same as before?

Because sometimes the hardest thing to be is A vibrant, energetic and gloriously funny new musical comedy from the award-winning Story Pocket Theatre. Spending an hour with Story Pocket Theatre is like curling up in a warm bed, and being read a story while you nibble on a piece of toast Well-loved, well-delivered and very well received stories. Balloonatics is the award-nominated, world-travelled family comedy show for anyone crazy about balloons!

Join the Balloonatics army, where it doesn't matter how technically gifted you are, as long as you're having fun! Balloon buffoonery at its best! A boy falls and finds himself in a dark and terrifying new world. It's a world of lost things: car keys, wedding rings and a mysterious girl who is building an amazing machine. Performed in a unique dome structure, The Lost Things is about losing things and finding things you didn't even know you were looking for.

This is a dark fairytale set in a fantastical world, where nothing is quite as it seems. Nine year old Sophie knows the story of Beowulf well. She has enjoyed reading it many times with her mother, a professor of old English. But Sophie is fighting monsters of her own, monsters every bit as terrifying as those that Beowulf must face. Her mother is dying, and Sophie's life is changing beyond her control.

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The imagination of this company can only be seen to be believed. Sausage rolls?! Shakespeare's iconic tale is 'rubbished' in this debut Fringe run. Sporting a national reputation, from school tours to work with the RSC, this all-male, all-silly troupe present Shakespeare's most hilarious tragedy ever.

Expect an hour of multi-roling, unkempt wigs and the burliest Juliet yet. Ideal for the whole family. Acrobatic pirates turn ship life upside-down in this riproaring, swashbuckling adventure! With lots of laughs for young and old, brilliant slapstick and physical comedy, life on the ship is all awesome circus. Cooking for the crew is juggling knives, walking the plank is the high flying teeter board and steering the ship spinning in the Cyr wheel!

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We saw a show about Gilly, Brenna, Alrick and Crackle. It was an interesting story and the storyteller memorised the whole story, which is amazing! All the best stories begin with a game. When Gilly finds an abandoned cave deep in the mountains, a strangelooking stone is discovered. Or is it an egg? Could it be Gilly is sure dragons don't exist. How could they? But what else could be inside the tapping egg? With storytelling, puppets and live harp music, this exciting adventure comes to life. On his way home from battle, Brave Macbeth meets the witches who tell him that he will become king.

What will he do to get his hands on the crown? With catchy tunes, slapstick, sword fights, witches and warriors in kilts -- this is one show not to be missed. One of the best children's shows at the Fringe this year One night when she's fast asleep, an enormous white bear climbs into Tilly's bedroom. It has a big black tongue and a yawn as big as your head. But Tilly's not scared. With dazzling puppetry, delicious music and dozens of laughs, 'The Bear' is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

So bring a bear, and join Tilly and her great big white friend on a wild and magical adventure. Move over War Horse this polar puppet is magic! A little dragon is swept by ocean currents into a journey to ignite the fire in her heart. An adventure tale with puppetry and music about growing up, understanding your emotions and finding your place in the world.

Chores is the story of two brothers who have to clean up their room before their mum comes in - no problem, right? An award-winning comedy circus show from Australia the whole family will love! Hugely popular, laugh-a-minute, firm family favourite. Set to wow audiences on their first ever international tour. Definitely NOT another boring kids show. My nephew laughed so hard he nearly fell off the seat. Off on the adventure of a lifetime, Michael and his parents set sail around the world. Then, disaster strikes.

Washed overboard, Michael finds himself stranded on an island in the Pacific. But he is not alone Stuart Paterson 'master of children's theatre' Scotsman brings Morpurgo's novel to life in this captivating adaptation. With enchanting storytelling, puppetry, music and a voiceover kindly recorded by Jenny Agutter! Join in as Suzanne and Tracy jump like kangaroos in Australia, wade through the jungle in Africa looking for wild animals or as they go on a day trip to the Zoo and the Farm!

They will include some up-tempo pop songs themed around the concepts of friendship and happiness - so come and sing, sign, dance and experience their unique show! Designed to be fully-inclusive, this event can be enjoyed by children of ALL ages and abilities. Competitions are serious business. Jellybean counting contests are considerably competitive.

And serious. And official. Jobsworth the Official is officially officiating. Authorised by authorities. Favoured by the Federation. Have a guess. Who will win? Feel the suspense. For human beans aged 5 and over. One girl, armed only with a flute, sets out on a brave adventure to find the lost sunshine. But you can help! Join The Little Musician on her journey, find your own spirit of adventure, and help her to save the world from freezing!

Combining live sound effects and inventive scenery, this beautiful and imaginative show reminds us of the real meaning of sunshine and relationships. A joyful, interactive show suitable for all the family! With Wolves, Witches and Goblins, the story unfolds as the audience is invited to become part of the drama. The Brothers Grimm collected their classic tales over years ago. Today, interactive storyteller Eden Ballantyne has reimagined them for a contemporary audience. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood won't have to wait for the woodcutter to save her? There may be a house of Gingerbread, but what else could be waiting in the woods?

The audience is split in half and will battle it out with interactive games, songs, mess, insanity and of course Bogies! Join the invincible Captain Cauliflower and his faithful companion Marvin on an unforgettable adventure, filled with extreme silliness and unquestionable danger.

Dan Lees and Neil Frost are simply two of the best clowns around, children and adults love them. Joyous physical comedy for all the family. Their circus, juggling and stunt work is sharp; their timing impeccable; and their core strength, frankly enviable. And their script includes enough pop-culture pisstakes to keep adults grinning. Rub-a- dub-dub, The Dummies are back with some splish splashing circus set to drown you in tears of laughter. From the makers of hit show Trash Test Dummies comes a new production of oceanic proportions!

Splash Test Dummies are here, ready to roll out their beach towels and spring into a brand new hour of circus-filled hilarity for the whole family. See a brilliant array of catch-your-breath stunt work, acrobatics, juggling and the side-splitting, slapstick comedy for which the dummies are famous. Join the Dummies and come diving from bathtubs to beaches in this new aquatic adventure! Help the Fun Kids Radio presenters keep the station on-air, make the best roadshow ever, and most importantly not get fired.

An interactive show for all the family from awardwinning national radio station Fun Kids. A Roald Dahl-esque tale featuring live music, magical mucus and everextendable nose hairs from the award-winning creators of Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo that can Never be Caught! Returning to the Fringe after 11 glorious years and 3 sell out seasons in the upside down purple cow, Louis Pearl is back to thrill audiences with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles.

Louis has been entertaining audiences across the globe with his unique combination of comedy and artistry coupled with live music, audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized. From fog-filled, helium-propelled rocket bubbles, to tornado bubbles, the Bubble Man conjures shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all ages.

It's utterly fabulous to see all the big bubbles, the clever bubbles, and the youcan't-believe-he-just-did-that-bubbles. The hilarious multi-award winning hit show for young and old returns to Edinburgh! The larger-than-life elegant buffoon Tom Flanagan pays homage to the greats Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton with a brilliant mix of chaos, comedy and acrobatics. Praise the Fringe gods! I've finally found a genuine family friendly show that's absolutely brilliant for the kids Nutty Noah, recently crowned UK Family Entertainer of the Year , invites you to join him in poking his tongue out at death and stamping on the foot of St Peter.

You could get squashed by an elephant that's out of control, or you come and see this 'death defying' fun packed show for all the family. Noah's trademark comedy, music, magic and not so dangerous stunts will make you feel truly alive! A Goat! Not plastic suitable for ages Bring the KIDS. After sell-out shows last year; they're back!!! Don't miss Anya, Kevin and Gary formerly of The Singing Kettle as they return for a fun-filled hour of family singalong silliness. It's brilliant entertainment not just for children but for the whole family! Music by Mozart.

Circus by Circa. Fun for Families. Straight from the score and onto the stage, the man known as Mozart appears amidst a puff of powder, ready to throw musical madness into a crescendo of swoops and twirls. Featuring mischievous acrobats and a musician, Wolfgang reinvents the composer's magical music with a circus twist. A motley crew of storytelling musicians bring Oscar Wilde's classic fairy tales to life in Tall Stories' magical new show - direct from London's West End.

Characters from 'The Happy Prince' and other stories spring to life as the pompous Mayor, the petulant Princess and the love-sick Student compete to become the new town statue. Hauntingly beautiful tales for everyone aged 5 to , told with live music and a generous dash of comedy. Songs co-written by kids' favourite Jay Foreman.

Sound the war-croak, sharpen every claw - the frogs and mice are going to war! A tragedy has struck Bread Nibbler, king of the mice, and everyone knows who's to blame: the frogs. Originally told as an introduction to epic poetry for the children of Ancient Greece, join us for an interactive adaptation, using traditional storytelling, improvised music and toy-box puppetry. UK Tilly Mouse loves to sing.

But whenever anyone sees her, they scream and run away. With determination, imagination and help from her friends, Tilly proves that even a mouse can be a star. Come and sing along with Opera Mouse! Isn't opera for crusties in dinner jackets and tiaras? Think again. Think Opera Mouse! A musical phenomenon - the most fun you can have with your whiskers on.

The 'Science Guy' returns to explore the strange and magical properties of matter with fireballs, fire tornadoes and amazing chemical reactions. Come see live science in action, prepare to be wowed! A show for all the family, children and grown-ups alike. Packed full of high voltage, chemically charged fun to fire young minds. Terrifically light-hearted introduction to the serious business of science.

The explosions were the best! Five Pop Princesses celebrate the power of being yourself. This Drag Pop Concert for kids glows with stunning costumes and music from animated-classics to party-hits. Denim is the place to scream, dream, and become a queen. You and your family are stuck inside a live-action video game!

How will you escape? Pick options off the screen in this fun, fear-filled adventure. Will you: A Get eaten by bears? B Give me your parents PIN number? C Seriously, give me the money or I'll call the bears. If you win, there are terrible prizes! YA DIE! Just cos you're a kid doesn't mean you should miss out on the best stand-ups and sketch acts of the Fringe!

Just cos you're an adult at a kids' show doesn't mean you can't also have the best time! Zimbabwean artists make some of the best stone sculptures in the world. Vhukutiwa gallery continues to present a range of work from young artists and established names. Inspiration is drawn from natural and spirit life. The 14th solo exhibition from the Award Winning photographer. Featuring comedians, writers and performers from the Fringe and beyond. Some new faces, some old er faces, some never seen before archive shots from the past and lots of new ones from the present. Fringe Sell-Out Show One of the most important shows you'll see on the Fringe.

Set in a near-future Britain where healthcare is privatised, a young couple's relationship is quietly pulled apart by an aggressive lack of sleep. Shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles Award orangeskiestheatre. Basically: Robert reported lights over the Tesco car park. Then he told us an alien was coming to stay in his spare room. We're wondering whether to believe him. Maybe this is a good place to believe him? A docu-comedy. Samuel French New Play Award Frank returns to his small hometown and has a riot with the casual criminals, enlightened rednecks and tattoo ministers.

A Southern Gothic tale of beauty and disgust, bringing everyone down to earth, even the angels. With live music, untamed characters and a snake wielding pastor. The great Royal Houses stand on the brink of war and nobody knows why. An exciting, new musical suitable for all ages. Bright, colourful, educational, funny and with lots of great songs. Mikhail Zygar and Karen Shainyan are two of Russia's most controversial journalists, still holding the Putin Government to account. Join them for a discussion about their latest project, docuseries "Future History: ", available to stream in the UK exclusively on BuzzFeed News and to discuss the Russian Government and where it is heading.

Karen Shainyan is a Russian social activist, journalist, and media manager. Havana, Cuba! A Cold War world of suspicion, suspense and silliness where heroes twirl, twitch and tango away from enemy agents, MI6 and the truth. By popular demand Spies Like Us return with their sell-out hit. Join us for a very special preview of some of the most exciting shows in our programme and help us launch our 34th year on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Proxy takes on Munchausen, murder and living by proxy. Gypsy is imprisoned in a world of fantasy, invalided and infantilised by her mother Dee Dee, until an online boyfriend offers her a way out.

Until today the most dangerous day at the zoo was the Tapir's caesarian section - but when a hurricane heads straight for Miami, Bonnie hurries to keep her animals safe. However, the danger is deeper and darker than the weather. A tale of animal instinct, fight or flight and a woman trying to trap 47 flamingos in a urinal. An end is a beginning for another, Carol, for whom animals are also best friends. An inventive comedy drama of humanity, loyalty and female friendship. And giant otters. A new adaptation of Henry James' disturbing story, from the award -winning creators of Fringe hit "Dorian Gray", featuring puppetry and a haunting original soundtrack.

There's a black hole in Georgia's bedroom - so she's blasting off on a mission for answers. On the way she'll encounter talking foxes, rubbish-heap monsters, and the space people leave behind. With dazzling puppets and live music, this is an epic quest for impossible answers to impossible questions. Alison Skilbeck tells the linked tales of four women with only a postcode in common. Painful, scary, hilarious, and heart-warming, the stories chart each wildly different character's search for love and happiness. Join award-winning comedian Benet Brandreth for a tale of love, loss, redemption and ramekins.

Slightly surreal and hugely funny, it's a story about coping with the absurdity of today's world. Brandreth, 'a master raconteur' Independent on Sunday , returns with the sequel to his multiple five-star, sell-out one-man-show: The Brandreth Papers. Vibrant, inspiring play about Eglantyne Jebb - the visionary, courageous, human rights pioneer and founder of Save the Children. Eglantyne went from her Shropshire childhood to Oxford University, Cambridge social work, Bloomsbury, heartbreaks, suffrage rallies, spiritualism, the Balkans, arrest in Trafalgar Square and pioneering children's rights.

Clare's day goes from bad to worse when she gets stuck up a ladder. Delirious with pain, events reach a flashpoint and the couple are forced to re-think their relationship, in this moving and funny new play about marriage, pain and grief. New York, Beat poet Elise Cowen commits suicide and her family incinerates all but eighty-three of her poems.

Intertwining her surviving works with dramatised interviews, Elise pieces together the true story of the woman shrouded in Allen Ginsberg's shadow. Jeffrey Holland Hi-de-Hi, You Rang M'Lord returns in this sellout one-man show about friendship, memories and a couple of remarkable lives. This is a humorous and touching look at one of the great cinematic partnerships of the last century.

Two con men clash on the French Riviera. The question is: who is conning whom? A wild and darkly comic journey down the streets and back alleys of modern Dublin, from award-winning writer, Stewart Roche and ground-breaking young Irish theatre collective. This thrilling new play brings you to places you shouldn't go but want to - while asking one question: how well do you really know yourself? Orlando - Who is she? Who is he? Who are we? Based on the satirical novel by Virginia Woolf.

Performed entirely by very talented students, Captivate's production has been seen by an estimated 22, people, with sell-out crowds, standing ovations, and multiple fivestar reviews. Don't be put off by 'school edition' - you won't be disappointed. From beginning to end, the show is faultless A musical masterpiece.

A solo show about identity, being a mixed-race black woman and always feeling like an outsider. Combining original songs, vocal looping and spoken word, WHITE carefully considers the concept of mixed-race privilege, tries to connect clashing cultures and explores what it means to grow up mixed race in contemporary Britain.

Can I put this jumper in the washing machine? Do you have my birth certificate? Where did you find love? A story of a kamikaze love affair with unexpected consequences. How do you find a new 'once upon a time' after the 'happy ever after' never turned up? Victoria is on a quest to discover how you make a new life when you can't have the one you imagined. In this big hearted, big thinking show of storytelling and physical comedy our heroine's mid-life search for joy, identity and belonging features public displays of playfulness, private truths and sheer bloody mindedness.

Join Victoria as she asks - what do you do with the rest of your life when you don't have kids? Lizzie, her mother - and an elephant from the zoo, flee the Dresden fire-bombing in the Second World War. From the creators of the 5-star hit Private Peaceful. Beautiful story-telling in action Eve's leaving Wolverhampton to work in the big smoke because it's something you should do. But the capital's charm quickly wears off and she decides to pack it in. Until she receives a letter addressed to a famous film actor Direct from its hit New York season, Trump meets Lear in this "biting political satire" Theatre is Easy that's inspired upon the whims of a madman!

From the team behind award-winning Gary Busey's One-Man Hamlet comes an absurdly funny take on Shakespeare's greatest tragedy. Get tweeting Edinburgh! What would happen if every single self-identifying woman across the world grew to be nine foot tall? This feminist dystopia has been showcased at venues including the Royal Court and was chosen to run at the Bunker Theatre as part of their Breaking Out season. An aspiring actress climbs the foot 'H', looking down on a city of broken dreams.

She has only ever wanted one thing: to be a star. Inspired by forgotten histories of Hollywood's Golden Age. An entertaining and powerful production celebrating amazing women across the world - famous, infamous or just minding their own business! A Greenwich Theatre and Nutshell co-production. Join an insanely magical tea party and be immersed in a kaleidoscope of dreams. This wildly imaginative, theatrical experience will transport you to a land of wonder.

Fringe sensations Racing Minds are back after five sell-out years! An improvised comic adventure based entirely on audience suggestions - unique every day. With your help, a ripping yarn stuffed with hilarious characters, whip-smart wit and breathtaking twists will take hasty shape before your very eyes. Anything could happen, but excitement is guaranteed! The Archive is an intimate storytelling installation containing the remarkable moments that make up a lifetime. Book now to avoid disappointment. Twitter: twitter.

A kick. A scream. A tantrum. When it comes to disability, what's allowed? What's forbidden? This is a middle-child story of the extraordinary range of experience that comes from growing up too soon alongside a sister who will never grow up. A provocative new solo show, Dangerous Giant Animals, is a darkly comedic game of hide-and-seek with our true nature. I recommend you read no further or you may be tempted to watch this 'improv show' - a phrase which here means, a tale of poor orphans, quirky guardians, secret organisations, hidden conspiracies and dastardly villains made up on the spot, from audience suggestions, by a group of Cambridge University students.

Globally renowned for his amazing multi-character performances, Masterson gives us Scrooge, Marley, the Fezziwigs, the Cratchits, Tiny Tim, et al, in an enchanting tour de force that will dazzle and linger long in the memory. Guaranteed to get you into the Christmas Spirit - in summer! Why not? Australians do it! Masterson also directs 'The Marilyn Conspiracy. Just when you thought you'd seen enough 'Christmas Carols' to guide you to your grave, along comes one of the best yet!

Layla McKinnon is days away from saying "I do". But she's been digging and she's found something. Pre-wedding jitters is an understatement. More stories-in-song from this multi award-winning Jewish songwriter and Fringe favourite. Smart, funny, timely and only slightly irreverent, Cainer's moving tales are a musical treat for anyone who has ever wrestled with their home, their heritage, and their heart A survivor's story of military sexual trauma told with grit, lyricism and necessary black humour.

She belongs to the absolute premier class of sand art; the name 'Queen of Sand' is a pretty accurate description! The speed and fascinating ease with which she composes an image and lets it fall away, only to create something new in its place, is breath-taking. A backlit glass plate, a big screen and sand - that's all the young Russian needs to tell moving stories that entrance and entertain. In a series of free interviews, leading journalist Mark Fisher gets inside the heads of some of the festival's finest performers. With previous guests including John Hannah, Robert Vaughn and Miriam Margolyes, this is a unique opportunity to get an intimate insight into the stars of stage and screen.

Download the free podcast after each show. Evan Goldman's parents have split up and he is forced to leave the buzz of New York for the 'lamest place in the world' in rural Indiana. With an unforgettable rock score and a young, talented cast - this is sure to be a Fringe hit. Eve works in IT and has a voice in her head called Karen. She can't stop thinking about the woman screaming topless in Leicester square.

Tonight she's seeing Tim to see what Tim remembers. A provocative, humorous, startling solo show about tits and teeth, and what to do with them. Through slapstick, songs and soft shoe shuffle, follow the triumphs and trials of the silent star as he makes his iconic movies. As the world whirls around, his marriage failing, career at threat and turning to the bottle, Buster must hit his mark as he films his most dangerous ever stunt.

See it now before it's censored. What appears to be light and entertaining, can be dark and lonely behind the curtains. Onstage a mask, offstage the truth. Combining the skilled physicality of the performers, playful stagecraft and original music, this physical theatre performance invites you to a humorous take on suicide. A therapist has set up his practice in the tearoom of his dead wife and welcomes in his new client. A mutual trust is needed to make their relationship work. However, it soon becomes clear that the two have had a previous encounter, which was far from positive and develops into an intense situation.

Ovid's spellbinding tales of gods, heroics and monsters are retold through an exciting blend of gasmasks, gramophones, live original songs, puppetry, film and darkly comic, dynamic storytelling. Pants on Fire's award winning, sell-out-actor-musician extravaganza presents ancient myths as you've never seen them! A swell party fusing magical stagecraft and breathtaking imagery relocating Ovid's epic tales of fantastical transformation to the dark and delicious times of WWII. Cupid - an evacuee with a catapult, Narcissus - an iconic Hollywood heartthrob drooling over his own cinematic image and The Chorus - Andrews-like sisters finding close harmony amid cosmic chaos.

Ever feel confused about Love? Where to find it, how to keep it? Meet Cupid in training, as she faces her final exam to become the next wielder of the love bow. Side affects: Feelings of lust, unwelcome singing and inaccurate nostalgia. If Love is a drug, meet the dealer. Charming new sketch group seeks friendly audience. Looking to share one hour of passion followed by a lifetime of mutual appreciation. But they just want a bit of what the other has. This devised performance explores contemporary womanhood and why every decision we make feels like the wrong one. Supported by Camden People's Theatre.

With the Japanese army rampaging through the South Pacific in , the battle to save Australia is being fought along New Guinea's infamous Kokoda track. One of those heroes now tells his story. Told with a Magic 8 Ball, George Steeve's solo show chronicles the story of his trials and tribulations living on the autism spectrum, always hoping that stardom will one day finally grant him acceptance.

The premiere of a new bittersweet comedy about growing old. Ivor seems robust, yet somehow fragile; not unhappy, yet not quite there. But today, daughter Lily arrives to pack a suitcase for the moment when Ivor moves into a "home". As fast as Lily packs, Ivor unpacks, and so the game begins The laughter does not stop throughout, with incredible innovations flowing from every scene.

Kit Finnie Barbican Poet, Roundhouse Collective grapples with the story of movie star Mabel Normand, and the scandal that swallowed her legacy. But ghosts haunt the Hollywood machine, and there are dangers in disturbing them. Instantaneously engaged her audience with colloquial one-liners and her clever account of relatable experiences and the recognisable obscurities of the female mind Winnie is a vagrant.

Once a travelling performer, she now finds her audience in the delayed passengers of an International Airport. Trapped in the limbo of departure Lounge 64, we hear stories and anecdotes that form a tapestry of existential thought, presented with prideful expertise by our audacious raconteur, Winnie.

Returning to Edinburgh after sell out seasons last year and at the Adelaide Fringe. Fringe Encore Winner A compelling, powerful performance World Premiere. A punk musical comedy by Morna Pearson. Global warming, mass extinction, flood and fire. Pass the cocktails, this is the life! Eighty minutes of theatrical mayhem on the greatest existential threat outside The White House - climate change.

New Nordic absurdism by a true original. Morna Pearson is A big-hearted Hollywood blockbuster set in a small British town with an all-star cast of Fringe comedians inc. Court is in session. An important statement on performance and gender. Reddin-Clancy plays Zora: a woman, playing a man, playing the women in their life. Davey Anderson's new play explores the Alt-Right underworld. Samuel feels an outsider in his own country His sister Wendy must infiltrate their retro-futurist labyrinth to rescue him.

Afripella presenting 'African Rise' is a celebration of song, rhythm and dance. An international phenomenon that aims to sweep across the globe like a tidal wave of soaring voices and stomping feet. A free blend of traditional African elements fused with best covers in world music makes for a diverse set which draws on the vibrancy of the 's classics. This all-singing, all-dancing presentation of a capella soul with it's saccharine tendencies of the traditional outfits will take you on an African journey few have been part of.

Join BOVTS theatre students as they bring life to one of Shakespeare's finest comedies in a vigorously fresh, brandnew exciting adaption by Toby Hulse. Featuring classical text, original music and much more fun for all the family in this all-out production! A teenager on the road to ruin and his little brother are about to be taken into care by the authorities. This tense, fast paced one-man show, written in verse, tells the story of two brothers who flee their council estate flat in a bid for a better life. Niall Ransome's 3 time Offie Nominated debut play.

Telegraph's 1 Theatre Pick An insomniac is watching TV in a language he doesn't understand; a woman is standing in a garden stretching her arms to the sky. The whole world is asleep and something extraordinary is about to happen. No One Is Coming to Save You is the hypnotic story of two young lives lived in social, political and economic fear. Hopeful new writing for the Matilda generation, it's a strange, funny exploration of what we're waiting for and why we're waiting.

A one woman verbatim play about mental health. The good, the ugly and the downright painful. Billie makes us see that 'It's OK to be Wonky! Simon Callow stars in Oscar Wilde's searing and passionately eloquent meditation on his life, and the reproach towards his lover Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas. Imprisoned in Reading Gaol and forbidden from writing works of fiction, Wilde was permitted to write - though not to send - the 'letter' that became De Profundis.

Simon has won numerous awards throughout his distinguished career, including an Olivier Award and a Screen Actor's Guild Award. There was no separation between the author and the actor BBBB TIMES A vivid depiction of a man coming to terms with a great sense of loss, while still burning with the desire to write and reason. Simon Brett's new one-man play starring Tim Hardy. Francis has always used his beloved books to protect himself from life's brutalities, but a family accident leads inexorably to violence and tragedy. Hardy's one-man 'Trials of Galileo' received five star reviews in Edinburgh From laundry girl to one of Hollywood's most glamorous stars, the tragic and wonderful life of Anna May Wong.

Her search for identity, her hopes and fears, and the personal sacrifices she made for the art that she loved. A play with songs. In I sit at my desk waiting for an email to tell me what final changes I need to make to the film script I've been working on for ten years. I turn the radio on. I hear a report about the refugee crisis. My mother phones. She tells me the porcelain figure of The Duke of Wellington my father had bought has broken.

A funny and poignant show mixing fantasy and reality, playfully challenging our priorities. Fundraising for Save the Children. With Bassanio murdered Gratiano is forced to revisit his Fascist past. Arizona did the same and Anderson goes to the prisons to cook for inmates. She says she would do the same here I'm sure the prisoners would have liked that like, say, 20 years ago. While the state's correction department says no thanks - prisoners were ticked when we took away their cigarettes, let's not make it worse by removing meat - they should reconsider.

Think about how much of a crime deterrent this would be: if you go to prison you have to be a vegan! John Bel Edwards accused John Kennedy of using our budget issues as a way to further his Senate campaign, or, as the Advocate puts it, Edwards is "ratcheting up" their feud. Uhm, you just noticed this JBE? You might as well enter the race because John Kennedy is running against you even though you aren't even running.

Looks like we know who is going to main event Wrestlemania. Good News: it was only eight. This will fix the budget. Legalize the herb, tax it and they will smoke it. We are talking serious green, son. N alienz cos they invnted earth bruh Remember how Bobby Jindal gave all those tax breaks in the name of attracting business to our state? And how he said it would all pay dividends in end?

Yeah, that was wrong. So, like that kid who tries to hard to be your friend, we may be business friendly but apparently no one wants to be friends with us. On the other hand, this guest editorial says our tax incentives have brought us business. The flap up about Capt. Sheriff, you don't cuddle with Higgins - you strap yourself in and feel the Gs! Meanwhile, JR Ball says let's be like Texas - property taxes should be raised instead of sales taxes. Uhm, you talking about my lot and a half, man? Sheriff Newell Normand may have just started his bid for governor.

Normand takes on the Republicans who blame John Bel Edwards - one month and half into office - for our mess and whine about Obama. He notes the problems we will now face because leaders have pledged to not raise taxes and says to hell with Grover Norquist. Lamar White posts his entire speech. It is a great read. While everyone was running for cover from Tuesday's storm, Louisiana's Ways and Means Committee sent 31 bills to the House for a vote. Today, that vote will happen.

This could be the crucial moment in our budget crisis. Will taxophobic Republicans balk on passing new taxes or will they bite the bullet to ensure there is a state in which to seek reelection? This piece gives a rundown on the issues that were forwarded - pointing out which ones the committee saw as favorable and which ones they saw as unfavorable. If it doesn't work, there will be more sessions and bills and deeper cuts and more taxes? Do it right the first time and there never has to be a second. This blog looks at who was the bigger bust : Brandon Browner or Jairus Byrd. Surprisingly, it picks Byrd.

Yeah, he had injury issues that stopped us from getting the most out of him but who hurt us more on the field? Meanwhile, news is breaking that the Saints will part ways with Marques Colston. A writer for The Lens notes that the recent scare concerning TOPS makes middle class folks feel what it is like to be from a low income family in New Orleans.

And, the given the earning power of college graduates, especially when it comes to low income students it is akin to de-funding primary schools. In Other words, It's really bad. Louisiana Voice continues to fight the good fight against the leadership at the Louisiana State Police. Tom Aswell says sheriffs' relatives are hired as investigators, where they are paid more than troopers with more experience and given promotions and raises faster than non-connected troopers.

Mike Edmonson, LSP's commander. Cronyism in Louisiana? Couldn't be. Early voter turnout reports are showing that people aren't getting it over with before the big day. And, we have hired extra workers for this. Here's a thought - make all voting early voting. It would probably save us a few bucks and it's not like we actually vote anyway. You know what's a great idea during the times of a budget crisis? Paying a guy to not work while replacing him and paying his replacement.

That's what we will do as Burl Cain steps away from Angola. True, it is nothing illegal but it is a practice that needs to be stopped. How this practice has continued for as long as it has is why he have problems with money in this state. The Hayride says to get what he wanted in terms of schools, John Bel Edwards should have gone with a Republican for speaker of the House.

It argues he should have backed Lafayette's own Nancy Landry. Stepping across party lines is great, but I have a feeling that no matter what JBE would have done, The Hayride would have pooh-poohed it.

Mr Perfect (Mister #1) - J.A. Huss - PDF Free Download

Don't worry: this story is totally SFW. Maybe we can have 32, more of this to solve the budget problems. That's a whole lotta drawers. After seeing the video about the Gremlins street gang, the accused criminals' mamas and grandmas went to KATC complaining about how Capt. Clay Higgins said he would return fire on them if they raised a weapon against him. They also say they will write a letter to the Justice Department about it. Thanks, Granny, you just ruined our street cred! Now we are going to have to change our names to The Critters.

Movie Mania. One lawmaker wants metal detectors mandatory at movie theaters why not make them mandatory everywhere while you are at it? A man in a coat caused a stampede at The Grand not the site of the shooting by pacing and muttering to himself during a showing of Deadpool maybe he was upset by the laziness of breaking the fourth wall. Vigilance is great and all, but hysteria and paranoia are the first steps to a police state. Oh wait, the first step is actually having Donald Trump as a top contender for preidency.

He's got a campaign office opening across from the other Grand, y'all. Probably the only thing making Bobby Jindal smile right now is that one freshman senator brought the Bible into the budget crisis and prayed for Jesus' help in the mess. That smile probably turned upside down when Rep. Beryl Amedee chastised the lawmakers for the bad job they did putting us in this mess. That kind of talk makes baby Bobby cry in his manger. John Bel Edwards: "Hurry up, Rumpelstiltskin, and spin that hay into gold! It takes time to fix the problems we made for ourselves!

Bloomberg Business looks at John Bel Edwards' threat of no LSU football in the fall with a good bit of depth into the budget crisis, examining bonds, credit ratings, oil prices and the like. We all know we are in a mess, but this is the most economically intensive look at what caused it. That GoFundMe effort to pay off the budget gained a little credibility as one legislator proposed a bill that would allow such donations. However, unlike the state - which apparently will now take crowd funding money - West says he won't touch the money.

So, Louisiana 0, West: 1. Just shoot me. What did it do again? Oh, yeah, it was a bullet point on Bobby Jindal's presidential resume. Hmmmm, so it was worth less than the nonexistent paper on which it wasn't printed? Yeah, die a quick death please. Gambit and James Carville weigh in on the budget crisis. How do they feel about the legislators who put us where we are? Here's a hint: they say we should wrap the capitol in crime scene tape.

Jeff Sadow calls out John Bel Edwards as taking political hostages in the budget crisis. Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania paper says their governor should come out blazing and being blunt about cuts and hikes to fix their budget woes. In the face of budget cuts, one Louisiana couple looks to divorce so they could get better coverage for their child with a severe disability.

How's that family values thing working out for you, Bobby Jindal? Long invented our civil service system. Just no. Civil service was created and expanded by later governors in response to the jobs Long gave to his supporters and cronies. Next, please tell us about the time Edwin Edwards only served one term as governor. After Higgins' latest Crime Stoppers video - the one where he dons full battle gear and a gun that would make Charlton Heston blush - the executive director is taking issue with Higgins' statement that he will hunt down the Gremlins - that street gang out of Abbeville that now appears to be moving into St.

Landry but only because someone fed them after midnight. You don't catch Dog: The Bounty Hunter in your ivory tower, lady? He's not hunting them for sport, he's hunting them because St. Landry is the wilderness. This is Clay Higgins - he says ma'am and sir and he keeps planets in orbit, son. If the Gremlins - like the one Higgins says he could dumbbell press that's with one hand, folks - are smart, they won't make Higgins hunt them However, one former Gremlin - Gizmo , who helped start the gang - says Higgins has it all wrong - they have gone straight.

The Times-Picayune also started a series on how guns make it into the hands of criminals in New Orleans. This installment looks at three stolen guns that became weapons in three separate crimes. It's a good read that begs the goes after the often ignored variable in the gun control argument: stolen guns. Though they only account for 10 to 15 percent of guns used in crimes, the role they play can't be ignored. The TImes-Picayune started a five part series by looking at potential changes to the state's income tax structuring. It's a thorough piece that breaks down the ups and downs of changing the system, written in common sense language that doesn't require a translation from someone fluent in ese.

Still, it is hard to say at this point whether or not your refund check will shrink. The Hayride has "Bad Blood" with Taylor Swift's actions at the Grammys, saying something or another about how she cheered for other people when they won an award. It argues that her behavior is why sexism "Never Goes Out of Style.

Why does he have to be so "Mean? The Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw residents have been living on what used to be a 22, acre island for generations. Now, at only acres because of coastal erosion, it can not accommodate them. They will resettle with federal help. Wow, so the federal government is aware that Louisiana is fading away? Are you sure? Bayou Buzz pulled no punches when it asserted that Bobby Jindal raped Louisiana and John Bel Edwards - oddly identified here as Jon - is getting thanked for it via recall petitions. I'll take another metaphor: Jindal wrecked your car.

Totaled it. Distracted driving and such. Edwards is the repair man. You don't like his bill but you are OK with the guy who crashed it. Sure, it isn't pleasant but this is what happens when you run for president while driving in rush hour traffic. Don't you wish we had insurance? This is great. Opponents including a lawmaker who owns convenience stores of the cigarette tax - which would raise the taxes on cigarettes by 22 cents a pack - says it is unfair to smokers and might make them cross state lines to buy smokes in Mississippi, where the taxes are lower.

You would go into Mississippi for 22 cents? That's a sign you have more problems that smoking. On second thought, I guess gas is pretty cheap these days …. The piece follows the plan from its initial students to what it is today: the tuition lifeblood of perhaps too many college students. Why too many? Looking at it for a few local schools, the numbers were in the percent range.

Perhaps this is why the program requires so much dough: it might just be too easy to get. Do 60 percent of the kids you know in high school deserve a scholarship? Better yet, do students with a C average deserve a free ride? Sorry, no. Louisiana Voice says lawmakers who are upset over the squawking done by higher education officials might want to keep quiet. Conrad Appel - profited from what amounts to insider trading. Great job, guys. You sure are making us proud. Tell us again how we should be quiet about being critical about the mess in which you have put us! It's bleak times.

In effort to do what media is supposed to do - oh look something about pandas - every day you will see a story here that is just that: a distraction. Some days, it will have ties to this great state, some days it will be - oh, look kitties - bull crap. Today, it's this: here are two lists that Drew Brees will not see himself on - the most overrated Saint list and players cut by the Saints.

The Saints are expected to reach a contract extension with Brees. Who was it for the Saints? Not telling you, but here's a hint: he used to hold a Heisman Trophy and a Kardashian. Thanks, Hayride, for this handy three-step process to recalling John Bel Edwards. Only one problem: you are a few years too late on your effort. How bad are the looming cuts? So bad a high school student can tell you that the future of higher education is on shaky ground in Louisiana.

Johnathan Jones, a wide receiver out of Evangel who comitted to Louisiana Tech, has now de-committed citing the recent budget cuts colleges are looking at making. Well, why else would he not want to go to Tech? It's soooo much fun. All kidding aside, could this be a harbinger for problems in schools across the state? Will the top-rated recruiting class at LSU suffer because of this?

That's what's important in this state, right. LSU football? Maybe somebody should fix this mess. Not to brag, but I actually had this idea the other day. Someone has started a Go Fund Me page for Louisiana's budget crisis. So, we are struggling but these freeloaders got paid? At current, the same amoutn that has been raised for us has been raised to save someone's relationship. Let that sink in for a minute. Speaking of bad math, turn out the state misused, misspent, misappropriated or is missing millions of dollars.

That's more misses than a polygamist sect. I'm sure someone is going to pay for this. Here's a hint: it's you and me! John Kennedy is wrong in his assertion that our problem is wasteful spending, asserts Lamar White, Jr. Here, White caught Kennedy in some of his numbers. White points out that some of the issues Kennedy made hay over was actually uncollected fracking revenues.

Nice catch! Now, can you do my taxes? A new poll is out and it is not good news for John Bel Edwards, yet it is not as bad as it could be. Out of those polled, John Kennedy on the other hand, took a 48 percent favorable rating, putting him at the top of the Senate race. Apparently, Saudi Arabia and Russia have more sympathy for us than our president.

According to reports, the two oil producers have agreed to freeze their output. This will help stabilize the oil industry. Unfortunately, it will not pick up prices at this time. For that to happen, the oil supply must drop. I guess this gives you another reason - other than low prices - to top off the tank.

Keep on driving us back to the black, America! Just make it stop already! Bobby Jindal's administration used some fuzzy accounting and payment plans to keep the budget can kicked down the road. Not to mix metaphors, but the chickens have come home to roost and they aren't laying eggs. That money pushes up the deficit again. Sometimes, I feel like this show called Louisiana is in its last season and the writers are just piling on the cliffhangers and disasters to shake us up and get ratings.

Here's a case of who are you going to believe - higher education officials or the legislators that put us in this mess? Two senators - Conrad Appel, R-Metarie, and Mike Walsworth, R-West Monroe - lashed out at higher education officials for reacting to the budget cuts in a way that they say dominates the news cycle. They shrugged it off, noting it was only day one of the special session.

Officials from Nicholls have said maybe - just maybe - the schools will have to shut down for two weeks in light of the cuts. These two legislators have a point: we should just trust in them and have faith they will work this all out. Hmmm, isn't that how we got in this mess? Here's a clue you don't even have to buy: stop worrying about the news cycle and do your job! In slightly distracting news, Caroline Fayard is the first "major" Democrat to announce a run for David Vitter's Senate seat. Yeah, not distracting enough. Bayou Buzz uses an analogy involving eating two steaks to dissect the commercial calling John Bel Edwards a liar.

Uhm, who told you we could afford two steaks? This state is on a Manwich Meal diet. After the Louisiana Republican party created a commercial urging against John Bel Edwards raising taxes - citing campaign trail promises - Lamar White, Jr. They - he says - are willing to blow up the state in exchange for the dogma of "No new taxes!

The commercial is interesting: they do realize he is in office and won't be up for reelection for four years, right? And, if anything, his tax hikes guarantee him being a one-term governor. Seriously, stop making home movies and do your job! The budget is a disaster, our coast is fading and now our aid is "unnecessary.

Would the real John Bel Edwards please stand up? But, even he admits that tax hikes are the only way out coupled with cuts. However, he calls out JBE on what he sees as taxes with no end date, saying that he wanted to up taxes - and keep them up - before getting elected - you know, just for the giggles of it.

He also asserts that JBE is not really in love with cutting spending. Edwards, however, is trying to convince you otherwise. Look, I am not one to stand up for politicians. They lie, they cheat, they steal. It's in the rule book. And, I am pretty ticked about the whole raising salaries deal. But, what sane person would come into office looking to hike taxes and cut spending TOPS of all things, the one programs conservatives love? Is this is the case - keeping taxes up after our situation is repaired - JBE doesn't need to bother changing his address: he's heading back to Amite in four years.

Budget woes aren't just for the legislature. The offseason will be about cutting and capping as the Saints try to stay under the league's salary cap and repair our broken team. This blog says free agent Roman Harper recently cut from the Panthers could come back to the saints. Um, no. Meanwhile, a part of the salary cap problem is in dead money.

This post looks at the players we no longer have but have to pay. Before, you could have argued that Lamar White, Jr. He was, however, decidedly anti-David Vitter. Maybe a selfie is in orde. Louisiana Voice is totally over Bobby Jindal yeah, not really and has moved on but, not really to blaming those legislators who signed a tax pledge. It's not all bad news today, as the Advocate reports that technology jobs are giving a boost to the economy in Lafayette as the oil and gas jobs fizzle. In the long run, we could see more than a thousand jobs created here.

But, who is going to fill them if TOPS goes ka-put? Will TOPS survive this budget crisis? Hopefully, the answer is yes. If it does, it will likely undergo changes. Currently, students can maintain a C average and make a 20 on the ACT and get funded. That's too low. C grades are - by definition - average. Now, by allowing average students to get TOPS funding, we have sacrificed funding for the ones who deserve it. Next year, students may need to score a 28 for TOPS.

Look TOPS is great, college is good. But both aren't for everyone - no matter what Bernie Sanders says. Trim TOPS to ensure it will continue. We need this for our future. If you don't qualify, there are other ways to pay for college. It involves planning and now. My favoritetwitter handle is JohnJelEdwards who says he got pumped up for the session by biting the head off a live nutria and listening to Dr.

Just in case you forgot, here is Mile Marker 1 in this road of woe. When John Bel Edwards dropped the nuclear bomb of all bombshells - even if it was a Chicken Little moment - that LSU football might not happen next year, you knew there would be a reaction. Here's a couple fan quotes.

These are actually the tamest you could have gotten. The fine folks over at Tiger Droppings aren't as kind, even banging the Recall Drum and offering one of the Evil Twins to lead the effort. It's a good look at the report's highlights. How about we forward it to every one "working" at the Capitol? Can I get a second on this proposal to fix the budget? How about we take it a step further - elected officials should forgo their pay until this is fixed.

Don't want to work for free to fix the mess you have made? That's fine, I am sure there are plenty of folks willing to step up and fill your spot. John Bel Edwards has a plan that makes cuts without raising taxes. But, those are some deep cuts. Here's a more detailed look. The sound you heard after the speech was the election being called for a Republican candidate. Don't like it, JBE, you have four years to fix things and serve a second term. It's all I heard about no matter where I was, what I was doing or who I was with this weekend.

Louisiana Politics has the highlights and screenshots. Stephanie Grace says it was scary. Lamar White, Jr. Before he even spoke, The Hayride called for his recall. Louisiana Voice says not so fast, it is Bobby Jindal you need to attack. Can't say that I saw her on the Super Bowl - the halftime always reminds me to take out the garbage. When you think of Livingston Parish, surely you think of science, right?

Einstein's gravitational wave theory must come to mind when reflecting on that stronghold of intelligence that contains Denham Springs, Walker, Springfield and the like. Think again, as a facility there - in conjunction with one in Washington - has proven the existence of gravitational waves. What does this mean? Other than being cool enough to get a Twittter shout-out from Stephen Hawking, we are not really sure.

Something about space-time and the like. It's all very scientific and above our pay grade. When David Vitter lost the election and announced he wouldn't run for re-election and Bobby Jindal dropped out of the president's race, it looked like there wouldn't be much to fill these pages. Then, along came Troy Hebert and his bid for Vitter's senate seat. Here, Louisiana Voice reports about Hebert investigating - or not investigating thoroughly - a bar after one of its patrons caused a fatal accident. The accusation? He turned a blind eye because he is tight with its owner.

Thank you, Mr. We look forward to your next move. How well did Bobby Jindal do in the New Hampshire presidential primary? Considering he was no longer running, pretty bad. He has the same name! Yeah, this is a stretch of a piece. Well spent! Does Louisiana matter in the presidential primary? This editorial says it matters just as much as that pickle on the side of a roast beef sandwich. Sure, it is going to be consumed, but would you even mind if it were left off? If you think that it doesn't matter, you are right. We don't. Who cares, though?

Well, you should as the only way to fix our problems - an eroding shoreline, a withering oil economy - is to matter in the election.

Demand the pickle! From running from the cops to running for gold, the New Yorker profiles a Lafayette Olympic hopeful who used to sling crack on these here streets. Kinda makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. For once, I feel Louisiana's people are well informed.

There's good news and bad news. It sure sounds bad that Louisiana's education system scored a D on a recent report. But, it's not too bad as no state scored higher than a C and we were among 30 to score next to failing. With Donald Trump in the state, you know he will likely sample the local cuisine. Irony alert: that seafood he's going to eat was probably processed by guest workers - the immigrants Trump is campaigning against.

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. We don't have it anymore. Donald Trump will be in Baton Rouge today, speaking at a 10,seat arena. Prediction: it will fill up. It pitted Louisiana's own Peyton Manning - who is apparently either an alcoholic or owns Budweiser distributors - against Cam Newton. It wasn't their game at all. Instead, the win belonged to Denver's defense. However, Newton did some antics that earned him scorn and discontent and some great memes. Some media and social media pundits claim it was racist that he was criticized. Nope, we just don't like Cam. Why not? A He is a division rival.

B He celebrates every minute accomplishment he makes. Not only that, he does it by doing juvenile dances that are popular among juveniles. That's fine for the wide receivers, running backs, defense backs, etc. You are supposed to be cool. Act like you have been there before. Be a leader. Have you ever seen another QB act like this? No, they are on the sidelines planning the next drive.

Normally, I'd say ignore Cam and he will go away. That would be a lie. We are stuck seeing this guy - whether dabbing when he makes a two-yard gain or throwing a tantrum when he loses - at least twice a year in divisional play. Maybe he will pull a Marshawn Lynch and get out early. We can always hope for next year, right? Last week, it was Rebel Flag beads. This week it is the Spanish Town Mardi Gras. Known for its controversy, the Baton Rouge parade took it to another level this year, using the names of two black men killed by police as fodder.

Sure, the parade isn't for everyone, but there is a line. You crossed it. Good news, guys! Looks like Brandon Browner is soon to be an ex-Saint. Browner hinted to his release on Friday but the Saints have not made anything official. Thanks for the memories! Ebooks and Manuals

Go set penalty records elsewhere. Maybe with the Panthers. We could use a boost when we see them next year. In related news , he is not the only Saint to get his walking papers. If one Saints fan has his way, it is just a good start. Could the only way John Bel Edwards get a sales tax hike be by agreeing to turn into Bobby Jindal down the road?

Or, do you have the key to the whole mess? Now, not even a month later, that bridge is crumbling. Edwards said he doesn't think the state should continue a lawsuit over Common Core, but Landry didn't see it that way. JBE claimed the case was a bit of political posturing on Bobby Jindal's part Jindal filed the suit and says it might be the same thing from Landry. Now, it has gotten petty: both men referring to each other by their first names instead of their respective titles. It might just turn into an Alexandria Mardi Gras up in here. Video shows White in handcuffs and capable of moving.

Deputies say he remarked that he didn't want to go to jail and to tell his family he loves them. His brother says he was carrying a gun that matched the one that killed him. His family, however, is not buying it and says they will continue to seek justice. If there is something to be upset about regarding an election, Jim Brown will be there. This time, he's pointing out how useless our presidential primary is and how valuable it could have been had we gotten it in before Iowa's.

Donald Trump at the Hi-Ho, that's gold. Never picked him for the sauce on a bun type, though. Instead, we have to settle for not mattering at all in the presidential elections. Oh well, I guess we should be used to it by now. This is a good idea. Not only would it work for anyone attending the game but can you imagine the boon to our economy? This guy, I like. Next time you come to the city, we party. I know a place. The Business Report examines the potential outcome of the changes in Louisiana's Medicaid program.

Spoiler alert: it's not sunshine and cupcakes, but doctor shortages. Could changes to Common Core be on the way? If the Louisiana Student Standards Steering Committee has its way, the state's curriculum will be in for a makeover. The member committee - made up of parents, teachers and the public - voted to revise Common Core standards. Now, it has a ways to go but that roar you just heard was the sound of students and parents alike celebrating what could be the beginning of the end. John Bel Edwards is saying he won't cut public schools - K - to offset our budget issues.

How could you cut something that has nothing to cut? Oh wait, I know of some state education officials whose pay you could reduce or eliminate. Ok, that's fine. But here's the really rocking thing about this piece: in the comments, someone pointed out how much Jay Dardenne looks likes Napoleon Bonaparte. Just how low is the price of oil? KPEL lists five things you can buy that will cost more than a barrel of oil.

And, it's not diamond rings and caviar dreams. This is basic stuff - like king cakes. Seriously, a barrel of oil costs less than a king cake. Not even a boudin king cake or a king cake made with diamond sprinkles. A frickin' king cake. Guess we know what laid-off oilfield workers will be eating to bury their sorrow. Dardenne, if your pay is among them, we salute you. If not, don't eat any food gifts from your staff.

Just sayin'. According to this report, Lafayette lost 5, jobs last year while Baton Rouge gained 8, In the mining and logging sector - which includes oil and gas - we lost 2, or 12 percent. Professional and business services dropped 2, jobs or 9 percent. All right, everybody with a job stand up. Not so fast, Jimmy. Some people shouldn't have kids. And by that, I mean Mary Landrieu. Her son - Frank Conner Snellings - was arrested after his 2-year-old son was found with bruises and scratches on him.

The two had been to a birthday party. When Snellings returned the boy to his mother, the tot was shirtless, bruised and scratched; Snellings appeared to be drunk. Must have been quite a party! We already know Mary knows how to get down. Cuts to higher education are going to hurt students, no doubt.

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  • This Advocate piece looks at another victim you might not have seen coming: Louisiana sugar cane farmers. If the AgCenter takes a hit, it could be bad business for the farmers who are already suffering from a rough year. There is no sugarcoating it. David Vitter may be lame - some people do like him - but he is not going out as a lame duck.

    Vitter is going after Congress for exempting itself in a matter regarding ObamaCare. And you thought he had given up. The Hayride says it likes a new Facebook page and maybe even liked it on Facebook. I might like it on Facebook to keep in the loop for all its news and such, but I don't necessarily like it in real life - it really hasn't provided me with anything I haven't, like, seen elsewhere.

    Like that is going to happen! In case you haven't heard, there is some kind of football contest coming up this Sunday. The media is in full football bloom and here we find the best trick plays in Super Bowl history. The Saints Ambush play - an onside kick to start the second half of SB 44 - made the list. The Saints! Maybe next year? Neutral Ground News, a satirical web site, has been investigating Mardi Gras. First, the Krewe of Parents threw tons of crap cleared from their houses. Now, we learn the sad fate of king cake babies: about , king are orphaned every year.

    One local bakery is preaching king cake abstinence. We can't make this stuff up 'cause they already did! The biggest parades haven't even rolled yet and there are already headaches at this Mardi Gras. The Times-Pic reports on a black child catching some Confederate flag beads. The Hayride says it is much ado about nothing, because - you know - the comments on the article said so. I wonder if it has a king and queen or if it is all the royal fools? At least they aren't in black face like that Zulu parade.

    Those guys are insensitive. On Monday, an audit of the Department of Veterans Affairs was released and it called out David LaCerte, alleging he gave a nice contract to a classmate and bought himself or his staff a tight SUV. There's other allegations too, but LaCerte is calling them all garbage. The audit says he knows about garbage - as his staff shredded documents that would have painted an unflattering picture about his office.

    What did all that money go to? Here's a break down - it is mostly consultants and travel. Not too bad, eh? That is one budget he managed to balance. Holdup, wait a minute, Stephanie Grace says. We are the deficit. It's an interesting and heart-tugging read that really makes you think about what we can do to If you don't mind how badly hacked up and poorly edited this piece in Bayou Buzz is, this poorly edited and hacked-up piece in Bayou Buzz poses the question of whether or not John Bel Edwards knew how bad off the budget was when he ran for office and said he would not raise taxes.

    The allegation: he knew. He knew, and he knew he would have to make tax proposals but campaigned otherwise. Somewhere, deep within the Capitol JBE is smiling, licking his lips and twirling his Snidely Whiplash mustache he has a mustache, right? This study rates how dependent each state is on the gun industry. While we are in the middle of the pack for that, it rated us low in in gun prevalence and gun politics. Sorry, but your measurement is flawed. Either that or there's a whole lot of guns and gun politics in other states.

    Seriously, I think I saw a middle school student council member get elected on a Second Amendment platform. This gives a new meaning to the old phrase, "smuggling turtles. Caught in a shrimp trawl - you can only hand catch this protected species in Louisiana - the turtles were being sold to China.

    Just think, this whole time we've been smashing a protect species on the highway to avoid potholes. In the Not Really News Department, a report says Bobby Jindal's administration is to blame for our current economic mess. Tomorrow, we will hear the shocking news that the run rises in the east.

    Except for LSU, Louisiana schools lose money on athletics. So, in this age of cuts, why aren't we cutting athletics? It's an investment, according to the latest in The Advocate's special report on the higher education crisis. But, really? Nicholls having a football team is an investment? I guess, but then again, so was Enron. If you thought that Flint. Michigan's water problem was an isolated event, check out this post about the water in St. Or better yet, don't check it out.

    It's super gross. I don't know where St. Joseph is located, but I don't intend on finding out. I'd hate to accidentally stop there one day and drink some of the brown liquid coming out of the pipes. John Bel Edwards is defending himself against those who are saying he broke promises he made during his run for office. He reasons that the proposals he made then and now are different because the facts are different and he has to make them.

    He relives the game and gives hi thoughts on Cam Newton. Dammit, we said his name, now he has to do some kind of dance. The paper also calls for you to submit an 8th. Hmmmm, has anyone taken the Topless Coed or the Urinating Stranger? The Daily Crawfish reports on the budget crisis. Despite two servings of Whiskas a day, it is not looking good for Mike the Tiger. True, he doesn't have a great "Ain't nobody got tie for that" line, but that robe and that 'stache He just might be Uncle Rico's stunt double. The Advocate continues its special reports on education, this time focusing on John Bel Edwards and how he might get us out of this mess.

    While there is no clear path, there are a few options thrown out here. Spoiler alert: it involves cuts and raising requirements. One part of the budget that will not be cut is the fight to stop Planned Parenthood in Louisiana. This week, John Bel Edwards and new Attorney General Jeff Landry agreed that Landry's office would determine whether or not pursuing the appeal process to block Planned Parenthood would fall under the purview of the AG's office. Bobby Jindal's administration fought the ruling that said the state could not block Planned Parenthood.

    Landry also says he will continue the appeal process. While it is a win for no one at this point, hopefully it will mean less money spent on outside firms handling the case. But this just in - we are still broke. Not only did he stress how our standing does not make us any safer - look at the crimes still being committed in Louisiana - there are certain fix-the-budget undertones to what is being reported here.

    The only thing missing from this piece is how he plans on un-incarcerating our state. Eliminating mandatory sentencing? Removing jail time for certain petty crimes? Decriminalizing drugs? Making it legal to gargle in public? Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Thanks to some legal mumbo jumbo and this-ing and that-ing, the state Supreme Court overturned an amendment that barred felons from running for office. Whatcha gonna do, brother, when the Crook runs wild on you? Jim Brown may be a grumpy old man, but unlike his compatriots, he has experience and some possible solutions to what he is griping about.

    In his latest blog, Brown says we don't need the taxes John Bel Edwards is proposing. Instead, he offers places to cut spending. Legit cuts that can be made - not to services or higher education.