The Reason Lincoln Had to Die

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The Assassination of Lincoln: History and Myth. University of Nebraska Press. February 12, Retrieved September 28, Retrieved August 26, Theatre employee Joe Simms concurred Harry Ford and another gentleman fixing up the box. Ford told me to go to his bed-room and get a rocking chair, and bring it down and put it in the President's box Maddox, another theatre worker, remembered Simms carrying the rocker into the building on his head. The Henry Ford Museum. July 10, Chronicling Illinois.

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Chapter 4. Charles A. Leale on Assassination, April 15, Page 5 ". Lincoln was seated in a high backed arm chair with his head leaning towards his right side supported by Mrs. United States National Library of Medicine.

John Wilkes Booth's father threatened to assassinate a previous president

Retrieved August 30, National Park Service. The President slumped forward in his chair, and then backward, never to regain consciousness. Los Angeles Times. Ibis Communications. The distance from the door to where the President sat was about four feet. At the same time I heard the man shout some word, which I thought was 'Freedom!

Abraham Lincoln’s Death

Roger J. The New York Times. Civil War News. Historical Publications Inc Kathryn Jorgensen. Archived from the original on May 2, Retrieved May 2, Good, ed. Evans interview from April New York Tribune. University Press of Mississippi. Archived from the original on December 9, Leale on Assassination, April 15, Page 6 ".

How Did Lincoln Die? | AMERICAN HERITAGE

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After that his right eye began to swell and that part of his face became discolored. Lincoln's Body: A Cultural History. Closing Moments and Death of the President. Probable Recovery of Secretary Seward. Rumors of the Arrest of the Assassins. Expressions of Deep Sorrow Through-out the Land. Interesting Letter from Maunsell B.

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Representative from Illinois — Rock Island Bridge Co. Assassination attempts on the President of the United States. Abraham Lincoln Booth James A. Kennedy Oswald. Roosevelt Harry S. Truman John F. Bush Barack Obama Donald Trump. List of presidential assassination attempts and plots. Where did Abraham Lincoln die?

Perhaps most importantly, why did he die? The story of how Abraham Lincoln died is shockingly simple.

Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories about the Lincoln Assassination

The death of Abraham Lincoln was made possible through a combination of petty emotions and unfortunate coincidences that came together to create the perfect conditions for the tragic event. In , no president had ever been assassinated. The Civil War had just officially ended five days before, and the couple should have been able to relax for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, a malcontent who was also a popular actor dropped by the theater that morning and witnessed the preparations being made to host the president.

The most bizarre things no one ever told you about the Lincoln assassination

The tumult in the state box caught the attention of Dr. Charles Leale. Thomas' second point revolved around one of John Wilkes Booth's apparently biggest conspirators, James Donaldson, Secretary Seward's messenger. In my reading of Mr. Thomas' website I had already been aware of his unique view. Like the misprint in the FBI report, Mr. Thomas has seized upon a brief mention in George Atzerodt's confession about having seen Booth in conversation with a man named James Donaldson on April 12th and used this mention to create an elaborate scenario where Donaldson was a key member of Booth's conspiracy and helped him plot the death of his boss.

Thomas grasps so hard to make a connection to Seward's James Donaldson that he completely dismisses the fact that Atzerodt describes his Donaldson as a young man of about "23 or 24" while the real James Donaldson was over 45 at the time. Thomas also erroneously stated that Donaldson was a part of the kidnapping plot and was one of the conspirators present at Booth's March 15 meeting with all of his conspirators.

He claims that Arnold described him perfectly in his confession though admitted he did not recall the man's name. The person Arnold actually described was David Herold. Thomas also made a passing remark that the real James Donaldson arranged to be absent from the Seward house that night since he knew Powell was coming even though it was Secretary Seward himself who told Donaldson he need not stay.

There was no mention about Donaldson's life after the assassination with Mr. Thomas only quickly stating that he was just another one from the grand conspiracy who got away. If you want to read more about James Donaldson, a kind man who helped care for the Secretary after his attack, I wrote a blog post about him before going to the talk on Tuesday.

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Thomas' last point revolved around Louis Weichmann. Now I have no problem with people who believe that Weichmann was part of the conspiracy against Lincoln. There's certainly enough evidence to warrant some suspicions about Mary Surratt's boarder. But Mr.

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  • Thomas' ideas were brand new to me. According to Mr. Thomas, not only was Weichmann in the thick of it with Booth and the mysterious figures in the government that he never really explained, but Weichmann knew exactly where Lewis Powell was after his attack on Seward. Thomas, Weichmann and one of the government detectives I think he said it was Det. James McDevitt found Powell as he was hiding out from the authorities and gave him a pistol and some boots and maybe a coat, I'm afraid it got a little convoluted here. To his credit, Mr.

    Thomas was able to come up with an interesting piece of evidence to back this up. On April 18th, Captain Daniel Gleason, Weichmann's superior in the War Department, gave a statement about how Weichmann had previously mentioned some of his concerns about the happenings around the Surratt boarding house around the time of the inauguration.

    Gleason had never reported any of these concerns to anyone higher up in the War Department because Weichmann did not portray them to be of real consequence. Now that Lincoln was dead and Booth's connection to the Surratts was established, Gleason was telling his story and likely feeling suspicious about Weichmann. At the end of his statement, almost as an addendum, the following is recorded: " The pair of boots, which were found on the assassin of Sec. Seward were shown the witness and he identified them as a pair he had loaned Mr.

    Wright had loaned to Wiechmann on Saturday morning.

    WKUK What Really Happened To Abe Lincoln (Uncensored)

    He loaned his boots and a pistol to Mr. Wiechmann on Saturday morning before the other clerks. He had a horse and saddle there and I suppose all was right in regard to it. Thomas then used a single statement from Detective Rosch, one of the men who arrested Lewis Powell at the Surratt boarding house, in which Rosch claimed that they recovered, "one small new revolver loaded" from Lewis Powell.

    Putting it all together means, in Mr. Thomas' mind, that Weichmann borrowed a pair of boots and pistol from a fellow clerk at the War Department and then provided them to Powell as he was hiding out in Washington. I will say that this was the most intriguing of all of Mr.

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    Thomas' theories because at least he had the different statements that led him to this conclusion. After looking into it, however, I do not believe this theory to be plausible. First off, Detective Rosch was the only detective who mentioned finding a pistol on Powell and even then he only did it in one undated statement.

    When called to testify at the conspiracy trial, he mentioned nothing about a gun being found on Powell. I find this a difficult leap of faith. The more logical view in my mind is that Rosch erred in this undated statement as to the items he found on Powell.