Artemis: The Original Royal Princess

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This bucket list trip was wonderful. We sailed our most memorable cruise on her back in It was amazing, especially Antarctica. It was 48 days,15 countries, and nautical miles. Almost getting stuck in the ice was also exciting.

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We also sailed on her RT to Orinoco. Loved the ship, especially the library. The cabins with the fold down beds were really weird. Sent from my iPhone using Forums. Sailed her once on a short cruise in with my dad. We had a nice big cabin, A if the numbering system is the same from when it was Artemis, that's the only deck plan I could find that looked the same.

We did the British isles and Western Europe on her in , our first trip abroad, and now we're doing the British Isles with Liverpool on the new Royal in for our 50th anniversary. Did a Baltic cruise in She was a wonderful ship. This is only a slight bit of thread hijacking.

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We were in a port a few years back and the ship MV Athena was also in port. Our ship's captain announced that the Astoria used be be named the Stockholm which was the ship that was involved with the collision with the Andrea Doria. Sort of cool. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By LauraS Started May By LauraS Started March 6. Search In. Now through June 30TH. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. Posted May 28, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Nice looking ship. Agroteras Dusia , p. From this hero, or rather from the town of Amnarynthus, Artemis derived the surname Amarynthia or Amarysia, under which she was worshipped there and also in Attica. A surname of Artemis, under which she was worshipped at Syracuse, and according to some accounts the original name of Hecate. In the neighbourhood of the town of Caphyae in Areadia, in a place called Condylea, there was a sacred grove of Artemis Condyleatis. On one occasion when some boys were playing in this grove, they put a string round the goddess' statue, and said in their jokes they would strangle Artemis.

Some of the inhabitants of Caphyae who found the boys thus engaged in their sport, stoned them to death. After this occurrence, all the women of Caphyae had premature births, and all the children were brought dead into the world. This calamity did not cease until the boys were honourably buried, and an annual sacrifice to their manes was instituted in accordance with the command of an oracle of Apollo. The surname of Condyleatis was then changed into Apanchomene. A tradition of that place related that Hippolytus, after being restored to life by Asclepius, came to Italy, ruled over Aricia, and dedicated a grove to Artemis.

MV Artemis

This goddess was believed to be the Taurian Artemis, and her statue at Aricia was considered to be the same as the one which Orestes had brought with him from Tauris. According to Strabo, the priest of the Arician Artemis was always a run-away slave, who obtained his office in the following manner: -- The sacred grove of Artemis contained one tree from which it was not allowed to break off a branch; but if a slave succeeded in effecting it, the priest was obliged to fight with him, and if he was conquered and killed, the victorious slave became his successor, and might in his turn be killed by another slave, who then succeeded him.

Suetonius Calig. Ovid Fast. Under this name the goddess had a sanctuary on the Acropolis of Athens, which contained a statue of her made by Praxiteles. Her image at Brauron, however, was believed to be the most ancient, and the one which Orestes and Iphigeneia had brought with them from Tauris. Here the statue of the goddess stood in the open air, and maidens celebrated a festival to her every year with dances.

Others derived the name from the Attic village of Chitone, or from the circumstance of the clothes in which newly-born children were dressed being sacred to her. Respecting the festival of the Chitonia celebrated to her at Chitone, see Dict. The god with the golden sword or arms. In this sense it is used as a surname or attribute of several divinities, such as Apollo Hom. He was sold as a slave, and carried to Crete, where he served in the temple of Artemis; but he escaped from thence with a priestess of the goddess, who carried her statue to Sparta.

CORDACA Kordaka , a surname of Artemis in Elis, derived from an indecent dance called kordac , which the companions of Pelops are said to have performed in honour of the goddess after a victory which they had won. CRANAEA Kranaia , a surname of Artemis, derived from a temple on a hill near Elateia in Phocis, in which the office of priest was always held by youths below the age of puberty, and for the space of five years by each youth. In the case of Artemis it is uncertain why she bore that surname, and it was perhaps merely an allusion to her statue being made of laurel-wood Paus.

They are likewise applied, especially in the plural, to other divinities that were worshipped in Delos, viz. Demeter, Aphrodite, and the nymphs. Pollux, x. The masculine form Delphinius is used as a surname of Apollo. A surname of Artemis at Phiglea in Arcadia.

Her sanctuary which was surrounded by cypresses, was opened only once in every year, and sacrifices were then offered to her. She was represented half woman and half fish. Pollux, i. February G Adventures plans to restart the operation of Swan Hellenic in February Crystal Cruises signs a purchase option for the ship. July laid up in Port Klang, pending for sale. In February , she was reactivated for cruising out of Penang. Since February she did short cruises from Hong Kong.

ARTEMIS: The Original Royal Princess

Cruises for Paul Gauguin will continue through May 14, From onwards: Aegean Paradise operated by the Turkish tour operator Etstur. Her Indian cruising venture started in January from Goa. Eime at expeditioncruising. Lindblad Expeditions is the exclusive U. Ex Orient Queen , ex Bolero , ex Starward. She replaces the smaller Golden Iris.

Chartered by German tour operator Holiday Kreuzfahrten from autumn to summer She was renamed Lili Marleen.

She was scheduled to operate 22 cruises this winter out of the Mauritius capital before proceeding to German tour operator Dertour for charter from next April. Dertour has cancelled its summer charter and the ship is laid up in Singapore. Lines Mitsui O. December she ran aground off the Philippine island of Mindanao. Olsen Black Prince.

November ' Orient Lines announced it shall delay the launch of its cruises. She joins the fleet of Transocean Tours in on long term charter. Ex Kazakhstan II, ex Belorussiya. October Passat Kreuzfahrten has ceased trading.


May Etstur, a major Turkish tour operator, has confirmed it will charter the Delphin for a summer cruise season in the Eastern Mediterranean. November charter to Alteza Cruises that will start cruise operations from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in February The ship is owned by the India-based Vishal Cruises Pvt.

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The ocean-going cruise ship, Deutschland, will not be affected and will continue to offer luxury cruises. August Aurelius, the Munch based industrial holding company, has acquired the control of the Company Deutschland , pax October FTI has taken over all sales and marketing for the ship in the German and Austrian markets. November the operating company for the ship had filed for insolvency.

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May the ship has been chartered to Semester at Sea and renamed World Odyssey. November Phoenix Reisen has arranged a five-year summer charter of the ship. She will commence her first summer charter in May then in September she will resume service for Semester at Sea. January Phoenix Reisen extends Deutschland charter until The Deutschland with the colours of Plantours that chartered the ship in June and July Ex Hapag-Lloyd's Columbus. Ex Disko II. May charter to Ambiente Kreuzfahrten to end in September but Ambiente ceased trading after it had failed to reach targeted level of bookings.

Laid up Funchal , pax Laid up. December sold at auction. Ex Corinthian II. The maiden voyage was scheduled for August 31, She was renamed Minerva II. Photo courtesy FrangiB46 at Photobucket. Spirit of Adventure Cruises was a Saga Cruises' brand in and Saga Pearl II will leave the fleet in December acquired by Pampa Cruises and renamed Arrecife. She will start cruise service in January Photo Captain Ted at Shipspotting. Photo D. Photo Manuel Moreno at MerchantShips.