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If the thought of one more Aye canna ken spoken by a man in a skirt to a red-headed, feisty female makes you groan, but you still love Scottish historicals, give the latest from Sara Bennett a try. Lady Margaret Mackintosh is in desperate need of a man — specifically, Gregor Grant, the displaced laird whose father lost his lands during the Jacobite uprising 12 years before. She hunts Gregor down, only to find him blind-drunk in a tavern after a duel.

After this inauspicious start, however, he agrees to return with Meg to see how he can help. Meg is immediately attracted to the large, muscular man with topaz eyes, but discounts his apparent return of her attraction. She is too accustomed to being courted for her land and her fortune to think anyone would ever possibly want her for herself.

Both the hero and heroine are interesting, flawed characters. Davis had me hooked from the first page to the last. She had me laughing, crying, and doing both at the same time. So many emotions from heartache, sadness, joy, excitement, hope, surprises both good and bad; plus a good doses of humor and romance happen in this fantastic tail.

Bryce is our sexy bear shifter who has some commitment problems.

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Then their is Kenzie our Wiccan who has some deep trust issues. These two have a very big history together. I enjoy it when a couple has a history and you finally get to see them work things out and come together. Both Kenzie and Bryce have emotional scares from each other and others in their past to deal with. The history they have as well as the secrets, where hard to read, but so worth it to see them help heal each other and come together.

The healing they go through was a journey in itself. One of my favorite parts is when they are saying goodbye to two little ones they lost and loved. You will know the moment I am talking about. Davies had me in tears it was so heartbreaking and thoughtful. I enjoyed the secondary characters just as much as the leads. Grandma Effie is just a hoot. I loved her in A Highlander's Obsession and I feel in love with her all over again here. We get a few surprises from her. Things we may not have known we learn. I love how she brings humor to the story and her free-spirt.

I loved this kid. The things she said and did where great. Oh sweet heaven help me her speech she did had me laughing so hard I was in tears. That child is just too adorable. Then we have Effie giving Kenzie a nickname. The other thing that got to me was how Fauste got his hands on Kenzie so easily. It made no sense to me that they would not have her be with someone when Fauste is out to get her. What is not to love.

We have some very sexy Highlander bear shifters, great fun loving characters, and a sweet romance. After reading this one I felt the need to go back and re-read book one again as well as this one. It was that good. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

View 2 comments. Jan 15, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. I think I loved this book more than the first one just a tad. Kenzie her thoughts are of those of a woman who is horny, "when did he get these tattoos on his pecs? Dinna look at his chest. His face. Look at his face, Kenzie, for God's sake! Kenzie I think her mind wanders at times, "get off me, ye worthless excuse for a man. How dare he? After all, you're going to dinner with six feet of hard muscle.

My Morris, bless his heavy-hung manhood, was a muscular man too. Canna a man have a effin' climax without an audience?

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Dec 25, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Davis has a way with words. I love the first book in this series and the second book did not let me down. The youngest brother Bryce, was hinted at in the first book. Now we get to hear and see his story. Although this story has some serious undertones, Ms. Davis adds her humor at every twist and turn she can. I love getting lost in the highlands. Bryce is HOT and some of the scenes are smoldering. Oh to be Kenzie. Kenzie is a contrast to the first books lighthearted feel. I wasn't sure how Ms. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this.

She is a strong woman who has made it out of an abusive relationship and isn't going to let it define her. It does however make her see the world in a tainted way. Bryce is hell bent on getting her to see the good in the world and protect her. I say let him. As always, the men are hot. Gram is still a nut, but she is a nut with purpose.

Overall, if you loved book one this is a must read. The story is suspenseful with a little witchcraft, the good kinds mostly. The love story is believable and you can feel the pain that Kenzie endured and why she made some poor decisions in her past. You love Bryce for his ability to admit to his own mistakes and the sweet way he helps Kenzie heal from her pains.

It can be read alone too, but I don't know why you would want to miss A Highlanders Obsession. I can't get enough of these kilted warriors. Feb 03, Baronelive. Fook-this was a great book! I loved the Scottish words and way of talk. I fell in love with Creighton and Paisley in the first book-and Bryce and Kenzie's story was just as thrilling, just as sexy, and just as breathtaking!

I love the shifting and paranormal aspects, the plot kept my heat racing and my eyes welled up with tears a few times. I love the happy ending- no cliffhangers here! I cannot wait to read Ronan's story. Apr 05, Eva Millien rated it it was amazing. The fast paced and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance while the setting adds that little something extra that makes a story magical.

Apr 07, Elizabeth Wright rated it it was amazing. This was my first Vonnie Davis read.

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I am now a fan for life.! Kenzie Denune has been through it all. Heartbreak, pain, and loss have been the ruling factors in her life for years. In fact, even longer than she realizes. The only constant has been her love for Bryce Mattheson. Bryce, is a sexy, Alpha as all get out, bear shifter.

Can you say yummy? A single father and the youngest in his family he is both sweet, sensitive, and fierce. This story has it all, love, drama, angst a "devilish" villain, This was my first Vonnie Davis read. This story has it all, love, drama, angst a "devilish" villain, and of course some hot and steamy action. The secondary characters in this book were amazing.

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They provided lots of character insight as well as a tremendous amount of humor. Effie in particular was a RIOT! While this is part of a series it stands up quite well on its own. I didn't feel out of the loop at all. Davis does a great job of filling in the blanks without doing a full rehash which would bore readers who are familiar with the series. This was great fun and I can't wait to read Ronan's book!

Apr 02, Tonya rated it it was amazing. Vonnie Davis has penned one of the best Highlander paranormal novels I've read in years! It will make you laugh and it will make you cry, but in the end you'll be glad you read it!! When Kenzie married Duncan, she thought she had found a man who would love her and the child Vonnie Davis has penned one of the best Highlander paranormal novels I've read in years! When Kenzie married Duncan, she thought she had found a man who would love her and the child she carried, but it only took weeks for her to realize she made a huge mistake.

After she miscarried Bryce's child thanks to Duncan's beating, she thought things couldn't get worse - until they did. Pregnant again by Duncan this time, she is not prepared for Duncan's jealous rage and his belief that the child is not his - nor is she prepared for the beating he inflicts on her because in his mind she must have cheated on him.

When she ends up in the hospital again for the second time in months with another child lost to her, she angrily speaks words she's heard her Aunt Una who's a witch chant in the past. The next day, her husband is dead and Kenzie is full of guilt because she thinks it's her fault Duncan is dead.

She's also just realizing that she is Wiccan too. As if all that wasn't enough to deal with, Bryce Matheson is back saying he wants another chance with her. Bryce Matheson is all about taking care of his family and his clan - no matter which form it takes - man or bear shifter. He and Kenzie had been the best of friends until he met his wife Miranda, but Miranda felt threatened by his friendship with Kenzie so he set aside their friendship and focused on Miranda.

After Miranda's death, feeling lonely and needing a friend other than his precocious 5 year old daughter, he sought out Kenzie and slowly their relationship changed from friendship to a more intimate relationship. However, Bryce is filled with guilt because his feelings for Kenzie are growing and he feels he's being unfaithful to Miranda, so once again he pushes Kenzie away - right into the path of brutal Duncan. When news reaches him of Kenzie's latest hospitalization due to a beating from Duncan and the loss her child, Bryce realizes what a mistake he made in pushing Kenzie away.

He also knows the loss of her child will be the hardest part in the healing process for Kenzie, but he's determined to be there for her and to pick up their relationship where they left off. Kenzie has been through too much to trust a man easily - especially when that man is Bryce and he's already pushed her out of his life twice before.

Can she really afford to give Bryce another shot at her heart? What would Bryce say if he knew she was Wiccan?

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  • Would he want her back then? And what about Aunt Una's warning that something bad is coming? Will Bryce and his family still accept her if she brings danger to their doorstep? You'll just have to read to find out. Apr 03, Lori Meehan rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the second book that I've read by Ms.

    Kenzie Denune has loved Bryce since the day she met him. They were the best of friends until the day Bryce meets Miranda and slowly slips away from Kenzie. Bryce and Miranda marry when she becomes pregnant and so Bry 4. Bryce and Miranda marry when she becomes pregnant and so Bryce's life is turned up side down when his daughter Colleen is born and Miranda dies. Bryce vows never to love another for the memory of his wife.

    Soon Kenzie and Bryce slip into each other's heart again only to have Bryce break her heart by putting an end to it. Bryce can't get passed the guilt he feels for loving another. Heartbroken she falls for a man full of false words of hope and comfort. Bryce vows that day to win Kenzie back. Since the miscarriage Kenzie has come in to her Wiccan powers and emboldens her to live her life even if it's alone.

    Bryce's bear demands he take Kenzie but the man knows he has a lot of ground to make up. Bryce breaks through all her barriers and shows her how a real Scot treats his woman and that he is truly in it for life. Just as they work through their shared grief and start on the road forever Effie drops the next bomb. All is not as it seems and there's a terrifying evil man after Kenzie who could take everything away from her.

    Will she except Bryce's protection or run to keep him and the family she's come to think as hers safe? Bryce is the hottest most silver tounged highlander charmer that I've read about in a long time. She is strong and so sad that you can't help but cheer for her. Colleen is a sassy, intelligent and inquisitive child that loves everyone and is just as much of a charmer that her Da is. The things she said and did will have your heart in two pieces and laughing out load the next.

    She is one of the shining stars of the secondary characters right along with Effie, Paisley's grandma.

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    She has such a naughty side to her. She is such a stitch. Mar 29, Suzi Obsessive Reading Disorder rated it it was amazing. First off, honestly, I am partial to wolf shifters. That said, this clan of Scottish bear shifters has won over my heart. Book 2 does not disappoint! The characters are all familiar; like a family reunion. The whole Matheson clan shows up. As with all close knot families, they know how to push each other's buttons. Humor is peppered throughout the story.

    Crazy grandma, Effie Monroe plays a major role in this book. We also see a lot more of Bryce's precociuos daughter, Colleen. Bryce and Kenzie have known each other since they were young children. Kenzie has always loved Bryce. Both of them travelled different paths for awhile, but their hearts remained tied to each other. I love a second chance love story and this one is just about perfect! I found myself laughing, cheering and tearing up all within a matter of pages. No spoilers for this review, as I want you to be able to experience the emotion first hand. You will love the sexy, kilt wearing Bryce.

    Such a strong woman after a very painful past. I suspect she has yet to come into her full powers. The book contains a lot of Scottish dialect. I found it added to the setting of the story and helped me get to know the characters better. Feb 27, Deb Sisler rated it it was amazing. I received this book from netgalley for an honest review.

    Bryce and Kenzie were friends throughout their childhood friends and eventually sweethearts.

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    As with many young romances, they split. Bryce married and had a little girl. His wife passed away. Now he wants Kenzie back. Kenzie eventual death of her husband. Bryce takes the steps to rekindle what they once had shared together. Gram plays a part in revealing secrets to Kenzie that keep her from making a choice with Bryce. She has secrets that n I received this book from netgalley for an honest review. She has secrets that need to be shared with him as well.

    The story itself had many laugh out loud funny parts in it. Now in the Waking you must save him Now having started The Dark Highlander Lite I would like to know where that version of the story went. Will you be releasing the rest of it? Broni Jones. Hello Karen, i've just read books in the Highlander series. I'm so in love! I so want one of tnose Highlanders for myself. Thank you!

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    For some reason i cannot purchase Into the Dreaming kindle? Cheers Broni from the land of Oz. Please let me know how to purchase Into the Dreaming. I've read the Highlander series twice. So please any info would be great.