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Well red Comic fans have long been used to seeing the wit and intelligence of their favourite stories surgically excised by zoot-suited Hollywood bean counters, so Del Toro's faithful vivification of Hellboy was something of a landmark in judging its audience to be some way above high-functioning cretins. Best of all, for a brief, glorious moment, it seemed that Niles Crane had been transformed into a mind-mangling aquatic superhero. Also worth noting is the sly reappropriation of Bernard Herrmann's seminal 'Psycho' score which, it being an' all, has been augmented with some echo drum beats.

The shocking, infamously bleak ending divides opinion, but it sure as hell sticks in the memory. I got worms! Ai caramba! El Diablo! In fact, it feels like the perfect film to be sitting mid-table in a list like this, an impressive but overreaching political allegory whose underused trump card is some of most ornate monster model work in modern cinema. Weird and gilly What is it with ancient, primeval beasts attacking hot chicks in bikinis? Cheer up, Blackie or should that be Goonie? Float on, chum, and let the ladies swim to you Finally nailed it!

Get that thing back where it came from or so help me Purists may question the presence of this relentlessly upbeat and cuddly Pixar classic on a list of lurking lurchers from beyond. Pure joy. That said, the fact that Arnie goes up against the beast with an ethnically diverse crew of sweaty grunts probably does for that theory.

And if anyone can find proof that the aforementioned dreadlocks are actually Na'vi-style love tentacles, then you can pretty much forget the idea completely. Good film, though. The Gremlins themselves are way past crazy - as if the Alien had cross-bred with a toilet brush - and exhibit all the manners of a revved-up pit bull while decimating the Xmas jubilations of idyllic backwater hamlet Kingston Falls.

Dinosaurs were so utterly rock-hard that it took nothing less than complete global cataclysm to put paid to their million year reign of terror. Hubristic at best, then, for an elderly Scottish flim-flam man Dickie Attenborough to revivify the most ferocious species imaginable: including the T Rex and the Velociraptor — and parade them through an ill-maintained Costa Rican petting zoo.

The Jewish TV drone who became a blaxploitation legend. The gritty Sam Fuller enthusiast who turned to Cormanesque splat. All this plus some wild piano scat, a dollop of human sacrifice and New York City in all its grimy New Wave glory. Brian Glover! Rik Mayall! You are Japan! Sometimes vengeful, often heroic, occasionally topical and always browned off, this atomically enlarged mega-newt could comfortably take on all the monsters on this list without even breaking a sweat do lizards sweat? Despite a huge and somewhat spurious list of enemies that includes Mothra giant peacenik moth , King Ghidora three headed dragon and Mechagodzilla huge, angry rustbucket , it is man for whom the King of the Monsters reserves his most bitterly held ire.

Get over it, dude! Both tell the comic book tale of schlubbish wage slave Ash the inimitable Bruce Campbell and his blood-splashed battle with a tranche of accidentally awoken Kandarian demons who want nothing more than to swallow his soul. In the first film, it memorably brings a tree to life and proceeds to rape a teenage girl.

Sexually frustrated ape inadvertently invents base-jumping Anyone who has never shed a tear as this love-struck great ape uncomprehendingly swats at his tormentors from the top of the Empire State Building is as stone-hearted as Skull Island itself. Special effects pioneer Willis O'Brien made Kong one of the few cinematic monsters to occupy the emotional as well as the narrative heart of their own movie and his towering achievement is still the benchmark for anyone who would make a myth from a ropey old monster yarn. The remake was a dull rehash that paired 'Love Boat'-style soap with an inexplicably green monkey, and while Peter Jackson came close to capturing the wonder of the original, the vintage remains a dark fairytale unmatched by modern pretenders.

Her eyebrows were a shade darker than the gold of her hair, which let me know she was a. Across from our three seats, ornately decorated- a kingly affair. Were three seats as well. Borderline ridiculous. I complied, I was too shocked to do anything else. I was lead to my seat like a child and I was sat in my seat like a child. A very shell shocked child. I never took my eyes from him. He looked amazing tonight. His ruffed silky light brown hair was curling, whisping, flaring around his face in a rugged chic style all the way down to his broad, masculine shoulders.

His neck was long and thick with muscular sturdiness. Large, gentle fingers brushed back and forth across my skin. It was like the soft, articulate workings of a dedicated sculptor- molding me into picturesque relaxation. And yet it did not help. It the pit of my stomach a stone sat heavy, bloated, and lethal. I felt like I was dying from the inside out. Goddamn you , Myron. I had to concentrate. It was important.

I was trying to call the Blood Goddess. Yes, tonight was the final night, and. I soon found the face that belonged to that booming voice. It was a vampire. Go figure. He was a man, in full armor on his throne. I mean, plate armor, chain mail. A sword was behind him, hung against the pale marble wall, hanging there like some grey metal beast in a sea of white. He was covered in head to toe, and the only parts of him I could see was an abundance of long, wavy blonde hair, and the top part of his face.

His nose and eyes. His eyes were amazing. They were pale, pale red. Like the color of blood, diluted with water. They were vibrant and captured something of an essence. His nose was noble. And that was all I could see of him. But unless his armor was more of a costume than armor, he was. She had blacked out, after I ate her out.

I suppose it was a compliment to my talents. Though originally I had my face between her legs for only one purpose, the beast inside of her allowed me more. Was she truly The Gift? Was she? The voice had been youthful enough, lovely- the voice of a seductress, and yet all the while carrying an undertone of underlying maturity. Of ancient wisdom, a commanding presence. I was a match for her beast. Whatever was inside of the innocent mortal body of the beautiful woman on my bed, I was game. I could take her.

I would dominate her into submission. I would demonstrate what a REAL alpha male was. Not those pussy Nobles who claimed higher blood, they knew nothing of. View Gallery. I knew Byron wasn't asleep. I wasn't asleep, but I felt that tingly warm feeling that said I would soon be unconscious. But then the footsteps came. And then the voice. That deep, but terrifyingly smooth voice that had whispers of death and something primal, and sexual underlying.

I narrowed my eyes, but then shook it off. Well, if that was how they viewed me I stood on my own two feet, after the severe protesting Byron made, and stood completely naked in front of the uninvited newcomer. I didn't like him. Not one bit. And he deserved what was about to befall him. Slick stuff coated my chest in a light layer, and my own thighs were a little sticky of their own accord from our previous session of sexual contact..

I felt a little dizzy and my stomach hurt,. There was nothing like a good massage, I mean really. The Goddess left my body and with her, all the unearthly animation that had kept me alive and commanding up there. I was getting terribly tired of fainting. All of this was absolutely terrific. A migraine reminded me of my surroundings, and the events that had recently transpired. Damn supernatural bastards. Suddenly, I wished I had some kind of power. Like the werewolves. They had strength, like the vampires.

And speed, agility. I was a miserable human. I questioned. But the hot breath on my neck in combination with the pearly press of this newcomer vampire's fangs against my neck, and his hot, hard manhood, pressed against the small of my back I wasn't quite asleep. I shivered, because I was afraid, and being scared always held a certain sexual appeal to it. I didn't say anything. I shut my eyes, and squeezed them tight, hoping, praying he wouldn't bite me.

If he did, and he fed. I would Seriously, honestly, dead. Since the beginning of this while ride, this was the closest I'd come to truly dying. And now I didn't sound like I was pleading I heard that mysterious rough c. At how absolutely ridiculous all of this was! I smiled and threw back my head.

I laughed. I laughed and laughed, until tears flooded my cheeks. I struggled to keep myself from crumbling. I won. I shook myself, wiping the tears from my face, and giggling for a few remaining seconds.

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I stopped and suddenly felt very foolish. There was simply nothing more to say. His grass colored eyes were stony, and his body language only spoke of an impassive stoicism. His hair wiped gently around his pale face, and yet he himself did not move an inch. It was.

Something primal, and masculine to the bone. He lowered us from the brilliant night sky to the ground. His muscled arms around my shoulders, and a hand on my backside. I smelled on his skin the dewy fresh scent of the night, and something underlying, something resembling the poignant smell of copper warmed. I glanced at the man carting me, and I saw crimson beads of his blood trickling down his arm like a miniature stream.

He held his arm near my face. I knitted my brows together in confusion. Take his blood. He offers it to you in gratitude, and for strength. Taste the blood of ages as a human and you will be granted a sort burst of extraordinary health, although it will fade wit. He truly did. It caused the boy so much pain, especially during the first few days when Soubi could do nothing for Ritsuka's hunger. It had to be done, though, for Ritsuka had been dying and had begged Soubi- outright begged him- to change him.

And so Soubi had, as Ritsuka would have died in his arms at the hospital if he hadn't. That didn't mean he didn't regret it. If there had been something else Soubi could've done, he would've done it, but there had been no other choice, no other way, besides changing Ritsuka. Soubi could smell Ritsuka as soon as he walked inside the Victorian-style house that was used just for this purpose.

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He had a short talk with Kio, one that merely consisted of Soubi telling him of the current situation with Ritsuka's parents and Kio updating him on Ritsuka's status, which seemed to get worse and worse with each day that passed when Soubi didn't come. Unfortunately, he had other things to do and couldn't be with his S. Sebastian looked at Leigh with an eerie grin. Sebastian stood in front of the fire for a minute before removing his trench coat and casting it to the side, revealing a muscled back and arms, for he was wearing no shirt beneath the coat.

He hobbled across the room to where Sebastian was standing and brushed his fingers across the toned, creamy skin.

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Sebastian turned to face Leigh and with one quick motion he put his arm ar. Vivaldi pt. The manor was completely silent. Echoes of the last midnight conversations absorbing into the walls where they would remain forever. His slender hand traveled blindly across the sheet, searching for solace in the wide bed.

View More. More from DeviantArt hard day at work I had an extremely hard day at work. I came home to my empty apartment. Opening the door, Smokey my cat started to rub against my leg as I took the keys out of my lock, I shut the door behind me, and walked over to my answering machine with the cat following close by, "oh how exciting, 2 messages. I knew one of them is my mother. She's always trying to set me up with some weird guy. I press play on my answering machine and I hear my mothers voice "Valerie, this is your mother, and I think I found the perfect guy for" Click Call me sometime.

To bad he's married now.

I opened my. A Reluctant Slave - 1 It was a cold, harsh night when Lucy's father was murdered. She hadn't been able to sleep, lying awake in her bed as rain attacked her window and lightning flashed across her room. She wasn't frightened of the weather; storms happened often enough in Solace but something in the air made her heartbeat race. She'd heard of magic, of the vampires from the Shadowlands and though she'd never felt their touch she knew the air was tainted with their dark presence.

Her light, blue eyes flashed towards her door as she heard a woman scream and she could do nothing but curl under her sheets in worry. It had to be one of the maids, she knew, as there were no other women in the Manor. Feet clattered down the hallway and past her room and though the young woman didn't know it then, she had a deep fear of what the maid had just discovered.

One she recognised as h. But after the 4th and 5th time, I was annoyed that he was still downloading porn, and not hitting on me, he was just looking at ugly cum whores on the internet. Im good looking. I dont know why he does that. Finally, I decided to do something about it. For a whole week I was always really quiet when I came home. I didnt want him to hear me. Finally one day I found him looking at porn. I snuck in the room quietly and kneeled behind him By the time he heard me and started to turn around, I snuck one hand around his waist and put it on his right hand, the one he was masturbating with.

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