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Thomas Lauterbach, Jahrgang , absolvierte — eine Ausbildung zum Mediengestalter in seiner Geburtsstadt Wetzlar. Filmauswahl: Dirty Princess The desert lies behind, the sea in front of him. Here they sit waiting in the desert dust and wind. Waiting until a boat will take them to guaranteed happiness or guaranteed death. Lamiya from Guinea almost died at sea — and would do it again for his dream of becoming a second Ronaldinho. An atmosphere of languid timelessness, of waiting as a form of being and permanent condition, materialises in precisely framed images full of symbolic detail.

Nun soll eine solche Kommunalka im Zentrum von St. Petersburg entmietet, verkauft und umgebaut werden. Ein langer Weg beginnt. Aber die Sterne stehen schlecht an diesem Tag, wie eine Bewohnerin am Morgen anmerkt. Ob der Verkauf gelingt? Ein Crashkurs in Kapitalismus made in Soviet Union. Perestroika means restructuring. You force different families into a flat and then they have to live together. Petersburg is to be vacated of its tenants, sold and renovated.

All four owners must agree to the sale. Then a buyer is needed because only his money will enable the owners to buy new rooms. Everyone wants to improve themselves, everyone has special demands. Not an easy task for the two estate agents. After several months and after practically everyone has lost faith in the project, they all find suitable new housing spaces. The sales contract for the old flat can be signed. But it is an ill-fated day, as one of the inhabitants remarks in the morning.

Will the sale be concluded after all? A Crash Course in capitalism made in Soviet Union. Petersburg und Moskau. Seither lehrt sie im Bereich Kommunikations- und Mediendesign. Um Arbeit soll es hier gehen, auf eine ungewohnte, raffinierte Weise. Die unglaubliche Geschichte von Franz formt das Raster, in das Ausblicke auf unsere Arbeitswelt eingepasst sind. Das Unternehmen musste ihn in gleicher Position wieder einstellen.

Aber sie wollten ihn nicht. Er schildert, was dieses Leben mit einem Menschen macht. Wo leben wir eigentlich? In der erwachsene Menschen geschult werden, sich mit Masken aus der Menge hervorzuheben, um Erfolg und damit Arbeit zu haben. This is to be about work, in a fresh, sophisticated style: a statement on the value of human beings and the dignity of labour; an exploration of what has actually happened to us.

The incredible story of Franz supplies the grid into which different visions of our working environment are fitted. Franz took legal action against his dismissal and the court decided in his favour. The company had to reinstate him. So Franz, a solid, greyhaired man, keeps sitting in his isolated office for days and months on end, without work, without a task, without dignity. He describes what this life can do to a person. Stephan earns good money as an advertising figure — but is sitting in the middle of a giant billboard 24 metres above ground, secured by a safety harness, eight times 24 hours, is this really work?

Where do we think we live? In a society where applying for a job is so complicated and full of lies that you need special courses to help. In which adults are taught to wear masks in order to stand out from the crowd, in order to succeed, which in turn means having work? The film follows up the question of what we humans are actually doing to ourselves and where our responsibilities lie, with a good sense of rhythm and with images that leave a lot of space for reflection. Zunehmend konzentriert sie sich auf den Dokumentarfilm und ist auch in diesem Bereich auf internationalen Festivals erfolgreich.

For 14 years, the Roma woman from Kosovo has lived in Germany, alone with her three children and a niece. The young filmmaker depicts with admirable sensitivity a family eaten up from the inside not just by poverty, but by migration, war traumas and their unclear legal status. The camera seems to become a kind of family member to whom mother and children confide what they have long been unable to tell each other.

Finally, the conflict between mother and daughter grows into a seemingly inescapable tragedy — while the authorities issue the next extension of their exceptional leave to remain. Silvana Santamaria wurde in Marbach am Neckar geboren. The young filmmaker, who just finished school, stays extraordinarily close to her material with her camera and is unerring in her choice of protagonists: Mariya Bashir is the first and only public prosecutor in Herat — a near impossible task, for the city is not just known for its beautiful buildings and monuments, but also for its fairly typical morass of corruption, booming kidnapping industry and, above all, domestic violence committed by men against women.

The people Mariya Bashir is fighting for are sometimes mere children, married against their will and the law. How can a single woman enforce the law in this patriarchal society of threats and coercion? Mariya Bashir pays a high price for her office. The double role of mother and investigator has left its marks on her and her family.

She has already survived one attack on her life. At the end the public prosecutor who by virtue of her office can occasionally take the liberty of scolding the men, encourages other women to leave their fear behind and bring charges against injustice. Alka Sadat, 27, Schulabschluss in Herat, macht seit Dokumentarfilme.

Als Autorin, Regisseurin und Kamerafrau ist sie Autodidaktin. Sie erhielt bereits diverse Preise und Einladungen zu nationalen und internationalen Filmfestivals, darunter Trevignano , Almaty sowie Kabul. Das wirkliche Leben spielt sich in der Dunkelkammer ab. Der alte Mann macht Bilder von Bildern. Real life happens in the dark room, where the old man keeps himself busy, waiting patiently for silhouettes to appear on the paper, images to emerge: images of the city which, like him, has seen better days and is trying to hide its peeling plaster under painted murals.

The old man takes pictures of pictures. He keeps sending letters and telegrams to his daughter whom he last saw years ago and who broke all ties with him. He listens to her taped voice at home, carefully colouring pictures — of her and his formerly intact family.

At work in the local cultural centre, he watches the lives of others, though it only gets through to him acoustically. A quiet, intense film about old age, loneliness and the inability to gain a foothold in the present day. Andrei Kuzila, Jahrgang , stammt aus Baranawitschy. Nur noch 59 Menschen leben in Goleshovo. So many impressions, so many images However would a person who travels around the world find enough space in his head for all those images?

Only 59 people live in Goleshovo. The young people moved away, only old women and a slightly deranged aged priest are left. With humour and precision he observes the old women at work in the village, but also sitting together, singing, remembering old Goleshovo, hoping for new life brought by tourists and occasionally treating themselves to a swig of holy Good Friday water matured behind the crucifix for ten years! HD, Farbe, 34 min. Filmauswahl: About Cycling , The Physicist Die Vorgeschichte: Er sagt, was ihm gerade in den Kopf kommt, und provoziert mit seinen oft banalen Fragen und ironischen Kommentaren zur Kunstwelt.

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Die Geschichte: Sie flirten vor laufender Kamera. Es folgen Insolvenz, Krankheit und die Suche nach einem neuen Arbeitsfeld. Vielleicht ein Dokumentarfilm? The run-up: H-O interviews bystanders, artists, and collectors at openings in the New York art scene.

He says whatever crosses his mind, provoking people with his often banal questions and ironic comments on the art world. The story: The now famous Sherman who has a reputation of being timid and media-shy gives H-O several interviews in her studio. They flirt on camera, becoming a couple in A year later the extrovert ex-artist moves into the Soho loft of the celebrity artist known for playing with her identities.

In , H-O gives up his show, followed by bankruptcy, illness and the search for a new field of activity. A documentary film perhaps? He has found the theme for his film: the New York art world and life in the shadow of a famous partner. Er ist Autor von Texten und Kritiken zur bildenden Kunst. Immer schneller wandelt sich die Umwelt und wir mit ihr. Geht das? Vom Nomadenzelt ins Dorf in die Stadt? Vom Leben mit den Rentieren in die Arbeitslosigkeit mit dem Alkohol? Die Ewenken leben in einer autonomen Region in der Taiga.

Ihr Lebensrhythmus ist seit Jahrhunderten von den Rentieren bestimmt. Die Einheit von Mensch und Tier ist nicht mehr. Was wird nun die Tage der Ewenken strukturieren, ihnen einen Sinn geben? Und neben dem Haus sitzt ein Mann, sternhagelvoll. Change is the buzz word of our age. Our environment is changing faster and faster and so are we. But if man must bridge decades, even centuries of this process of change at once, how can he do it?

Is it possible at all? From nomadic tent to village to city? From living with reindeers to unemployment and alcohol? The Evenks live in an autonomous territory in the taiga. For centuries, the rhythm of their life was dictated by reindeers. The unity of man and animal is gone. No, actually give them meaning? Some of the former nomads continue to live — almost defiantly — in their summer quarters, as if this could lure the reindeers back.

The others are trying to settle in at the village, the warm bed in a house, the deceptive comforts of emptiness and memory. Two grannies are sitting in front of a television, talking about a dead woman — was it alcohol or an accident? Huge parabolic aerials pile up outside their wooden cabins, inside the television announces the new access the Evenks have to progress.

Kenrap ist ein aufgeweckter Bursche — und er entspricht eher der Vorstellung von einem Frechdachs als der von einem kleinen Heiligen. In the deep frost of winter, the Buddhist monks of Phukthal leave their mountain monastery in the farthest northwestern corner of the Himalayas to embark on a pilgrimage to the villages situated lower down the mountain. To the young pupils of the monastery, this arduous journey is both a test and a happy class trip that interrupts the freely chosen monotony of monastic life for a few weeks and enables the boys to see their friends and families again.

At the age of 5, the boy was taken to the monastery by his family at his own request, because he remembers having been a monk in a previous life and wants to continue on this path. The camera follows him as if it was in a dance, always close to him and yet at a respectful distance in order not to disturb him when he plays or works with his class and the older monks. Filmauswahl: Himalaya, terres des femmes Toni ist 49 und gesundheitlich am Ende. Seit seiner Jugend hat er exzessiv Drogen genommen, er kennt sich mit allen Sorten aus, Nadeln hat er schon aus Automotoren geklaut.

Und er bereut es nicht. Es war sein Weg, intensiv zu leben. Selbst vom Tod kann er schon aus eigener Erfahrung reden, er kennt die Momente, wo es gerade noch klappt zu bleiben. I am articulate, look normal. Toni is 49 years old and his health is ruined.

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He has been using drugs excessively since adolescence, knows all types, has stooped to stealing needles out of car engines. And he regrets nothing — it was his way of living life to the full. He was in Africa once, where he felt himself for the first time, a high without drugs. But it was too late then. He can even talk about death from experience, he knows the moments when he just about manages to stay. Maybe it is his warm and direct manner that is so appealing, even to friends and neighbours who help Toni extend this terribly wonderful life as long as possible.

Xavier Baig, Jahrgang , befasst sich seit seiner Teenagerzeit mit der Umsetzung experimenteller und konventioneller Filmideen in verschiedenen Videoformaten. Unter den eigenen Regiearbeiten sind unter anderem Dokumentationen von Tanzperformances. Wie sie das macht, ist schlicht umwerfend. Da fliegt ihr Protagonist auf einer Jules-Verne-Rakete durch den Weltraum und wird von einem Verkehrsschild gestoppt, das ihm befiehlt, eine universale Theorie zu entwerfen. Juri Lotman verstarb Anfang der er Jahre.

How can you make a film about a person who thinks such thoughts over breakfast? Agne Nelk mastered this challenge by transforming the life of Russian semiotician Juri Lotman into the art of signs — and the way she does it is simply dazzling. She has her protagonist flying through space in a Jules Verne rocket, only to be stopped by a traffic sign that orders him to design a universal theory. This artful narrative is held together by intelligently employed animations and archive material whose dominant subject is signal technology. Juri Lotman died in the early s and we lost not only a great thinker but a great soul, introduced to us by the creator of this wonderful film through the world of signs.

Postmoderne Theoretiker haben unser Zeitalter als das des Sehens und der medial verbreiteten Bilder apostrophiert. Und verliert dabei — besonders in der dramatischen Schlusssequenz — nicht aus dem Auge, dass Edison letztendlich ein Adept der Industriegesellschaft, des Fortschritts um jeden Preis war. Der Eintritt in die Moderne ist mit Schmerzen erkauft. Postmodern theorists have labelled our era the age of vision and media-transmitted images. How fundamental to modernity, then, the possibility of recording sound and broadcasting it to the masses must have been, the enthronement of hearing!

In , entrepreneur Thomas Alva Edison invented the phonograph in his ongoing struggle against his deafness. On a second level, she manages the feat of creating exciting visualisations of an abstract, physical subject which, moreover, is about sound. She edits early film material, creaking wax cylinders and diamond disc recordings from the Edison Archive, excerpts from his writings, historical photos and documents, interviews and animations in a poetic collage, while never — especially in the dramatic final sequence — losing sight of the fact that Edison, when all is said and done, was an adept of industrial society, of progress at all costs.

The transition to modernity came at a high cost. Ich habe nicht genau gewusst, was passiert ist. Du hast gesagt, du seiest vergewaltigt worden. The film tells a very personal and deeply moving story of the filmmaker. I know you called me, you were crying. You said you had been raped. Back home in Switzerland, this was followed by a suicide attempt, paranoia, a stay in a psychiatric clinic and finally the slow process of stabilisation. The short interview sequences are interspersed with grainy, often abstract images which open a space for associations called up by the narratives.

The director enables us by these simple means to share her story and the tentative hope at the end — because the finished film, too, is a symbol of facing up to this traumatic period and coming to grips with it. Seit wirkt sie als Tonfrau und Cutterin an verschiedenen Filmprojekten mit. Suchende, verlorene Menschen statt Schablonen.

Exzellent gefilmte Bilder statt Parolen. The more complex and confusing — from our perspective — Russian politics become, the simpler the explanation patterns offered by the media are. Now she delves deeper, far below the surface of a grotesque mixture of xenophobia, vulgar communism and populism. She has followed her protagonists over the years and found the stuff great tragedies are made of: a father who sacrifices his son, treason and regret, crime and punishment. The events around the elections provide the framework for the story of Anatoly, once the second man of the NBP led by Eduard Limonov.

Step by step he withdraws into religion, while the church leaders are hand in glove with the NBP and his sons build political careers Political cinema as never seen before — searching, lost human beings instead of cardboard characters, excellently filmed images instead of slogans. Disconcerting, radical and never simple.

Auf alte Pappen, Radkappen, auf alles, was er findet. Die Grenzen des Dokumentarischen beginnen dort, wo es um die Innenwelten der Protagonisten geht. Oder wie er es sieht zumindest. So etwas kann nur der Film, klar. Aber man hatte es schon fast vergessen. A man sits in the streets of Tehran and paints — stylised bodies and nightmarish faces with huge eyes and mouths. He paints on old cardboard, hubcaps, everything he can lay his hands on.

Again and again he is chased away by the police or insulted by passers-by, because art — everyone agrees — happens in different, academic circles. Mentally impaired since childhood, a traditional career was closed to him — until at last luck in the person of a gallery owner and a young Frenchwoman seemes to enter his life.

Jamshid dreams of recognition, money and requited love, but all the while things are going the way they usually do — wrong. Life, as it could also be. Only film can do this, we know. But we had almost forgotten. Keine technische Reproduktion, sondern handwerkliche. In , a small, sleazy gallery in the New York SoHo district organised an exhibition of skilfully forged paintings covering a wide span of art history. The forger was a Czech painter called Pavel Novak, and he must have been the best, by far, that the art market had ever seen.

After all, a private collector and a number of renowned museums see themselves faced with some uncomfortable questions regarding the exhibition which make many of the rituals and conventions of the art market appear highly dubious. A few days after it opened, the exhibition was closed down by the police, and the artist Pavel Novak was never heard of again, until almost 30 years later, when Belgian filmmaker Simon Backes set out to get to the bottom of the story — or possibly re-invent it in line with his own preferences.

Novak, the story has it, was a student at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, an art guerrillero. A man who applied the issues that Pop Art addressed on a theoretical level to his own existence as an artist. And once it was released, he himself, the forger who became the new original artist, or rather the author behind the works, had to vanish again. A witty cinematic investigation of the art of forgery and the aspect of deception in documentary film. Filmauswahl: Welcome in Utopia , The Investigation Ein schlichter Befund. Die Frau wurde sediert.

Jetzt ist sie ruhig. A simple diagnosis: a woman hears voices, sees strange things and talks to her television set. She writes down page after page of the most outlandish thoughts and is aggressive. The woman was sedated. We are in the psychiatric ward of the Parc Tauli hospital in Sabadell, a suburb of Barcelona. The film follows the stories of five patients whose paths cross here and who are all suffering from the same illness: acute schizophrenia. The director follows the course of the disorder by facing up to a double challenge: making the spectator experience the mechanisms and functionalities of the human mind through the actual experience of his protagonists, and describing the disruption between their interior world and the outside as a permanent battle with no cease-fire.

Daniel ist noch ein kleiner Junge, wie ein Zwerg verschwindet er zwischen den Trommeln, denen er eben dieses Neue, Eigene entlockt. Standstill and silence in a big city? If you listen closely to this milling mass, maybe a rhythm will grow and merge within you that fuses all this unrest into fireworks, something new, something you own.

Daniel is still a little boy, dwarfed by the drums from which he coaxes this new something of his own. He wanders through Budapest, observing, listening, taking in the sounds of the city, following up isolated strains of rhythm in order to recreate them on his drum kit later. This film follows Daniel on his explorations of the multitude of sounds of a city from morning to midnight, capturing everyday rhythms from unusual angles in an optical drum roll, culminating in the concert Daniel gives together with experienced professionals. A little boy among the tall musicians, he is all there, focused and natural.

Nicht in diesem Film. Nicht einmal im Traum. A childhood in the s — boring? Not in this film. With lots of irony and sometimes fragile visual humour, the filmmaker links memories of her s childhood to found footage from home movies and other archives. Again and again, her images let us glimpse a deeper dimension of the narrative, sometimes explaining, sometimes playfully elaborating or dreamily reflective.

Nothing is straightforward; everything has a meta-level, invites associations, dreams, lateral thinking — or sticking to the fable of the well-adjusted child who wants to break out but is afraid of becoming an outcast. She wants to belong, wants people to be proud of her. Not even in dreams. Kandel ist auch ein Pionier auf dem Gebiet der bildgebenden Verfahren in den Naturwissenschaften.

He always has bananas, fish and yoghurt. Kandel is convinced, and the film beautifully demonstrates this, that his later fondness for studying the human mind, the way people behave, how unpredictable their motives and how permanent their memories are, harkens back to the last year he spent in Vienna as a child. He discovered the protein that plays a key role in transferring events from short-term to long-term memory, which earned him the Nobel Prize for medicine in Kandel also did pioneering work in the field of scientific imaging procedures, which are used in this film to let the audience observe directly how the brain changes when a new memory is generated.

Seit arbeitet sie auch als Kamerafrau und stellt ihre Filme in der eigenen Produktionsfirma fertig. Wegen des unmoralischen Inhalts, argumentiert die Regierung, vermutlich aber vor allem wegen der unzensierten Nachrichten aus aller Welt. Trotzdem boomt die Branche. Selbst auf dem Land gibt es inzwischen Parabolantennen. In illegalen Studios werden diese synchronisiert oder mit Untertiteln versehen und zensiert.

Satellite television is prohibited in Iran. Because of its immoral content, the government argues, more likely because of the uncensored news from all over the world it broadcasts. Every now and again the police mount operations to dismantle satellite dishes. Still the industry is booming. The roofs of Tehran and its suburbs are full of dishes. Parabolic aerials are starting to appear even in the rural regions. A teacher is riding on his motorcycle through the mountains to set up a dish for a nomadic tribe and earn a little extra money.

Satellite dishes are produced in a cooking pan factory hidden behind great gates. A woman is waiting for her husband to come home, in constant fear of his arrest, because he too installs and repairs the forbidden aerials. Others have the films delivered to their homes on pirated DVDs in packs of ten. They are dubbed or subtitled, as well as censored, in illegal studios. An elderly man demands that the people who watch satellite television be punished and sent into exile.

How many houses in Iran would still be inhabited then?

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Oder zumindest versuchen sie, immer unterwegs, den Jack Pot zu knacken. Zu schade eigentlich. The two are in what has been the most sustained cultural achievement Eastern Europe adopted from the West: buizinesss. Or at least they are trying, always about to hit the jackpot. As we all know, one is more likely to be struck by lightning — and so their winnings are meagre or sometimes nonexistent. The profit from an adventurous plan in the course of which Lali pawns his car and takes a puppy to Cairo which they then sell to a German shepherd fancier vanishes into the thin air of a night club.

A shame, really. Zemplenyi war zum Beispiel Manager der ungarischen Schwimmer-Nationalmannschaft, welche er um 10 Millionen Dollar Sponsorengelder betrogen hat. At private occasions, he shone with insider knowledge about the future of the art market, passing on this knowledge generously but always under wraps. Soon many people wanted to belong to the inner circle around this urbane and pious man. So the clergyman was finally entrusted with a lot of money for certain art transactions, and only on 9 July , when 15 people who had never met before found themselves at the door of their good friend and investment advisor to collect their returns did they realize that they had been duped by a clever fraudster.

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The fake Vatican employee had vanished with several million kronas of their savings. No one knows for certain where this artful conman, known to Interpol as Z, is operating right now. Ein kleiner Junge steht am Meer und spielt Dirigent. Alles ist gezeichnet, im Off die Stimme von Chuck Jones — Coyote, sowie vor allem Duffy Duck und Bugs Bunny. A little boy is playing orchestra conductor by the sea. At his signal, seabirds soar up, the surf withdraws and surges back in a single wave.

This animated documentary is based on one of the last interviews with Jones, in which he talked about his childhood in Los Angeles during the s — the source of his creativity and inspiration: there was the hole in the fence of the Chaplin Studios which were only two blocks from his home. His mother turned potatoes into sailing ships so the Spanish Armada could set sail.

Coyote and above all Duffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. The drawings created during the interview become animated and illustrate his memories, mixed with old photos and film sequences. Digibeta, Farbe, 26 min. Filmauswahl: Stubborn Hope , Stephanie Vater und Mutter sind inzwischen gestorben. Bei ihm hatte Renate wohl gefunden, was sie suchte — auch sie brauchte diese Freiheit.

Doch dann begann das Streiten. Heute finden wir die Freunde von damals einsam in ihrer jeweiligen kleinen Freiheit. Der eine hat sich angepasst, der andere besteht konsequent auf seinen Idealen. Und eine wundersame Liebesgeschichte. She stays in India, marries him, has children with him and finally returns to Germany. Their adult son, commuting between India and Germany, traces this unusual relationship.

His father and mother are dead, but their companions provide more than an outside view of marriage. Many who had looked for enlightenment gathered around Baba and completely accepted Renate who they called Parvati, the wife of divine Shiva according to the legend. But then they started arguing. Today we find their former friends lonely in their respective little freedoms. One has conformed to the outside world, the other insists on his ideals. A bridge between hippie dreams, spirituality and resignation emerges, as does a beautiful love story.

Krishna Saraswati wurde im indischen Teil des Himalaya geboren und verbrachte dort die ersten Jahre seiner Kindheit. Filmauswahl: Left My Baby Schon die Kleinsten stehen daneben und fideln mit einem Ast auf ihrem Arm. Niemand sieht ihnen an, was sie schon hinter sich haben, wie ihnen der Alltag zusetzt.

Unser Gast: Doris Dörrie, Regisseurin und Autorin - Typisch Deutsch

Various Gipsy musicians flock to a funeral in the formerly Hungarian and now Romanian county of Transylvania in order to pay their last respects to their great master. Gathered around the grave, they play their merry yet melancholic music. Even the tiniest children are standing there, with a piece of wood for a bow and their arm for a fiddle. When they play, their faces are happy and awake; they radiate power and joy of life. No one sees what they have lived through, how their daily life wears them down.

Women, alcohol, and poverty — everyone has their story and none of them feature wealth and fame. They talk openly about their lives, of the blows of fate that marked them and the alcohol which killed many of them. Er ist Mitglied der European Fim Academy. A cylinder with cut-outs, rotating around a light bulb and, by means of stroboscopic effects, stimulating certain areas of the brain of a person sitting in front of it with eyes closed.

For its inventor Brion Gysin it was a chance to change human perception forever, for the Beat Generation it was a chance to spiritually expand their consciousness or simply get high without drugs. The filmmaker Nik Sheehan built such a machine and took it to see former companions of Gysin, like Kenneth Anger or Marianne Faithful, as well as writers, scientists and art experts. He paints the portrait of a dazzling but tragic artistic personality who kept experimenting with identities and in the process invented things that made others famous.

With a wealth of archive material, he creates a living picture of the New York Village culture and its protagonists. Filmauswahl: Symposium. Wie werden Stereotype konstruiert? Und inwiefern kommt der Kunst und den Schauspielern Verantwortung zu? Intelligent, mutig und informativ — ein Film also mit Seltenheitswert. Arbo Tammiksaar explores the phenomenon of the concept of the enemy in a macabre, spooky setting into which he ingeniously inserts interviews and film clips.

It was something they did with mixed feelings but readily, since they regarded the Germans as such as cultured people — not to mention money and celebrity. An aesthetic practice with disastrous political consequences: Until today, Baltic people tend to be represented as sympathising with fascism — and the Greater Russian media are particularly prone to do this. How are stereotypes constructed? What does it mean to be the personification of the enemy? And what is the responsibility of art and the actors in this?

Is there a difference between executing a stage direction and a command? Intelligent, courageous, informative — which makes this a film a rare commodity. Fuera de liga Dreaming in Blue Am Januar um On 12 January at 8. Because this film about Cuban baseball also featured players who had left Cuba to try their luck in the Major League.

You can change your wife or your political views, we hear once, but you never change your team. Protest in Cuba is rarely straightforward, but it works — sooner or later. HansDieter Grabe hatte dies fest vor. Denn ihm lag die elementare Erfahrung des Regisseurs und vieler seiner wichtigsten Protagonisten zugrunde, dass es Sicherheit nur geben kann, wenn man zu essen hat. Can a documentary filmmaker really retire to live the life of a pensioner?

In , on the occasion of his 70th birthday, DOK Leipzig dedicated a tribute programme to the grand old man of German documentary filmmaking which included selected works from the oeuvre of this gentle observer of human lives.

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Hans-Dieter Grabe opened his archive for this film, interweaving scenes from former films with an autobiographical sketch. The result is a deeply moving reflection on basic human needs and a tribute to his protagonists. Grabe condensed the narrative into a collective century of experience of war, Holocaust and destruction and still leaves us with the realization that humankind has the strength to survive and to preserve its dignity.

Alfred Jahn Doch als Erstgeborener einer schweizerisch-nigerianischen Ehe den in Nigeria verstorbenen Vater zu beerdigen, ist eine ganz andere Geschichte. Es warten auch die vielen Verwandten, die in erster Linie kein Geld haben. Oder war es eine Ziege? Was sind da schon Euro Schulden? Whichever way you look at it, bereavement is first and foremost a lot of stress: with the bereaved ones, the insurance, the undertaker — anything.

But being the first-born son of a Swiss-Nigerian marriage and burying your father who died in Nigeria is a different story. So he finds himself suddenly whisked from his Californian dream and deposited in the Nigerian town of Enugu, where the weather is unbearably hot, drinking water must be boiled and his father has been waiting for his last journey in a badly air-conditioned morgue for the last three months. Dictionaries: Langenscheidt Staff. Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary German. Berlin: Langenscheidt, Dornseiff, Franz.

Der deutsche Wortschatz nach Sachgruppen. Berlin: De Gruyter, Schnorr, Veronika, et al. HarperCollins Beginner's Dictionary German. Volume 38 , Issue 1. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation.

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Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. Abstract Book reviewed in this article: I. Gick, Cornelia. Business German: Hager, Michael. Deutsch im Berufsalltag. Volume 38 , Issue 1 April Pages Es ist toll, dassseiner beiden Protagonistinnen. Den Autor und Regisseur Marcelo gedreht. Premiere: Fr, Dassvorzuweisen hat und nach wie vor von einer nur sehrkleinen Kaste regiert wird. Kameramann Benedict Neuenfels war trotz wurde. Gedion war beiten mit Fischer einen Segelschein gemacht.

Werner Busch Premiere: Fr, So waspremiere im Panorama der Berlinale. Aber eben nicht immer. Premiere: Mo, Premiere, Di, So war bereits die lesen. Sie nennt ihn Cobain und gibt ihn in ins Heim. Hier Regisseurs Alvaro Delgado Aparicio. Die Hauptrollen taucht Mia wieder auf.

Sie ist jetzt im achten Monat einem Dorf hoch oben in den Bergen Perus lebt. Die Familie. Der Film wirkt wie aus einem Guss. Er ist sicheine Kugel in den Kopf jagte. Einerseits freut ihn die Einladung zur Generation deutschen Kinos. Es ist Nacht. Esist nichts los. Wie benommen auswirkte, die wir erzielen wollten. Rossini von einer jungen nicht.

Tilman Singer, in bringt, nicht blindlings drauflos zu drehen, empfin-Frau, die sich Nora nennt, in eine Unterhaltung det Singer als Bereicherung. Es gibtNoras Geschichte verfehlt ihre Wirkung nicht. Rossinis Sinne benebelt? In Gegenwart der Dienst erste Berufswahl war. Dazu kommen noch rund Abends Revue passieren. Es Umsetzung. Unsere Darsteller fanden den DialektLiebe gegen alle Vernunft. Maria ist frei, wenn sie Orgel spielt. Mich haben die Macht vorgefertigte Idee eines feststehenden Drehbuchs. Ich nehme in Vernunft.

Das war viel- Kauf, dass ich den Weg nicht vorzeichne, sondern gung. Dragus und Anna Bachmann.


In weiteren Rollen sind und die Geschichte. Clemens Schick und Enno Trebs zu sehen. Meine Kinder haben aus neuen Reise. Auch auf die Kontroverse. Ich nun Hoffnung am Ende. Ein historisches Dokument. Weil ich dort aufgewachsen bin. Gefunden haben wir sie am Ende unweit meines Heimatdorfes im Kraichgau. Das Drehbuch war von Anfang an im Dialekt geschrieben, das hat mir sehr geholfen, meine Figuren zu finden.

Da man ihre der Berlinale gezeigt wird. Produktion: Molina Film schen Verderben. Bei Blau empfinde ich das erstmals nicht so. Viel- rung verlieren.


Wir haben eine Immer wieder holt er sich dieselben Leute ans Set, Jury. Jetzt den Kameramann Frank Griebe etwa oder den sehr eigenwilligen, vielstimmigen Gruppe dauerndfreue ich mich auf zwei konzentrierte und lustvolle Ausstatter Uli Hanisch. Und eine gute und zu trinken. Ist doch wie die Idealversion von Stimmung am Set. Nur zu Hause. Und auch dem deutschen Film verhalf Tykwer mitseiner rothaarigen Lola international zu mehrAufmerksamkeit und Ansehen.

Berlin ist seit Tykwers Wahlheimat, dort lebter mit Frau und Kindern. Wer kontrolliert, was wirMontag, Februar von Uhr bis Uhr im sehen und was wir denken? Im Anschluss an die Konferenz folgt eine staltung Top of the Docs Februar, Ab Uhr geht minister Maas. Der Film begibt sich direkt in das tival Rotterdam. Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich. Februar, bis Uhr und Trai- Die Gewinner werden am Februar im Rahmen voran, und acht Filmkritiker nutzen die Talent Press,ning Februar, bis Uhr an. Etage ten.

Dieses Jahr staltung vor. Februar, statt. Februar u. Februar hung im Berlinale Palast am Februar verliehen. Hier diskutieren u. Infos und Tickets gibt es auf der Website. August, E. Harboe, J. Smulders, L. Wedler, M. De Angelis, M. Simoni, M. Coel, R. Tenki, I. Er wird es lieben und verfluchen. Viele sagen: Jetzt erst recht. Sie haben sich zusammengeschlossen, um den euro- sind die upcoming Schauspieler. Sie sind alle interna- Films. Erstmals finden alle aber wichtig, dass wir unser Programm kuratieren.

Die vierte Ausgabe findet vom noch kunden- und besucherorientierter gestalten verfilmungen im Serien Februar im Zoo Palast statt, und erneut wollten. Liga betreut, belegen diese beiden Trends. Montag, Neben den neuen deutschen Serien, zu denen Februar den Infrastruktur.

Ob der Film pielerin in Cannes, dazu auch nominiert wird, gibt die Deutsche Bayerischer Filmpreis, Filmakademie am Januar von der amerikanischen Weise Gerechtigkeit. Kalifornien entgegen. Sie wird schon bald Weltvertrieb den Film in mehr als 60 wieder in Deutschland drehen.