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He is approached there by M. She has a special request for him. Someone is sending threatening letters to the Vice-President-Elect. She wants Reacher to speculate on how he would go about killing him. Countering those methods would help her considerably in her job of protecting the Vice-President-Elect. Reacher accepts the challenge and enlists old Army colleague Frances Neagley to help carry out the mission. Together, they attempt to find the ones responsible before they can carry out the assassination.

This is an important Reacher book. Don't skip it. An extra whole-star for the important and interesting character background here. Even though the pacing is often slow with plot holes, and there is sometimes excessive detail a sad flaw of Child, too often , I give the book 4-stars.

This book is perhaps the single best book showing Reacher and Neagley working as a team as investigators and thinkers, as an action duo and as friends. It shows how Neagley is "the female Reacher" in many ways. Dialogue between them is almost like Reacher talking to Reacher.

It gives important background to Jack's brother, Joe Reacher, his character, his flaws, his motivations, his differences from his brother, and the last few years of his life. How Jack and Froelich deal with this is believable and poignant. The book shows the deep personal commitment Reacher and Neagley have for each other, and the poignant tension of Neagley's touch-phobia in their relationship.

Child handles this masterfully, and there is a lovely scene between them near the end of the book. Very sweet. One thing that strikes me about this book is that I'm jealous they actually have a real President and Vice President. After the audit, Reacher and Neagley are brought in as internal investigators.

Froelich was the close girlfriend of Joe Reacher for several years, but he broke off the relationship badly about a year before his death. I thought this might be due his desire to protect her from his undercover work, which we see in book 1. But perhaps not.

I think we are unlikely to know his reasons via any future book.

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This adds a complexity to their working and personal relationship. Very poignant when it ends. The mystery of the identity of the bad guys is developed nicely, and Reacher's resolution-plan is done well. I feel this book is a turning point in Reacher's character. A moment of intimacy that I want to remember between a Reacher and Neagley. A reminder for those who've already read this book. Not usually. It started an inch from his hand.

She made the inch last like a million miles. Her fingers moved imperceptibly over the washed-out counter pane until they were a fraction from his. Then they lifted and moved more, until they were directly over his and just a fraction above. It was like there was a layer of air between their hands, compressed so hard it was warm and liquid. She floated her hand on the air and kept it motionless.

Then she pressed harder and brought it down and her fingers touched the backs of his fingers, very lightly. She turned her elbow so her hand lay precisely aligned. Then she pushed down harder. Her palm felt warm. Her fingers were long and cool. Their tips lay on his knuckles. They moved and traced the lines and scars and tendons. They raked down between his.

He turned his hand over. She pressed her palm into his. Laced her fingers through his fingers and squeezed. He squeezed back. He held her hand for five long minutes. Then she slowly pulled it away. Stood up and stepped to the door. I'm on the fence: "It's always going to be a team," Reacher said. He shook his head. Battle rattle, Neagley called it. View all 3 comments. Reacher is hired to kill someone of minor importance, the Vice President of the US. Why would he take such a job? Things move quickly as they should in this type of book. The narrators voice for Reacher was a little grating after a while as it was like he was trying to be Clint Eastwood.

Other than that the narration was good and made the characters distinct enough and a good pace. Not too shabby. Without Fail is not going to disappoint fans of Jack Reacher. Lee Child comes up with a new setting for Reacher's persuasive combination of detailed analytical thinking and overwhelming violence. Actually the latter is fairly understated in this story, and our hero does not end up taking on two, four or six mindless heavies in a brawl, which seems to be the fairly normal scenario.

This time round there is a plot to assassinate the vice president elect, and Reacher and his female associate from th Without Fail is not going to disappoint fans of Jack Reacher. This time round there is a plot to assassinate the vice president elect, and Reacher and his female associate from the Army, Neagley are co-opted in by the Secret Service who are clearly struggling to bottom out the threat.

As a novelty, and for the first time I can remember post his army days, Reacher is actually employed in gainful employment as opposed to drifting around, righting wrongs in his own inimitable fashion. Of course, we have the usual romantic attachment which surprisingly is not Neagley.

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This is certainly a book which keeps you turning over the pages and whilst I normally end up rating Reacher stories at Four or Five Stars, this is, in my opinion, at the higher end. If I had a criticism of the plot it is only that I found the motivation of the would be assassins rather improbable, but maybe that's just me and in any case it does not detract from the tale which I thoroughly enjoyed.

View all 5 comments. If you haven't read any Jack Reacher novels. This is a great place to start. The only thing that stopped this book from getting 5 stars was Child's appalling lack of knowledge about Wyoming. Near the end of the novel the protagonist, Jack Reacher and a colleague Frances Neagley, are on his way to the fictional town of Grace, Wyoming which is a couple hours north of Casper — a town I lived in for two years.

Reacher and Neagley take a plane to Denver and decide to drive to Grace. Child describes t If you haven't read any Jack Reacher novels. Child describes the drive as thus: They entered Wyoming after dark, driving north on I They turned left on Cheyenne and picked up I They rolled west to Laramie and headed north. The town called Grace was still five hours away, well beyond Casper. The map showed it nestled in the middle of nowhere between towering mountains on one side and infinite grasslands on the other. There is no logical reason to take that route. The fastest way to Casper and areas north is to stay on I Any map as well as freeway signs will bear that out.

There are plenty of small towns along I that Reacher could have stopped at if he was too tired to make it to Casper. And the next day Reacher and Neagley drive thought Casper and get back on I anyway. It could have just as easily taken place in Wheatland, Douglas, or any of the other small towns along I Oct 27, Heather rated it really liked it. I bought this book when Cody's - historic, tragic Cody's as anyone in the Bay Area knows - was going out of business. I don't know if I learned anything in the craft dept other than that Jack Reacher is an awesome badass, stone-cold professional, crafty and smart hero who actually made I bought this book when Cody's - historic, tragic Cody's as anyone in the Bay Area knows - was going out of business.

I don't know if I learned anything in the craft dept other than that Jack Reacher is an awesome badass, stone-cold professional, crafty and smart hero who actually made me care about the sights on sniper guns. I'm not sure I will go out and read more of his righteous mayhem unless I am laid up with a broken leg or somehow get a vacation, but I would recommend this for good, clean riproaring fun.

Actually, I was in awe of what I imagine is fairly basic in thriller land - the mastery of arcane detail and handling tons of exposition in a fast-paced manner, managing plot twists, not to mention all the research that must have gone into it.

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Plus, I couldn't believe I was pulling for a character who's almost a complete cipher. Ah, but he's a badass cipher. Feb 22, Mike the Paladin rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller , action. Okay, another good read. Jack is what some may call an "odd duck" I mean he refuses to use or have anything that puts him on "the grid". He travels around looking like a huge homeless giant, he throws clothes away rather than wash them, no one can fins him Yet he keeps ending up working with untrustworthy and corrupt government agencies and agents.

It has to do with him being an incorruptible and bad-ass MP and in this case that his late brother was a Okay, another good read. It has to do with him being an incorruptible and bad-ass MP and in this case that his late brother was an incorruptible and intelligent Secret Service agent sadly unlike Reacher he wasn't a bad-ass.

Any way Reacher gets called in by his brother's old lover who clearly wants [Jack] Reacher to be his brother who's newly promoted in the Secret Service and has the VP's retail. There is of course a credible threat from "someone or someones" who are willing to kill innocents to make a point. This is a bare-bones thriller, a puzzle played-out in blood and death, with almost no emotional involvement. Jack Reacher stands at the centre, almost more puzzling than the mystery he is trying to solve. He has insights that stretch credibility, based on a hyper-aware level of observation, remarkable recall and a willingness to run with intuition when logic can't get him there.

Yet, the man who sees everything, seems to have no desire to engage with the world unless it is to exact revenge. He li This is a bare-bones thriller, a puzzle played-out in blood and death, with almost no emotional involvement. He likes strong, beautiful women, but not enough to stick around with any of them. He has no home, no luggage, no particular aim in life other than to roam around the US, acting as a lightning rod for storms of violence.

Yeah, right. He even has a partner, a slightly shorter, female version of himself: fit, good-looking, no social skills and absolutely deadly. The love interest is a paint-by-numbers set-up, designed to give Jack something to lose and someone to revenge. There's some fun procedural stuff, giving an insider's view of the Secret Service and some deductive reasoning that makes Reacher into a fierce, combat-seasoned, sniper-trained version of Sherlock Holmes.

When Reacher finally works out the puzzle that has defeated the Secret Service and the FBI, the rationale for the hell that has been let loose is so unlikely that, at first, I thought it was a red herring. The book ends rather suddenly. It felt like Child lost interest once the puzzle was solved but felt obliged to have Reacher show his predator side and tidy away all the loose ends at the same time. It's not a bad book. It passes the time. It has some good twists. It has guns with all the technical specs explained and many of the sentences are short.

Very short. This one is for the Jack Reacher fans. I wrote this review as soon as I finished the book because, a week from now, I'm sure most of it will have slipped from my memory and all that will be left is a silhouette of Jack Reacher with the words "No one messes with me or mine" written underneath. Number 6 in the Reacher series. A bit disappointed in Without Fail I found it a bit on the slow side in places. Lots of, what I would call, irrelevant information.

I found the plot a bit unbelievable, the secret service couldn't protect the Vice President without Jack Reacher's help?? At the beginning when Jack was brought in to do a independent audit for the S. But when Jack found gaping holes in the S.

Without Fail (Jack Reacher, #6) by Lee Child

S's procedures Jack was invited to help protect the V. The reason why the V. P's life was in danger was also a bit hard to believe. This is not to say that the book was a complete drag, there were times the story line took off and it was a complete page turner. But all in all I would have to say this has been my least favorite Jack Reacher to date. Recommended for Reacher fans. Sorry but 3 stars was the best I could do. View 1 comment.

Without Fail is probably so far, my most favorite Reacher adventure yet! I've enjoyed all the other ones I've read so far, and not a bad one among them, but this one so far in my opinion is the best! Froelich has approached Reacher because someone is sending threatening messages to the VP, and she wants Reacher to speculate on how he would k Without Fail is probably so far, my most favorite Reacher adventure yet! Froelich has approached Reacher because someone is sending threatening messages to the VP, and she wants Reacher to speculate on how he would kill him if he wanted to.

Reacher accepts, whilst enlisting the help of his old friend and Army colleague Frances Neagley, and also as it turns out, Reacher discovers that Froelich is the former lover of his deceased brother Joe, and Reacher and Froelich slowly start a relationship while also protecting the VP and searching for the culprits.

Feb 16, Eric rated it liked it. I'm gradually reading the Jack Reacher books in order, and this is the sixth. After making it through nearly half the extant books, I'd have to say that the other Jack series Repairman Jack by F. Paul Wilson is the more consistently entertaining, that is if you don't But this one strains credibility in a couple of ways. First, I don't buy the motivati I'm gradually reading the Jack Reacher books in order, and this is the sixth. First, I don't buy the motivation of the villains.

Second, if they're as competent as everyone in the story believes them to be, there's no way they'd telegraph their crimes the way they did. I'm going to leave it at that so as not to spoil the story. And Jack. You know how to use every weapon known to man!

Please, please, please learn to operate a washing machine! View 2 comments. Oct 29, Sean Peters rated it really liked it. Hi I really enjoy the Jack Reacher books, so far, with the Reacher books read, this is my second favourite behind One Shot. Although nice to see a regular character helping and returning in this book to work with Reacher. Always readable, gripping. As always he is the ladies man. This was a fairly disappointing continuation of Jack Reacher's drifter ways for me.

A threat exist against the Vice President and suddenly Jack finds himself employed to seek holes in the VP's security - that was about the jeist of the story. My Rating: 4. This is not as good as Echo Burning. A bit slower here and there.

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The twists at the endings are not as impressive as the other novels. But still a great novel. There is no bad stuff about it. So, yeah. See u guys in the next one. Another "Reacher" reread because of reading a couple out of the series of "Hunt for Reacher" Great Read like all "Reachers! Have you heard of Jack Reacher? He's become a favorite among a handful of people I know. We were each introduced to Reacher at one time or another by the same person, who conveniently has almost every book written about Reacher.

Lee Child's brainchild is a gargantuan man, ex-military, a nomad, and deadly both to enemies and to women. In previous books, he would tell time without looking at a watch. But in Without Fail, he was constantly depending on his watch. Also, this one is less Have you heard of Jack Reacher? Also, this one is less action and violence packed than the ones I've read before; a tad too tame. Usually, Lee Child is very creative when it comes to horrifying me--he's not the type who will bank on the typical blood and gore.

You'd think with a character that uses guns a lot, you'd know how people will get killed; but Lee Child is more imaginative than that. That aside, everything in Without Fail was still quintessential Reacher. He emanates a clear don't-mess-with-me-or-my-friends vibe that makes you want someone to cross him. Of course someone will, which is why me and my friends keep borrowing the paperbacks and passing it on to one another. Lee Child's Reacher books are plot driven and easy to read perfect for long MRT rides , peppered with interesting military stuff intriguing for clueless civilians like me.

Absorbing, thrilling, doesn't demand much attention or comprehension; a good book to read in between other more literary fare, every now and then. What really hooked me to Jack Reacher is the consistent portrayal--in description, in language, in plot twists, in his action and decisions, everything is crafted to make this fictional character come alive. When I read Lee Child's books, as in Without Fail, Reacher is undeniably more than just a hero in a novel; he's someone I've met before and is now writing me a long letter to let me know what mess he's getting himself into.

Froelich is in charge of the Secret Service team protecting him. She hires Reacher to test her security and then to help with the current threat. Reacher hires one of his army buddies to help. However, this one did drag a bit in the middle. It took a long time most of the book to solve the mystery and find the bad guys.

I think there were only two scenes where Reacher was beating up or shooting bad guys. Other Reacher books had more than that, so I was disappointed. Instead this book is mostly wondering who could be doing this and how are they going to catch them. The ending is good. We know Reacher will win because there are sequels.

I liked the way Reacher hung up on the bad guy when the bad guy wanted to talk to Reacher. There were a few other chuckling moments as well. DATA: Unabridged audiobook reading time: 13 hrs and 25 mins. Sexual language: none. Number of sex scenes: two referred to not shown. Setting: various U. Book copyright: Genre: mystery suspense thriller. Ending: Good. View all 8 comments. Apr 11, Mark Chisnell rated it really liked it. So I needed no encouragement to pick this one up when it was also chosen as a Goodreads group read.

This is not the case in Without Fail where he could and should have left them to the Secret Service or the FBI — both agencies are intrinsic to the story — but instead goes after them with intent to kill.

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  4. The rest of the book has the usual impeccable mix of tight plotting, tighter writing and great minor characters, and I had no problem awarding four stars. Jan 05, D. So far, Without Fail has been among my favorite books in the Reacher series mostly we got to know more about Joe, and Reacher's feelings after his death. Reacher keeps everything in the vest and like a tough guy, he doesn't dwell too much on things he can't change but you would think that what happened with Joe would leave consequences.

    In this book, we got to know what he thought and felt. Note: This book has spoilers for Killing Floor. The action was as usual - exciting if crazy improbable. I c So far, Without Fail has been among my favorite books in the Reacher series mostly we got to know more about Joe, and Reacher's feelings after his death. I couldn't believe the villains would be so good, specially once you found out who they were. Unlike past books, Reacher had a partner that helped him take the bad guys down.

    Part of the writing process is sharing the writing with an audience. Now 32, Hale lives in Los Angeles with her husband, the TV writer and humorist Simon Rich, and their 2-year-old daughter in an internet teetotaler's dream. Hale sent her a pitch about Goodreads and the response to her first book. The fact that an article I had written for the Guardian generated five years of news — it's pretty insane. Thompson figures. The two wrists seemed uneven. So I tried to even them out. After her self-harming, Hale spent two weeks at a psychiatric hospital. Though she and her publisher stand behind the collection, Hale has done remarkably little press, book touring, or any kind of marketing blitz for Kathleen Hale Is a Crazy Stalker.

    Users on Goodreads are still holding on to their anger, and reviews on the site have been particularly brutal. And I think that says a lot about where we are as a culture. But for all the anxiety that Hale feels about her personal safety, her actions made a lot of reviewers and bloggers feel similarly afraid. The site is no longer up.

    Why now? Did you think enough time had passed that people have forgotten, that [they] think of it now as a joke, as something we can all have a laugh about? It's one of six essays and I write about lots of things in the essay — and altogether, it's a meditation on the internet and obsession and animals and being a woman and stuff like that. I knew that people were going to be upset that I had been allowed to publish anything, much less a collection that included this one controversial essay which is one of six essays.

    But Hale, ultimately, is her own worst enemy, the reason she got into this mess to begin with. Her return to the literary world is neither a bombastic refusal to apologize nor a self-effacing apology and plea to be let back into the room. I have written about the alt-right , Trump supporters , and how dumb movies are , and nothing has made me more nervous than writing about Goodreads, book bloggers, and Hale. No writer with any aspirations to write books wants to piss off an influential community whose respect you not only want, but need for commercial success.

    Nor do I, frankly, want to piss off Hale, whose influential family includes a successful humor writer husband , a television producer father-in-law , and a HarperCollins executive editor mother-in-law. Hale, through her publicist, refused to answer any questions about her family, namely whether they helped or hindered her return to publishing.

    While working on this story, I also found it remarkably difficult to find sources who would talk to me.

    The Blinding Knife

    Hale only agreed to speak to me if the critics quoted in the piece were willing to publish their real names. Remarkably few people answered my repeated requests for comment, even people who had, in the past, written about Hale and the controversy surrounding her initial essay. Twitter, Goodreads, and other book blogs are necessary places for people to talk about books.

    But they can also be toxic and cloistered. At the beginning of the year, YA Twitter drove an up-and-coming author to cancel the publication of her own book after the book was accused of being racist. The author ended up reversing her position , and Blood Heir is expected this November. So far, it has an impressive 4. The Black Witch by Laurie Forest initially tanked after Goodreads reviewers accused her book of being offensive and dangerous. In her Vulture piece on the toxic YA book scene , Kat Rosenfield wrote about the challenges of even reporting on the topic.

    Even more complicated is that Hale seems much more fragile over the phone than she comes off in her writing. She still talks as if everyone is out to get her for reasons that are entirely unclear. Hale is a conventionally attractive white woman from a privileged family in America, not exactly an obvious target for online persecution by, overwhelmingly, other white women. Especially on Twitter, women, people of color, non-binary people, and otherwise marginalized communities are disporportionately harassed by anonymous trolls, who in turn experience little to no real consequences for their actions.

    After our first interview, Hale emailed me asking to clarify some things in a second call. She had also recorded our interview, and said that after listening back to it, she wanted to add a few thoughts. I agreed, and we set up a time and date, but 20 minutes before we were scheduled to talk, her publicist got in touch to cancel the interview. Later, he sent me a statement from Hale as a Word document.

    Her reticence is odd given that she chose to publish this book. No one forced her to do it. And no one forced her to include that essay from five years ago that nearly ruined her life. Kathleen Hale Is a Crazy Stalker is not, in my estimation, a bad book. His punishment , a decade behind bars , she told me, was enough. It is impossible to side entirely with anyone in the case of Hale v. YA bloggers have compared Hale to UK writer Richard Brittain , who traveled from England to Scotland to hit a young woman over the head with a bottle after she gave his book a bad review.

    Hale, Brittain, and Kuklinski have remarkably little in common. Richard Brittain assaulted a teenager. Richard Kuklinski claimed to have killed hundreds of people. Talking to Hale, I understand the impulses behind her actions fully: Any writer with any kind of audience has detailed fantasies about tracking their worst critics down and holding them accountable.