Heliada, un poemari (Catalan Edition)

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En esta paje on va scrive la libros xef de la leteratur european, clasida seguente la lingua en cual ia es scriveda: Contenida. Categorias : Lista Leteratur european. Spasios de nom Paje Discute.

La reescriptura de la Ilíada per Christopher Logue

Aspetas Leje Edita Edita la fonte Mostra istoria. In an earlier book, The making of modern Romanian culture , I attempted an institutional, social-historical survey of the development and production of cultural output in the Romanian language over the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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Here on the other hand, methods and approaches from literary and cultural history are used to elucidate a number of themes and topics in greater detail than could be achieved within a survey work. Case studies put the focus on individual actors and documents; or on specific social types or social practices, such as peasants, or travel. At the core of all of them is a focus on the topic of representations of self and other; on the subjective nature of these representations; and on the interplay between formal and informal discourses on identity.

The book also offers a long-term approach. At the same time, I have made significant inroads into the twentieth century, with four chapters dedicated to texts and cultural practices after Pompiliu Eliade, writing at the end of the nineteenth century, saw this as an entirely one-way process. Irrespective of their positions, however, pretty much all scholars agreed that issues of culture and identity — especially collective dignity in relation to the outside world — were important aspects of the modernization process that accompanied political independence and the creation of the national state.

After the collapse of communism, this type of study flourished in Romania.

Important and in some cases outstanding works were dedicated to such topics as the self-image of the Romanians in nineteenth-century schoolbooks; Hungarian attitudes to Romanians; Romanian images of Russians, Greeks or Jews, to name but a few. In the English-language scholarship of the same period, issues of geocultural identity and representation also came to the fore, although the scope and methodologies used were different. Works tended to focus less on reciprocal ethnic images than on broader culture areas such as Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Perhaps especially in the circumstance of the Yugoslav conflict and the ensuing struggles over representation, questions of the political significance of images and the inequality of control over the means of disseminating them were special objects of scrutiny and debate.

The trend generated some impressive scholarly studies which far transcend the immediate context and made constructive but not uncritical application of the Saidian paradigm to a geographically contiguous case. However, while all these authors touched on Romania, many texts still await systematic treatment in English.

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Moreover, the reception of the postcolonial paradigm by scholars in Romania has been somewhat half-hearted, perhaps because the implicit casting of Romania as a country subject to passive representations is something a number of scholars are somewhat uncomfortable with. In this collection I use aspects of ideas from the tradition of Orientalism and postcolonialism, following the insightful and pioneering work of the above-cited scholars. But at the same time my approach is not subordinate to any one tradition and tries to adapt the theory to the relevant case study material.

About this Item: Quaderns Crema. Tapa blanda con solapas; buen estado de conservacion.

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Condition: New. Language: Catalan. Brand New Book. Seller Inventory ARN Published by Edicions Classics Catalans del Segle XX. About this Item: Edicions Dust Jacket Condition: Bien.

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Frontis con retrato del autor. From: Imosver Lerez, Spain. Condition: Nuevo. Published by Edicions dels Quaderns Crema. About this Item: Edicions dels Quaderns Crema.

Romanian Ethnic and Social Stereotypes in Historical Context

Unknown Binding. Condition: Used: Good. Foix Editorial: Edicions Estado: BIEN. Published by edicions About this Item: edicions Foix Editorial: edicions Mir y Joaquim Nolla, 91 paginas, en catalan, tapa blanda, en estado aceptable, con textos subrayados a lapiz.

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Published by Edicions l' Amic de les Arts, Barcelona Otro ejemplar con la firma del pintor y poeta Albert Rafols Casamada a 40 euros. About this Item: Edicions 62, Barcelona Col. Coberta de Lomi Geest i Tone Hoverstad. Published by Quaderns Crema About this Item: Quaderns Crema, About this Item: Editorial Proa, Barcelona, Literatura catalana de vanguarda s. Seller Inventory d90ab9ba6c6b7ce2d0c5f75dbba About this Item: Editorial Rialp,Col.

Poetas catalanes de vanguardia s. Seller Inventory cf8bacc5add03e1cb About this Item: Editorial Umbral. Seller Inventory B Seller Inventory bd3afefffd8e0bf2a Foix Editorial: Quaderns Crema. From: Els llibres de la Vallrovira Calaceite, Spain.