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It was mainly used to sweeten herbs and medicines concocted by apothecaries. By mid-century, the habit of adding a spoonful of sugar to hot tea spread from Hampton Court to urban households and rural cottages. And the term teaspoon , first mentioned in an advertisement in an edition of the London Gazette, was born. As tea and sugar became less expensive over time, it was the working class who stirred sugar consumption to record highs.

The English addiction to sugar spilled over as well to unending amounts of tarts, pastries, jams, sponges and puddings. Eventually, what was an annual consumption of four pounds per year in jumped to eighteen pounds in ! Tea consumption kept pace as East India Company ships brought millions of pounds of Chinese teas — both black and green — into their London warehouses.

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In , 30 million pounds of tea and million pounds of sugar were imported to England. By , the amount of tea had grown ten-fold and the average Englishman consumed 90 pounds of sugar each year. Shop unique teas, tea sets and other memorabilia from the museum. Afternoon Tea Anyone? Learn More.

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