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Inspired by the insistence of the others we also started to work harder routes, meaning that we tried a route several times up to the moment we were able to climb it without falling. Antoine the climber and Tchen the photograph. Apart from small showers we stayed dry, the wind was more than bearable, the temperatures were agreeable, we had a swim in the river Chubut every day, sat down by the fire at night sharing our exploits of the day. We finally again felt mentally prepared for a harsher environment and during our stay the weather situation had improved in Patagonia, nothing could contain us now from heading to El Chalten!

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Rock Climbing Argentina: Piedra Parada – Everything You Need to Know to Go!

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Observations of Deformation

Rock 'n' Ice in the Andes. Total distance: Route 40 - Gualjaina. Total distance: Paso del Sapo - Gualjaina. Very close to Gualjaina is the Protected Natural Area Piedra Parada Valley, a place that holds attractions that include tourist, archaeological, paleontological, historical and cultural activities. It is located 42 km from Gualjaina on Provincial Road No.

Evenings were chill

The standing stone, is a unique rock formation meters base and a height of meters emerging solitary on the banks of the Chubut River, in the midst of a vast plain. Studies conducted by professionals from the University of La Plata determined that this stone was the center of a volcano, extinct for thousands of years, that expelled lava within 30 kilometers.

The valley of Piedra Parada has a length of 95 kilometers, located between Gualjaina and Paso del Sapo, the stone is within 42 kilometers of Gualjaina. Its natural features made this a warm fate of native peoples, allowing to consider it a major source of objects and tools are added to various sites with cave paintings, all elements of great anthropological value.

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In addition to the environmental conditions of extreme aridity combined with the geological process that gave rise, fueling expectations also become a point of paleontological interest. Is one of the main canyons where its also an excavation done in by a group of geologists, who settled among other findings, checking the existence of peoples with an age of years in this area.

There are also spectacular rock formations known as a stone carving of course that has given the name of the Virgin of Vulture, along with others such as Elf of Vulture and Indian Face. The trail was used in the early twentieth century by people crossing in carts pulled by mules to the Paraje El Mirador, toward Ingeniero Jacobacci. Conjugated wealth of imagination and spirit, with rock art is at the eaves by prints, paintings and drawings.

Marine fossils and petrified logs are added to this great reservoir of the origin of the planet, where you can also enjoy activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, climbing to the interests of those who come to the area. No biggie, just keep your eyes open!

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  • Piedra Parada.
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  • Piedra Parada, Languiñeo department, Chubut Province, Argentina.
  • Encourage respectful climbs in a major site: Piedra Parada;
  • I remember, the first day we made my favorite, quinoa stir fry and some homemade hummus! I had been smashing the chickpeas in the bowl for an hour, added some olive oil, black pepper, and lemon. It was very rusticly looking, yet delicious!

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    With my mom, we never compromise when it comes to food. When our options are limited with, for example; backpacking around Patagonia, or camping in the car… the cousine stays the same! Neither of us likes the bagged premade soups or canned food. We always plan ahead and enjoy our meals, just as we were at home. The camp that we had set up, was simple. A Quechua tent, that lasted throughout our last 10 years of family expeditions, was put behind our car, so were saved from the strong Patagonian winds.

    Gualjaina: a paradise in the desert - Gualjaina, Patagonia, Argentina.

    I remember sleeping for over 13 hours the first night! Oh, the dreams!

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    Flowing from one scenario to another, over the whole night to the sounds of river and wind! Nobody was in a hurry. We have light and we climb. Our days were full of climbing, swimming in the river and hanging out with others. Our schedule was non-existing, and we moved by the sun, went to bed when the first stars started to rise! We saved the climb on Piedra Parada for our last day. No plan.

    We knew some other Brazilians and a German couple was doing the route as well, called Sueno Lento. Which translates from Spanish to Slow Dream. We started around 11, successfully avoided the hot sun by staying in the shadow, enjoying the views from a big rock. The timings were great since the first ascent was just 3 pitches above us and the ones who came after, started when we were already half way up. Each pitch had something different to offer us, my mom had always preferred chimneys and roofs, I had always been a bigger fan of cracks and slab.