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It was the beginning of my Quora breakthrough. It was practically dead before 15 th of November when someone promoted it out of the blue. After that promo, it sold several copies. Technically I started earlier, on 29 th of November. This day and the next I posted 3 unprepared short answers. One of them mentioned this book. On 26 th of December, I published on Quora my breakthrough answer that was one of the stories from the book.

I finished the answer stating exactly that and I provided a direct link to the book on Amazon. A steady trickle of sales happened afterwards. I spared you analysis on a couple more sales charts of my other books where the verdict if Quora affected my sales was ambiguous. In the case of a couple of books, I could hardly find any correlation between my posts, views on Quora and sales. But when looking closely at the sales of five other titles, I could easily connote views on Quora and sales spikes.

Going down to numbers: my estimate is that 5, to 10, views on Quora converts to a single book sale. It may seem disappointing, a lot of effort for a little reward, right? Well, for me this is awesome! I got to know a few really great tactics… but none worked for me. Constant promotion and money from speaking gigs may be a great way to earn money for Hal Elrod, Stephen Guise or Kevin Kruse, who all live in the USA and do this full time.

I got exactly zero feedback. At least a few millionaires know who Michal Stawicki is. I guess getting to editors is harder than getting to millionaires. He spent at least a couple of years learning this magic from 3 to 7 am in the morning. He tried to teach me this, but the learning curve was too steep for me. About the only thing that worked for my book sales in the past were promo sites and learning curve and money-bleeding were brutal in their case too.

Quora is a great alternative for me.

Quora did for me the same thing that big publications are doing for featured authors, I reached hundreds of thousands of readers, with exactly zero hassle. What is more, I could share my old content, a thing unthinkable for editors in big magazines. My books are about my life experience and they tackle everything from changing your mindset, via health, fitness, self-analysis to speed reading. Quora has an audience for each of those in one place. I can simply write, publish, repeat. The last point: it really affects the sales!

SEO Magic Make Your Knowledge Sell Book 7

This is crucial. There is no better way to convince them about that, than bringing traffic and buyers to their site. Before I found Quora I could do it only in a very hectic manner, using the promo sites. Now I can provide a constant trickle of sales as long as I will be publishing more answers. Now that you know what you need for your SEO team lets discuss client proposals.

These days, people are talking to multiple firms and figuring out which one is the best fit for them. Companies are evaluating every aspect of your pitch… especially your proposal. Well, you probably already know the basics such as: what you are offering, scope of work, price, and terms and conditions. You can templatize your proposals, but they need to be custom. One of the simplest ways to make a proposal seem customized is to modify your template design.

You have to assume that your proposal is going to be passed around, maybe to a manager or even another co-worker. So, make sure you include:. You should list everything you can find that is wrong. Show examples, URLs, and even screenshots in this section. Lets assume for a minute that NeilPatel. Here are some things you could break down in the problem section:. If I were creating a real proposal, I would create at least 15 to 20 points and included screenshots.

You need to be so detailed with your solutions that the client can just take that information and implement it without even hiring you. Instead, they will feel that the easier route would be to just pay you to do it for them. For that reason, you need to be as detailed as possible as giving without holding back builds trust.

Again, if I were creating a real proposal, I would provide the following potential solutions to the 4 problems above:. In this section, you should tell the client what you are going to do for them. Further, break it down into multiple plans. The first plan should be for only what the client requested, and the price should be somewhere in their budget range. Make sure you break down all of the things you will do within this plan.

The more detailed you can be, the better. You should also include one or two more plans that contain more than what the client requested… these plans should be more expensive. In these plans, you should offer to solve all of the problems you pointed out in the proposal. Again, be very detailed on what you are offering here. Lastly, in all plans you should add a timeline of when you are going to complete each action item in each of your plans.

In addition, you need to specify whether the client will receive monthly reports or calls. The large consulting companies typically throw associates onto new accounts. If you are a boutique SEO agency, make it clear that experienced people are going to be working on the account. You can show this by adding an area detailing who is going to be working on the account. Keep the bio short and to the point. For example, I would use this as mine:.

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By the age of 21 not only was he named one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal, but he was also named one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine. He has also been recognized as a top entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama. As I mentioned earlier, you have to assume that your proposal is going to be passed around. For this reason, you always want to include case studies at the very end of your proposal. I typically like including case studies that are relevant to the proposal I am creating.

So, if I were creating an SEO proposal for an ecommerce company, I would include an ecommerce case study. Each case study should be no longer than one page. It should include what you did, the results, a testimonial, and it should be easy to skim. Ideally, you want include two to three case studies with every proposal you send out. I myself used to create generic proposals, and I had a low closing rate. Once I followed the above steps, I boosted my closing rate by almost 3x. In most professional situations, knowing SEO alone is no longer enough.

You also need to have your fair share of marketing, business, and PR skills. Yes, there is some variance in SEO. Some content will rank better than expected. Some will rank worse. Put an experienced SEO up against a total beginner, and I can predict with great certainty which one will have more organic search traffic in six months. Instead, they use their own proven system.

57 Top Amazon Seller Tools of | Best FBA Softwares (Complete List)

A system is composed of processes for doing different tasks. The more defined they are, the more consistent the results are. In addition, systems are even more important for freelance SEOs. No two clients are exactly the same, but you should have a defined overall process for starting your work with a new client. The main thing you need to do here is find a way to set client expectations. Studies have shown that people are terrible at predicting their own success. We habitually overestimate our own assets and abilities. Too many SEOs ignore customer service altogether and only communicate with their clients once every month or two.

Depending on the client, this can be terrible. After the first few conversations, you want your client to feel confident that you will do the work you promised and keep them apprised of the results at certain time periods. If you are your own client , the same applies to you. Make your initial predictions, and then cut them in half to keep them realistic. This will help you avoid disappointment and frustration in the future. You need one to keep yourself accountable and make sure that every part of SEO is covered.

You might choose to complete your asset evaluation process before fully onboarding a client. There are tons of different ways to conduct keyword research. Pretend that you will one day have to hand off this task to a junior intern or some other inexperienced hire.

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Make it as simple as possible so that you get consistent results. You will need processes for all the main areas of SEO. However, not all tactics work in all industries. In addition, as tactics become more popular, they lose effectiveness.

The Sorcerer’s Chest II by Magic Wagon

Infographics as a link building technique is about half as effective as it used to be a few years ago. He has a variety of blueprints for different situations. A great SEO is always testing different SEO tactics to find out which ones are effective and when to use them for best results niche and situation. A final process that all SEOs should create, in one form or another, is a process for reporting results.

The first thing that a report does is it sums up your work in a concise, easy-to-understand format. You want them to know what to expect in your report. Results are your opportunity to determine your return on investment ROI and to look for ways to improve the effectiveness of your techniques. Most beginner SEOs look for tools that will do all the work for them.

However, as you get more experienced, you will recognize situations where tools can save you time and money. And the better you get, the more your time is worth, and the more important tools become. Eventually, you may build your own custom tools because none of the public tools are quite good enough. Then, you can find tools that can help you accomplish that strategy.

Since SEOs need to do many different things, you will eventually compile an arsenal of different tools. Modern SEO involves a lot of relationship building. Reaching out to site owners and contributors is a necessary part of building relationships and eventually getting links. There are many social media marketing tools that will shave hours off your work per week. It is by far the best way to convert your search traffic into eventual customers. You start with smaller sites and work your way up.

Why Should I Use Rank Math?

Once you get a good grip on basic SEO i. And when you find techniques that work, you can keep tweaking and testing them to make them even better. Step 1 — Pick a factor to test: All tests begin with a hypothesis. You should be able to say:. Step 2 — Determine a significant sample size: In a controlled test, like split-testing an offer to visitors, you can easily calculate what sample size you will need how many visitors will need to visit each version.

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In theory, if more shares improve rankings, it should work every single time. There might be some variance in how fast Google picks them up, but for the most part, rankings should increase. So, while you definitely need a sample size of more than one page or one site, and more is better, most of the time you only need two to four sites to get a reasonable result.

See where the rankings initially pop up and settle after a few weeks. However, if you see that most of your test pages increased their rankings much more than those in the control group, you could conclude that the shares you got did in fact improve the rankings. But once you get the basics, you can learn how to set up better tests. Those were the times when keyword stuffing, along with basic blog comment links and forum links, could make sites rank for competitive terms.

Testing, like I outlined above, will go a long way to keep you ahead of the curve. In addition, you can learn about how the field is advancing through other sources. One of the driving forces of the SEO evolution is search engines. As they get better at providing results to searchers, it gets more difficult to manipulate those results. If your client calls you panicking about something, you need to know why it happened and how to fix it beforehand. Link building has undergone one of the biggest transformations in SEO. Instead of using automated tools to create thousands of low-quality backlinks for you, you have to earn your backlinks these days.

That being said, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to earn links. Here is a list of just some of them. As I mentioned before, new tactics are always the most effective. As more and more people start using them, they become less effective. But now, everyone who owns a site receives several infographics with requests for links every week.

The novelty has worn off. New tactics, or improvements to old ones, are typically created in private. Then, they make their way through forums and blogs. So, while you should keep testing things on your own, your time and resources are limited. Here are a few to get started:. I told you earlier that most SEO agencies have turned towards digital marketing, which is actually a pretty exciting change in my opinion. Instead of just working off-site, modern SEOs get to be involved with marketing strategies and other parts of the business.

Digital marketing is a big topic, which can be split into two main types of marketing:. There are too many good marketing blogs for me to list here. But here are a few from different areas to get you started:. Alternatively, some students ace every course but have terrible people skills and end up with mediocre jobs upon graduation. Use power words! Because it becomes easier to read and the titles will give you some SEO rewards! Write a description that explains what your article is all about and use your long-tail keyword. To write a low quantity of words without ever forgetting to showcase why the heck people should click your article.

Be concise and write in a simple way but remember that those few words must be enticing and appealing so that readers wanna check the content!

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You can never forget that — in order for any post to be truly SEO-friendly — content is of the essence. Create content that has quality; content that is appealing and vibrant, informational and specific, detailed and unforgettable. Without awesome content, these SEO content marketing strategy tips will be meaningless! What this means is that — technically speaking — this algorithm shall increase the power of mobile-friendly ranking signals.

The primary purpose of AMP is to allow publishers to create content that loads instantly, therefore optimizing the user experience and avoiding the frustration that generally comes from lags in page loading. There are numerous online tutorials and coding samples that provide instructions on how accelerated pages can be created. I dare say this is one of those crucial tools any worthy fellow must have in order to be an SEO master!

Bonus Tip:.