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A deeper interpretation can have Dorothy longing for heaven.

From when she was a little girl, Dawn Eden Goldstein knew she wanted those things that in them, somehow, she would find God. Over the years she earned renown as a rock critic and historian, moving among some of popular music's biggest names, all the while straining to capture that transcendent love and beauty in their every note and lyric.

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Yet her longing only deepened; the hole in her heart only grew. God s voice was calling her, but first she needed ears to hear. In Sunday Will Never Be the Same , Goldstein The Thrill of the Chaste recounts her spiritual journey in beautifully wrought detail, mixing powerful accounts of trauma, healing, and epiphany with funny and poignant anecdotes from inside the music scene. It is the rare conversion story that delights as it inspires, amuses as it edifies and ultimately lays before the reader a lived testimony to the transforming grace of Christ.

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Additional Info. Email to a friend. We read Sunday already knowing the outcome, and this allows Goldstein to subtly reveal the choices and events in her life as the work of God.

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Sometimes, this is made explicit, as when she skeptically prays to God for something and she receives it almost miraculously. While at various points in the story the voice of elder Goldstein is distractingly apparent often in a self-deprecating way, like when the author makes a joke about once thinking Evelyn Waugh was a woman , for the most part, it effectively gives us the sense that we are experiencing her life with her in real-time.

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Goldstein shares many formative experiences that, at the time, appeared to be painful, embarrassing, or nonsensical. We experience them as she did: painful, embarrassing, nonsensical.

At the same time, we know who Goldstein is and the woman she will become. As we progress through her story—unique, certainly, but not otherworldly—it is also quite clear that God is working in the pain, suffering, and ordinariness of her life.

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Goldstein beautifully illustrates just how dynamic God can be when trying to reach us, sometimes subtly in the background, other times dramatically and miraculously. Sadly, rather than seeing God as the subject of a relationship with us rooted in love, it is easy for us to reduce God to an object of study. We read, think, learn, and write about God.

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Now I wake up Sunday morning Walk across the way to find Nobody waiting for me Sunday's just another day. Sunny afternoons that make me Feel so warm inside Have turned as cold and grey as ashes As I feel the embers die. No longer can I walk these paths For they have changed I must be on, the sun is gone And I think it's gonna rain. Sunday will never be the same I've lost my Sunday song, He'll not be back again [ Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.

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