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Thanks Jatopian. Flint could very easily be Ness. M3 TImeline.

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Timeline: The events of EarthBound take place; Ness now age 13 finds the sanctuaries and defeats Giygas. Porky Pokey escapes through time to another era.

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Some people with PSI are given the ability of long life in order to watch over the Islands in case evil rises again. They are named Lucas and Claus. However, while nobody realizes it, they both have the power of PSI, which Flint has long forgotten.

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A tragedy occurs, as Hinawa dies. Claus runs away and is lost, and Flint becomes depressed and obsessed with finding Claus. Mysterious Pig-Masked soldiers begin causing chaos in the peaceful Tazmily Village, and the world around them begins to change… for the worse. Flint, now 52, has not stopped grieving Hinawa and searching for Claus. Lucas, now 13, sets off on a mission of his own.

Eventually, Lucas goes to New Pork City, where Porky has returned to wreak havoc on the world once again, still with the goal to outdo Ness, though he does not know Ness is even still around, and has no idea he is now known as Flint. Eventually, Claus kills himself. This whole time, no one has remembered anything about the previous world.

Lucas pulls the needle and the world ends.

They have survived, and they once again try to form a new world without greed and evil, and hope that this time, they get it right. Get over it, fanboys.

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  • But based on your timeline, Kumatora would be in her early thirties. But… show spoiler. Why can you fight two Zombie Nesses at once? Cause they are too lazy to make different sprites for the same enemy? While, yes, the zombies in the graveyard resemble Ness and Paula, I've fought at least 50 of each in the same playthrough. Trying to say that they are Ness and Paula is just stupid.

    Wulf Monkey. Holy crap. I never saw that, but it makes perfect sense. Yeah, I saw that too, and it makes battling them sort of…unsettling. Excuse me if I act like a jerk, The last forum I went to was awful. Glad to be back here and all.

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    Nine Inch Nailz. If you haven't yet exposed yourself to the delight, the wonder, the absolute icon that is Jonathan Van Ness, you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and go watch Queer Eye on Netflix. The man is a glorious human being. He's stylish, he does good hair, and he's even hysterically funny which is bound to be portrayed in his upcoming standup show in Dublin Olympia Theatre. Tickets went on sale for the star's Road To Beijing tour a while back, unsurprisingly selling out almost immediately.

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    But if you didn't get tickets the first time round never fear because Jonathan has just added another show - and tickets are on sale right now. The second show will take place straight after the first at 9. A muddled story with some promising elements afloat.

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