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Bara Imambara is in the centre of the city and a Lucknow visit is incomplete without this place. Built in the Nawab era, it has sprawling structure. The Bhool Bhulaiya is a unique attraction inside this place and one will get lost until a guide is accompanied. Each entry has some right and wrong path to confuse. It was constructed in such a way to deceive the enemy and British and the main gate is easily visible from the window. It also has some underground cell to come out of the complex in case of any war which is now unfortunately closed.

At night, the outside structure and the area looks beautiful with lights. Being in this area, will reflect the Nawab time as Roomi gate and Chota Imambara is also on its way. Despite being huge and most visited place, it lacks basic cleanliness and not well maintained. Baoli- It was constructed to be used as a water reservoir. It was not well maintained and mostly destroyed and might not see the true structure. Means seven storeyed building. It was supposed to have 7 storeys but due to the death of the Nawab the project closed and is now 4 storey structures.

Its near to Bara Imambara and Clock tower. The garden area around is beautiful and clean. The guard informed us that this structure was made for the Royal women of Nawab family to see the moon of Ramadan and Eid. As you can see in picture, it is a small replica of Taj Mahal built for the daughter of the Nawab. Inside the Imambara shrine has beautiful brass tazias and many attractive costly chandeliers from many countries.

Its tall, beautiful and well maintained. The tower was built by Nawabs for the British Governor. The illuminating light in it make it more attractive. Best time to visit this in evening where you can see its beauty especially after sunset and can chill with friends and family by enjoying street foods. Locally also called as Mayawati park. This seems like a majestic park, huge beautiful architecture with red sandstone make the park cool place to spend your time.

As I have mentioned it was wedding cum tour so we tried to explore these places apart from the wedding functions. There is lot more above Nawabs and Kebabs, but am satisfied at least we got to visit this beautiful city. Hope you find this blog useful and do suggest your experience so that other readers and even me can cover that next time.

I have to admit that it was a bit hard to read all the names. I found really interesting I would love to travel there and see them myself. Love the photos, such a beautiful place. I so need to start travelling, there is so much to see out there. I just said that out loud when looking at these photos! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I went on a tour of India a few years ago and absolutely loved it. The food and history are unmatched. Cannot wait to go back and explore even more! Our family loves history, so we tend to steer our vacations more towards places like this. I loved looking at the photos, it looks like it was a beautiful place.

Oh my goodness what an absolutely beautiful looking place to go and explore. Those buildings are just gorgeous and I would love to explore them.

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I would love to visit Lucknow one day. Satkhanda and the clock tower are both beautiful buildings. I really loved reading this post. I loved learning more about the city, their buildings and culture. Very nice. I have recently come to know about Lucknow and it sounds like a great place with rich culture.

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We said, adab and tehzeeb. The architecture in these cities is absolutely breathtaking. This is such a great place to visit and to have a good time with loved ones. The architecture of this place is so stunning.

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The places looks historical indeed. These are the places I want to explore during travels. Writing this post itself is evidence of the fact that I love being called a Lucknawi. It was named on the Nawab of Lucknow who got it constructed. The central hall of this landmark is known for its largest arched hall in the world.

No metal or wood has been used in this building. There are few more religious centers and famous sightseeing monuments like the Asifi Mosque, Shahi Bawali, Rumi Darwaja, etc.

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Bada Imambara is an important place of worship for the Muslims. They come here to celebrate the religious festival of Muharram every year. You will be amazed to witness another popular monument an incredible maze, Bhul Bhulaiya which is located on the upper floor of Bada Imambara. It is an unusual labyrinth of corridors which is the show stealer and attracts many tourists. The interesting part of Bhul Bhulaiya is that you speak very slowly at one end of the building, it can be heard from the other end. So, never share any secrets with anyone hear. You can take a ride on the horse chariots just outside the monument and get a feel of the Nawabs.

It is situated in the West of Bara Imambara and is a true sight to behold. Constructed in the year , by the third Nawab of Awadh, Muhammad Ali Shah, this monument was initially a congregation hall for Shia Muslims. Chhota Imambara is embellished profusely with the chandeliers during Muharram.

Aadab-Lucknow ... Fond Memories

It looks phenomenal during the night when all lit up during the festivals and catches the fancy of many travelers across the globe. It looks splendid not just from the outside but the interiors are also intricately decorated and look captivating. It makes the best spot for photo fanatics and history lovers. You will witness the royal and grand life that the Britishers led here along with the pain and struggle of our freedom fighters.

The biggest event Residency is known for is the First War of Independence in You can still see the marks of the bullets and canons of the Freedom Movement here. It gives you jitters merely thinking about the siege which lasted for 5 months. This is not to be missed place in the city. I clearly remember once my school planned a trip to Lucknow and Residency was the first place we visited. I left the place with mixed emotions as the pain and struggle of our freedom fighters was so real and hard.

It is a home of around animals of more than species. The most famous one is a chimpanzee also named Hukku Bandar who makes funny voices and is the center of attraction of all the visitors. Spread across a huge area of 29 hectares, it can be explored by a Pollution free Battery Vehicle which is for the visitors in the zoo.

I re-visited Zoo after many years, during my recent India trip along with my daughters, husband and mother and the little ones enjoyed equally. A remarkable change I noticed was plastic is banned inside the campus.

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So, if you are planning to carry any snacks with you, pack them in box or paper bags. Its architecture is an imitation of a similar specimen in Istanbul. During , famine struck North India and the then Nawab of Awadh came up with a plan to feed his countrymen as well as give him something to be proud of. It used to be the gateway to the royal city and palace in those days but gradually Rumi Darwaza has stopped being the main doorway to the royal residence.

Despite this, it has nowhere lost its beauty and importance when it comes to the culture of The Awadh City, Lucknow. Over the years, I have seen this place changing and today, the arch of this gigantic and strong monument, Rumi Darwaza remain cacophonous all day as it runs roadways to both the sides. It still reminds me of horse chariot rides every time I pass through it. This is another historic building of the city which stands tall right adjacent to the Rumi Darwaza. A visit to Lucknow is incomplete without hopping the biggest and most posh market, Hazratganj. We call it Ganjing. You will find the entire market quite happening throughout the day, especially in the evening Sham-e-Awadh.

If you are looking for branded outlets for shopping or some exciting food options or just hanging around, this is just the place for you. How I miss Ganjng with my cousins during my teenage years while typing this. Ambedkar Park is a mammoth construction of stones, fountains, and marble and looks magnificent in the night when lit up. Janeshwar Mishra Park is the biggest park in Asia spread across a huge area of acres.

With a large variety of plants and trees and many man-made fountains, it is popular for its longest jogging and bicycle track in India. It displays a real MIG aircraft and a battle tank which is open for the public. Other famous parks like Buddha Park, Nimbu Park, Haathi parks are one of the most popular places for the families and kids who prefer outdoors to the malls over the weekend.

Lucknow is very famous for its varied cuisine. It is made up of milk by keeping it under the dew drops overnight and then frothing it. As I write this, I crave for its heavenly taste. Lucknow is famous for its Chikankari embroidery work all over the world.

The suits, sarees, kurtas, kids wear etc. The best places to shop is Chowk which is said to be the hub of this year-old art and is flooded with chikankari shops. You will get a lot of variety at the best rates here. Alternately, you can also hop on to any Seva Chikan outlet. There are many outlets across the city, though the prizes are a bit higher but you get classy stuff.

Ada is another fancy outlet for Chikan stuff located at Hazratganj but its too pricy. Aminabad is the busiest and the most popular market of Lucknow and you can get stuff at any range — low to high. So, if you are comfortable in a crowded market, this is the place for you. There is a heavily populated and famous market in Aminabad where you get a huge variety of cosmetics, bangles, and craft related stuff which makes it a highly loved place for the women. One of the historical landmarks of Lucknow, the La Martinere School started in It resembles a chess board when seen from an aerial view.

Being the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is well connected with all the major cities of India through airport and railway station. The nearest airport is Amausi airport which has good connectivity with many major cities of India. The railway station is Charbagh and is quite accessible from most of the cities across the country. The sheer brilliance and splendid beauty of this city get imprinted on the mind of visitors and stay with them forever in the form of a beautiful memory.

So, this was a glimpse of my city which is beautiful in its own way. Hope you liked its virtual tour. Now the next stop of XploreBharat train would be Kanyakumari by my dear friend and a brilliant writer Sitharaam Jayakumar. KAIV is a personal grooming accessory and appliances brand offering a wide range of world-class products. Such an elaborate post about the city I stayed in for 9 years!

You have put in so much effort into bringing everything about this beautiful city of nawabs alive for the readers and it shows in your narration too. I am going to Lucknow soon and your post is making the longing more intense. Thank you! Just one suggestion: please mention pic credits too.

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Glad that you found that I did justice to the post. It in indeed a a place that has historic as all as modern sense of living. I have been to build bhulaiyaa manu times and every time the experience adds to memories. Wow great to know about your visits to Bhul Bhulaiya. Any connection with Lucknow or just for vacation? A post that covers everything one needs to know about Lucknow! I love the insider shopping tips, and hope to refer to them when I visit this beautiful city.

Awesome post, Vartika, and your love for the city is so evident in it. Ping me whenever you visit, if you need any information. Happy to share. Lovely post, Vartika! I have never been to the city of Nawabs, though long to go there one day. It was such a royal place and still it is said that Lucknowi adab has a character of its own. I am not a meat eating person, so tundai kebab I will never be able to relish, but yes I have eaten daulat ki chaat many times in Delhi. In a recent wedding, the caterers had been called from Lucknow, and there they had served malai makhan.

Great to hear about Lucknow caterer and agree, many such delicacies including pan is served in other cities too on weddings or other occasions. Lucknow absorbed the Nawabi culture and stood strong during First war of Indian Independence. Vartika, I loved the way to shared your memories and place intertwined together.

I have been to Lucknow and enjoyed it. Your post just made me refreshed my memories. I am from Kanpur and my aunt lives in Lucknow do we used to visit Lucknow every now and then. Infact, I first tasted Tokri Chaat in Lucknow. And yes, Malai Makkhan, we get at Kanpur too. Infact, it was one of the delicacies in our wedding and was super duper hit. Such an elaborate and detailed post. No regrets though I will try to visit this city at the earliest.

What a lovely set of attractions and what lovely descriptions! I really enjoyed your post Vartika. I loved reading your post. I visited Lucknow when I was very small your post just brought back the memories attached that I spent. Lovely post. A fab post Vartika… So detailed and the love you have for your city comes through in every word… Doing a foodcataion in lucknow is so on my bucket list… Hopefully soon.

I knew Bhul Bhulayya as Picture name but there is a location with its name. Also the wall listening thing. Great travelogue, Vartika! You make thorough justice to the subject you write! And make it engaging.