Bayern kann es auch allein: Ein Plädoyer für den eigenen Staat (German Edition)

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You offer us protection, freedom, rights and duties. We are responsible for dealing with it responsibly! Dear followers, When the home is head, then the heart beats higher and friends tears run down. I'm still touched by her reactions. It was a feast to "read" at the ruhr festival. Seien wir also wirklich wachsam. Trau, schau, wem. The release of a video. The Managing Director Johann Gudenus, also the protagonist of the event in the video, is right with us. Crisis, probably new elections. I don't have to execute this, the press is online like offline full of it. The first reaction of the affected: " Hey, how were drunk " and " it's a sass that this was secretly filmed ".

And we don't talk about any regular table here, people like Mr. Strache are to by voters and "sponsors" in positions where they can also live their fantasies. And didn't make the effort to take a closer look. And here I am at the core: the "causa strache" has a completely different meaning dimension for me next to its own sensitivity. It should be a reminder to all of us, exactly what people who strive for political offices and who do not shy away, are able to extend the limits of democracy-linguistically as well as through their action for their purposes, in the silent world of peace So think, say, plan and prepare.

And that we should think very carefully about giving people our vote in elections that will be miming to the Democrats in the execution of their path to power and follow completely different goals in the background. Strache is certainly not a "agenda individual case". The desire to obtain power is not only in this case, to passionately discuss the means of corruption and to use it too.

In this respect, I find the publication of this video not only in itself important, but also a good proof that journalism plays such an important role in watching behind the scenes. Even if he can't lose weight to the individual and wants to make his own picture also of those who try to be a wolf in the disguise, who always call " be vigilant " and mean: " but with myself please not so much ". And I think it's good and important that sz and mirrors did not follow the temptation to put the sensitive material into the world, but did a serious job.

How, shows the video s. Link below to this post. So, let's be really vigilant. But just without restriction. Dare, look at who. I don't know exactly if i imagine this, but I have the impression that the attention for a European elections has never been as high as these days. In good as in the bad. There are a lot of education offers and you look through the social media, so many people stand up for a cooperative, free and human dignity-looking Europe.

So far, so good. As far as right as I find personally. But you can find-Unfortunately-also the eternally destructive ones that-once again-fill the comment columns with all kinds of nonsense. And I'm not talking about "the other opinion", of course, it's ok. So dear trolls: No, the European Union does not primarily care about paragraph the height, width and scale of cherry tomatoes and to ensure that neither cherries nor tomatoes are discriminated against. And the European Commissioner is not a s. Neither a Brussels dictator is elected nor in the run-up to polls on the mood of the European elections in the canteen of zdf capital studio in castrop-Rauxel!

Ok, created examples, but the "quality" of some claims really does leave your neck hair to the mountains. This is particularly the case of an accident when your own knowledge about the EU, its institutions, its goals, successes and even real difficulties is only very close to an accident. Then you might really be impressed by outrageous claims. How is that with you? Do you feel "familliar"? Each of us has gaps. Exchange also of opinions and experiences is important.

Bayern kann es auch allein Plädoyer für den eigenen Staat

We have recently discussed the principle of voting in the circle of friends, including the focus on a location, the removal of the institutions and posts, etc. It was a nice for and forth Young woman, let's call her lena. She wanted to go through the election-O-Mat with him. Not to take on his political attitude, but to be explained in some cases the background of the themes listed there. This is the result of a multi-hour discussion about Europe, the EU, pros and cons, about successes and challenges.

Well with "aha" effects on both sides.

Foreword by Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog, German President (Ret), DIVSI Patron

Because those who are asked, start to fill their own gaps. Even more, he's starting to check himself and his opinion or. Match with facts. I would say: " be like Lena, use the time and make yourself smart! This is not me either, but it is good to make your cross on an election certificate in the certainty that it is not based on conspiracy theories or constantly repeated uncertainty, but with clear and healthy background knowledge. So there's still time. Four days.

I will also use them. Because if i still don't know exactly which party I'm going to vote, I definitely know that I'm going to vote. And it will definitely be a party that will stand up for the European idea, for cohesion and cooperation with all partners, for the respect of all human rights, for the preservation of all democratic rights, for lasting peace and for the dignity of all people too Is not tangible in the European Union!

Happy Mother's day! Der The Then the 8. On May The weapons are silent in Germany. No shot, no more intonation tear the silence and the nerves. Unsure what will come, people come out of the cellar, surrender, go in captivity, stand up to their attitudes and actions, or ent themselves in wind ropes. Not everyone likes to see the winners as a liberator, not everyone stands up to what they knew or is afraid of what they now know about the action of the war be drivers and murderers, to whom he or she so buxom.

The persecuted are - so they still live - and still have to look for the happiness behind the experience made - maybe they never found it. Among the victory are not only "Angels". Some from anger, grief or own pain. Some simple, because also they are not good people. But they also bring goals what you can do with the defeated or.

To Set a perspective and to provide assistance in the new development, also to ensure that what happened remains an irretrievably history. Again the It's been 70 years. For 30 years, after the re-Association, it is the basis of our social order for all Germans. The basic law does not solve all the challenges that meet us in our modern life, but that is not his job at all. Not always in these 70 years has been "vain sunshine" in Germany, not all are equal and equal winners, not always in this time Germany played a good role in it when it came to its own position in world events.

But if you look at what else could happen in just 30 years, like at the beginning of the last century, gratitude always comes to me on this day. May Nevertheless, more than ever, it is not to consider all of this as natural and automatically eternal. In any case, I don't want a new time when any radicals think they want to destroy all of this and get heard and power with violence in their language and in their actions.

So if one is the defense and maintenance by all of us! Once again you think, should you also say something to " Plauen Or is this a case again, where you only get a stage starstruck a stage that you don't deserve? Wouldn't it have been better, the plauen and others, even the press, would have rather made a trip to the green on this day and ignored this theater? The " marchers " would have been surprised by the eyes, why no one pays attention to them, where they made extra so " pretty " T-shirts print, dance and drums practiced? Why wasn't this a ridiculous carnival performance, while No, the public and even international reaction to this event is so big because it has nothing ridiculous, but because it shows what is actually in focus: Democracy, the basic law and, above all, freedom of expression.

I don't have to emphasize again how good and right I find all that was written down in the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany as the foundation of our democracy. It is also very important that it is always ensured that these rules are not interpreted arbitrarily restrictively. This is especially true for article 1 of the basic law and of course also for freedom of expression.

The latter, however, takes extreme damage when it is admitted that it is used as a legitimate legal instrument for those who, otherwise, and in some cases, are completely open-against the basic law and the form of our democracy and do not shy away from it, their very own interpretation To use freedom of expression, to attack other people's dignity.

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Because racism and hate are not an opinion! So why do the organs of our democratic state always realize that the legislation based on the basic law does not allow a real restriction Neo- a and the freedom of expression of freedom of expression? What prevents you from adapting legislation and regulations in such a way that such a happening can be prevented? High-ranking politicians, with the view of plauen, once again note that the assembly offers little possibilities of restriction, because dishes repeal the prohibitions on the freedom of assembly.

Sahra Wagenknecht, DIE LINKE: Beenden Sie Ihr Konjunkturprogramm für Politikverdrossenheit!

Yes, but why? Because dishes now have to use the legislation as a basis of jurisprudence. And Fortunately, in the separation of powers, the dishes are not knitting their own laws. But what prevents the other pillar of democracy, so the legislature, from being sensitive to the underlying laws? The related article on the basic law in the basic law even looks very explicit. Simply with the aim of not damaging the foundation of the basic law, but clearly to be able to show the limits that just want to attack this democracy openly and take advantage of it in order to undermine it from the inside.

But what also means that within this framework, there is also a need to modernise the legislation based on it, in order to keep this anti-thesis stable even in new Neo- National Socialist influences.

Bearbeitung eines sozialen Problems im Strafvollzug und Reflexion gesellschaftlicher Erwartungen

I don't claim that this is easy. And I do not intend to offer a "solution" for this, because this is not a question of the expression of a single person. This needs a wide, Democratic Discourse, in which sensitive is respected not to damage what you actually want to defend. But it is also unacceptable that those who, no matter from which political direction-recognizable any rule stretching with the goal of damaging democracy, obviously can be able to raise more energy than those that are for their preservation And Protection is here.

And as important as private and private engagements are, it is not enough to put the coping of such situations as now in plauen on the shoulders of the police and local authorities and already not to point out that it only needs the courage of other parts of the population in Form of apprenticeships. Because these must be allowed to rely on the legislature to fulfil its responsibility for the necessary after control. Dh dh dh dh dh Translated. DH Topics? Dear followers, I would like to thank all those who have accompanied me so far on my journey through our haymatland.

They were impressive evenings with great encounters, thoughts, zugewandtheit, inspiration, hope, courage, humor, but also with question marks, of, thoughtfulness, tears and sadness. Exactly this bag of life I had hoped for. And that no evening has gone under three hours so far, is a good proof, even if I'm pretty flat now. See you soon, DH Who wants to have his impressions, thoughts, criticism, etc. I would be very happy about that! More tour dates at: www dunjahayali.

Dunja Hayali shared a post. Welcher Artikel des GG ist Ihnen der wichtigste? Gesicht Zeigen! Morgen, Mittwoch, Sehen wir uns? Ich freu mich auf Sie! Tomorrow, Wednesday, April , On the other hand, tens of thousands went on the streets throughout Germany this weekend. In Berlin, in parallel with a popular desire, the aim of expropriate large housing companies was started. Is this the right way to stop the explosion of rentals? This question is ethically highly controversial and affects the basics of our society. Next week, the federal constitutional court will be dealing with the aid in Germany.

I met a Year-old cancer disease, who - if he thinks the time is coming - would like to have a deadly drug.

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