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The Artist Project provides prime examples of intellectual, conceptual, and aesthetic connections overriding tendencies toward homogeneity. Glenn Ligon sought the unfamiliar. His text-based painting practice explores race and identity. By contrast, Bradford was drawn to a kindred spirit. The Los Angeles-based abstract painter, who represented the United States at the Venice Biennial, focused on Clyfford Still , the s abstract expressionist. As an abstract painter, I do the same thing: I leave bits of the conversation.

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In this respect, the published volume is a close reproduction of the digital project, which begs the question as to whether it is duplicative. Why get the book when you can watch the videos online? I viewed many of the Artist Project videos and found the corresponding content in the book to feel fresh, insightful, and revealing.

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If you followed the online project, you will appreciate the book. What do they care about? What is their voice? Published Oct.

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Many other volumes explore their work. Two recent books document the practice of Kerry James Marshall.

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Please consider supporting its ongoing production by making a donation. Culture Type is an editorially independent solo project that requires countless hours and expense to research, report, write, and produce. This iconic piece of American history shows George Washington leading a secret attack during the Revolutionary War. Only van Gogh can infuse so much emotion in a landscape. An original by this Dutch Impressionist is truly a sight to behold.

Admission is on a pay as you wish basis, but a ticket is still required to enter. Be clever and book online!


The museum is located at 82nd Street and 5th Avenue. Take the 1, 4, 5, or 6 train to 86th Street and walk three blocks west. Be sure to take a trip to the sculpture garden for an incredible view of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. It was just long enough too, even got a tasty cupcake!! A wonderful experience. We are only in New York for a short time - this tour could not have been better and has made us want to come back for more!

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Our tour guides depth of knowledge, giving an insider's perspective and small intimate group image this tour wonderful. Melissa was fantastic: funny, informative and so professional.

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Should have been cast as the much younger and attractive 5th SATC member. Our driver was on it, communicated from the beginning. Andrey was polite, professional, informative and fun! GetYourGuide uses cookies to give you the best possible service. Index of Illustrations. Dali in Book Illustration Notes. Discovering Dali in Book Illustrations, Part 1. Discovering Dali in Book Illustrations, Part 2.

Discovering Dali in Book Illustrations, Part 3. Search for:. Salvador Dali Museum, Inc. Explore our tour. Become a member today. Explore our permanent collection. View all events. Fun activities for kids. The Folio Society, London, commercial publication. Doubleday, New York, Slipcase.