How to Make An Old Dog Happy

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Your dog needs at least an annual senior checkup. Dental needs should also be addressed, check with your vet on this one also. Bad breath, chewing only on one side and refusing to eat hard foods are all dental issue alerts. Eating Well. Many older dogs like a softer food that is easier on their teeth.

How to Make Your DOG HAPPIER - 10 Key Tips

If you notice your dog leaving kibble in the bowl or losing interest in food, you may need to soak it in some warm broth or add a quality soft food. Just like us, yep again, your senior dog may gain weight more easily than they did as an active adult. Keep your dog at a fit weight. Living Large. Keep your senior dog involved in family life as much as possible. An engaged mind will stay sharp longer! Living Loved. Love, cuddle, repeat.

1. Double up on Vet Visits

Cherish this time you have, it will never be enough. BLISS 1.

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Copyright All images and verbiage are property of The Blissful Dog and cannot be used without permission. Elizabeth Megan, pet parent to an Taking your senior pet for a short walk around the block, out for a car ride or even a day trip can make them feel special and loved. She really loves it! Morgan agreed that these types games are great mental stimulation, adding that some senior dogs suffer from cognitive dysfunction and may need vitamin or nutritional support.

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15 Surprising Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

But your dog has his responsibilities too, mainly to look, hear and smell. Just make sure you have secure screens on your windows if your pup is more likely to hop out! Downward Dog indeed! Doing weekly yoga at home is not only great for your body and mind, but it also provides your pup with plenty of new obstacle courses to play with! Pups love watching videos of other dogs, cats and even just videos of outside. Pull up a computer and find a playlist of fun doggy videos.

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    11 Ways to Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

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