Law for Architects: What You Need to Know

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After enough disasters you start to become numb to them and learn to manage tense moments more effectively. Luckily the headache projects get quickly replaced with new projects, and looking back, all of the frustrations are usually forgotten in time. A lot of the people in architecture have not had it easy, and they are quick to remind you of their long hard journey. Many may try to dampen your dreams of being an Architect.

I challenge you not to focus on the negative; in fact, I challenge you to do the opposite. My intention is to share some of the harsh realities that many people experience. By keeping keen awareness of the dark side, you can be 2 steps ahead of what many Architects encounter. All of the courses are very reasonably priced for the amount of value, entertainment and information they provide. When I was in the process of becoming an architect one resource that I found tremendously helpful was the book Architect? This book is for recent architecture graduates or people trying to find a job in the profession of architecture.

It outlines how to find a job in architecture and the inner workings of most architecture firms. Thanks for the follow on Twitter Michael. Great first read on your blog! Like what I have read so far. I will be back to read more ;-. Excellent article. Thank you for the comment. I need all the help I can get when it comes to spelling and grammer.

This is rubbish!

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Anyway, I just want to make a speech: There are good jobs out there, and they pay well, and you will find satisfaction in your work. Architecture firms get paid well enough to reward their staff well, and reward them for the long hours that they do and hopefully those long hours are enjoyable, with free pizza, good tunes and table tennis I am sick of the myth that architecture is all work and no play because it allows firms to treat graduates like scum, perpetrating the myth. Aim highER.

Or else why did you waste 5 years studying? Be the architect of your own career. Your last point is annoying too because you warn about people being negative while youve just spent 9 points being a total downer yourself.. Travers: Please share more of your story… You have some good points, but incorrect in the statistics. Same goes for Clients. Free Pizza, good tunes? Your point of view is still that of a college student. Wait until you are dealing with liability insurance, health insurance and managing employees while trying to carve out time to design something in an office environment.

Most of the points in the article are on target. Rich wives, a developer uncle, trust fund or workaholic spouse that can help you cut the overhead in half are all good starting points. Rental property or real estate should be on every young architects agenda. And what will surprise you is that they are NOT necessarily the best students or designers. I agree. I have friends in the IT industry who have that exact Travers mindset and it works for them… Thanks for the comment.

This is such a pessimistic and restricted look at the subject of being an architect… You seem to take some form of glee and happiness from outlining and over stating what negative things could be found in this profession whilst failing to remind readers that every profession has its down sides.

For those who really want to study architecture and have a passion for designing new and innovative ways that we can live, please do not take a word of this blog on board, instead follow your dreams. First off, I have been a licensed architect in California for over 5 years. I have been in this profession for over 15 years. I have worked for three different firms including one I started. I did not get my degree in architecture, I got my degree in Bus Admin. Yes, you can do that in California. Architecture is tough. I once worked over days straight. Yes, that includes weekends.

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Almost 4 months of continuous work. Follow your dream? At least out of college. Everyone wants to be a designer. Maybe you are, but until you climb the ladder higher than me you will be stuck doing my door schedule redlines and calling AHJs to determine the submittal requirements for a facade remodel. Guess what, the guys like me that have 15 plus years experience want to design too. Its why we got into this profession.

And we either start our own firms and end up being salesmen or we work for larger firms and actually get to design. After that, if you demonstrate your ability you will eventually get more responsibility.

Letters on Legal Architecture

You will get to do more fun stuff. Eventually you will actually get to design. But make no mistake this is a time in service profession. It can be fun, it can be rewarding. My left index finger was numb for a week. That is reality.

Building Cost + How It Impacts Design (An Architect's Guide) - Architecture Short Course (Part 3)

Most of architecture is not glamorous. But it can be rewarding both intellectually and financially. I like my job. Love it? Mmm, maybe? Would I do my job for free? Mmm, in moderation. Definitely not 50 hours a week for free. So if you like architecture, I say go for it. I you love architecture and would work doing architecture for free 50 hours a week I say definitely go for it. Right now.

10 Reasons why you SHOULD NOT become an Architect.

There are much easier ways to make a living with much less heartache. I always wanted to be an architect as a kid. I listened, and went to journalism school for 2 years. And guess what? After 2 years I transferred to a B. Arch program and graduated with honors and the thesis design award. I got through the math. Most of the kids who were really great at math were the engineering kids, and to be honest, not all the math whiz kids were great designers.

The type of math you need to know on a day-to-day basis outside of licensing exam stuff is the math you presented above — simple fractions, addition and subtraction. Not having a buddy-buddy relationship with math is no reason to forgo studying architecture. I try to warn people before they make the stupidest career decisions of their lives. If you like spending years in college wasting your time on art projects instead of taking significant classes gaining, transferable, and sought after skills STEM ; do it. I was much smarter going into the program than when I came out of it.

There are so many other professions out there. I fell for it. Your skills are not really transferable. Once you spend 5 — 10 years devoting yourself to this ridiculous outdated industry; you will have a hard time transitioning to anything else. I never understood the mindset of the talented designers.

Natural Laws of Architecture – The Elevation

I just got caught up in the hype. Because they love hype. They fall for all the hype and competition. Its stupid. You will not be successful because look at the facts. Do some research on the field outside of the stupid hype by the stupid architects who just need the PR and to market themselves to future employers.

I could have been so much more successful in other fields that required my skillset. Instead, I wasted my youth in this ridiculous outdated industry.

Going to uni?

I agree with you!! I wasted my youthful years in Architecture and it just left such a bad taste in my mouth because of the time wasted and jumping from one firm to another due to the economy and blah blah! I mean all of my friends are well off economically in different fields and I am still stuck trying to figure out what to do. I am interested in Business now and I really wished I would have studied this since the beginning. I would have had accomplished so many things by now.

Now I feel old and depressed. Honestly, I regret going to University at all. Class is not continuing daily. Only 3 students we are now and more 2 new students never came back till now. It is a complete waste of time and does not even belong in a legitimate university. Professional architecture is a blood sport for those who enjoy destroying the lives of others.

If you are still in College, change your major immediately. If you are young in the profession in deep architecture school debt, you are in deep, deep trouble.

Architecture & copyright

You will never work again in architecture, but you may help to force changes in the toxic workplace culture of architects. Sue, you will probably lose, but sue anyway and do something else afterwards! I'm Michael Riscica, the guy behind Young Architect. The matrix advice seems to be to study essentially everything ever written on the subject of architecture The book came the day after they announced the new free retest incentive so I signed up for PPD and spent that week cramming for it so never read a single page.

I told myself if I failed PcM, it would be incentive to read the book. I passed so who knows if I'll get to it but it's still on the "someday" reading list. Heather -- great to know, thank you.

Why study architecture?

I think you and Daniel S. Similar to others, I bought Law for Architects and never cracked the spine. I made flashcards of key terms, and made myself a little 1-page matrix of all the cost accounting formulas to know KPIs for profit-loss stantement and balance sheet.

And I passed!! So, to answer your question Law for Architects is not required reading, but probably a good read if you ever intend to strike out on your own. I would agree, Law for Architects is not required reading. I broke down and bought Law for Architects and Small Firm Management because they seemed like good resources to hang onto after the test, which I would say they are.

They're both written in more of a narrative format rather than a text book, making them a pretty easy read. Do you happen to have the matrix you made? I would appreciate it so much if you could share it! I was referring to Erica's comment "made myself a little 1-page matrix of all the cost accounting formulas to know". Please sign in to leave a comment. ARE 5. Kurt Fanderclai April 10, Sort by Date Votes. Daniel Spilman April 10, Heather Taylor April 10, Daniel Ostfeld April 10,