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But sometimes, that excitement can get you a little carried away. We always include a list of suggestions in our email with the video. But often times the content of that email is ignored. Clients get too anxious and just want to see the video. Watch the whole story- otherwise you might miss things.

At this point, the most important thing is the story. Does it make sense? Is it easy to follow? It should inspire the viewer to take action, or want to learn more. Is it clear what you want them to do? Does the footage support that action?


Were the cuts too fast? Not fast enough, causing the video to drag? Was the music too dark? Too cheery? Did the imagery match the content? Resist the urge to jump all over the Editor for low audio, or a shot being blown out.

Again — focus on the story. If they are hypercritical by nature, getting them involved early might actually be a good thing before they make a suggestion at the end of the process that sends you back three steps. Filter all comments and send one, organized email.

That way adjustments can be made early in the graphics process so we save time moving forward. And that should do it. Outside of work, Chad loves reading, writing, and finding cool new videos, in addition to spending time with his two daughters and his wife, Alisa. Creating a video doesn't have to be complicated. Note: Prelude CC October Previous versions of Prelude saved rough cut files with. The markers are added to the rough cut currently open in the timeline.

The clip from which user is adding the marker is also added to Rough Cut. Note: When a rough cut, and a clip containing subclip markers are open in the Timeline panel, you can select subclip markers in the clip and add them to the rough cut. You can record and add voice-overs to Rough Cuts.

Although Prelude lets you add Audio clips separately, you can use the voice-over feature to record audio clips on the fly. You can record and overlay voice-overs over video footages during the basic editing process, before the final sequence is complete. Adobe Prelude lets you add multiple voice-overs to a rough cut, as well. Choose the right audio hardware for the voice-over.

Rough Cuts Review

Source Option automatically detects all audio hardware connected to the system. Audio channels available for the audio hardware selected in the Source option. Enable and specify preroll for the voice over. The pre-roll countdown is a visual cue to give you time to prepare and begin the recording. Recording begins after the countdown reaches zero. Enable and specify postroll for the voice over. The post-roll countdown is a visual cue indicating the end of recording.

Specify or browse to a location where you want to save recorded audio files. Use the Audiometer to test the microphone and other audio devices connected to the computer. Fluctuations in the Audiometer confirm that the audio device is functioning correctly.

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Right-click on the audio track, and select Voice-Over Record Settings. Use the Captured Audio field to either specify or browse-to a location on your computer, where you want to save recorded audio files. Start a voice-over recording workflow by positioning the playhead at a point where you want to insert the voice-over. Enable pre-roll countdown. When you position the playhead, the voice-over recording workflow starts.

A pre-roll countdown appears as an overlay on the Monitor.

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You can specify pre-roll and post-roll countdowns in the Voice-over Record Settings dialog. Recording automatically starts when the playhead reaches the In point in the Timeline.

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Click the button to end recording. Once recording is complete, an audio file of the recording is created. The audio file is imported as a new project item into the Project panel.

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  • If you have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on the same computer as Prelude, you can send the rough cut directly to Premiere Pro. To create a file for use in applications such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro running on a different computer, use the Export option. In the Project panel, select the rough cut and other clips or bins you want to send to Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro launches and prompts you to save the new project. If Adobe Premiere Pro is already open on your computer, the items from Prelude appear in the open project.

    The rough cut is displayed in the Project panel.

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    Double-click the rough cut in the Project panel. All the markers added in Prelude are available in Premiere Pro. You can edit markers added in Prelude in Premiere Pro. In the Project panel, select the rough cut and other clips or bins you want to export. Select Media to export the project file along with its associated media.