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Long after the sun set there was a blood-red glow over the sea and the casuarina trees were silhouetted against it. They were lace-like and graceful and unreal. The picture reminded you of a Japanese print. At last the fitful breeze swayed them a little more and there sprang into sight, only to disappear again, a white star.

The casuarina trees were like a veil of phantasy that pleasant thoughts obtrude between you and the sight before your eyes.

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It was like a great serpent gliding with sluggish movement towards the sea. What Mrs. Hamlyn saw the bright and sunny road that ran through the rubber estates, with their trim green trees, carefully spaced, and their silence, and then wound its way up hill and down through the tangled jungle. The car raced on, driven by a reckless Malay, with its white passengers, past Malay houses that stood away from the road among the coconut trees, sequestered and taciturn, and through busy villages where the market-place was crowded with dark-skinned little people in gay sarongs.

Then towards evening it reached the trim, modern town, with its clubs and its golf links, its well-ordered resthouse, its white people, and its railway station, from which the two men could take the train to Singapore. And the woman sat on the steps of the bungalow, empty till the new manager moved in, and watched the road down which the car had panted, watched the car as it sped on, and watched till at last it was lost in the shadow of the night. More than that, Mrs.

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  5. They are nonetheless some of the heart-felt convictions which Maugham arrived at after a life that was rich in experience and that he wished to share with his readers. When he [the writer] succeeds he has forced you for a time to accept his view of the universe and has given you the pleasure of following out the pattern he has drawn on the surface of chaos.

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    But he seeks to prove nothing. He paints a picture and sets it before you. You can take it or leave it. Burgess, Anthony. Cheuse, Alan. Curtis, Anthony and John Whitehead, eds. Maugham, W.

    The Black Crowes - Dreams - July 25, 1997

    Far Eastern Tales. London, Vintage, More Far Eastern Tales. Selected Prefaces and Introductions of W. Somerset Maugham. The Casuarina Tree []. Somerset Maugham , I went to the club for a stengah and a game of billiards. Curtis and J. Whitehead, Even at the expense of mistiness and ambiguity he should surely aim at some larger, more impersonal correlation. The point here, then, is that the use of stock characters negates the strikingly cosmopolitan opening of this particular story and lessens its attractiveness.

    He teaches nineteenth century literature, with a focus on natural descriptions in the novels of that period, and the short story. A French-American journal dedicated to short story and other short forms of writing. Contents - Previous document. Full text PDF Send by e-mail.

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    On the contrary, Maugham considered caric Somerset Ma Bibliography Burgess, Anthony. This year, Joel and I ran a workshop on podcasting, spoke twice on the theme of success, failure, and the life cycle of ideas, and took part in a wonderful dinner and performance evening which took me back to my teenage camp concert days, and gave me an excuse to do some improv any excuse to do improv will do!

    I was struck once again by the warmth of the authors and publicists I met at Somerset. As an extrovert, people often react with surprise when I tell them that I write — but you only need to spend five minutes with the writers at Somerset to witness the shared spirit that exists among the writing community in Australia. But for me, the greatest privilege was speaking to young people about the past to success, and the realities of creative endeavours. We had wonderful audience questions and participation in our sessions, and I found it encouraging hearing from young people who are looking to the future with hope and enthusiasm.

    I started writing fiction at my kitchen table on an incredibly rainy night in June You bring your experience to your writing, and from there you learn: editing, craft, voice, and style — these are layered on. So, too, are your public speaking, industry knowledge, and community-building skills.

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    I have been helped along by so many people in my writing journey, and each step has added a layer to my career. I still work full-time, but I am set in my desire to write full-time as my job. But the greatest layer in this journey has been you — the people who read my work, blog posts, and many, many tweets. Recently, I passed 50, downloads of the Inspector Ambrose story. That you to those who joined me in those earliest days, especially, who took a chance reading something which still needed a bit more of a polish, but stuck with it anyway.


    There is new writing coming in the middle of all this rumination, I promise. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.