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This can come in powdered form or infused in oil. I hope that helps! My father, who was an excellent cook, always felt that cooking in anything aluminum was not healthy. He did not know why, but he always felt that aluminum was not good to cook in. This was borne out years later by the medical community. I love cast iron! Sounds delicious! Maybe it will taste like arroz con pollo without the chicken. Let me know if you try! My son-in-law is from Puerto Rico and I fell in love with his cooking. While visiting in Texas, I found a store where I purchased their in-house homemade sofrito and carried it home in my luggage.

The first time I made your recipe, the rice turned out too sticky. I made it again and only stirred it once — gently — when I first put the rice in. No stirring after that and it turned out perfect! Beautiful and fluffy but with a nice layer of pegao in the bottom.

Dutch oven cookout : step-by-step / Michele Pika Nielson.

This recipe is superb! Also, I live in Montana and it took visiting about four different grocers around town, but I found all of the ingredients. Love the recipe and the comments! Thanks to all. I have most of the ingredients and will try this weekend, but need advice on one ingredient. Any recommendations gratefully accepted! The ingredients lists artificial ham flavor. I usually buy mine from the store!

But my mom just sent me one of her Puerto Rican cookbooks and it has a recipe — mix 4 ounces olives stuffed with pimientos and 2 ounces of capers. Store in a jar in the fridge to use as needed. Maybe start with half a cup of quinoa to recipe to test it out.

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I absolutely looove this reciepe! Thank you so much! I also remember those days when mami was cooking arroz con gandules. Thank you posting your recipe. I am cooking the rice now but I am finding it is sticking at the bottom and yes I am using the aluminum pot?? I am the one that wrote and I asked for the picadillo recipe and I found it, of course, on your website!! Sticking is good. It will form a layer that gets burned. Just another suggestion, you can add a tad more oil. Also, some people use banana leaf instead of foil. Hoping someone else with experience can chime in on this question….

Will a cast iron Dutch oven work? The bottoms should be very crispy, which the aluminum helps with. If a Dutch oven works better with induction, use that! I have an induction range, and I used an enameled cast iron Dutch oven. The rice came out wonderful. This is the exact rice I remembered as a kid. Best friend Mom always had a way of feeding a growing, drooling army of kids.

Her Mom used home cooked dry chick peas not canned pigeon peas. Sometimes served with fork smashed fried plantains! Now to find a Calderon for 2 not a batallion and the spices in the middle of nowhere midwest. Thanks for the recipe, finally! Mmm what a great memory — I can smell it now! Thanks for sharing and I hope you can find the ingredients!

Thank you! Post it on my Facebook page! Yes long rice little more than medium rice. Homemade sofrito is much better Buy it. FYI for an PR person! Thank you!!! So glad to hear that! I made this and your pork chops last night for dinner and both were so delicious! My whole family devoured our meal! Just made this, yummy. Turned out great. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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