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Creative Practices in the Observation of Everyday Life. Back to the Garden. Enhancing Education. Autobiographical Creation. Art Matters.

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Digiart and Human Rights. De-Constructing Cabinets of Curiosity. Cultivating Creativity. Stem and a Framework for Learning. Conceptualizing and Implementing Critical Filmmaking Pedagogies. European Ideas in Education. Web-Based Arts Education. Play and Learn. Dr Dan would like to pay special tribute to all of our dedicated and hardworking workforce here in Suffolk, and thanks them for all they do at Christmas, and all year round.

One of Dr Dan's favourite parts of the week is returning home to Suffolk after a demanding schedule in Westminster and it never ceases to amaze Dr Dan the sheer number of events and opportunities there are being hosted throughout the year, but especially so over the Christmas period. The dedication and commitment of those serving Suffolk's communities and willing volunteers is to be absolutely commended. Over recent weeks Dr Dan has enjoyed visiting a whole raft of Christmas events, from the Broomhill Christmas Fayre which attracted over visitors to a number of smaller fayres and markets across Central Suffolk.

Dr Dan especially welcomes the opportunity to meet so many of the people supporting these events, not to mention the vast array of crafts and local produce on offer. With everything from locally produced cheeses, meats, jams and chutneys, or soft drinks and craft beers and fine English wines, there is sure to be something for everyone. When visiting the fayres and markets Dr Dan enjoys taking time to browse the many individual stalls and always make an effort to buy locally. We have such a fantastic range of small and independent retailers, not to mention farm shops and local producers and it's very important that we do our best to support them in our rural communities.

Time for Christmas shopping is always difficult for Dr Dan, spending time in Parliament midweek and then often working over the weekend, so Dr Dan tries to take the opportunity to stock up on some gifts and presents for friends and families when visiting the local markets and fayres this year. The gifts and produce are so beautifully and professionally packaged that it means half of the Christmas wrapping is already taken care of. Dr Dan is looking forward to Christmas at home in Suffolk, spending time with friends and family and making time to relax and enjoy a break away from everyday business.

Spending time together away from the daily pressures of work is so important for us all, but we should also remember those who may be spending Christmas without their loved ones, perhaps an elderly neighbour or those who are remembering family who are no longer here at Christmas. There are also those who will be homeless this Christmas. Many churches and community organisations have boxes set aside to collect donations of food for those less fortunate than ourselves and in particular, the homeless, so perhaps help to spread some Christmas cheer to others and donate even a small contribution.

A little goes a long way in making someone feel that they're not alone. As part of his regular visits, Dr Dan also enjoyed visiting a number of schools and although he wasn't present for any of the nativity plays, Dr Dan was certainly very impressed with the sheer hard work and professionalism shown by staff and volunteers in preparing the children for their big moment, stage building, costume preparation and rehearsals.

It's a mammoth task and one which is often the highlight of the festive season for proud parents and grandparents. Although the children are no doubt excitedly looking forward to Christmas itself, the pinnacle for many will be those first infant school performances with festive favourite Carols being sung and a last chance to catch up with other parents before school breaks for Christmas. Justine Greening on the launch of the Government's stage 2 consultation of fair funding for schools and in particular, her announcement that the fair funding formula will protect small rural schools.

The National Fair Funding formula will be the mechanism to ensure that funding is delivered fairly to schools, regardless of their location and in particular committing to delivering funding quickly to those schools in areas which have had, up to now, unfair levels of funding. Dr Dan has campaigned regularly to bring forth fairer funding for schools, especially those smaller schools who are struggling to make ends meet in the most rural of our communities. Dr Dan regularly meets with schools across Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and funding is, without exception, always high on the agenda.

Suffolk is a predominantly rural county and it is already known that the cost per pupil funding is significantly lower than other areas in the country. Having campaigned regularly Dr Dan welcomes today's announcement and is pleased that the Government is delivering on its commitment to a new national fair funding formula for schools. Following the 14 week consultation period, Dr Dan looks forward to seeing greater funding being made available to schools in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, where the standards of teaching are excellent but so much more can be achieved with greater funding from Government.

In particular Dr Dan will be looking to see those schools who have been historically underfunded seeing funding gains coming through very soon. Dr Dan will continue to do his best for schools across Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and to argue the case for improved funding on their behalf. Dr Dan was delighted to meet with the Year 3 and 4 pupils from Laxfield Primary School where he learned how the children had been studying how laws are made in Parliament.

The pupils had been carefully researching Private Members Bills and were all too keen to put their questions to Dr Dan. After discussing the pros and cons of each Bill, the pupils then took the opportunity to question Dr Dan on his life as a Member of Parlliament. From there, Dr Dan had a number of meetings discussing concerns around broadband, agriculture, environment and waste, before rounding off the day with a busy Advice Bureau in Rushmere village.

Dr Dan Poulter today met with a number of local businesses calling for urgent improvements on the A Many businesses are reporting concerns about access to and from their business bases on the Industrial Park, with lengthy queues and delays entering and exiting the area. Dr Poulter has been approached by a number of these businesses and shares their concerns, particularly in light of the projected growth in nearby housing in nearby Eye and Diss, but also given the strong track record of businesses flourishing and experiencing growth in the area.

Coupled with the proposed new gas power station operating from Eye Airfield, Dr Poulter is now calling for urgent action to be taken in addressing this situation.

Aside from access to and from the Industrial Park being difficult, there are also a number of concerns around accidents at the site with a number of road traffic collisions being previously recorded. Dr Dan is delighted that businesses here seem to be flourishing and growing, all providing welcome employment opportunities for those living nearby, but he fully empathises with the frustration caused by such poor access to and from their business premises.

For businesses operating in the road haulage or supply chain sector, scheduling is absolutely critical and delays such as those experienced at this junction are simply unhelpful at best and potentially detrimental to the flow of business. With further development expected in the area, the time has come for improvements at this very busy junction. Dr Dan would like to see contributions coming from developers, linked to new housing or to industrial development and he is asking Suffolk County Council to ensure that this this vital Highways improvement is escalated as a priority project.

As a Member of Parliament, Dr Dan is often approached by constituents with their individual concerns, but it is also important to address the needs of businesses within the constituency and to help wherever possible. Echoing Dr Dan's views, John Dugmore, Chief Executive of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce commented "One of our key strategic campaigning themes is to ensure that Suffolk's road and rail network is fit for purpose and helps - not hinders - our economy's incredible potential.

Contact Dr Dan Poulter

Community spirit is certainly alive and kicking in Suffolk and Dr Dan has enjoyed meeting a great number of residents and local businesses at a variety of Christmas fetes and markets. Dr Dan was particularly delighted to visit Broomhill and officially open their Christmas Fayre - the event attracted a bumper crowd, with over visitors dropping by to stock up on Christmas treats and gifts.

The event was organised by the Broomhill Trust team and Dr Dan congratulated congratulate Gareth, Mark and the team for all their efforts in keeping the Broomhill community effort on track. The Broomhill Trust have been campaigning for some considerable time now to have the pool re-opened as a lido and community facility and Dr Dan remains impressed by their continued passion and enthusiasm in driving this project. The library at Broomhill was under threat of closure and Dr Dan is delighted that owing to the dedication and commitment of the Broomhill Trust, alongside his own interventions, the library has now become a thriving community hub and regularly welcomes visitors keen to make use of the library, but also to take part in a number of social groups.

Dr Dan also remains hopeful that the same will become true for the Lido - as a strong advocate for the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, a community facility such as Broomhill Lido would be a fantastic asset to the area enabling future generations to come can enjoy the benefits of outdoor swimming in a safe, social and supervised environment. It would certainly be a fitting legacy to the Broomhill Trust to see the Lido being utilised as a leisure facility for young people from the area who may be inspired to try their hand at the many water sports which could be offered from the site.

Dr Dan is proud of the progress that has been made so far with the Library and the Lido at Broomhill and will always do his best to support these initiatives for the residents and communities which they serve. Dr Dan was back in Framlingham on Sunday to officially start the Christmas celebrations by switching on the town's Christmas lights.

Dr Dan was honoured to have been asked and congratulated the organisers - Framlingham Business Association, Framlingham Town Council and Framlingham Churches Together, on their fantastic achievement in bringing Christmas to Framlingham with such a wonderful tree on the Market Hill. On Saturday morning, Dr Dan was pleased to visit the Framlingham branch of St John's Christmas Coffee Morning, where he met with a number of visitors before taking the opportunity to visit the many stands offering Christmas food and gifts.

With over visitors, the event was a great success. Following a busy day of constituency meetings and a packed Advice Bureau in Debenham, Dr Dan was delighted to attend Bredfield Village Hall on Friday evening where he met with a number of residents as part of his regular "Meet your MP" events. There was a strong turnout in Bredfield and Dr Dan enjoyed meeting constituents to talk about a number of local and national matters.

This week marks national Road Safety Week, an initiaitive run by road safety charity, Brake. This winter Dr Dan would like people to turn their thoughts to what they can do to help make our towns, villages and rural roads a safer place for us all to be. Central Suffolk and North Ipswich is a predominantly rural constituency and it's easy to forget that we share our roads with other road users, such as walkers, cyclists and horseriders. Indeed in many of the smaller villages in Central Suffolk, many families walk to school in the mornings — some with pushchairs and perhaps also the family dog.

It can be terrifying for them, not to mention life-endangering, to be faced with vehicles hurtling around the corner at breakneck speeds and swerving hurriedly out of their path. The faster a vehicle is travelling, the less time the driver has to react to an unexpected situation and the noise and speed of approaching vehicles can all too easily cause alarm and distress to any pedestrians and animals using the road.

Sadly, the consequences can be fatal. This year's Road Safety week focuses on a number of key themes, all of which are aimed at reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads and making our communities a safer place to be. The campaign aims to inspire communities to take action on road safety and Dr Dan is pleased to see that the number of community speed camera initiatives and Vehicle Activated Speed signs are increasing in number and making considerable inroads to reducing speeding; these simple yet effective measures play a significant part in slowing drivers down through our rural villages.

By slowing down and giving yourself more time to think, particularly during these longer darker days of winter when the roads can be covered in mud, wet leaves or ice, you can help play your part in reducing the number of accidents. As we approach Christmas, many of us will be looking forward to attending office Christmas parties or meeting up with friends to celebrate the start of the festive season.

Living in more rural areas, this can make it more challenging or costly to get home after a night out, but why not consider sharing the cost of a taxi with other friends, or nominate a designated driver for the evening. Of course, it's not just the evening itself where thankfully, most are sensible enough not to think about driving. It is the morning after, when alcohol can still lay dormant and take us over the legal limit to drive.

Not quite so much in our rural communities, but mainly in our towns and urban centres, air pollution is a growing problem, with an estimated 29, deaths every year being attributed to particular matter pollution in the UK, some of which are directly linked to road transport.

By choosing to minimise our driving and either walking, cycling, car sharing or taking public transport, we can all contribute to making our communities a safer place to live and work at the same time as doing the very best we can for our own individual health and reducing our environmental footprint. By making simple changes to our driving attitudes and behaviours, we can all play our part in making our villages, towns and rural roads in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich a safer place to be for all.

Every action we take can change the outcome of not only our own journey, but perhaps the future of another family. The staff and pupils made the trip from Suffolk to London on one of Parliament's busiest days — not only did they arrive while Prime Minister's Question Time was in motion, but there was certainly an added buzz around the Houses of Parliament ahead of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement. The group of students enjoyed a tour of the Houses of Parliament where they learned about the fascinating history and heritage of the buildings themselves, but also about the role of our democracy.

Dr Dan has visited the school on a number of occasions, but he was delighted to meet the students after their tour for a question and answer session. The students very much enjoyed their tour of Parliament and asked Dr Dan a number of questions on both local and national topics, including somewhat topically, what he can do as an MP to help bring better broadband to Suffolk as many commented that this would help them with their homework.

It is fascinating for the pupils to learn more about our democracy and to see for themselves where our laws are made. Ahead of UK Parliament Week last week, Dr Dan met with a number of school councils and considers it a very important piece of his work to meet regularly with students from schools across Central Suffolk and North Ipswich to talk to them about the role of Parliament and how MPs can help with local matters.

Dr Dan very much enjoyed meeting the pupils today and thanked them for their wide range of well-informed questions. On Wednesday 16 November, Dr Dan was pleased to participate in the day's Government business during an Opposition Day Debate on health and social care. Ahead of UK Parliament week which runs from Monday 14 to Friday 20 November, Dr Dan visited a number of primary schools across Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and was delighted to meet pupils representing their individual school councils.

What really impressed Dr Dan was the enthusiasm and dedication with which the children take their role on the school council. This demonstrates the level of interest and engagement our young people feel with our democracy and while many may feel that people are becoming disengaged with politics, the opposite certainly seems to be ringing true in our younger generations here in Suffolk. School councils are an excellent way for children to learn about democracy at a very early age and it gives them a voice within their school community.

They are made up of a group of students who are elected to represent their fellow students' views.

The election process to become a class representative can be hotly contested and Dr Dan very much enjoyed hearing tales of the election tactics and voting process from a number of the children. It was clear to Dr Dan that the pupils take great pride in their role and see it as a way to make changes for the better within their own school community.

True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers

School councils are a great platform for students to gain further confidence in public speaking, putting forward the views of their fellow students and making the case for their suggestions; these could be anything from fundraising for new playground equipment, suggesting a change to the school uniform or even initiatives to look out for each other and prevent bullying. One of the key factors in a successful school council is undoubtedly communication.

This can be communication between students to make sure that their ideas are heard, but also communication between staff and Governors, all of whom are working closely together to enhance the school environment. The role of school councillor helps to further develop essential life skills such working together as a team, communication skills, learning to listen to and respect each other and then to reach a compromise when all sides of the conversation have been put forward.

These are all valuable skills which will be needed as children progress through their education and then ultimately into their chosen careers. UK Parliament Week is an annual festival which has been developed by the Houses of Parliament as part of its Outreach and Engagement service, and it has become a platform for schools to become more involved with Parliament from across the UK, exploring what Parliament and democracy means and encouraging them to become more involved.

With over events and activities taking place across the country, from workshops and discussions, to film screenings and historical archives and, UK Parliament Week is a fantastic opportunity to find out how you can better make your voice heard and learn more about the workings of Parliament. Dr Dan was honoured to support the Remembrance Service and Parade this year at the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Eye, where he first of all laid a wreath at the town's War Memorial with other local dignitaries before returning to the Church where Dr Dan was pleased to deliver the reading during the poignant Remembrance Service.

On Tuesday 08 November, Dr Dan was pleased to participate in the day's Government business when he put a question to the Rt.

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Dr Dan commented that while many people in Suffolk welcome plans for a Sizewell C power station, there still needs to be due consideration given to the road and rail infrastructure,. Dr Dan enjoyed a brief tour of the school, before meeting with members of the School Council where they enjoyed a lively Question and Answer session with Dr Dan. Next it was off to Debenham where Dr Dan enjoyed a tour of the many thriving shops and businesses in the town centre. Dr Dan enjoyed meeting business owners and residents on his visit around Debenham. Dr Dan was invited by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to join a delegation of visitors from Sierra Leone to talk about our legislative processes here in UK Parliament.

Dr Dan was delighted to talk to the group about the important role of gathering evidence in Public Bill Committees and how, as a previous Minister, he guided the Care Bill through the various stages of Parliamentary scrutiny. As a Minister, a key part of taking legislation through Parliament is to manage questioning and feedback on the merits of a Bill, from members on all sides of the political arena.

It is often thought that legislation only gets talked about in the House of Commons Chamber, when in fact it receives a significant amount of scrutiny and input before it reaches that stage. Before any Bill comes forward, there are many discussions within Government around how the different parts of the skeleton, so to speak, will fit together. For example, how they are funded and any potential legislation will impact upon or relate to other areas of the Government machine.

At these early stages of the proceedings, interested parties or organisations can feed into the process to put across any concerns or positive feedback they may have about the proposed changes. This can either take the form of written evidence or oral evidence, which the Public Bill Committee will then consider. One of the most important parts of this process is when the Bill is discussed literally line by line, or "Clause by Clause".

The Minister responsible for steering through the Bill will take each Clause through individually and if there is disagreement over any element, a vote may be taken to reach agreement.

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The visitors from Sierra Leone confirmed that they found the meeting fascinating and that there were certainly some practices which they hope to take back with them, particularly around bringing in independent experts to help scrutinise the decision making process, to ensure that legislation is well thought out and effective in the long run. On Friday 21st October, Dr Dan was honoured to meet with local constituent and polio survivor, Giles Long, who was chosen as the face of a new national campaign launched today, to coincide with World Polio Day.

Dr Dan was heartened to see first-hand the courage and determination shown by Giles in overcoming the many challenges of living with polio. In particular, Dr Dan would like to see One Last Push to back the efforts of the millions of volunteers and health workers around the world who are working in extremely challenging conditions to end the disease.

This new video aims to raise awareness of the opportunity to make polio only the second human disease in history that we have ever managed to eradicate. Dr Dan was very impressed with the amount of thought which had gone into the students' many questions. From there, Dr Dan enjoyed a number of visits within the Constituency before ending with another busy Advice Bureau in Eye.

The report pulls together the learning acquired by THET over many years working in international health partnerships. By examining the opportunities and challenges associated with health partnerships, the report highlights the significant benefits that can be derived by both the UK and its partners and governments overseas, all in the best interests of those living in some of the world's poorest countries.

In addressing the reception, Dr Dan talked of the many challenges facing global health today and also about the contribution which our own NHS makes to global health. More locally, Staff from Ipswich Hospital have already hosted a visit from Central Hospital, Beira in Mozambique, as part of a pioneering health partnership. Dr Dan is encouraged that health partnerships such as these connect skilled healthcare professionals in hospitals here in the UK, with their counterparts overseas where they can share their expertise and offer practical help in improving health services for those living in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Following the Broadband Summit meeting, Dr Dan was delighted to visit a team of dedicated East Anglian Ambulance technicians from East Suffolk who has come together to create a "naked" fundraising calendar, in memory of their dear friend and colleague, Gary Smithen.

The relation of strength of stimulus to rapidity of habit‐formation

Gary sadly lost his fight against cancer earlier this year, whilst still in service, and colleagues wanted a way of remembering Gary whilst raising money for his chosen charities. Dr Dan was delighted to launch the Blue Light Flashers calendar, commenting that it was a fantastic way to pay tribute to Gary and recognising the fantastic job which Paramedics do each and every day saving lives and working tirelessly to care for those in need.

The need for reliable broadband connectivity is something which Dr Dan is steadfastly committed to seeing rolled out not only here in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, but also across the entire county of Suffolk. For this reason, Dr Dan called a Broadband Summit meeting, to review progress to date but more importantly, to consider the challenges and timings for the remaining rollout. Matthew Hancock, who set out his vision for digital services here in Suffolk. The closed meeting brought together senior representatives from BT, Openreach, Suffolk County Council and key organisations representing their members' views, and was also attended by Dr Dan's fellow Suffolk MPs, Peter Aldous, Dr Therese Coffey, and Jo Churchill, all of whom brought to the meeting examples from within their own constituencies.

First and foremost, the meeting was quite rightly an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Better Broadband for Suffolk programme and recognise that Suffolk truly is leading the field nationally in the rollout of better broadband provision. Dr Dan was delighted that on the day of the Summit meeting, Suffolk achieved another goal in being first in the country to sign a second contract for further rollout of broadband - welcome news indeed. But for Dr Dan, the meeting was also an opportunity to reflect on what more needs to be done to bring reliable and efficient broadband connectivity to Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, as well as to the county of Suffolk.

The Digital Services Bill is currently going through Parliament and part of this means that the Government has committed to delivering a minimum Universal Service Obligation of 10Mbps to every premise in the UK. For some, this remains a long way off, but Dr Dan is encouraged that this is set to be achieved by and he will continue to monitor progress very closely indeed. An interesting point raised at the meeting was the potential for Government to consider a dedicated and improved Universal Service Obligation of 15Mbps for businesses and Dr Dan has committed to work closely with his fellow Parliamentary colleagues to fully look into this possibility.

It is absolutely critical for business confidence and the economy that our local businesses have all the tools they need to compete in an ever increasing global market, so digital connectivity should certainly be a priority. Dr Dan is particularly heartened by the commitment of colleagues at Suffolk County Council, BT and Openreach to look to publish clearer timetables for those currently waiting to benefit from better broadband.

This is certainly welcome news for residents and businesses, especially so for those in rural communities who will be able to benefit from accessing online services, or for students looking to research their homework online. Dr Dan is reassured that those attending the meeting are all as committed as he is to ensuring the successful rollout of better broadband across Suffolk and has already called for a further meeting next year to review progress and celebrate further success stories as more people can access service.

Dr Dan thoroughly enjoyed a visit to this year's Great Framlingham Sausage Festival where he took time to meet the record number of entrants, all in hot pursuit of one the coveted titles for best sausage in their category. Aside from sampling the many delicacies on offer, Dr Dan enjoyed visiting the many stalls around the town and met a number of residents and businesses, all of whom were enjoying a traditional family day out in Framlingham with free entertainment and the ever popular sausage trail, not to mention supporting the Festival's Charity partners — St Elizabeth Hospice.

At the start of a busy day in the constituency, Dr Dan was delighted to visit Anglia Freight near Eye to celebrate the opening of their new cross dock facility.

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This innovative new facility enables the company to safely handle goods in all weather conditions, without fear of consignments or staff being affected by adverse weather. Since last visiting, Dr Dan was pleased to see the company expanding and going from strength to strength.

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From there, it was on to Laxfield CEVC Primary School where Dr Dan enjoyed meeting pupils and staff, who were keen to tell him all about their project to create their own garden and greenhouse, where enthusiastic pupils have become keen gardeners, growing their own produce and showcasing it at the recent Aldeburgh Food Festival. Dr Dan then joined staff and residents ahead of their Mad Hatters Tea Party at Mills Meadow Care Home in Framlingham, where he enjoyed touring the home and grounds, meeting the residents and learning of the multitude of activities on offer.

Dr Dan was particularly impressed by the close attention paid by staff to making the residents feel at home, included and able to join in activities should they wish. Finally, Dr Dan finished off the day with another busy Advice Bureau in Kesgrave where he took time to meet with constituents and try to help with their various concerns. Dr Dan particularly welcomes this news here in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich; in a recent article, Dr Dan specifically mentioned the importance of digital connectivity for those undertaking studies, either in school or in further education.

But it is equally important to all of us in accessing employment opportunities, working from home or perhaps furthering our education online. With the emphasis for more and more being online, being able to fully embrace modern technology and navigate the internet with confidence is essential and Dr Dan is delighted that the Secretary of State has confirmed that digital skills should be seen as equally important as basic literacy and numeracy.

It is therefore to be welcomed that in tackling this issue, the Government will introduce a new statutory duty to provide free training for those adults who need support, where it is available. Combined with the continued drive to deliver superfast broadband across all of Suffolk, this latest news will really help to ensure that Suffolk is able to compete and thrive in the business sector, but more than that it will ensure that rural counties such as ours are equipped to stay connected to the wider community, whether through social networks or carrying out online transactions. This is also fantastic news for our children and young people and as they look to consider their future careers and employment aspirations; alongside basic core skills, having confidence in digital skills will help them to research homework tasks efficiently and reach their goals.

To succeed in the workplace, everyone needs at the very least to feel confident and equipped with even basic digital skills. Next week sees the Jobs Fair visiting Ipswich, on Friday 14th October, and for those living in North Ipswich and further afield this is the perfect showcase for employers to meet prospective employees, either for those seeking employment of for those looking to retrain.

Companies from a broad range of sectors will be there but a common theme across them all will be the need to embrace digital skills, to some degree or another. That's why Dr Dan is delighted that this new announcement around digital skills training for those lacking in qualifications or capabilities will ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital economy and create a thriving economy here in Suffolk.

The APPG is an influential group which provides a parliamentary platform to identify and debate global health issues and concerns, not to mention raising the profile of global health issues within Parliament and with Governments in the UK and elsewhere. The APPG on Global Health was formed by Lord Nigel Crisp to focus on the underlying, cross-cutting health issues which affect us all, no matter where in the world we live. The group offers recommendations and advice to Parliament on key policies impacting health in the UK and overseas, and aims to influence those Government policies which most affect population health from across all areas of Government activity.

The APPG endeavours to raise awareness of the physical and mental health challenges that we face here in the UK and overseas. It is impossible to clearly differentiate the health challenges here in the UK from health issues abroad and it is therefore important to consider policies from across many sectors of Government which may also affect health policy, which can in turn lead to improving care for patients.

The Summit will be a closed meeting for MPs and other key organisations. Dr Dan remains absolutely committed to ensuring that superfast broadband is available to everyone who would like to access it across not only Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, but also across the entire county and it is Dr Dan's intention that this Summit meeting will deliver some clear and realistic timescales for further rollout. As a practising NHS doctor, Dr Dan says that the NHS and social care systems are struggling to maintain high standards of patient care under current funding plans.

On Thursday 15 September, Suffolk Coastal District Council hosted their annual Suffolk Coastal Business and Community Awards Ceremony, recognising the outstanding achievements of businesses, individuals and community groups across the Suffolk Coastal district. Dr Dan congratulates all the winners from Thursday's Awards Ceremony; it is the efforts of these businesses and individuals that really do make all the difference to those living and working in rural communities such as ours in Central Suffolk. Dr Poulter has raised concerns over the welfare of the animals on a number of occasions now and remains concerned at their continued poor condition.

A number of constituents have contacted Dr Poulter in recent weeks and previously, towards the end of and beginning of setting out their concerns that the horses are being kept in an inhumane and cruel conditions. In photos sent to Dr Poulter, it would certainly appear that the animals are living in desperately poor conditions with insufficient access to food, shelter and water. Giraffes Can't Dance: International No. Rowling Children's Books. Bestselling Music P! Aida Audio CD. Aquaman DVD. Mamma Mia! The Favourite DVD.

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