Human Anatomy Made Easy - Descriptions and Functions: Quick Reference Guide

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Hello, I have a spreadsheet with height and width values of artworks. Is this possible? Thank you. E-mail not published. Creating formulas in Excel by using constants and operators Writing formulas in Excel using cell references Creating Excel formula by using defined names Making a formula in Excel by using functions How to make a simple Excel formula by using constants and operators In Microsoft Excel formulas, constants are numbers, dates or text values that you enter directly in a formula. To create a simple Excel formula using constants, just do the following: Select a cell where you want to output the result.

Press the Enter key to complete your formula. By default, Excel adds relative cell references. To switch to another reference type , press the F4 key. If you are not quite familiar with the function's syntax, click the function name and the Excel Help topic will pop-up right away. Unable to open Outlook window" error. December 20, at am.

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Hello, I am a type of person who is always starving to learn something new of excel tricks and formulas. Thanks, Suliman. Svetlana Cheusheva Ablebits. December 21, at am.

Anatomy and Physiology of Respiratory System

Hi Suliman, It looks like we have one thing in common. Deepanshu Gupta says:. December 22, at pm. Hi Svetlana, Thanks for your contribution on Excel. December 23, at am. Thank you Deepanshu! I'm glad my articles have helped in your work.

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December 23, at pm. Ahmad Suliman Sadiqi says:. December 24, at am. Hi Svetlana, Thank you very much for providing the link. And thank you very much, you really do a great job and please keep it on :. December 24, at pm. Hi Suliman, The IF function is not quite suitable for this task. September 21, at am. Ahmed says:. January 1, at am. Please help x x 50 x 20 x 10 x 5 x Thank you. Irina Pozniakova Ablebits. January 13, at pm. January 4, at am. Hi Svetlana, Thank you very much! Ashish says:. January 6, at am.

Dear Mam, I have a issue of multiple line item of excel and want to make merge with the word document and also want to produce as a result which it should dispense to the single page of word document. Trudee says:. January 27, at pm. February 19, at am. Viswanath says:. February 5, at pm. Dan Cole says:. August 4, at pm. December 28, at am. Leena says:. March 26, at pm. Baiju says:. January 3, at pm. Kochurani says:. January 6, at pm. January 11, at pm. January 24, at pm. Ved Prakash Sahu says:. March 28, at am. I want a unique formula to create different formulas Example SUM Average Count I want a unique formula at the place of dots for all three calculations after dragging in all three cells.

Richard Amoh says:. April 14, at pm. Morris Edwards says:. April 17, at pm. Thanks for sharing such type of informative post with us. Keep it up. Vijay Pawar says:.

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  • July 3, at pm. Andrew says:. July 12, at pm. Mary says:. Is there a formula to do this, or do I just do this myself? October 18, at am. McQueen says:. October 21, at pm. Amit K says:. January 8, at pm. February 24, at am. Abdul Rasheed says:. March 24, at am. John T says:. April 1, at pm. Tina says:. April 6, at pm. May 11, at am. Doug says:. May 12, at pm. Mushtak Ahmed says:. May 23, at am. Can some help! Many thanks. May 23, at pm. Carley Onofreo says:.

    July 23, at am. Madilin says:. August 8, at am. Mary Trifuntova Ablebits. Hi Madilin, Thank you for contacting us. Alex says:. October 23, at pm. Umair says:. March 5, at am. Rinki says:. March 5, at pm. Yasir says:. April 14, at am. May 14, at pm.

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    Ablebits is a fantastic product - easy to use and so efficient. Excel is at its best now. I don't know how to thank you enough for your Excel add-ins. Anybody who experiences it, is bound to love it! AbleBits suite has really helped me when I was in a crunch! I have enjoyed every bit of it and time am using it. I love the program, and I can't imagine using Excel without it! One word… WOW! Love the products! By default, Mocha will attempt to trap uncaught exceptions thrown from running tests and report these as test failures. Use --allow-uncaught to disable this behavior and allow uncaught exceptions to propagate.

    Will typically cause the process to crash. Enforce a rule that tests must be written in "async" style, meaning each test provides a done callback or returns a Promise. Non-compliant tests will be marked as failures. Causes Mocha to stop running tests after the first test failure it encounters. Corresponding "after each" and "after all" hooks are executed for potential cleanup. Use this option to have Mocha check for global variables that are leaked while running tests. Specify globals that are acceptable via the --global option for example: --check-leaks --global jQuery --global MyLib.

    See further explanation and workarounds. Prior to version v4. This behavior enables a set of potential problems; it's indicative of tests or fixtures, harnesses, code under test, etc. Ultimately, "dirty" tests can but not always lead to false positive or false negative results. It can also be something like a runaway setInterval , or even an errant Promise that never fulfilled. The default behavior in v4. The easiest way to "fix" the issue is to simply pass --exit to the Mocha process. It can be time-consuming to debug — because it's not always obvious where the problem is — but it is recommended to do so.

    Enforce a rule that tests may not be exclusive use of e. Enforce a rule that tests may not be skipped use of e. Updated in v6. Define a global variable name. For example, suppose your app deliberately exposes a global named app and YUI , you may want to add --global app --global YUI. By using this option in conjunction with --check-leaks , you can specify a whitelist of known global variables that you expect to leak into global scope.

    Specify the "slow" test threshold in milliseconds. Mocha uses this to highlight test cases that are taking too long. Note: A test that executes for half of the "slow" time will be highlighted in yellow with the default spec reporter; a test that executes for entire "slow" time will be highlighted in red. Update in v6. It is equivalent to --timeout 0. Specifies the test case timeout, defaulting to two 2 seconds milliseconds. Tests taking longer than this amount of time will be marked as failed.

    To override you may pass the timeout in milliseconds, or a value with the s suffix, e. Note: synchronous blocking tests are also bound by the timeout, but they will not complete until the code stops blocking.

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    Infinite loops will still be infinite loops! The --ui option lets you specify the interface to use, defaulting to bdd. By default, Mocha uses the supports-color module to decide. In some cases, color output will be explicitly suppressed by certain reporters outputting in a machine-readable format. When possible, show the difference between expected and actual values when an assertion failure is encountered. This flag is unusual in that it defaults to true ; use --no-diff to suppress Mocha's own diff output.

    Some assertion libraries will supply their own diffs, in which case Mocha's will not be used, regardless of the default value. Mocha's own diff output does not conform to any known standards, and is designed to be human-readable. Enable "full" stack traces. By default, Mocha attempts to distill stack traces into less noisy though still useful output. Requires extra software to be installed; see the growl module's docs for more information. Allows use of third-party reporters. For example, mocha-lcov-reporter may be used with --reporter mocha-lcov-reporter after it has been installed.

    Can be specified multiple times. By default, Mocha will search for a config file if --config is not specified; use --no-config to suppress this behavior. By default, Mocha looks for a mocha. Specify an explicit path to a package. By default, Mocha looks for a package. Previously --watch-extensions , but now expanded to affect general test file loading behavior. Specifying --extension will remove. For example, to load. Explicitly include a test file to be loaded before other test files files. Multiple uses of --file are allowed, and will be loaded in order given. Useful if you want to declare, for example, hooks to be run before every test across all other test files.

    Files specified in this way should contain one or more suites, tests or hooks. If this is not the case, consider --require instead. Modules required in this manner are expected to do work synchronously; Mocha won't wait for async tasks in a required module to finish.

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    • Note you cannot use --require to set a global beforeEach hook, for example — use --file instead, which allows you to specify an explicit order in which test files are loaded. Sort test files by absolute path using Array. By default, only files with extension. Use --extension to change this behavior. Cause Mocha to only run tests matching the given regexp , which is internally compiled to a RegExp. Suppose, for example, you have "api" related tests, as well as "app" related tests, as shown in the following snippet; One could use --grep api or --grep app to run one or the other.

      The same goes for any other part of a suite or test-case title, --grep users would be valid as well, or even --grep GET. Each flag annotated of type [boolean] in Mocha's --help output can be negated by prepending --no- to the flag name. For example, --no-color will disable Mocha's color output, which is enabled by default. The mocha executable supports all applicable flags which the node executable supports.

      Prepend --v8- to any flag listed in the output of node --v8-options excluding --v8-options itself to use it. Mocha's "interface" system allows developers to choose their style of DSL. The BDD interface provides describe , context , it , specify , before , after , beforeEach , and afterEach.

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      Similarly, specify is an alias for it. The Exports interface is much like Mocha's predecessor expresso. The keys before , after , beforeEach , and afterEach are special-cased, object values are suites, and function values are test-cases:. The QUnit -inspired interface matches the "flat" look of QUnit, where the test suite title is simply defined before the test-cases.

      The require interface allows you to require the describe and friend words directly using require and call them whatever you want. This interface is also useful if you want to avoid global variables in your tests. Note : The require interface cannot be run via the node executable, and must be run via mocha. Mocha reporters adjust to the terminal window, and always disable ANSI-escape coloring when the stdio streams are not associated with a TTY.

      This is the default reporter. The "spec" reporter outputs a hierarchical view nested just as the test cases are. The dot matrix or "dot" reporter is simply a series of characters which represent test cases. Failures highlight in red exclamation marks! Good if you prefer minimal output. The Landing Strip landing reporter is a gimmicky test reporter simulating a plane landing : unicode ftw.

      The "list" reporter outputs a simple specifications list as test cases pass or fail, outputting the failure details at the bottom of the output. The "JSON stream" reporter outputs newline-delimited JSON "events" as they occur, beginning with a "start" event, followed by test passes or failures, and then the final "end" event. The "min" reporter displays the summary only, while still outputting errors on failure. This reporter works great with --watch as it clears the terminal in order to keep your test summary at the top.

      The "doc" reporter outputs a hierarchical HTML body representation of your tests. Wrap it with a header, footer, and some styling, then you have some fantastic documentation! The SuperAgent request library test documentation was generated with Mocha's doc reporter using this Bash command:. View SuperAgent's Makefile for reference.

      The "markdown" reporter generates a markdown TOC and body for your test suite. This is great if you want to use the tests as documentation within a Github wiki page, or a markdown file in the repository that Github can render. For example, here is the Connect test output. The xunit reporter is also available. By default, it will output to the console. Mocha allows you to define custom reporters. For more information see the wiki. An example is the TeamCity reporter.

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      Mocha runs in the browser. Every release of Mocha will have new builds of. A typical setup might look something like the following, where we call mocha. The browser may use the --grep as functionality. Append a query-string to your URL:? Mochawesome is a great alternative to the default HTML reporter.

      Desktop notifications allow asynchronous communication of events without forcing you to react to a notification immediately. Their appearance and specific functionality vary across platforms. They typically disappear automatically after a short delay, but their content is often stored in some manner that allows you to access past notifications. Growl was an early notification system implementation for OS X and Windows, hence, the name of Mocha's --growl option. Once enabled, when your root suite completes test execution, a desktop notification should appear informing you whether your tests passed or failed.

      In order to use desktop notifications with the command-line interface CLI , you must first install some platform-specific prerequisite software. Instructions for doing so can be found here. Web notification support is being made available for current versions of modern browsers. Ensure your browser version supports both promises and web notifications.