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So I set out to find it. This involved getting access to the original police files and court documents in France and Italy. We also found a critical piece of evidence — the report of the psychiatrist who interviewed Peruggia. GLK: What was the most fascinating part of the research and investigations for you personally? Paolo Amaldi, a leading Florentine psychiatrist of the day. There we visited the hotel room where he was arrested and the prison where he was held.

And in the Florence archives, we found the key to the mystery — the letters he wrote to his parents shortly after he stole the Mona Lisa. It was a very deliberate choice. Also, how Peruggia got the painting out of the museum. I also point out a medical ailment that Peruggia had that may have contributed to his two prior arrests. He said that he first kept the painting on a table in his room, and his daughter corroborates that.

Several months after having the painting, he built a wooden crate with a false bottom to hide the painting in. GLK: There are many theories as to why Vincenzo Peruggia stole the painting and who his accomplices or sponsors were. Can you tell us in a nutshell your thoughts on why he stole the Mona Lisa and who was involved? I can say that I believe Peruggia was convinced the Italian art in the Louvre had been stolen and that he wanted revenge against the French who had mistreated him.

Returning the Mona Lisa to Italy was to be his ticket out of France to a better life. JM: No. But I do get somewhat miffed when people say that the theft was orchestrated by a mastermind—an Argentinean conman—to sell Mona Lisa forgeries. In our film, we discredit Decker and his story. There was no conman. Peruggia was the mastermind of the crime. He was held for two years. He worked as a painter and died on October 8, from a heart attack. It was his 44th birthday. JM: I understand him now.

He was a man who was tired of a job that was making him physically ill. He was put down by the French for being a foreigner and he missed his family and his home. For him the theft was a way to a better life. He had good intentions, just a bad way of achieving his goals. GLK: How do you feel about the Mona Lisa now, compared to your first impressions which you told us earlier?

What he did is a part of her history. After all, if Peruggia had stolen any other painting, there would be no need to tell this story. JM: Once I have audience feedback from those two screenings, we will lock picture and have the final mixing and color correction done. Then we will start entering festivals and looking for an international distributor. JM: I would love to show it in Paris as well as in Italy.

We are working on possible screenings there in the near future. Chose promise, chose due. Since , Mrs. In June , Mrs. Cumes work experience in both Government role as negotiator for Agriculture and in private sector as a Foreign Trade Manager of the Chamber of Agriculture and Technical Coordinator for trade negotiations. Deborah James has over 20 years of expertise working on issues of trade and democratic global governance.

On trade she has focused on agriculture, services also on TISA , e-commerce etc. He serves as a resident ambassador to Switzerland also. Dhital holds an M. Management from the University of Surrey, UK. Denis Deschamps is, since July , Mr. He was previously in various professional positions at the Paris-Region chamber of commerce and industry. Deschamps is now 54 years old; he was born in Bangkok Thailand , is married and father of two. Kabiito owns a 10 hectare farm with poultry, bananas, maize, coffee and goats.

Previously he headed the WTO division and then the Strategy division. He is a career European Commission official, having held positions in the monetary, international economic affairs and internal market directorate generals of the EU Executive. He is an economist by training, and started his career as a corporate banker for a French bank in the city of London. Ambassador Shea has an extensive background in law and public policy, and previously served as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research at the U.

Department of Housing and Urban Development. Earlier in his career, he was deputy chief of staff and counsel to then-Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, with responsibility for a broad portfolio of issues. Ambassador Shea received his J. The Digital Economy and Society provides an open platform for multistakeholder collaboration to ensure a sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy digital environment. Prior to working with the Forum, Derek worked within the IT and services industries in a number of roles across the Far East, the United States and Europe, serving both private- and public-sector clients.

Before his appointment as section head in the WTO Division in , he worked in the field of economic cooperation with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. He is also leading strategic developments and operationally supports sustainability-related business opportunities globally.

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With more than fifteen years in energy- and IT-industry, as well as in the public sector, Dieter has gained broad knowledge and wide experience in developing strategies and executing complex projects. Dylan is a strategist and disruptor at the nexus of digital, techpreneurship, industrialisation, fintech and ecommerce. He thrives in the unknown and complexity, intent on navigating an uncertain future for the successful growth and development of Africa. Niche Cocoa produces high-quality cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cake for exports.

The company has won the award of ""Ghana Exporter of The Year"" for three Consecutive Years , and , given its high commitment to the value addition of cocoa. He has published articles and essays in different academic Journals and books in Chile. She has interdisciplinary research and field experience in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Bolivia, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Europe, and others and has over 15 years of professional experience in legal consulting. Publications: e.

Eliza Anyangwe is a Cameroon-born, London-based writer, editor and moderator. After seven years at the Guardian and a short stint at CNN International she set up The Nzinga Effect, a platform to tell the stories of women from Africa and the diaspora. Eliza is fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. Chamber of Commerce.

Before joining the Chamber, Szymanski worked for eight years at the U. Department of Commerce where she managed U. She represented the Commerce Department on intellectual property matters, designed cutting-edge business advisory programs for companies, and engaged in government dialogues on IP-related matters. She and her husband live in Northern Virginia with their three sons.

Each department has its vision and activities depending on the target. A diplomat by career, he has more than 30 years of professional experience in the diplomatic function. She has worked extensively as an independent consultant providing expertise in the area of trade in services in Eastern and Southern Africa through the provision of analytical and training services.

Previously, Ms.

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She does research on topics such as blockchain, MSMEs and other topics related to global trade. Her work at CPI focuses on questions of strategic stability, cybersecurity governance, normative leadership and state behavior. Tikk is senior adviser to the board of the ICT for Peace Foundation in Geneva advising governments, policy and decision makers on international peace and security issues in the context of ICTs.

Tikk has conducted post-doctoral studies on Internet of Things and emerging technologies at Cardiff University , international cyber norms at Leiden University and international cyber security at University of Toronto Trained in impact evaluation, his research focuses on the economics of education, assessing how different policies can impact people's life through the educational lever, particularly in developing countries.

His master thesis in health economics focused on the socioeconomic determinants of health outcomes. He largely covers services trade, focusing primarily on audiovisual services. He has led various reports and investigations for the USITC and also participates in several agency-wide leadership groups, including its Diversity and Inclusion Council and Strategic Planning committee. With an extensive career focusing on environment and development, prior to his appointment, Solheim served as chair of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

During his time as Minister, Norwegian aid reached 1 percent, the highest in the world. Solheim is also an experienced peace negotiator, having acted as the main facilitator of the peace process in Sri Lanka. He is the author of three books. His areas of expertise are in digital trade, trade in services, and global value chain trade. She completed her PhD on identifying export opportunities for South Africa with a specific focus on the rest of Africa. Other interests include measuring the developmental impact of increased exports, especially on unemployment.

Prof Steenkamp has co-authored a number of publications in accredited national and international journals, as well as conference and research papers presented at local and international events. She teaches International Trade Analysis and Research Methods to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Ambassador Didonet started his diplomatic career in In this capacity, Mr. Sandoval holds a J. Sandoval speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. Felix has a considerable number of publications on IP, and on trade law, most of which are searchable on the internet.

Fernando Landa , currently acting as Policy Sherpa for the B20 Argentina, is at the same time corporate Director of International Trade affairs and special projects in the TECHINT Group of Companies, the largest industrial and oil exploration and construction group based in Argentina, with operations in 50 different countries.

Francesca started her career at the World Economic Forum in working on private sector engagement for aviation, automotive and supply chain industries, and moved on to international trade and investment policy. She is now running government affairs for the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, working closely with ministries in Alliance project countries. She is fascinated by the role of young civil servants and has observed first-hand the positively impact that they have on Alliance work and results.

Also, facilitation of trade and investment means further transparency, accountability and efficiency, which can only be achieved by training young people to use new technologies. Autora de diversas publicaciones de comercio internacional. Daughter of a natural cotton grower, she chairs Natural Cotton Color, a company that produces garments and accessories with organic coloured cotton. Francisco A. Francisco is a specialist on human rights and policy and legal issues surrounding digital technologies.

Previously, he was senior policy advisor on cybersecurity issues at the Chilean Ministry of Defence, where he developed the National Cybersecurity Strategy; Policy Director at Derechos Digitales; Senior Policy Analyst at Access Now; and consultant on digital policy and regulation to different national and international organisations. Francois X. Ngarambe is the Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva and also accredited to the Holy See and to Austria as well as to international organizations in Vienna.

Before his current position, he was the ambassador of Rwanda to China and also accredited to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Korea. Ambassador Francois X. Frank has over 20 years of experience as a senior private sector development specialist with an extensive track record in strategy, programme delivery and management in fourteen countries in Africa and six in Asia. An economist by training, he has been with UNIDO for over 20 years —working in different capacities at both field and headquarters level.

His main area of interest and expertise lies in industrial policy and in the strategies and policies for structural economic transformation and sustainable industrialization. He has published on the topic of environment and industry in developing countries. As a UNIDO representative in African countries, he has worked on technical cooperation programmes in the areas of industrial upgrading and trade capacity building. He majors in international trade and development economics.

In particular, he has recently been active in writing on international production networks and economic integration in East Asia. He is a lawyer by training and received an M. A degree in International Affairs from UnB. His work focuses on issues related to the contribution of trade and markets to food security, agricultural development and economic growth. He holds a Ph. Since , he has supported the G20 and the G7 in their discussions on global agriculture and food security.

Virtuoso awarded Mexico the best tourism board in the world due to her successful branding and repositioning efforts. An ongoing priority is the integration of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights with a special focus on issues related to the ethical recruitment of migrant workers, living wage and decent work.

Greg has been working in the sustainability area for the past 18 years, with both a consumer facing and supply chain focus. He has been on the board of several global sustainability related initiatives. Ambassador Guillermo Valles Galmes is a career diplomat in Uruguay.

He has held several relevant political positions, including Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister of Uruguay. Valles has participated in numerous bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations, including those leading to the establishment of Mercosur, the conclusion of the Uruguay Round and the launching of the Mercosur-EU trade talks and the Doha Round.

During that time, he was also responsible for legal affairs in the area of Trade in Services. Hannah Mowat has recently been appointed as campaigns coordinator at Fern and oversees their work on trade, climate, development and consumption. Hannah has more than 10 years of experience working in environmental NGOs, previously working at Friends of the Earth and the Munden Project.

She works in Brussels and lives in Paris. The Lab explores issues that sit at the nexus of technology and commerce through research and policy formation. Hanne is a board member of Business For eTrade Development, a new non-profit dedicated to bringing the global private sector's views to ecommerce development debates and creating public-private partnerships for ecommerce development. He has worked in the cocoa industry for Cargill in the Netherlands since Honorable Harrison S. Karnwea, Sr.

He has over thirty years of experience in the private sector, managing rubber plantations in Liberia. Karnwea holds a Bachelor degree in management. Charles W. Brumskine of the Liberty Party. He now manages the Nimba Rubber Inc. He was recently appointed by President George M. Harwood D.

Along with Daryll E. Ray, he writes Policy Pennings, a widely distributed weekly agricultural policy column they began writing in The more than weekly agricultural policy columns they have written are encyclopedic in the range of topics they cover. Schaffer received a B. His PhD dissertation examined the connection between the premises that undergird standard economic theory and chronic hunger in the world. He has conducted agricultural development work among the Haalpulaar in Senegal and is actively engaged in work among Oromo refugees in the US.

He believes that sound agricultural policy should support the work of farmers around the world. Hendrik implements government affairs strategies across the region in various policy areas including trade, agriculture, digital, environmental, and investment that are underpinned by strong communications, brand and corporate responsibility, and sustainable development activities.

Having worked both in the public and private sectors, he currently works on issues related to sustainable manufacturing and agriculture, circular economy and initiatives linking climate change and trade policy, with special emphasis on developing countries. Pacini has worked in over 30 academic publications and reports in partnership with the world's leading multilateral organizations and research institutions.

Previously, he served as the High Representative of the Governments of Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Belgium for fundamental rights, information society and digital economy since In the context of La Francophonie, Mr. Herbert Christ heads the international forest policy program of the German Agency for International Development, based in Eschborn, near Frankfurt. Before that, Herbert worked as development advisor in more than 20 countries in Africa, the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. Herbert has a background in rural development and environmental protection from Giessen University.

He is regularly consulted by governments and international organisations on a range of issues, from trade negotiations to economic reforms.

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Rasaw possesses specialized knowledge in Economic leadership, Industrial and Economic Development and has worked on various capacities in government organizations and international agencies United Nations , both inside and outside the country. He has an excellent record of service and achievement. His outstanding record of performance and more than twenty years of work experience on various aspects of management, economic development and his fundamental work in development of education sector, including National Strategic Literacy Program are much appreciated which have had immense impact on respective areas.

In , she was recognized as one of the three leading persons in the field of entrepreneurship, during the Summit of Entrepreneurial Nations held in Ireland. She was elected as congresswomen of the Legislative Assembly from to , participating in the commissions of economy, municipal affairs, youth, sports and recreation, family, women and children, politics and modernization. Ilja Nothnagel is an economist and holds a doctorate from the Humbold University in Berlin. Eric Schweitzer. Ilkka leads a global team with a mission to provide advice and views to governmental decision-makers.

Prior to joining Intel, Ilkka served nearly 4 years at the European Commission as a member of Cabinet of Commissioner Erkki Liikanen, responsible for e. She has held several positions in the Spanish Government and Administration. Inu Manak is a visiting scholar at the Cato Institute and a Ph. Candidate at Georgetown University, Department of Government, specializing in international political economy, with an emphasis on trade and development.

Her research focuses on the escalation of early stage trade conflicts and the role of private actors at the World Trade Organization WTO , and challenges to legal capacity building in developing countries. She earned an M. Prior to taking this position in July , Ms. As such, she chaired alongside the government of the time, the presidency of the European Union and particularly the presidency of the EU Council of Transport Ministers.

Durant was Vice-President of the European Parliament for the period As a Belgian Senator from - , Ms. In this framework, she was especially involved in innovation, sharing and circular economy. He has rich experience of working in Government of India, especially in economic Ministries. She was also an advisor to the Director General of the WTO on matters of trade, economic integration and global governance and to the Rwandan Government on matters related to trade, investment and energy.

She is a member of the Monetary Policy Advisory Committee, the Board of Bank of Zambia, and has served on the boards of other financial institutions in Africa. Researcher at INRA and the University of Michigan, executive of agricultural cooperatives in France, he worked for 10 years in Africa Algeria, Tunisia, Madagascar, Togo in training, research, planning and preparation of agricultural projects. He has served as an international consultant and lecturer, and as a member of several boards of Colombian organizations and companies.

He holds an M. As Executive Director of NFTC's Global Innovation Forum, Jake engages startup, business, and government leaders to elevate the opportunities that exist to be global from Day One, explore the challenges that inhibit success, and emphasize how public policies can support access to the international marketplace. Jake has written about trade and foreign policy for media including Business Week, Inc. He was a founding judge and was twice the Chairman — the chief judge — of the highest court of world trade, the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

He is a former Member of the Congress of the United States, from Florida, and also a former international trade negotiator for the United States. She specializes in the law and economics of intellectual property rights. Mayor of the city of Vallery and Senator of the department of Yonne since , Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne has also been an elected Department Counsellor since Before this, Mr.

He is the author of numerous article on international trade policy and has edited a book on the topic of trade and development Special and differential treatment. Jennifer Hillman is currently a professor from practice at Georgetown Law. Senator Terry Sanford NC. With over 21 years of practice, she has gained experience in transport and logistics, and is a member of the Association of Uganda Freight Forwarders.

GE Renewable Energy, which has the broadest renewable energy portfolio in the industry, includes on-shore and off-shore wind, blades, hydro and concentrated solar power. He is among the experts of consultants for China's legislation of e-commerce law. Jimmy Goodrich is vice president for global policy at SIA. In this role, he works closely with SIA member companies, the Administration, Congress, domestic and international stakeholders, and foreign government officials. Goodrich has nearly a decade of experience working with Chinese and global stakeholders on technology policy issues.

Before joining ITI, Mr. Having spent most of his career in the media industry as a journalist and editor, he joined Ellen MacArthur in He notably develops written and video content, coordinates academic and professional reports and edits educational resources produced by the Foundation. Her research focuses on the study of consumption, technology and sustainability, at the intersection of information systems, innovation and marketing. Her research examines the impact of competition on online innovation networks, paradoxes of social innovation, human versus machine implications on consumer choices, and mindful consumption.

Her research has been awarded by the European Marketing Conference and Swiss National Science Foundation and has been published in international leadings reviews. She has consulting experience in a large number of industries, including telecommunication, market research, international organizations and FMCG.

Blue Star Foods has always adhered to a strict edict of quality and best practices within fisheries management. The company also practices a 3BL Triple Bottom Line business philosophy encompassing economic, social and environmental impact. John Magnus has been an active trade practitioner for 28 years. He advises and represents clients on multilateral negotiations, WTO related issues, market access cases, industrial policy measures, and customs and compliance issues, among others. He has litigated numerous antidumping, countervailing duty, and other import-related cases.

For the previous two years, he was Deputy Assistant U. Trade Representative for Japan. For nine years before his government service, he was a Senior Research Fellow and Political Analyst with Mitsui Kaijyo Research Institute in Tokyo, where he was a leading commentator on Japanese politics and policy. John W. In , he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for his services to the business community, the arts and the rights of refugees, including as a founder of Human Rights Watch Australia and Teach for Australia.

Jonathan Goldsmith is a consultant in European and international legal services, working as an expert on numerous funded projects aimed at improving the administration of justice in the EU and world-wide. He is an English solicitor, blogs weekly on legal topics for the Law Society Gazette, and is a member of the Council of the Law Society. He began his legal career in the UK Citizens Advice Bureaux as advice worker and community lawyer After that, he joined the Law Society of England and Wales, first as Deputy Head, Communications and then, from , as Director, International, promoting the interests of solicitors abroad.

He joined ICTSD in , where he is responsible for the organisation's work on how farm trade policy and rules affect food security, equity and the environment. He has written on a range of public policy and trade issues, including on development financing, intellectual property rules, climate change, and food, agriculture and biodiversity. As a Business and Trade Consultant, and previously working for the chemicals and then the food industries at both UK and EU level, he has more than 38 years of experience of EU Institutions, as well as nearly 30 years of experience in dealing with International Trade, WTO and related issues, including investment since becoming an EU competency.

Joost Oorthuizen is the Executive Director of IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, an international organization that convenes, finances and manages large programs with multinational and smaller companies, governments and civil society in fifteen different industry sectors around the globe. Previously he worked as a management consultant in the Netherlands and abroad.

Joost holds a Ph. He sits in several boards of international sustainability initiatives as well as Investment Funds.

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Prior to this, he was appointed Adviser to Mr. Preceding this assignment, he worked as a lead country economist in the Africa and the European regions. He heads the Trade for Sustainable Development programme T4SD at ITC where he is responsible for the development and implementation of the Sustainability Map website and its related tools and field based projects. Josette Emlen Genio is a proud millennial and is leading Blue Star Foods sustainability and traceability initiatives in the Philippines. As a former academic researcher and a fisheries manager, Josette is knowledgeable on fisheries science, seafood sustainability, supply chain management, fisheries improvement projects, and marine eco-certifications.

She is leading a millennial-driven movement for traceable and responsibly-sourced seafood through a company-funded FIP that puts environment and stakeholders first, is inclusive and is socially equitable. BWIT is a national program committed to, and internationally recognized for helping woman-owned businesses to internationalize. Josie is widely recognized as a strong advocate in promoting business women in international trade.

Her outstanding efforts to establish strategic alliances with key forces in the woman-owned business environment across North America make her a pioneer of progressive and inclusive trade. Under her leadership, the initiatives taken by her team sparked numerous business success stories. Josie has received numerous awards in recognition of her contributions to the Department. Judith Fessehaie has 15 years of experience working on trade and industrial policies in Africa.

She works on international trade, trade policy and the Sustainable Development Goals and is co-leading a research project on the Text-as-Data Analysis of Trade Agreements. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the field of sustainable forest management and international forest policy development and implementation. With over member organisations in countries, Consumers International works to advance consumer empowerment and protection in the global marketplace and through international policy-making forums.

As Director of Advocacy, Justin has led initiatives including the development of G20 principles on financial consumer protection, the first comprehensive revision of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection and new World Health Organisation recommendations on food marketing. Before joining Consumers International Justin worked in campaigning and advocacy on international development issues including trade and ethical supply chains.

Justin is a graduate from Edinburgh University and the University of London. Before that, Ms. This division aimed to promote the use of knowledge, information and communication for economic and social development in Africa. Ben Soltane initiated various publications and she is a member of many professional organizations related to telematics and information technology.

She owns a PH. Her research interests include international trade, GVCs and foreign direct investment. Karol Mattila is Head of Government Relations at Nokia with over fifteen years of experience in the Telecommunications sector. Mattila is specialized in the regulation on information society. His career with tech started in with the research on the impact of the EU regulatory framework on mobile industry, which was followed by counselling flora of business arrangements — including representing his employers or clients in disputes at local courts all the way to Supreme Court and European Court of Justice.

Mattila holds a Master of Laws degree from University of Helsinki. Karolina lectured for more than 8 years at Law University of Lithuania. She has also contributed to work of Nordic-Baltic EU information group, volunteered at the Parliament, prepared various articles and worked with legal translations. She obtained her Master in Law in A former diplomat, Katherine has spearheaded partnerships and initiatives bridging sustainable development with innovative technical solutions for 30 years.

Milne is a dairy farmer on the West Coast of New Zealand. Areas of expertise include international trade and development, regional trade harmonization, agricultural regulation and trade corridors, and international economic law. Katy has eleven years of experience defending the interests of farmers and agricultural businesses in international policy advocacy environments at the World Trade Organization, European Union and the United Nations. She provides the Secretariat of the International Grain Trade Coalition IGTC - an international not-for-profit coalition covering businesses, 26 associations and 85 countries.

The IGTC delivers representation and expertise on the commercial requirements and economics of the world's food, feed and processing industries from a global perspective. In Katy became the first representative of the agri-business community to be permanently based at the Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome as Stakeholder Relations Director of the International Agri-Food Network. Katy is a Nuffield Farming Scholar. He has published and served as a consultant on a broad range of topics including: trade policy, aid for trade, Diasporas, creative economy, tourism, innovation governance, global value chains and climate change.

Keith has previously held positions in both the government and private sectors, in international organisations and in international development. He has extensive experience in international law and international relations in the fields of international trade, transport, air and space law, security and disarmament, human rights, public accountability and the delivery of international training and capacity building programs in more than 30 countries.

Strategically, leveraging new technologies and practices ensures safety for Canadians and eases the administrative burden for Canadian travellers. Belanger spent the first eight years of her career in the private sector, working as an Engineer and IT project manager. Ken is a Trade Negotiator, a policy analyst and specialist in advocacy. Kenneth A. Professor Reinert received his Ph. Kimberley holds an M. Kimberley was previously with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD and has experience working with both business and civil society on international public policy.

Previously he served as Minister of Agriculture and the Environment and Minister of the Environment Tiilikainen holds a degree of Master of Science Agriculture and Forestry. He is also an organic farmer and forester and has a long-standing personal interest in finding solutions to the challenges of the global climate change. Previously, he was Partner and Commercial Director and later Managing Director at Ecorys, the oldest and one of the largest public sector consulting firms in Europe. Koen has over 18 years' experience in the fields of trade, competitiveness, and transport economics.

Koen graduated with honours from Erasmus University Rotterdam in international and financial economics and did his PhD in Economics at the Tinbergen Institute. He is a senior lecturer around the world on international trade and competitiveness issues. She is a member of the research council of the Swiss Network on International Studies and sits on the executive committee of the Society of International Economic Law.

Krista has published monographs and numerous papers. She is a frequent presenter at academic conferences, and has also given numerous talks for non-academic audiences. Krista has graduated from the University of Chicago with Abs in political science and public policy studies. She is admitted to practice law in New York. Kwame Acheampong is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in transactional systems across several sectors including investment banking and internet.

Prior to that Kwame has held senior positions at Google and DoubleClick where he was at the forefront of monetisation technologies that have. In he branched out and founded ProfPAy, an online payment and fulfilment gateway addressing the ecommerce and fintech need in Africa. His experience in the music and art industry cultivated his creative flair, and his tenacity to think out of the box. Laura founded Shippo after personally experiencing the obstacles businesses face when setting up shipping operations for her own e-commerce store.

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